Watch: Monica Performs Whitney Houston Tribute

Published: Wednesday 15th Feb 2012 by Sam

Pushing on past the pain, Monica took to the stage in Hartford, CT last night, where she performed an impromptu tribute to her idol and friend, Whitney Houston at Hot 93.7’s Love and Laughter Show.

The singer, still visibly grieving the loss of icon Houston – who passed away on Saturday, pulled through, delivering a soaring rendition of the late star’s ‘You Give Good Love’.

Watch the performance below…

A stellar showing, which brought us back to this touching moment….

Long live The Voice. And ‘live’ it will, through artists such as the Monica’s and co, who have really studied its greatness and absorbed facets of it.

Your thoughts?

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  1. king z February 15, 2012

    yes miss monica! you honor miss whitney houston! RIP to the greatest songstress to ever put her hands on a microphone! you, brandy, and the countless other young divas are responsible for continuing her legacy sharing all she instilled in you!

  2. YOOSONDALOOSE February 15, 2012

    Monica gave a stellar performance, not Whitney standard, but beautiful.

  3. Ass February 15, 2012

    Simply stunning!! Monica is amazing.

  4. Janet chirwa February 15, 2012

    I was so shocked,how so sudden. My condolences to her family,friends and fans. May her soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

  5. DEE February 15, 2012

    This was such a heart felt performance. Monica has ALWAYS praised Whitney & done tributes at her concerts. Its amazing that she had the opportunity to know her and to really build that relationship. It still hurts me to this day and prob. for a long time from now that Whitney is no longer here. She was my favorite singer and Monica has always been right behind her. To watch Monica be strong and hold back those tears you can hear it in her voice the love she had for Whitney. God Bless you Monica and lets all pray for Bobbi Kris, the family and all of her fans that loved her so dearly!

  6. cocohearts February 15, 2012

    Monica held it great with the vocal considering the tears. Love her stength of voice.

    Wow Monica look so young and had that power from way back. Talent is talent and she got it vocally.
    “That girl can sanggg” as Whitney told us.

    I’m rooting for her and Brandy

  7. Twhist February 15, 2012

    Sing Monica! No music, just soul, power, emotion and skill. That Monica’s a bad chick!

  8. ehh February 15, 2012

    they say beyonce is the queen now lol but she has never gave a tribute to aretha frankin,whitney houston or any other greats out there happy monica and brandy were inspired by the great whiney houston.. if aaliyah was here she would sing to the 90’s music is the best before there was a beyonce and rihanna r&b had real f****** soul not gimmicks ans media h***. fantasia jennifer hudson keri hilson tamia swv 702 jazmine sulllivan lauryn hill mary j and everybody in r&b except beyonce and rihanna are real divas ,beyonce is demonic along with rihanna and they donot sing with their hearts and soul rip whitney houston u will forever live on because monica ,brandy and deborah c** got your singing style along with leona lewis.

  9. Theman February 15, 2012

    That was great. Monica is amazing.

  10. ehh February 15, 2012

    Aint nothing like the 90’s music these new gimmicks are just f****** up the minds of our young children . monica is a soulful singer and i give her props while shes still here on earth because she has inspired lil girls all over the world she came out when she was 14 yrs old.

  11. Traci February 15, 2012

    this video of Whitney with bobbi Kris running on stage and embracing her is the most amazing thing. I forgot how much of a moment this was. LOVE is amazing and we will always remember Whitney just through the LOVE that she had for daughter.

  12. KD February 15, 2012


    Yet another pressed HATER!

    It’s really sad that no amount of hate you spew is ever going to subtract from the very talented Mrs. Knowles-Carter.

    Where your boss @…You ain’t no DIVA. NEXT —>

  13. Bey Fan February 15, 2012


    Good job mo…

    still cant believe it… heart drops every time I think about Bobbi Kristina

  14. Grammy dammy sammy February 15, 2012

    Someone just has to bring up Beyonce, you’re simply raising her profile and b4 u talk dumb do ur research. Beyonce has performed in honour of Barbra Streisand, Tina Turner, MJ, Prince etc. she is obviously more influenced by thoe than she was by Whitney n thats fine. Brandy n Monica were most influenced by Whitney. Beyonce is not a tribute act. She speaks highly of all the divas b4 her though n Whitney said Bey reached out to her as did MJB.

