Digital Duel: Nicki Minaj Flies/ Lil Kim Fails

Published: Wednesday 15th Feb 2012 by David

If you love Female Rap, February 14th 2012 is one date you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Because on that day, Rap rivals Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim set the net on fire with brand spanking new music, Minaj with ‘Starships‘ and Jones with ‘If You Love Me‘.

Now, find out how both ladies are faring online below…

With little or no fan support, Kim’s  ‘If You Love Me‘ fails to enter the iTunes 200, despite the intense Twitter campaign launched by her team on Sunday to support it.

This, following confirmation that she hopes to score a major recording contract by the year’s end, in a bid to revive her oft underrated legacy.

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj dominates the chart with a plethora of tracks:

#10 – ‘Turn Me On’

#11 – ‘Starships’

#64 – ‘Fly’

#104 – ‘Superbass’

#116 – ‘Stupid H*e’

All of which enjoying a sales increase following her set at the 54th Annual Grammys on Sunday, and preceding the release of her sophomore album ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded‘.

If ‘Starships’ tops the  Billboard Hot 100, it will mark the Rapper’s first time atop the chart and exceed feats scored by ‘Superbass’ which peaked at #3 in 2011.

When it comes to Kim, it’s a shame her fans aren’t supporting ‘IYLM’, seeing as it is such a good single.

Better luck next time eh?

Your thoughts?

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  1. hmmmppph February 15, 2012

    I really was a big fan of this site until I saw how obvious that this site is so biased in supporting Nicki Minaj to the point where its disgusting. Kim did nothing to you to show such hatred each and everytime she makes any music or statements. Love nicki to death but she is a trend that will fade just like every other artist. You get 15 minutes. Get off this chicks nuts for once. Im ashamed in you Sam. I thought you were better

  2. Grammy dammy sammy February 15, 2012


    I get your point. The article is spiteful but do u really think the release of Lil Kim’s single coincidentally coincided with the release of Nicki’s? At this point it’s a known fact that they’re rivals so they’re endeavours are gonna be compared anyway moreso coinciding releases

  3. MinajWithMe? February 15, 2012

    to the above comment, just no pleasing you is there, they called kims legacy underrated and even said they liked her song, WHICH WE ALL KNOW IS A LIE.

    She slayed kim and Rihanna is next.

    PF outsold Loud if you weren’t aware b****!


  4. YoYo February 15, 2012

    You know Nicki has more fans as of now. Stop it.

  5. Get Real February 15, 2012

    This site has become laughable from where it used to be. 4/6 posts today on Nicki… ummm what .___. I think I’m done here.

  6. :l February 15, 2012

    man sam you love the fuckry so much,you love to start a stanley war and it always works,just watch the kim fans run on here now with farm tools in hand,to put nicki minaj to the stake,everyday the same thing,because you now nicki is doing her thing and kim also is doing her thing,but you just have fling a m***** rinch in it to start sh-t.

  7. Always love you, Whitney (RIP) February 15, 2012

    This post is b******* and why you quick to compare so soon? Both songs just came out. People like you need to let this beef go. It’s getting tired. I’m sure both woman don’t care about eachother by now. I would hope not. It’s just getting childish. I don’t like either of their singles and they both could do better. And yeah I agree with the first poster. I like this site because of the good updates and news but JEEZ it needs to stop being so biased. It’s so uncouth and ignorant! SMH.

  8. Dev February 15, 2012

    This is an unfair battle. Nikki is pop, pop like pitbull pop so its like putting Beyonce against Keke Whyatt and stating the obvious when Beyonce charts 10 ten and Keke doesnt. Does it make Keke’s music rubbish?
    Although, im not feeling Kims song and dont feel any of Nikkis music

  9. RomansLaceFront February 15, 2012

    soooooo funny. You krim fans were talkin bout u were gonna slay us but you took the knife and slayed yourself. How the hell dont you chart in the TOP 200! All u had to do was pay 79 cents! i

  10. FuckNicki February 15, 2012

    What do you expect the only promo Kim got is her fans and that one radio station that played the song I mean for that I think she is doing pretty good to be #68 in the UK charts w/o any promo or any labels backing her.

