New Snippets: Madonna – ‘Turn Up The Radio’ & ‘Girls Gone Wild’

Forget Pink and Black Friday; Pop Queen Madonna has crowned today herday.

Having sent the net into a frenzy with the arrival of new single ‘Give Me Your Luvin” and its accompanying video,  the 53 year old’s fans will no doubt be whipped into heightened excitement following the release of snippets of new songs from her ‘MDNA’ LP.

So what are you waiting for? Get all the way into teasers of ‘Turn Up The Radio’ and ‘Girls Gone Wild’ below…

Via I Heart Radio:



We’ll hold full judgement until hearing the song in its entirety.

Your thoughts?


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  1. IAMWHOIAM February 3, 2012

    This album is gonna SLAY…it’s like fresh, fun pop from madonna…She’s done it all…So I can’t Wait For This ALBUM!!!

  2. ThatBoyLuke February 3, 2012

    This album will be amazing i’m sure, there are probably gonna be people that will judge the whole album as “radio friendly stuff” based on one single and two snippets but don’t forget that “Masterpiece” is on the album too so there will be some other more mature stuff on the album too.
    I’m really impressed with Madonna and her label, they are NOT playing with this era in fact this is how artists SHOULD be rolling albums out. Anyway, let the pressed haters start their infestation now i’ve had my say lol

  3. Beud February 3, 2012


  4. LeFemmeFatale February 3, 2012

    @IAMWHOIAM – Yessss!
    I’m Loving These 2 New Tracks!
    I Think “GMAYL” Will Grow On Me;
    The Video Sure Helped!
    But These 2 Are Instant Faves!
    The Production Alone >>>>>>>>

  5. kimberly February 3, 2012

    Fresh music, are you serious???? what is great about that. My uncle age 52 just admitted that great music is gone and the radio plays too many “exercise music” sad but true. Madonna fans will criticize other artist but what is great about madonna. The outcome now and from these tunes i see katty perry and others doing this same things. nothing special or extraordinary, i must admit madonna shows no growth and her shows will just have so much gimmicks and lip syncing. Don’t yall ever bash britney again. Madonna is not different.

  6. Bey Fan February 3, 2012

    Ummmm….ok. So I’ve one song and 2 snippets, and I couldn’t tell em apart from each other.

    They all seem cheesy as hell. I mean do we really need more pop-bathhouse

    But Im sure her tour will slay….just not feeling any of the music I’ve heard so far

  7. LeFemmeFatale February 3, 2012

    @Kimberly: Why You Mad Though?
    It’s Just Pop Music.

  8. White girl mob February 3, 2012

    TGJ would you stop giving this girl attention I know she performing at the super bowl but gosh to much attention on her.. Give attention to artist who really has talent like.. Kreayshawn

    Madonna is old she is not on kreayshawn level she is washed up

    Kreayshawn is fresh to death she is taking over the music industry with her music people are paying homage to her on twitter saying she is the greatest female rapper since lil Kim wow.

    So Madonna don’t need all this attention

    Kreayshawn does n***** love her more then anybody she has her own swag b****

  9. Bey Fan February 3, 2012

    You know what… she is known as the queen of pop…. so I guess she’s doing what she does best.

    But spelling the words in the song and the pop-house beat……well that sounds “reductive. ” …. but i can’t judge the whole project off of 2 snippets and 1 song.

    I dont know how her album will do. But Im so sure her tour is gonna kick a**.

  10. Bey Fan February 3, 2012

    Give attention to artist who really has talent like.. Kreayshawn

    Madonna is old she is not on kreayshawn level she is washed up

    Kreayshawn is fresh to death she is taking over the music industry with her music people are paying homage to her on twitter saying she is the greatest female rapper since lil Kim wow.

    So Madonna don’t need all this attention

    Kreayshawn does n***** love her more then anybody she has her own swag b****


  11. White girl mob February 3, 2012

    @beyfan you shut the f*** up you on her 24/7 f****** jumping blog from blog looking to hate on somebody.. You need to tell your fave beyonce to watch out for kreayshawn cus she is coming to slay your fave career HAHAHAHA

  12. White girl mob February 3, 2012

    @beyfan I can’t wait til kreayshawn sells millions on her first week album sells then ya going to be mad cus this white chick just out sold ya faves hahaha I can’t wait

    Beyfan gonna be the first one to jump in kreayshawn mentions on twitter just to hate cus she is white and she can outsell there fave any giving day HAHAHAHA

  13. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) February 3, 2012

    All 3 tracks we’ve heard so far have the same formula. Great beat, catchy chorus, easy lyrics. These 3 characteristics are what I’d expect from the album of a 22 year-old pop upstar, not from MADONNA! And this is my issue with this entire album campaign. Something about it reeks of massive effort to appeal to the masses. Why does Madonna have to give a f*** about the masses?

