Annie Lennox: “It Would Be Great If Rihanna Spoke Out Against Domestic Violence”

Since the ‘incident’ between Chris Brown and Rihanna back in 2009, the nature of the latter’s response remains just as debated as the pair’s reunion earlier on this year.

While some heralded the ‘I don’t give…’ attitude Fenty showcased in her interview with Diane Sawyer months later, there are others who feel the star hasn’t done enough to ‘represent’ women in a similar situation.

Now it seems, Brit Pop legend Annie Lennox shares that viewpoint.

Her remarks on the matter below…

Speaking to The Telegraph she explained:

Here is a young woman who has been through domestic violence and she could become a tremendous spokesperson for that issue but the choice is hers.It’s not up to anybody else to do that.

Of course if she did choose to do that it would be so f*cking powerful but it’s her personal right to choose it or not. We all have our own issues and we have to deal with them in our own way.

This is a tough one, whichever way you look at it.

While Fenty would be doing the world a tremendous favor by speaking out against violence against women, doing so might seem a touch hypocritical- seeing as she and Chris are clearly on the same page again.

But what do you think?

Should Rihanna Speak Out Against Domestic Violence?


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  1. gaaglooo! March 6, 2012

    Aaaaaaha!!! First b******!!!!!:-)))

  2. trish March 6, 2012

    give tina turner her wig back rihanna looks like a skinny crackhead in 2012

  3. anastasia March 6, 2012

    like some people really need to get off Riri’s d8ck for real, what about Charlie Sheen’s second baby mama or that Taylor from beverly house wives…it’s like they just want to put down a black chick for some reason…get a life

  4. bey all the way March 6, 2012


  5. bey all the way March 6, 2012


  6. f*ck U Annie March 6, 2012

    F*CK YOU Annie Lennox! Did Rihanna not also beat on Chris Brown 3 years ago? Should he also speak on DV you white w****? I’m sick of these feminist racists!

  7. Xavier March 6, 2012

    I think everyone (not just Rihanna) should have a hand in speaking out in society against domestic violence/abuse and other negative situations. It boggles me that it only becomes a situation worthy of speaking about when a celebrity woman is hit but the issue is pressing every day. Other celebrities such as Mary J Blige & Ashanti have dedicated videos to the issue yeaaars ago but now everyone is suddendly subject sensitive?

    Its not Rihannas job to become the poster child for domestic abuse and might be a road bigger than she’s willing to take. If she should do anything about the subject, a psa would be fine and then defend her reasoning for connecting back with Brown.

  8. Onyx March 6, 2012

    I love Annie but if i was Rihanna i will not choice to became the voice of domestic violence i mean life goes on, she move on, i don’t want to people remember me for the bad things that happen to me and that is what i think Rihanna wants.

  9. MISHKA March 6, 2012

    To me, Rihanna has not fully healed from the incident.

    She acts like a trainweck, she gets questionnable tattoos (“Thug Life”) , she tries to be controversial with everything and everyone. Plus, she’s still single.

    I don’t think people should ask her to speak against domestic violence if she has yet to find peace and happiness with herself and/or with someone else.

    Don’t let those itunes hits fool you. We’ve witness trainwecks before: Nicole Ritchie, Madonna, Kelly Osbourne. When Rihanna will find serenity, everybody will notice the change.

  10. KAT DELUNA FAN March 6, 2012


    1-Because Rihanna is not mature,she is a child with a childish mentally.

    2-Because she doesnt give a f***,she shows it numerous time the past 3 years,doint it now will make her look pathetic

    3-She used this situation enough commercially,we dont trust her or her team any more.

    4-Pop singer’s with message becomes played out and annoying,for example Gaga and the bully s***.

    5-Rihanna looks like rita ora’s drug addicted aunt,no bueno

  11. Frankie March 6, 2012

    Would it be great if rihanna spoke out for domestice violence? OF COURSE it would! But she doesn’t have too. I think annie realizes that rihanna has a strong voice in the industry (right now) and has many peoples attention so of course her speaking out would be amazing and touch millions upon millions of girls. However rihanna has chosen the I don’t give a f*** ill do what I want attitude and that’s her choice and no one can be upset at her for that. Its also part of her image to be the “bad girl” to just have her middle f*** up at any and everyone (even her fans sometimes) so I understand what annie is saying. But rihannas gna do and say what she wants (all I can say is thank god my little niece IS NOT a fan of hers phew!)

  12. Onyx March 6, 2012

    I love that hair so Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, she was beautiful that night.