  11. Texas Cowgirl February 15, 2012


  12. Phabo February 15, 2012

    Let the hating on Nicki begin. Sam and the Writers of TGJ report the obvious. If you don’t like the broadcast, change the station…

  13. :l February 15, 2012

    MINAJWITHME you now that Riri and nicki is cool,and the fan base is all so cool with each other,so why are you trying to make this stanley war in to something else,i see you love the drama like sam.

  14. Redbohn February 15, 2012

    Everything that kim spits it’s understandable nicki trying to be the lady gaga of hip hop … Get da f*ck outta here … Minaj is a clown the young girls like her because even tho she 30 she act like them so it attract more stans

  15. Failed February 15, 2012

    Kim is #115 in the US and #68 in the UK and thats without any labels backing or promoting her and little to no promotion.. so what are yall talking about I think those are good numbers for a person who isn’t even fully signed yet.

  16. MICHAEL February 15, 2012

    QB FOR LIFE!!!

  17. NANA YAW February 15, 2012

    TGJ is the best! F*ck all the haters.

  18. @cameronmcintyr_ February 15, 2012

    I respect Nicki with her success but I think it is totally unfair that you are basically saying because Lil’ Kim is not in the iTunes top 100 she has lost but the song came out less than 20 hours ago and it was only a gift to her fans on Valentines Day. Not an official single. Maybe her single that comes out within the next few days for her album will take over and then you will be sorry because Lil’ Kim is smart and knows exactly what she is doing.

  19. RomansLaceFront February 15, 2012

    Excuse me, on twitter there are thousands of people who claim they are kim fans, so where the hell were they when it comes to buying her music OOOPPP. As they say, talk is cheap!

  20. haterzstaypressed February 15, 2012

    All this ohhh ahhh we support Kim, Nicki is a biter hater fake kim clone clown but yet YOU CANNOT SUPPORT YOUR OWN ARTIST.

    Gurl BYE. Poor Kim.. her fans *smh* #teamlilkim needs to stop wating their time shading Nicki and effing BUY Kim’s s***. The sad thing about it is that Kim’s song is okay and it deserves the support of her fans.

    Oh wait… maybe her fan base is just that small? Or maybe they are too busy stalking Nicki Minaj? Watching and seeing what she does? Hating on her and possibly even buying Nicki’s s*** just to hate her? 😆

    Maybe the Kimmie fans are NOT fans of Kim’s at all? Maybe they are fans of hating on Nicki and using Kim as their baseball bat… There’s no excuse for Kim not to have an entry in the charts.


  21. ImMadAsHell February 15, 2012

    Kim doing go for being a true rap artist who doesn’t have a label or the money to back her up.

    Let’s talk about RIM, Stupid H**, Roman Holiday. How many dislike these songs got on Youtube. Nicki got ot steal her soul to the Devil for a decent charting on Itune. Nicki is still 29 years to late for what KIm already done.

  22. LolaStaysSchemin February 15, 2012

    Kim is on the chart she is at #115 in the US and I just was that she was #68 in the UK honestly she hasn’t any promo and she still hasn’t decided to which label she wants to sign to so she has been releasing music on her own Independently so that mean she hasn’t had any label promo, and only one radio played the song so for her to be at those numbers with little to no promo is actually a good thing. I’m not about to hate on either of them the beef is old and neither of them are thinking about each other so why do yall continue to try and keep they fans going at each other. Sam yall are the worst blog I f****** swear yall never find anything interesting to do so all yall do is shade people and make up useless posts just to get fans going at each other. *leaves blog to go to * <– She is 10x a better blogger than yall asses.

  23. MaZ February 15, 2012

    ThatNickyMinaj PussyJuice, can you tell me why is she so white it her last promo photos? I mean…damn!

  24. dfdf February 15, 2012

    this is my last time coming up here im sorry but ya are too biased even for me as #teamminaj its just to obvious and too much hating!

  25. WhatYouWantBitch February 15, 2012

    @Lolastaysschemin Cosign!!

