Jennifer Hudson Tapped To Tribute Whitney Houston At Grammy’s

Published: Sunday 12th Feb 2012 by Sam

As the world mourns the loss of the iconic Whitney Houston, Grammy producers have been making frantic changes to tonight’s show, so as to honor the late, great, superstar.

Hence, in a move we can only commend, vocalist Jennifer Hudson has been drafted in to tribute the singer.

Full story below…

Speaking to the media this morning, Grammy executive producer Ken Ehrlich said:

“Our plan at this point, I’ve asked Jennifer Hudson to come. We’re really, at this point, talking about what she’s going to do, but it will be something respectful. t’s not going to be a full-blown tribute, to me that feels like it’s too early, it’s too fresh at this moment, so we’re working on something that will be really respectful and appropriate to Whitney’s memory.”

There is also strong suggestion that Chaka Khan will be involved.

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards air tonight on CBS. Pending then, watch Jennifer soar in her tribute performance to Whitney at the 2012 BET Honors. Colossally sad to think almost two years to that day, she’d be paying her respects under such tragic circumstances:

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  1. MISHKA February 12, 2012

    They should have trusted Jordin Sparks.

  2. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! February 12, 2012

    Note to Jennifer Hudson, try and not shout the song as you always seem to do.
    I’d rather have had Leona lewis sing.. but shes not american.. no she had no chance

    Well how ever she sings the song.. she’s gonna get a standing ovation… Thats obvious.

  3. MISHKA February 12, 2012

    And it’s not too late to add Brandy so that Chaka Khan and Brandy could sing “Missing You”

    Oh Whitney, “You were our sister, our strength and our pride”!

  4. Roman February 12, 2012

    No body else would do the tribute justice than Jeniffer Hudson. I’m glad they selected her. I’m ready for Nicki + Rihanna!

  5. DC Thats Me February 12, 2012

    I still don’t believe Whitney is gone. Show me the receipts, I wanna see the receipts!!!!

  6. Ass February 12, 2012

    I think JHUD and Chaka would be great. Those are the two names @MarioLopez sai he heard would do it, last night.

    I just saw Chaka @ a NY fashion week event a few days ago. She is a lovely woman, with an amazing voice. I hope she is a part of this.

  7. Fanny February 12, 2012

    >>>>>>>>> JoJo, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Hudson & Christina Aguilera for Whitney’s Tribute!!!!

  8. nippyfan February 12, 2012

    no whitney’s true fav singer was kim burrell and she was also her pastor
    monica and brandy she kissed each on thursday, told them each she loved them, touched their faces, handed brandy a note, kissed clive, told him she loved him, call him her dad and made krissi kiss her godfather clive.

    all of this is on Eonline video. That was the kind of person whitney was. brandy and monica loved whitney and spoke of her all the time, they were 2 of the last artists she talked to besides kelly price and others at that party

    lord, i still fill sick, this wasn’t suppose to happen, she looked great and vibrant all week and was very very excited about sparkle.

    I can’t imagine bobbi kriss, that girl loved her mama and whitney loved her. i hope people are watching her and she can find some solace.

  9. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! February 12, 2012

    I hope she doesnt sing, I will always love you. seems a shame to sing a cover song of dolly partons, when shes got so many other good songs.

  10. Aishaaguilerakeys February 12, 2012

    That’s the best JHud perf I’ve EVER seen. Looking forward to the tribute. Hope they don’t contact Aguilera though, unless she controls herself. As much as I love her, the woman has a tendancy to oversing.

  11. milan February 12, 2012

    kim burrell should do it

  12. SAYINSOMETHIN-NICE February 12, 2012

    Brandy and Monica should be there as well for Whitney Tribute. They deserve to show Whitney how much they loved her. And she was helping them for their performance that didnt take place last night. Leona Lewis would be Great as well…

    But Brandy and WHitney had a GREAT connection, movies, Support of DWTS, Brandy has always been the little whitney, so grammy producers need to bring it, and Do it properly.

  13. LaLa February 12, 2012

    OMG I love this performance! JHud you’re awesome… & look at Whitney standing, cheering, & fellin it!!! bravo

  14. Jamie February 12, 2012

    I hope she leaves it at just that–a tribute because no one could EVER replace Ms. Houston. They can gon right ahead and squash that she’s the next Whitney mess because she’s not.