  13. Dejahnay March 6, 2012

    I don’t agree. It’s not like she was a long time victim of domestic violence , she was apart of a mistake that she and Chris have forgave and moved on from .
    SN: that pic is not as cute as I thought it was the night of

  14. iSTANFORNOONE March 6, 2012

    I personally think Rihanna is trying to act as if the whole thing didn’t happened. Like Annie Lenox said “we all handle our issues in our own way”. Maybe Rihanna handles it by sweeping everything under the rug..

    While her becoming a spokesperson for domestic violence might make her
    friendship with Chris Brown awkward, i don’t think i would be hypocritical because just shes cool with Chris Brown doesn’t mean she cant speak out against.

  15. grammy dammy sammy March 6, 2012

    please rihanna was made to be seen not heard, all she knows is cake cake cake cake


    HEY 😉

  16. ZANIA March 6, 2012

    These feminists need to move on and find someone else who has suffered abuse for years. How can Rihanna relate to these women who was beaten and abused for years. I only know of one incident with CB and Rihanna and they were teenagers at the time. Their are women that are afraid to leave their spouse or boyfriend for two reason , their spouse may kill them or they depend on them financially. I really believe that Rihanna and CB incident was an ugly fight that got out of hand. (Remember I don’t condone, what CB did, I think he should’ve have walked away, but that is the past, he just has to learn from his mistakes.Cb mom probably can discuss DV, because she suffered abuse for years which may have affected her children.

  17. grammy dammy sammy March 6, 2012


    speaking up against it and forgiving her abuser are not mutualy exclusive. that’s a weak excuse.

    the court shoulda ordered for ri too not just chris. as 2 people pointed out above, tih’s mentality is jacked up and that chapter in her life is not closed yet, it’s not about “3 years” so team breezy can drop that line

  18. ZANIA March 6, 2012

    I personally think Rihanna and CB can be a spokeperson for teenage relationships and dating violence.. I think they can talk about their relationship and love and how it ended violent.

  19. PYTFROMAL March 6, 2012

    I’m so damn tired of hearing about this. Everyone needs to seriously move on and stop dragging this b*******.

  20. jarel March 6, 2012

    ^agreed!!! Bloggers, celebrities, access hollywood/entertainment tonight hosts… IM SICK OF IT. LET CHRIS BROWN & RIHANNA MOVE ON!!!

  21. Onyx March 6, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    Hey! so weird

  22. mobwife March 6, 2012

    Why post this racist bullsh*t?

    Should Jessica Jones, the recent widow of UK’s own Davy Jones of The Monkee’s fame, have to speak out against domestic violence considering the number of times he beat her up? I wish someone could interview her and ask that question!

    I am really tired of the racist feminists using Chris and Rihanna to support their continued racist agenda! Racist females are just as dangerous as their male counterparts! They are really angry that their scheme to use Rihanna (& subsequently Chris Brown) for the rest of her natural life is failing! LOL 🙂

    ***I wonder if she can go the distance as Chris has?#teamBreezy4LifeHatersDieSlowly&Suffer

  23. SIGNS March 6, 2012


  24. JER March 6, 2012

    Rihanna is not a victim of domestic violence. Rihanna was out with her boyfriend and he f***** her up ONCE for running her mouth like she always does. People act like Rihanna was sittin at home making dinner and Chris came home every day and whooped her ass for no reason. I cant. Rihanna doens’t have to do s***, maybe she wants to FORGET the whole incident ever happened. It obviously blew way out of proportion

  25. Grammy dammy sammy March 6, 2012


    Wat is?

  26. mobwife March 6, 2012


    Well, what exactly is she going to say about 1 fight from 3 years ago? Does she even remember every little detail from THREE YEARS AGO? She admitted to beating on him too so how is this about DV against women which is all these white racists feminist want to discuss. They never will accept the fact that Rihanna was actively engaged in 1 fight 3 years ago! Stop dreaming!

  27. xoxo March 6, 2012

    I felt sympathy towards Rihanna, until she made songs with him again. then I realised she is a publicity-seeking low life.

  28. mobwife March 6, 2012


    And you posted that bullsh** for what reason? We know that interview was scripted and only told one-side of what happen the way JAYZ & HER PR TEAM wanted it to be told! Most ppl are not that stupid. We all recognize that there are 2 sides to every story. The media has been angry for years that Chris Brown HAS NEVER THROWN RIHNNA UNDER THE BUS! They have done everyhing to get him to turn on her and he never has. I suspect he never will. They were each other’s first love. So you can cut bullsh**!