  26. Aishaaguilerakeys February 15, 2012

    That’s what I’m saying, Sam. Everyone criticizes NM and claim that LK is coming for her, yet no one supports her material when it comes out.

  27. THATORANGEJUICE February 15, 2012

    Last time i checked the chart she kim was 102 in the us last night,and its not even an official single

  28. :l February 15, 2012

    FAILED you talking about kim like she is some new artist,she bin around like 15-20 years,even her her self said she don’t need no label to do her,because she bin around the game like forever she now the trick and trades of the game,so if she have a song and it,s not moving numbers i don’t think she will say it,s because she don’t have a label,remember it,s her words she said she can do it on her own…but things change i guess.

  29. Cookies&Cream February 15, 2012

    Honestly I’m rooting for Kim now Nicki has pissed me off with that Starships pop song. TGJ Why are yall lying Kim was on the top 200 chart last night hours after the song came out and she is still on there now at #115 in the US and is #68 in the UK which is why I agree with @lolastaysschemin She has no label backing or promoting her so I think the song was a success if she is even on the charts.

  30. _eriicc February 15, 2012

    I know where TGJ is coming from, but you guys have to know it’s NOT an official single, and you guys know that! It’s just a little gift to the fans, who’ve stuck by Kim through thick and thin.

    I’ll stand by and support Kim with anything she does, including this. That song had soooo much poitential- the beat was hot, the lyrcis were great, but it’s that damn high pitched auto-tune, that everybody isn’t feeling. She needs to comeback strong, fierce, deep, and hard!

    Long live the Queen!

  31. 4RealDoe February 15, 2012

    This site is hilarious! “If You Love Me” was a song that Kim released for her fans as a VDay gift. It is not a single she’s trying to really push. Lol. And “intensive twitter campaign”? Lol. Tweeting the link to purchase the song and stating the producer is hardly “intensive”. I used to really like this site until you turned it into a Rihanna and Lil’ Kim bash zone. SMH. “Real journalism” at it’s best I see….

  32. FixIt February 15, 2012

    I don’t like Kim but yall is jumping the gun.
    One- If You Love Me is not a single its a V-Day gift Kim released to her fans to hold them until she drops her official single later tonight on Watch What Happens Live.
    Two- She is on the charts at #115 in the US and #68 in the UK (Her fans in the UK always work harder than her fans in the US).
    Three- Kim isn’t even officially signed yet according to her brother so for her to be on the charts at those numbers with little to no promotion.. I think thats a good thing.
    Four- Of course Nicki is charting higher she has promotion which is a essence in the music industry which is something Kim is missing right now due to the fact that her record deal hasn’t been officially signed.
    Five- Like I said I don’t like Kim but yall are just cruel to her so i’m actually hoping that when she goes on BRAVO tonight to premiere a preview of her new single I hope she charts when its fully released.

  33. RDK February 15, 2012

    IMMADASHELL so because nicki is selling,that means she sold her soul in your eyes,omy,i Co-sign HATERZSTAYPRESSED,i think that kim fans an’t really fan just some career nicki hater that is using kim as a leeway/a base to hate on nicki,i notice them they co-sign anyone 100% who is talking negatively about nicki no matter who it is,look at this they all became catholic,s over night and is agree with them see what i am talking about they will support any and anybody who is hating on nicki, and it,s not like they don’t know the catholic back ground,they know nicki wasn’t making fun of anyone,but like i said it,s nicki minaj so they with twist and hate.

  34. IHopeYallKnow February 15, 2012

    I hope yall If You Love Me wasn’t a single.. and that it was a V-Day gift for her fans as a thank you for them being by her side. (She even said it on her twitter account) Her official singles are supposed to be Dead Girl Walkin and Looks Like Money which she is supposedly gonna premiere one of the songs later tonight when she is BRAVO.

  35. NICK February 15, 2012


  36. RihannaSlays February 15, 2012

    Yall need to get a f****** live yall shade Rihanna and Kim to the point where yall just look pathetic but yet yall kiss Nicki’s talentless inflated ass.