    She’s been in the game for 3 decades. She has a lot to talk about and a lot to offer, she has the power to set trends and change the mainstream, so why settle for less? I’ll wait for more tracks to surface, but I can’t say I’m holding my breath for what’s to come unfortunately. Bring on that ‘ROL’ Madonna back!!

  14. Arthur February 3, 2012

    OMG! Girls Gone Wild is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick! Brazil is going crazy for her!

  15. Bey Fan February 3, 2012

    @White Girl Mob

    I know….Kreayshawn is gonna kill it. She’ll sell millions of records. I mean look at how Gucci Gucci did. Kreayshawn is the best female rapper since Lil Kim. Kreayshwn is about to take over the indusrty. And I aint gon hate. The only reason I was laughing was because you be on this blog “snatching wigs” …. Kreayshawn will outsell all of our favs.

  16. whut February 3, 2012

    LOL, this is the same crap she’s been putting out for the past 10 years. generic electronic dance music. how is this fresh or different?

    Retire, Old Woman.

  17. Waddie G. February 3, 2012

    There is nothing fresh about this. The music sounds good, but what happened to Madonna the trendsetter? This sounds like Madonna the trend follower. In face, she has the nerves to call Lady Gaga reductive when this music sounds like leftover Gaga tracks.

  18. White girl mob February 3, 2012

    @beyfan you just a dumb ass fool take your dirty ass to bed I wish I can grab your ass threw my iPad screen and f*** you up p**** boy

    Don’t let me catch you in the street I’m gonna put hands on you fool

  19. Waddie G. February 3, 2012

    Who or what is a Kreyshawn??? and White Girl Mob??? LMBGAO…have SEVERAL seats in an old kayak in the Amazon.

  20. JP February 3, 2012

    Kylie Minogue did it better.

  21. josh February 3, 2012


  22. Bey Fan February 3, 2012

    Kylie Minogue did it better

    yeah she did…..

  23. White girl mob February 3, 2012

    Wow everybody hating on kreayshawn wow she must be doing something right haha

    Her debut album is gonna sell like hot cakes and ya gonna be pressed all f****** day hating on her on twitter cus that’s what ya do is hate 24/7

    Ya need some jobs ya like 29 still in your mom house eating up all the food smdh

  24. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare February 3, 2012


  25. Lady Caca February 3, 2012

    Lady Gaga leftover tracks? Fool – Madonna has been doing the electronic thing since 2001 with the Music album. The way I see it, it’s like a combination of her Music & Confessions album – but more mainstream. At this stage, she really doesn’t need to prove herself – let the younger ones do that, who still have a long way to go. And it’s kinda tiring to her comments on age: what were you expecting her to do, sing standards or torch song? She’s a pop star, and that’s what she’ll do.

    On a side note, I feel this album is like in a dichotomy with Caca’s album: BTW was the album full of pretensions & supposedly “artistic” intentions, while MDNA is just pure camp & fun. I’d rather take the latter.

  26. D.Scott February 3, 2012

    It’s Madonna week lol

  27. JohnVidal February 3, 2012

    Wow all of it is crap I just can´t! I hope there are some songs better on the album. Maybe kids will buy it (I suppose that´s what she wants, appeal to new generations) but critics are going to slam it really hard. If they did it with Hard Candy… this is worse… from what we´ve heard. It´s a shame cos Confessions was an spectacular dance album and of course Music and Ray of Light received amazing reviews

  28. Deveal2014 February 3, 2012

    This is to Femme Fatale for me bow to Britney Madonna

  29. WAR-TON February 3, 2012

    I’m not a fan of hers, but I won’t bash. It’s tacky. Anyway, I think it’s cool that she is bringing back some of her earlier flavors and samples, but where is the revolutionary sound? I haven’t heard any evolution in her music recently.