  29. Onyx March 6, 2012

    @Grammy dammy sammy
    Is so rare that you say Hello 2 me

  30. Que March 6, 2012

    WOW the fact that u guys think that chris has only hit rihanna once because its the only time “we heard” about it is scary to me. It shows how young and naïve this generation is. Rihanna admitted to chris “pushing” her before in the interview but didn’t count that as hitting *rolls eyes* and god only knows what else she didn’t say to protect him. She’s never going to tell us all that went on and honestly at this point who cares when she doenst anymore but you guys really need to stop the whole he just kicked the s*** out of her once so its not domestic abuse .. Cuz that has to be probably one of the dumbest most misinformed statements I have ever read on the internet

  31. David March 6, 2012

    What is sad, some of you don’t even know who Annie Lennox is…..

  32. SWEETA THAN A RICE CAKE March 6, 2012

    Maybe she doesn’t want to play the victim card all her life. Damn she not he only celebrity to get into a domestic situation. Have Charlie Sheen’s ex wife speak for battered women. She is in WAYYYY worst shape then Rhianna. Rhianna is ok, these damn blogs and low lifes are the ones keep digging s*** up

  33. Lax March 6, 2012

    @MobWife…..Cosigs You!

  34. Lax March 6, 2012

    @MobWife….Cosign U!

  35. Geronimo Deuces March 6, 2012

    annie pls sit down let that go….

  36. **YawnWaitWHAT?** March 6, 2012

    @ Que. Please shut the hell up.

    Rihanna stated in the Diane Sawyer interview that Chris never hit her before the incident. He only pushed her.

    Therefore, yes, he only beat her ONCE.

    Also, Jer is spot on. Rihanna is not a victim of domestic violence, she does not want to be considered a victim, therefore, should not be a spokesperson for domestic violence.

    And of course Rihanna hit Chris Brown…no one believes that she never hit him. Rihanna has a s***** temper as well as Chris, and we all know she struck him.

  37. yasmine23 March 6, 2012

    I’m so over people trying to make Rihanna the poster child for domestic violence. Let’s be honest here Rihanna was not the first woman to be beat up by a guy. Tina Turner was in an abusive relationship for years as we all know,but did they put all this pressure on her to become a spokesperson for women who have been abused hell nawww. To be honest people need to stop using this Chris Brown and Rihanna situation to get any media coverage. This happen three years ago,and people acting like it just happen. Rihanna has moved on clearly from doing the songs with Chris so everyone else need to mind their business.

  38. flawda March 6, 2012

    People need to stop trying to make Rihanna the face of domestic violence and Chris Brown of the aggressor. People like Sean Penn, Robert Downey,etc did the same crap to their execs yet they are accepted by Hollywood and isn’t having this pressure to be all things to the cause.

    People need to just mind their business and stop trying to push their beliefs on people.

  39. Grammy dammy sammy March 6, 2012


    Well i respect u, i always try to reason with u but u do have an ugly side to u

  40. Lax March 6, 2012

    Just because these bytches want to keep living in Rihanna & Chris pass
    and try and make Rihanna wear that Domestic violent Badge like steven
    stegal wore his badge when he was looking for Riches in “Above The Law”
    I think.

    Society is full of s*** first there was Billboard, Then Others passing Judgement and pissy because Rihanna & Chris have both said good by to Yesterday and living their lives. Rihanna isn’t after Chris and Chris have got a GIRLFRIEND And Rihanna is
    foot loose and fancy free, and th happiest women are the single ladies anyway, LOL…

    Rihanna and chris will be just great and the last time i checked they boh had beautiful Mothers who is still in their lives and they do not need SOCIETY TRYING TO TRAIN THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE BOTH FULL DAM GROWN AND RIHANNA

  41. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 6, 2012

    when i’m going to stop hearing about this old s*** ?!

    ugh ….

    boring as f*** !

    @kat deluna fan :

    based on your flopped theory , everything is played out , including kat deluna !

    @onyx & @grammy & @gagaloo :

    hi , how u doin’ guys ?! 🙂

    @mishka :

    riri didn’t take a time for herself since the incident , being fully-healed is not even possible considering that alone. she believed she is a big strong girl and can move on , but actions speak louder than words !!!!

    @zania :

    DRUGS do u no good. this is what cb and rihanna need to speak to ppl about. beside ” living in a violence-tolerant family” will make u a child in an adult’s body !

    @LAX :

    Hi 🙂 !