    If You Love Me isn’t a single her single doesn’t come out til today. Yall stalk #TeamKim and they pages so much that I would have thought that yall would have know that the song wasn’t a single.

  37. haterzstaypressed February 15, 2012

    Link us to Lil’ Kim being in the top 200 please?

  38. RomansLaceFront February 15, 2012

    you guys are stupid. once an artist releases any song for ANY reason it is regarded as a single even if it wont be on the album. for example massive attack was a single, but didnt make it onto pf.
    you kim fans dont support her and you know you dont, if u luv me was on itunes in the same way her official singles will be on itunes and if u cant support if u luv me now what makes you think the official singles will do well.

  39. SamsSucksHairyBalls February 15, 2012

    Sam you suck hairy balls because Kim is on the charts she is #115 in the US and like always she is a little higher in the UK at #68 (Face it #TeamKim yall in the US is week the Kim fans in the UK always do more than yall)

  40. MISHKA February 15, 2012


    I hope Lady N*gga pays you MAJAH MONEY because even Stevie Wonder can see you’re trying hard to promote her cartoons, err, I mean, her “cartunes”.

  41. InfoIsInfrontOfYourFace February 15, 2012

    @Haterzstaypressed If you got to the itunes home and click on the music at the top and scroll down the menu and click on HipHop/Rap and then go over to the top hiphop/rap songs you will see that Kim is in the 100’s and if you look at the UK chart you will see that she is in the 60’s.

  42. RDK February 15, 2012

    MISHKA sam will forever have people like you like poppet on a string,he don’t even have to try because he now you mind set.

  43. InfoIsInfrontOfYourFace February 15, 2012

    @Haterzstaypressed Plus if you wanna see her in the UK chart just go all the way to the bottom of the itunes page and click change country and then click on the United Kingdom and the go to the music and click on hiphop/rap and then go over to top hip/hop rap songs you will see Kim is on there too. Your Welcome

  44. MichaelAngelo February 15, 2012

    thatgrapejuice is on some bull with all this nicki crap today. I’d rather hear news about Queen Whitney. Nicki has done nothing significant ….ever! Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a run of the mil theif. Tried to steal Gaga’s swagg with a Lil Kim flair this weekend but that landed her in more of an image crisis. Just give up.

  45. ItsSoSimple February 15, 2012

    @Haterzstaypressed Actually if you just do like TGJ and go on twitter and like at some of #TeamKim’s pages you will see pics of Kim on the charts.. I suggests you go to some people like Icaughtyou99’s or Derriclondon page they have pics of Kim on the chart.

  46. haterzstaypressed February 15, 2012


    Thanks for the information, however I was not talking about Hip Hop/R&B. I was talking about the main chart, which Lil’ Kim is not on.

    The Kim fans need to stop hating on Nicki and go support their artist. It makes no sense to hate Nicki (especially when Nicki FEEDS off of it and pushes harder to be a success) and NOT support Kim.

    If you love and care for kim, be the fan base that she needs and buy her material so she can have a legitimate comeback. BUY HER ISH FOLKS.

  47. Sterling Infinity February 15, 2012

    Lil Kim will be ok. It was just a treat for her fans. I haven’t heard the Nicki song yet but I’m hoping its better than stupid h**!

  48. LindseyMari February 15, 2012

    Lil Kim is an established artist though. Record label promotion or not, if she truly had such a major fanbase that supported her (as #TeamLilKim claims), that song would’ve charted much higher. It is what it is.

  49. InfoIsInfrontOfYourFace February 15, 2012

    They try to but they always bashing each other over stupid s*** you obviously must not know that #TeamKim is full of some stub urn adults #TeamMinaj is a little better at sticking together because most of them are lil kids who are easily influenced. *No Shade* (I’m not a Kim fan p.s.) Hopefully Kim will do better with Looks Like Money or Dead Girl Walkin cause those are her singles.. and she is supposed to be premiering on later on today on Bravo so that may be the promotion she needs. I have to give #TeamKim credit some of them do try some of them was up 4 in the morning tweeting links to other people for Kim.

