Jazmine Sullivan Confirms New Album In the Works

Even though the talentless still reign supreme, the successes of vocal divas as of late is reassurance that there is hope yet.  For, without question, what the industry has ‘needed badly’ would be the prowess of a vocalist comparable to that of ‘Need U Bad’ beauty Jazmine Sullivan.

Last year may have seen the 24-year-old announce an ill-received departure from music, but now fans can rejoice at this weekend’s Twitter announcement:

(click to enlarge)

*insert excitement here!*

While not completely mute on the musical tip as recent months have seen her lend the pen to Monica‘s ‘Until Its Gone’ and other R&B numbers, we at TGJ still are ready for Sullivan to make her own splash on charts.  Overlooked gems from the singer’s sophomore album ‘Love Me Back’ are still on CONSTANT repeat at TGJ headquarters!

Your thoughts?

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  1. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 6, 2012

    WHO ?!

  2. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 6, 2012

    anyway , she need to lose some weight so badly , maybe ppl will show more interest in her stuffs if she did it !! maybe that will make ppl not so interested in her , her weight !!!

    lose it , it is never a loss ! u gonna be healthy and maybe it will positivly affect her career ” if she has any “.

  3. Kingphoenix February 6, 2012

    She looks vaguely familiar, but i cant out a voice to the face…*shrug* Doesn’t somebody on here stan for her? I guess that ONE stan can p**** pop to the “good news” and get of Mutha’s Bey sack!

  4. MaZ February 6, 2012

    I missed her! “Luv me back” is a classic!

  5. AalexisR February 6, 2012

    Jazmine Sullivan! Bring it on!


    yes, losing weight is going to make her a better singer……

    after she loses weight, she can start selling her naked ass on every magazine and music videos..

    then she can become the superstar…….


    what the hell does weight got to do with REAL TALENT….

    the bish can sell 5 albums, she still going to be a better vocalist than ur favs..NEXT

  7. bam bam February 6, 2012

    Can’t wait she’s an amazing singer…….

  8. Jessica February 6, 2012

    @pop royalty : GET YOUR ANOREXIC GAGA PIECE TRASH OUTTA HERE!!! SMH!!! This girl can sing circles around your stupid fave point blank!!! SMH!!! This girl writes her own material and well respected. Jazmine doesn’t have to play wack ass gimmicks to sell record unlike your stupid ass GAGA!!! LMAO!!! Jazmine doesn’t have to dress as a prostitute to sell quality music LMAO!!! GAGA IS A FLOP!!! NEXT!!!

    Glad she’s back, it’s about time real ass talent come to the forefront and get rid of the trash that is out there in music right now!!!! Bring it Jazmine!!!!

  9. Jessica February 6, 2012



    hello to my stans on here..I know yall cant wait to see the name RATEDX…

    I bet every time ya’ll see the name RATEDX..yall cant wait to bust that nut…

    I mean really..even when i dont comment, yall love to bring up my name…

    yall in my c****** more than ur own fav…..

  11. Jessica February 6, 2012


  12. Bey Fan… February 6, 2012

    YESSSSSSSSS…………………. cant wait.



    i wouldnt waste my time on @pop royalty…he/she doesnt know who the f*** they are a fan of ….

    every week its somebody new….soooooooooooooooooooooo…dont even bother….



    i’m dead ass..i have a lot of stans on here….they are always begging for attention from me..even when i dont comment my name gets brought up…

    ………..i throw them a bone once and a while….thats the least i can do…

    waves at my stans

  15. mobwife February 6, 2012

    YESSSSSSS! Brandy now Jaz is coming back. 2012 is going to be a great years for R&B y’all!!

  16. jeremydante February 6, 2012


  17. Teacher February 6, 2012

    Yasss!!! I was listenin to her the other day….LT&B,One Night Stand,NUB,etc 😀

  18. Justathought February 6, 2012

    @Rated X Ha! Get em!…lose weight my ass what does that have to do with her talent???

    ….ANYWAY Jazmine girl i cant wait!

  19. Diane February 6, 2012

    Adele who?

  20. Tyler February 6, 2012

    Ok let’s be real she is not gonna come anywhere near Adele success. Ppl need to respect other ppl opinion. For instance I think jazmine can sing but I will never buy her music because she ain’t interesting to me. In this world u can call those like Rihanna and gaga and jazmine untalented but in reality they all are. Everyone listens through different ears and see through different eyes. I like Keri hilson and Rihanna over jazmine but others may like jazmine more. Jazmine needs to appeal to a bigger audience.

    Jazmine 1st album is just now approaching gold status in the u.s. if I’m not mistaking.

  21. jarrettgoer February 6, 2012

    wrong, her first album went gold three years ago, she needs better promotion!! luv me back is a classic album!!

  22. Breaking Point February 6, 2012

    Hold up! What does her weight have to do with anything? People are so obsessed with looks it’s ridiculous. I don’t give a damn how much she weighs. As long as she keeps delivering that great music, all is well.

  23. Teacher February 6, 2012

    February 6, 2012 at 10:54 pm
    “Ok let’s be real…Ppl need to respect other ppl opinion. … In this world u can call those like Rihanna and gaga and jazmine untalented but in reality they all are. Everyone listens through different ears and see through different eyes…..”


  24. Girrrl February 7, 2012

    If Adele doesn’t have to lose weight then why should Jazmine? Honestly Jaz sings way better than Adele but Adele gets the spotlight because she is blue eyed soul.