    @other basic b****** :

    Hi b****** 😉

  42. mobwife March 6, 2012


    PLEASE SIT THE F*CK DOWN! Chris and Rihanna were TEENAGERS! Whatever happened or more than likely has been EXAGGERATED by an over-zealous media hungry to turn Rihanna into its permanent VICTIM & Chris Brown into its permanent VILLIAN, was long ago and between two YOUNG, TEENAGE, EMOTION RIDDEN KIDS! Stop trying to turn Chris Brown into an ABUSER & Rihanna into the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE QUEEN!

    THE JIG IS UP SORRY FEMINIST and STUPID, WEAK, DUMB FOLLOWING MALES! <—psss grow a pair why don't you?

  43. mobwife March 6, 2012

    @AnnieLennox <— this is that c*nts twitter name! Those that don't appreciate this pale, lowlife dead THING'S stance should tell her about it. Some ppl have already aired her a$$ out…… LOL 🙂

    I wonder if any of Charlie Sheen's many domestic violence females have been ASKED by Annie Lennox to be the spokes women for the nasty creature feminist culture's cause? Let's see actresses Kelly Preston & Denise Richards, last wife Brook Muller, countless strippers and hotel hookers (see NY Plaza naked & crying prostitute calling 911 for help). I'm sure they would make for one hell of a panal discussion on ACTUAL CASES OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN!

    Oh wait, it won't happen CHARLIE SHEEN has a new sitcom coming out soon…….nevermind!

  44. LAX March 6, 2012



  45. LAX March 6, 2012

    who gives two s***……..Domestic Violence happens all the time……

  46. mobwife March 6, 2012



    Steven Seagal beat the hell out of ex-wife & former model turned failed actress, Kelly Lebrock. He even whooped her up BAD on the set of a film they were doing together. The entire BEAT DOWN WAS CAUGHT ON TAPE! Funny how Mrs. Seagal has never been asked by MR. Lennox to be the spokes woman for DV when she was an actual victim of it!

  47. juanito2628 March 6, 2012

    i could care less about rih’s personal life. i just like her music. -end of discussion-

  48. xedos March 6, 2012

    Ppl need to stop acting like the relationship was like ike and tina. Ike use to beast tina’s ass every opportunity he gets. Chris did it once. they wan the girl to walk around as the poster child for dv. She have a life . Maybe they can ask Gaga she like to hijack every social issue Bulling and gay issues.

  49. Lax March 6, 2012

    @MOB WIFE,,,Thanks

    @Pop…ROTF….LMAO When you commented to Kat,,,,and said
    Played out, dam that was Funnnny as hell to me…LOL

  50. xedos March 6, 2012

    How come no one ever ask Tina Turner to speak on DV and she’s identify with the situation more than anyone in the public eye.Ike wup Tina ‘s ass day in and day out for years.

  51. Lax March 6, 2012

    Personally as long as Rihanna and who ever is she date
    is her business i feel like that as long as they are not knocking
    each other out i am good. People need to let it go i mean why is
    people so wanting to make this stay front and center. Can’t
    people see her and chris working their asses off. I know that
    many are bitter because they have put their pass behind them
    there are many who are bitter about the collab. but hey if that
    was their way of doing it so let it be. Now if somehow Rihanna
    can keep right on doing her and get on pass chris’s little misses
    then all will be good. Rihanna paying her back and she paying rihanna
    back let that s*** pass and let things settle down for all that is concerned
    Chris seems to be happy with his girl and that is good for them i wish them well.

  52. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) March 6, 2012

    I like Annie Lenox cos she always has the common sense to talk about how excellent Whitney, Mariah and Celine voices are. Don´t care about Rihanna though

  53. MichaelAngelo March 6, 2012

    I don’t think some of you are getting it. That was NOT a domestic violence incident. She was NOT victimized. She is trying to let people know indirectly. I saw this coming two years ago.

  54. commanderofthedancefloor March 6, 2012

    its hilarious to see people trying to ise gossip as facts!

    the drug use! is there a possibility they use drugs yes but there is no proof!
    she hit him first! again yes she may of very well of hit him first but once again there is no proof! im not saying she did or didnt but there is not one single person or one peice of evidence that says she did hit him! (again she may of hit him, but just like a court says it is inemissable if there is no proof)!

    i am just saying because this is the same thing like when people say beyonce didnt actually have the baby, which there is no proof to any of those lies, people kept saying gaga is a man, there is no proof!!!!!

    people common now most of this stuff originates from blogs!!!