  50. InfoIsInfrontOfYourFace February 15, 2012

    @Haterzstaypressed They try to but they always bashing each other over stupid s*** you obviously must not know that #TeamKim is full of some stub urn adults #TeamMinaj is a little better at sticking together because most of them are lil kids who are easily influenced. *No Shade* (I’m not a Kim fan p.s.) Hopefully Kim will do better with Looks Like Money or Dead Girl Walkin cause those are her singles.. and she is supposed to be premiering on later on today on Bravo so that may be the promotion she needs. I have to give #TeamKim credit some of them do try some of them was up 4 in the morning tweeting links to other people for Kim.

  51. nicoyuki February 15, 2012

    Everbody’s career is not about charting. Kim makes music for the people. Not fir itunes and billboard. Get over it Sam go suck nicki’s crooked noise

  52. MISHKA February 15, 2012

    February 15, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    MISHKA sam will forever have people like you like poppet on a string,he don’t even have to try because he now you mind set


    Don’t you have homework? You should, ’cause obviously something is lacking.

  53. nicoyuki February 15, 2012

    Nicki is still thinking of Kim. She has some demons because of her past. And she see Kim as a way to get out of her pain caused by her mom and daddy

  54. ImMadAsHell February 15, 2012

    Yeah but you still need the money & need to getp layed. But since most rap stations are all aobut BNicki. Kim still won’t get played even when they know Nicki isn’t s***.

  55. RHI RHI IS QUEEN February 15, 2012


  56. SignedOrNotBabyI’mHot February 15, 2012

    Even if Kim is signed you need promotion and Kim truly lacks that.. she has a not so good management team and they always slipping they never ever promote Kim’s s*** and on top of that when her fans ask for info they just brush them off like whatever. If You Love Me wasn’t a single but when she drops her official single her fans are probably gonna be the one doing the most work. When her song came out her assistant only posted a couple of links and that was it he didn’t even try to send it to any blogs or radio stations.. You wanna who did do that though?.. Her fans!! I’m freaking telling yall Kim might as well hire her fans cause they work harder then her actual team than the looks of it.

  57. nicoyuki February 15, 2012

    Kim has other ways of making money. Artists should never make music for fame and money because it takes away from the purpose. I like my favs to do what manes them happy and the fans. Not those who fall in line of making s*** basic bish music

  58. RomanNavyBeyonce February 15, 2012

    Nicki bettah slay!

  59. Someonesaidit February 15, 2012

    @signedornotbabyimhot Thats f***** up but I been hearing some nasty s*** about her assistants.. like her whole fan base be going off on them telling Kim to fired them cause they lazy but they right I was on twitter and her fans was sending links to all the major radio stations and was even sending links to blogs.. too

  60. RomanNavyBeyonce February 15, 2012

    This is kims attempt as a remake of Nicki Minajs ‘Your Love’ lmao.

  61. haterzstaypressed February 15, 2012

    You know last night, I was looking at Mobb Deep feat Lil’ Kim and I was damn near moved to tears because THAT Lil’ KIM could slay Nicki Minaj. That Kim, HARDCORE, CONFIDENT, a perfect meld between Thug and Haute Couture with rhyme skills second only to Biggie & Rakim (of Eric B and Rakim for the youngins). That is the Kim that I want to see. Watching her on “Wait A Minute” with Ray J… Kim was a BEAST and Kim needs to remember herself and who she is as a rapper and performer. She don’t need acknowledgement from Nicki Minaj and Kim fans don’t have to fight a battle that’s LOST. Work with Kim and bring her back to prominence.

  62. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) February 15, 2012

    That’s such a fair comparison, TGJ!

    So, on the one hand, we have Nicki Minaj, who performed at the Grammy’s and who just released her dance pop LEAD single to POP and MAINSTREAM radio yesterday and she’s also featured on another dance pop song with David Guetta that was promoted at the AMA’s and has also received a full-on single treatment (video, radio release). On the other hand, we have Lil Kim who released an urban buzz single as a Valentine’s Day special with no promo or radio release…Yeah, sounds fair 🙄

    And I love how, when it comes to the artists you dislike, you always point out that Twitter followers don’t equal success, but now you claim that a few tweets by Kim and her team are intense promotion 🙄

  63. Thatshitkray February 15, 2012

    I bet she’ll have more hype by the end of the week cause tonight she is supposed to revealing some news on Watch What Happens Live including which label she is signed to from what I was told and she is also revealing an unlikely collaborator so this night should be more hyped.