    One thing I want to point out is that if this album is a smash (which I am sure it will do well), it will open the doors again to other *older generation singers (i.e. Whitney, Mariah, Lil Kim, Janet, etc.) to come back and hit it big again too. That is what happened in 2005 with Mariah’s Emancipation of MIMI and we all know the success that that album pulled in and then the success of Madonna’s Confessions later that year.

    My point is that when seasoned artists like this grab a lot of attention, it also helps their cohorts become more relevant again because it makes fans feel a little nostalgia and remember what makes the greats so great.

  30. Hijar February 3, 2012

    @Warton Go f*** yourself with that, Madonna’s confessions didn’t do well thanks to Mariah’s album or other older artists will make a comeback if Madonna’s new album becomes a hit, c ‘mon this is the stupidiest thing I’ve ever heard lol and no none of these irrelevant b****** flopriah, Janet or Lil Kim will have a successful album hahahahaha

  31. Bey Fan February 3, 2012

    My point is that when seasoned artists like this grab a lot of attention, it also helps their cohorts become more relevant again because it makes fans feel a little nostalgia and remember what makes the greats so great.

    I agree, but that’s only if MDNA actaully sells. And if the singles do good.

  32. @WHITE GIRL MOB February 3, 2012


  33. cocodior3069 February 3, 2012

    HHHmmmmmm i was expecting more! Especially after the fierceness that was Confessions on the dance floor! i almost thought she was gonna teach this girls how to do Dance music right! Oh well !

  34. Marilyn February 3, 2012

    I can correct something here:

    When seasoned artists like this grab a lot of attention, it does NOT help their cohorts become more relevant again. lol

    It can only give them enough ability to follow the steps. This is happening quite often recently. But it doesn’t mean they will surely grab a lot of attention too. (It depends)

    So I will have to agree with Hijar.

  35. Burst Yur Bubble February 3, 2012

    Madonna has run full circle and is right back to sounding like her early 80s material self. C’mon now, this music isn’t anything “new” or “fresh”. For the past couple years, this is what all dance music sounds like… nothing original here… next.

  36. WAR-TON February 3, 2012

    I never said confessions did good because emancipation did good. But when one artist does good, it opens the doors
    For others to follow suit. Madonna paved the way for people to become superstars basically, which lead way to other acts spinning off her success…

    I’m not bashing anyone here… Why do fans have to act so vulgar and rude?

  37. Amy in Chi-town February 3, 2012

    These snippets sound like 80’s Madonna mixed with alternative. Turn Up the Radio sounds like it’s going to be fantastic! And these songs don’t sound like David Guetta. How can you hate when Usher and Chris Brown, and all the others sound the SAME

  38. RealTalkBsWalk February 4, 2012

    This s*** sound like some s*** kids do karaoke to, and Maddog trying to come for gaga and janet lmao try again!!!

  39. Brody February 4, 2012

    2012 – another year for the QUEEN.

  40. PLL February 4, 2012

    that old drag Queen is dead she needs to retire soon as possible.

  41. Saetana February 5, 2012

    Well, as others have said we can’t judge the whole album on one song and two snippets, so consider this an initial reaction:

    All three songs sound so cheesy and generic, gods, and she calls Gaga reductive, words fail me! The only period of hers I ever really liked was Ray of Light and I know a lot of her fans were hoping for music of that quality, sadly she appears to have disappointed them.

    Those cheesy chants are cringingly awful and I’ve finally realised why I prefer Gaga to Madonna any day – its like they are turned around, Madonna stll sounds girlish and shallow (and no I’m not having a pop over her age) whilst Gaga has the voice of a mature woman, not to mention she is a FAR better singer and songwriter than the Queen of Pop (yeah I acknowledge that much, for her longevity if nothing else, Gaga hasn’t been around long enough to steal the crown yet), I’m also giving Madonna the benefit of the doubt there by assuming she writes her own songs these days.

    Okay, my prediction is both the lead single and album hitting most charts around the world at No 1, she has enough stans to achieve that, but I don’t think this music will much appeal to the wider pop-buying public, which is essential for massive sales success. However, I feel they will soon drop, both out of the singles and album charts, unless these songs are the worst off the album, which I think is unlikely, unfortunately. Give Me All Your Luvin’ (that title makes me cringe) is catchy, true, in a really cheesy sort of way, its the sort of song some people will love at first, a few weeks down the line they will never want to hear it again, its the sort of tune that will get stale very fast ;o)

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