  55. gaaglooo! March 6, 2012

    March 6, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    _Bonsoir!:-)) Comment vous allez Mr?!

    Agree this s*** is pure valium! It’s like every irrelevant a$$ try to milk their 15minutes!………………Next!

    Hello @ONYX, ma Pierre Noire!!!

  56. Lax March 6, 2012

    Hmmmm i think that if chris and i was dating and he was flirting around
    with some other bytch i’d hit his ass first too, just saying. Many women
    do not play around with their man and their money in that order! fukkkkkk
    the dumb.

  57. Lax March 6, 2012

    Rih is going to be doing a Festival in sweden
    one of the Biggest Festivals to be held in Sweden.

  58. Lax March 6, 2012

    She ‘s also doing a Festival in Norway & Switzarland,
    it has been said.


    why dont people mind their f****** business…..

    rihanna is not a victim of domestic violence, she got her ass kick…what can she tell those woman and men that are actually geting their ass beat on the regular


    I DONT BELIEVE rihanna is an innocent victim in all this…..yes chris took it too far that night..but we know for a fact both chris and rihanna were toxic for each other

    she said that in that 20/20 interview….

    i mean damn she forgive him for kicking her ass, everybody needs to leave both of them alone..

  60. asia March 6, 2012

    Its is rihanna’s choice 2 b a spokeswomen or not it would b great if she was however I dnt think
    The problem is so much with what she says but with what she does she can forgive chris brown
    but to obviouslyy be in some kind of a relationship with him is not on she said herself to show
    that if I go back to him is sending the wrong message to young women especially
    with the influence she has. I think she needs guidance and help she seems damaged
    + I wish people were more sympathetic 2 her situation all we want 2 do is judge
    people we don’t want 2 help them or be suportive

  61. Onyx March 6, 2012

    Finally Someome who finds out the meaning of my nickname, i guess people think it was rare and Androgynous or maybe my name ( my name is Paul ), i have one long time ago, it was a present of a special person but it changes color too.

    hi honey.

    yes! i have a dark side it’s because i’m Gemini, everything seems double.

  62. Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave March 6, 2012

    And the saga continues.

  63. Girrrl March 6, 2012

    Goodness all these people coming out the woodwork trying to get Rihanna to be the DV superhero. Where were all these people when Rihanna came out with Rated R? Nowhere in sight, None of these white celebs offered support or a helping hand but NOW 3 years later they want to have an opinion about what she should be doing.

    I want these celebs to get Charllie’s Sheen’s ex wife to be the DV spokesperson or maybe Madonna.

  64. whyohwhy2 March 6, 2012

    The only thing Rihanna is doing is making people ask a question and the question is? Were you really in a abusive relationship with Chris Brown, and the answer is NO! I picked that night in question to try and show I was a bad! and I got proved wrong and all that lying I told about him putting his hand on me before was really me and not him. That’s the reason I have been going crazy all this time knowing it was my fault why we are not together now!

    I for one wish they leave Chris alone, he did his time and now it’s hers and boy she is going to get it….

  65. meh March 6, 2012

    who’s annie lennox? and can we stop that dv s*** already?

  66. Shanelle March 6, 2012

    To hell with that I just want to see her grow with that. I agree with the thatgrapejuice staff it’s a different scenario clearly her and Chris brown have something that only they know. I think it’s hard to be the artist in the spotlight and the human. I just want both of them to win no matter what. Love and peace

  67. LAX March 6, 2012

    @LAX ARE you A male or Female

  68. Ugh March 6, 2012

    rihanna doesn’t have to do a damn thing.

  69. Lax March 6, 2012

    @Lax,,,,Some times i am a fellow and other times
    i am a stump down hope to die Bytcccccccch!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Love Jeffery March 7, 2012


  71. The Music Junkie March 7, 2012

    I don’t think Rihanna should be the spokes woman for domestic violence, because she seems very immature, and this pressure should not be placed on her. However I understand where Annie Lennox is coming from, Riris’ words and actions are very influential to a lot of young woman across the world, so if she was to lend her voice to a positive cause it would be very effective.
    The reason why people keep on bringing this up the 2009 incident is because up to 2 years ago Rihanna and Chris were still giving interviews on Tv, in magazines and on radio about the abuse because it worked for music publicity. Charlie Sheen, Robert Downing Jr and countless other abusers didn’t give interviews about their private lives, therefore it stayed private and the media couldn’t get a solid story on it. Rihanna and Chris still don’t know how to separate their private lives from their professional life, and this will always be there downfall.
    Rihannas’ team fu*ked her and Chris up for life by releasing those awful mug shots and by making her do that interview. It was good publicity for a few months, but unfortunately Rihanna will always be remembered as being the victim of domestic abuse, which is sad!