  64. nicoyuki February 15, 2012

    If you know Kim then you understand that she has to grow. And not live in the past

  65. tomas February 15, 2012

    whos getting more money for there single??
    lets see NICKI’s camp of YMCMB & UMG and her manager and producer.
    as of LIL KIM shes her own LABEL, and she used a producer thats not expensive .

  66. Those That Cannot Do, Stan February 15, 2012

    Too soon Sam, give it a month.

  67. nicoyuki February 15, 2012

    I love Kim and know that she would never let us her fans down so I’m confident in whatever she puts out

  68. haterzstaypressed February 15, 2012

    @TOMAS please be realistic. Nicki is signing endorsement deals, different tours, multiplatinum album, singles in which she owns all of her rights. I’m so sorry to tell you this but Nicki is making millions of dollars.

    You don’t have to hate to mask your frustrations. It’s time for Kim’s fan base to focus ON KIM and stop fueling the beast that is Nicki Minaj. Nicki is WINNING and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Kim needs your help and fast.

  69. Charlie February 15, 2012

    Nicki’s single are only a success when it is mainstream drivel, like superbass and starships. Kim will never sell out like Nicki Garbaj.

  70. VFB February 15, 2012

    SORRY, Nicki songs is a hot mess, she is looks like a CLOWN….Hip Hop is officially dead. Lil Kim problem is this: MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING TEAM. If Lil Kim chose to spit rap songs on a corner, at least she’s keeping it real and stay true to hip hop, while Nicki have sold out a long time ago.

  71. RHI RHI IS QUEEN February 15, 2012


  72. RDK February 15, 2012

    NICOYUKI you are so naive on so many levels and have no idea wt f you are talking about,you have no idea who kim is,you are just a nicki hater who is jumping on the bandwaggon because kim and nicki is in a beef.

  73. commanderofthedancefloor February 15, 2012


    haha pink friday only outsold loud in the US!!

    LOUD 6+ million ww
    Pink friday 2+ million ww

    nicki will never see riri’s world wide numbers #fact, nicki isn’t even on the ballot to try and be in the same race as rihanna is in!!!!! nicki outsold 1 rihanna album and that is music of the sun which released 2 singles and almost no promo!! while pink friday released like 7 singles and 5 promo songs as well as hoping on everyother artist’s song! and had ym promoting her for two years! and 2 million was all that brought and half the album was pop music!!! while rihanna’s was reggae and dancehall. and that is it??

    please hunny don’t try it, because you are setting yourself up for failure!!

  74. RDK February 15, 2012

    VFB nicki sold out you say and kim haven’t,ok ask you self this why is kim back in the hood,running around with nicki old people,you think kim was in the hood all these 17+ years,you should know your sh-t before you talk sh-t i now you are a kim fans,but to be bias and be fabricating sh-t to tear nicki down just make yall look stupid and naive,thinking things is that simple.

  75. Rod February 15, 2012

    Lil kim is legend I bought it off itunes! Winning

  76. musiclover February 15, 2012

    The person who wrote this article is just as fake as Nicki Minajs ASS. Its sad how our own people throw shade on each other just to entertain. Nicki Minaj is disrespectful and its crazy how people support her and put Lil’ Kim down when she is a Icon who made it alot easier for Nicki to get away with her CLOWN acts today. People always wait until its to late to recognize someones talent. GET REAL ITS 2012 PEOPLE!!!!!!


  77. nicoyuki February 15, 2012

    @rdk how is me have full faith in Kim to give me good music naive. Plus bish I was a Nicki fan since f****** sucker free. The bish had that thin as bang, the long ass fake nails and new York accent. When she did songs like n.I.g.g.a. and kill the dj. When she was on the come up remaking all of Kim and biggie songs. Not like the new fans how don’t know the Nicki I talking about. B/c you like her for the pop b*******. Bish plz not try me. Ncki let a lot of her core fans down with that pink Friday bull and she going to do it again with the new album.