  15. JohnVidal February 12, 2012

    i don´t even want a tribute at the grammys with other people singing her songs. Cos no matter what they choose they will destroy it. Can´t they make a video with Whitney´s epicness??? I want this to be all about her. Those people can´t hold a candle
    Still can´t believe my Whitney…

  16. grammy dammy sammy February 12, 2012

    good luck to Jennifer, it’s not gonna be easy for her getting up there singing a song by someone who passed away less than 24 hours ago. i hope people will ease up on the scrutiny. remember all of this was put together today; day of the grammys. they’re not gonna get it right. hopefully next year then can put together a more befitting tribute. at least the other award shows can start work on that early on.

    one more thing,remember the intention of the artist is to TRIBUTE a legend; some yall make it out like they’re challenging the legends to a vocal contest or claiming to be them. if u guys ridicule everybody that gets on stage to tribute a legend, who’s gon be left to do it?

  17. grammy dammy sammy February 12, 2012


    see you’re exactly the type my comment is directed to. read ^^^

    why are yall so adamant. again the aim is not for anyone to try and “hold a candle to Whitney”, the point is to honour her. I’m sure Whitney would be very receptive of Jhud’s tribute just like all the legends appreciate their tributes. it’s yall fans that get high and mighty like u have monopoly over your fav’s legacy. for all you know Jhud could have been a bigger fan than u

  18. Songscribe February 12, 2012

    This week she attended Brandy and Monica’s rehearsals. She then dies on Brandy’s birthday. Brandy must be traumatised right now. I think they should also include Mariah, Brandy, Chaka Khan and Beyonce singing (I was Here) to this minor tribute. R.I.P Whitney Houston.

  19. Ass February 12, 2012

    .. @Grammy Dammy Sammy

    *standing ovation* Bravo!! Bravo!!!

    Finally someone who is speaking sense. This is about solidarity in remembering Whitney.

    But these queens are always trying to compare or create drama, for no reason but to do so.

  20. grammy dammy sammy February 12, 2012


    thanks. ikr these things have become a norm, u shoulda seen the mess in the Mariah remembers Whitney. Her noble gesture was met with comments like w/o Whitney there would be no Mariah ……… smdh

  21. Ass February 12, 2012

    I hope that when the truth comes out about this all, people won’t talk bad about her like Kurt. That’s all I’m gonna say. All will be revealed soon..

  22. mobwife February 12, 2012

    Well damn SANG Jennifer! No one can sing “I Will AlWays Love You” better than my DIVA Whitney but, J-Hud did her thing!

    R.I.P. My DIVA “The Voice” Whitney Houston!


  23. Ass February 12, 2012

    Yeah I peeped that @Grammy. I understand people stanning w/ reason. But people just pull compariaions and nonsense outta the clear blue.

    At times like this I would think it’s inappropriate to start stan wars in the middle of condolences for the Lady departed.

    Smh, some of these folk are all kind of extra…

  24. mobwife February 12, 2012

    I am so tired of the media and the ignorant folks that follow the media’s every word as though it wwere the law! I just saw an interview with Whitney where she said “I DO MUSIC BECASUE IT’S WHAT I DO BUT THAT I NO LONGER ENJOYED IT AS I ONCE DID”! I seem to recal Michael Jackson saying something similar. It’s a damn shame that the BIASED, EVIL MEDIA can run ppl down to the point that they no longer enjoy doing the very thing they were born to do….sing, dance, perform and share their GOD given gifts with the world!

  25. Ass February 12, 2012

    I was always a fan. Not happy about how she lived her life @ times. But it was her life to live. Nothing will overshadow her legacy as one of the best voices the world will ever know.


  26. Jordan February 12, 2012

    Leona Lewis sounds damn close, shes the only one that wouldnt oversing Whitneys song honestly

  27. credits February 12, 2012

    Monica should sing.

  28. MelyB February 12, 2012

    JHud will perform well as she did during that tribute shown above. I realize she’ll be emotional but she was also emotional performing @ the grammies following her own personal tragedy and held herself together to perform magnificently.

  29. JohnVidal February 12, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    Relax, believe me it´s not that. it´s just that i can´t with the thought of her lost and I can´t think about any other music star right now. She is too huge and this moment is shocking. Just that. Believe me I wo´n´t be scrutining Jennifer hudson. It´s just that at this recent moment I would love for them to do a really good video or something with just her slaying us. Just WHITNEY

  30. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) February 12, 2012


  31. Small_Angel February 12, 2012

    Im ok with Jhud! but if in case she needs another Diva’s Help. Grammy Should contact Christina Aguilera and Jonalyn Viray!

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