  25. Sean February 7, 2012

    excited…love love love her

  26. Bey is legend February 7, 2012

    Good rated bitter can finally take a break from her compulsive Beyonce obsession. Next time u post 50 comments on 1 post, pray make it about someone u care about.

    I cant with this hypocritical b**** though, u dint have a problem with selling s** on covers when ur favs britney, madonna, rihaha, janet, mariah were doin it. Why is it an issue now?

    Anyway im done with this post. Ive given this lessor more time of day than she deserves

  27. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) February 7, 2012

    still , this b**** need to lose weight , and no one will compare her to adele. i think when you are black , your chances to be a big star is minimized to the half ” and i am not racist , and not american , i just say it as i see it ” , untalented white artists are bigger superstars than their black competitors. so what if you are white and got a great talent as adele , of course being the s*** is expected !! huh ?!

    and looks matter and s**-sells in this ugly world no matter what u say . so being black and fat won’t help her. look at jennifer hudson for example !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and losing weight will be great for her health in general. and maybe will affect her career positively !!

    seriously , what she got in hands to lose beside her weight ?!!! NOTHING !!

    and i think she got a great voice. but she need to UPgrade her look as a bonus. and of course she want to be famous and to be on magazines covers , or she wanna live her entire life as a c- artist who can blame her failures on her weight and being black ?!
    being black is great and a lot of black female artists are respected , so her race is not the problem, but being overweight is no good , in this industry and in general. so losing weight is A MUST FOR HER.

    done giving her her (15 seconds-for a basic b****) of the day.

  28. Lax February 7, 2012

    Power House Vocalist, great Song Writer, and a force in the
    Music Industry. Every one with a working brain know how
    Great Adele is but Adele has her own Lane and so does Jas
    and no one is taking any others place because as plain as
    day no one can occupy TWO SPACES ARE PLACES at the
    same time. Only simple minded, and air brains even think
    that one artist can take another’s place the lames or hooked
    on stupid and there’s no other way to explain it. Jas is going
    to give some well known so called best of the best in the US
    the Night Mare on elm street with her Return, Jas will get tons
    of Support for her Offering!!!!!!!!

  29. Lax February 7, 2012

    Jas,,,,Is getting Ready to “Break The Windows Out” Bytches!!!!!!!

  30. Lax February 7, 2012


  31. B4REAL02 February 7, 2012

    CAN’T WAIT!!!

  32. Dee February 7, 2012

    Im waiting for fantasia

  33. Bey’knight February 7, 2012

    FLOP ASS B****!

  34. voneeluv February 7, 2012

    Adele its exactly pencil thin and look how any albums she selling notice i didn’t say sold cause she still selling Ass*oles people say some dumb s*** on the board. jasmines weight has nothing to do wit success.

  35. I’ma have to send her to her maker February 7, 2012

    Idiot commentator at the top=pop royalty. Epic Fail.

  36. I’ma have to send her to her maker February 7, 2012

    Oh and by the way Jasmine Sullivan can blow Adelephant out of the water with her voice who is a church singer. Oh and by I’m pretty sure Adelephant weighs more than Jasmine Sullivan who isn’t FAT just voluptous and curvy.

    I’m a BIG fan of jasmine sullivan so hopefully her comeback is worth it. R&B is dead in this life cycle but I’ll always love me some R&B. I’m a true sista. Not having some R&B in my life is like not ever eating soulfood. I NEED IT. Plz come back jasmine and don’t scare us again saying you’re gonna quit music.

    Love ya and “luv me back” with those sweet vocals.

  37. I’ma have to send her to her maker February 7, 2012

    Pop Royalty is from Egypt so I’m pretty sure there’s too much sand in their ears for them to be related to GOOD classic standard music and not just commercial s***. Jus sayin.

  38. R&B stan February 7, 2012

    @ girrl

    I love Jazmine and I will support her but please dont say the only reason Adele gets more attention is b/c she is blue eyed. ….

    Adele is a MUCH BETTER songwriter than Jaz. Alicia Key, Sade & Lauryn Hill are black soul and they had no problems going multiplatinum because they are good songwriters….. especially Sade & Lauryn Hill

    Jazmine is a good songwriter but not great, she needs co-writers like Adele & Alicia and she will grow. She also needs some live instruments on her songs with that beautiful voice.

    R&B is suffering right now because of the HORRIBLE songwriting these days. I think Neyo & Bruno Mars are talented writers but R&B needs more writers . No one is creating classics except Adele right now.

    I hope she kills it cuz I love that voice…. Im glad she is back and I want a VH1 unplugged or AOL live sessions from her.

  39. LAX February 7, 2012


    LMAO…..now the b**** knows how it feels when someone get on your fave hahahaha

  40. LAX February 7, 2012


    Hahaha now that b**** know how it feels when someone gets on your fave hahahaha

  41. LAX February 7, 2012

    Jazmine Sullivan. I cant wait for ur 3rd album

  42. credits February 7, 2012

    This is good news! I felt lucky that even though she took a ‘break,’ songs have still been leaking from her.

  43. Yellow.Mellow February 9, 2012

    I like this girl 🙂 not her fan on this blog though….

  44. Nyeleti June 21, 2013

    I totally agree i love every song on her 1st nd 2nd Album nd one of her songs stuttering is my ringtone she is a natural nd has a beautiful voice jeez i love her

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