  78. nicoyuki February 15, 2012

    @rdk Kim in the hood b/ she will never leave her people for hits. You new Nicki fans kill me

  79. yaya February 15, 2012

    That isn’t really fair TGJ. To be honest that euro pop crap is what is in right now so of course nicki songs will do better than kims. Plus she has more media backing than kim. When will euro pop go away, its getting annoying now. No offense to anyone.

  80. haterzstaypressed February 15, 2012

    Again, Kim fans you are missing the point. Kim needs you to help her. In order for her to stay relevant and have success, she needs her fans to help her chart. This is basic music business. Without success, her music career is over – dead on arrival. It is up to you, her fans to make her successful again. Nicki has her fan base and she has worldwide appeal. There is nothing you Kim fans can say or do to diminish the fact that Nicki is successful and making money and having chart success. Her time is now… get over it.

    With that said, go forth and help Kim. The battle is lost – Nicki won. Now help Kim comeback so she can at least have a level playing field to fight. As it stands, Kim ain’t hitting on s*** and it’s YOUR FAULT for not buying enough of her music to get her to chart.

  81. savonn February 15, 2012

    Kim fan needs to put they money where they mouth is.

  82. RDK February 15, 2012

    NICOYUKI you didn’t prove anything just now,we are on the net,you don’t even have to research on nicki,you typing in sh-t is just a finger tip away,her whole life is on the net anything you want to now,a regular joe who never heard of nicki before, can just type her name in and everything pop up,he can even pose to be a fan just like you,you are just some hater everything in your comment is hate.

  83. itsme February 15, 2012

    Nicki has a MAJOR behind her…and Lil Kim doesn’t…so of course Nicki is going to win right now…but being at the top of the charts or not Nicki still = NO GRAMMY

  84. itsme February 15, 2012

    TGJ stay on Lil Kim silicone’s …this is the only site that bashes Lil Kim…I guess TGJ is on that YMCMB payroll…

  85. reallest February 15, 2012

    Grapejuice has forgotten rules to journalism. Be unbiased and stop KISSING b***. Breath smells like Va JJ and buttmunch! United we stand people. Honor your favorite(s) with hating on the other.

  86. nicoyuki February 15, 2012

    @rdk. Plz why in gods green earth would I lye about being a fan of mixtape Nicki. I was a die had fan. I turned my sister on to her. I use to ride with all of young money. From jea mills to tyga. But as a got older and started getting into different thing I moved on to people I felt were better. But I still rock with Nicki. When she made it on 5 Stat b**** was hyper as f***. Cause she was my girl and she was on 106 for the first time. I come home and wait for the new joint of the day so I could see her and trina. So don’t give me that you looked up her s*** on the web and put what you saw. When my cusin play me the song she was on with Sanhedrin on one of his mixtape the first thing I did was look up all her s*** that when she only had playtime is ove. And sucker free to her name. Can believe this ho just said some silly s***. Like I have a reason to lye bish plz suck a big fat ads d***

  87. nicoyuki February 15, 2012

    Waynes mixtape

  88. Black Madonna February 15, 2012


  89. haterzstaypressed February 15, 2012


    Uhh wait… I thought Kim was signed to Universal as well? Am I mistaken?

  90. NickiLuv February 15, 2012

    Kim’s new song sounds like Nicki’s ‘Your Love’, thieving heffa.

  91. gio88 February 15, 2012

    c’mon Nicki it’s in her best moment , Lil Kim is probabily is in her worst , a comparison is useless , maybe when they will be at the same time succesful (and not just one of them) a comparison will be possbile…..