    I guess in ur bible its impossible for someone to obtain success n honour in their career, bliss n happiness in their personal life without it coming from God.

  15. B Lamont February 15, 2012

    This was AMAZING…especially the moment with Bobbi Kristina and Whitney. Brought tears to my eyes and I’m not a crier.

    RIP Whitney…so sad

  16. Kat February 15, 2012

    that second video brought tears to my eyes!
    RIP whitney

  17. Lax February 15, 2012

    Hang in there Monica, this too shall pass!

  18. B4REAL02 February 15, 2012

    Monica got the stamp of approval from the best……what else could you ask for??
    “That girl can sang”

  19. Camille February 15, 2012

    WOW, I’ve always lived Monica’s genuine spirit and that Whitney t shirt I LOVE…. What I appreciate about Monica is she did MANY tributes to Whitney BEFORE her death. Monica always spoke of the inspiration she gave and when Monica was having all those hardships and death around her I remember her saying Whitney was by her side. How amazing she sang through her years like that. Thanks for continuing to show the greatest of out time love and praise

  20. Lax February 15, 2012

    I Wonder why so many people are always talking smack about this one
    and that one’s Music being Gimmic, generic who give a fukkk????????
    You either love the person and their music or you don’t. People do not
    try to make you like, love support none of the artist. Many of us like and
    support who we want to support. There’s always some s*** talker talking
    smack, love the one you are with and stfu…..

  21. Geezy February 15, 2012

    I can’t wait for new life!! Monica >>>>

  22. Geezy February 15, 2012

    Monica always had a voice so I’m not surprised she did a great job and held her own. Again there will never be another Whitney so at this point comparsions are pointless.

  23. swagg February 15, 2012

    ppl like Monica can do Whitney justice ppl like Ashanti should steer clear of those big Whitney songs…You did a good job on this article sam and good job on posting that second vid because it had me feeling a certain way i’ll be thinking about it all day…and Monica has had an awesome voice since day 1!

  24. @antertain February 15, 2012

    awww poor Mo crying but kept it going with strength.

    YES YES YES!!!
    I told Monica that “you give good love” sit on her voice so well and now look at the song she singing here.
    Monica always sings Whitney anyway but that song is fire on her vocal.

    As for the shoop Monica killer raw diva tone was so sick back then.


  25. JENNY JONES!! February 15, 2012


  26. JENNY JONES!! February 15, 2012


  27. Akasha February 15, 2012

    Is Monica with child?

  28. I’m just sayin February 15, 2012


    Keri Stop changing your name girl! We know it is you. You are pressed to the roots arent you? Keri is no where near an R&B singer with soul please sit with that lie. Gimmick and Beyonce do not belong in the same line have you watched seen her performance of Dangerously in love (live at Wynn in Vegas) as she chases up and down the sax with her voice! That is talent, tell Keri to try that….

    On to to the topic at hand…yes Monica!!!!! i heart you soooo much you have grown so much vocally, can’t wait for your album!

  29. Always love you, Whitney (RIP) February 15, 2012

    All the stars giving tributes to whitney! She would be proud! Good for Monica also!

  30. THATORANGEJUICE February 15, 2012

    Im so ready for brandys new album in may

  31. kitteneyez2012 February 15, 2012

    omigod this made me cry! monica could sang!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rip whitney! this is unreal

  32. JohnVidal February 15, 2012

    I only care about Whitney right now. What I loved about this video is how every f****** body knows the lyrics of Whitney´s songs, even if they are not the most popular like this “You Give me good love”

  33. Jessica February 15, 2012

    Preach it Monica!!!! That is what I call a performance!!!!

  34. voneeluv February 15, 2012

    get it mo…….. r.i.p nippy!

  35. Tonio February 15, 2012

    Had to bookmark dis…I love both of them, I always thought they sung alike, Whitney’s voice just stronger but they’re voices are how singers are supposed to sound like!!

  36. @THE_MALEMADONNA February 15, 2012


  37. BrealK February 15, 2012

    Sing Mo. They had genuine love for one another. She will definitely continue to rep for Whitney.

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