  92. DDC February 15, 2012

    I dont get it…He hates on Rihanna endlessly but Lil Kim put out this garbage and he likes it?? HUH! Her voice sounds like that b**** from that tv show “The Babbysitter”…

  93. Ehhh February 15, 2012

    Regardless if Kim made it or not, Nicki is winning #WINNING. Kims song actually entered now but i doubt it will enter Billboard. Nowadays every genre of music has a bit of electro and dance in it. So Its obvious “Starships” will top Billboard. Shes making hits, superbowl performance with Madonna, a controversial but amazing Grammy performance, and now a hit has been released. Kim stans can rub “Kim gots a grammy, nicki got a…..vma” but “at the end of the day” Nicki has already packed more awards than her, if it wasnt for Mya, Pink, Christina Agulera (all of which POP artist) Kim wouldnt have a Grammy. Nicki is smart, she can top a pop chart, and right a rap and top the Hip Hop charts and has the mixtapes to prove it.

  94. Lio February 15, 2012

    All yall Nicki fans are 9 & 13 years old so theres no point in arguing with children. and most yall are suburban white kids who dont have any idea what HipHop is. On another note I want to like Nicki, its just so hatd to like a women who started out as a talented MC like I cant lie her Mixtapes were hittin. But man she killed HipHop she neglecting Ghetto America, every hood. She is takin HipHop gor granted she is biting the hand that feeds her she isnt even a rapper or hiphop artists anymore, point blank the womens music is garbage now. KIM stayed legit KIM stayed with HipHop Kim actually says something KIM is HipHop KiM is Hittin still… Love KiM, Nicki needs to come back to HipHop…

  95. Tbozfan10 February 15, 2012

    So when Kim releases a buzz single, it doesn’t matter how it does because it was a “gift to her fans.” But when nicki released 2 buzz singles which actually charted on the billboard hot 100, then she’s falling hard? Talk about a double-standard. I’m not saying Kim shoulda charted. It is a buzz single. But dont say nicki’s buzz singles were flops when they clearly did a lot better than Kim’s.

  96. Os February 15, 2012

    as far as i see it from these comments,they are making out kim to be the victim now,her fans heard when she said she is in the legendary lan,she can do her own thing she don’t need no label to still kill a certain individual,so why is when her music didn’t move them# they all are making up excuses talking about she don’t have no money for promo and she isn’t on no label,but didn’t kim new that this was going to happen if she wasn’t on a label,she said it she is in the legendary lan so she don’t need no label,my be she felt like she was in the same league as Tech N9ne.

  97. RDK February 15, 2012

    TBOZFAN10 Co-Sign,they are mad bias when it comes to kim they make up all type of excuses,and fling nicki under the bus when the same thing happens to her,they attack us when nicki drop them buzz singles and we told them it was a buzz they claim they were real singles,but all of a sudden kim release this song that sound like something off her mixtape black friday they are claiming it,s a buzs,i am not saying it,s not a buzz i am talking about how bias they are.

  98. RDK February 15, 2012

    NICOYUKI you don’t need a reason to lie you just talk sh-t for the fun off it,and for your info i don’t,so don’t be forcing your trade on others,anyways you are the worse haters of them all you was a fan but anymore,and who is the better you move on to,and you moved on so why are you back here with a different mask on,the way i see it you was a fan who like her the way she was but she started to do different music and so on,so it,s like she grow away from you it,s not like you left her,you used to the nicki in them little clubs doing her thing….like i said you hating wt f is that it,s like when you love someone them you grow to hate them that sh-t is double.

  99. Brattyasslily February 16, 2012

    I like them both and love there music but kim will always be the baddest b****.

  100. fearlless February 16, 2012

    i actually really like kim’s new song. the beat makes you kinda just nod your head and be like ayyyy lol. the first comment, I LIKE! a lot! it has been nothing but constant shade to lil kim. i get it, you need hits, but damn

  101. YOOSONDALOOSE February 16, 2012

    Kim should be worried, she needs money and she is getting no where.
    But well done Nicki.

  102. Ja’mila Dior February 16, 2012


  103. LAX February 16, 2012


    She around here looking like a DRAG QUEEN

  104. tlotlo maboke February 22, 2012

    am tired of this beef,they might like nicki more than kim but the fact still remains they both are best female rappers of all time.thisd is f**king childish

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