  72. EJonez March 7, 2012

    It is obvious that Rihanna aint tryna send no positive messages. she just did 2 songs with the dude that almost beat the life out of her. She obviously has some problems that needs some deep therapy cuz she is tryin too hard too prove something that doesnt need proving. Get off your high horse and try doing something with your life before you die and just become another tombstone

  73. Get Real March 7, 2012

    No, she doesn’t have to! Should she? If I were her I wouldn’t. As someone pointed out, no she wasn’t a long term victim of DV. Also, she intends to have a long career in music (no matter that I find that offensive). People already look at her and see a ‘victim’. She said she doesn’t want to be seen as that. If she were to become a spokesperson for DV, the public’s progress in moving past what happened to her will become even slower.

    Furthermore, I do not understand why people are still so outraged over something she has gotten past? I have to think there is some underlying motivation for the media. In all the years Charlie Sheen abused his wives and girlfriends, there was never this outrage. He wasn’t blackballed from earning that role on 2 and a half men.

    I think when celebrities are questioned on what happened to Rihanna, if they care so much about her (yeah right), they should decline to answer. Moreover, if no one asks your opinion on it, don’t speak on it. Let the girl have some rest. Right now CB isn’t the one bothering her, its the media.

    Having suffered a similar (solitary) incident with an ex, I would be devastated more by the constant attention brought to it because I am more than that. Because we had privacy to deal with what happened, I don’t have people pushing it my face asking how I’m dealing with something that happened five years ago. And for my ex, he had therapy and the time and privacy to let therapy work for him.

  74. Hot! March 7, 2012

    Annie is cool and all but she needa keep her suggestions to herself unless she showed unbiased support to both and was like more along the lines of hoping the best for both other than that she or anyone else should be respectful of Rihanna and Chris private matters

  75. Texas Cowgirl March 7, 2012

    Rihanna don’t want to be role model.

  76. mobwife March 7, 2012

    @The Music Junkie,
    “Charlie Sheen, Robert Downing Jr and countless other abusers didn’t give interviews about their private lives, therefore it stayed private and the media couldn’t get a solid story on it.”

    Dear, the media would never make a white male out to be the next OJ Simpson no matter what he does or how many women he has beaten. The media elected not to repeatedly discuss their private lives. THE MEDIA HAS REPEATEDLY DISCUSSED CHRIS & RIH! Chris has NEVER WANTED TO DISCUSS IT! It is the media who mentions 2009 at the start or end of EVERY ARTICLE or public discussioon of Chris Brown. Your are telling a lie if you say otherwise!

    Rihanna was a fool for allowing her PR Team & Jayz’s a$$ to influence her the way that they did! They told her what to do and say. I give her somewhat of a pass because she like Chris Brown ,was just so young and tried to be what everyone wanted her to be! She has now realized that was a mistake and is trying to change it from what I can see! I could be wrong but that’s my take on current events!

  77. X,Y,”and Z” March 7, 2012

    ..Wait… Why now? Had Annie Lennox, since Feb 8th, 2009, spoke on/about Rihanna/”the incident”?


    ..But it’s all of little relevance; safe to say, those who purchase Rihanna/Chris’ music won’t purchase, or even know a what or who “Annie Lennox” is.

    Food for thought:

    OVER 8-million watched that 2009 20/20 Diane Sawyer interview, which was conducted just 2-weeks before “Rated R” was released; before THAT time, Rihanna DID NOT DO AN INTERVIEW. We only then saw her holding her “daily sidewalk fashionista extravaganza”. What I’m trying to say is that even with those, at the very least, empathetic 8-million onlookers, Rihanna and her “victim-hood” didn’t sell: “Rated-R”, given her aforementioned “matron-saint-of-all-the-wronged”, and the vast sums Def Jam lavished upon “Rated-R” was an unmitigated failure!

    You can’t have any “meaningful” discourse on/regarding “Feb 8th, 2009 Chrianna” WITHOUT investigating A-L-L the facts of THAT evening:

    1.) Where they actually “together”? Or, as the pictures of them sitting together clearly shows, was Chris just ‘fed-up’ and thoroughly disgusted with Rihanna and being there with her?

    2.) Why, if they weren’t “together” did Rihanna go through HIS cell phone messages?

    3.) Why THEN, as TMZ reported, was: “Rihanna was the first one to strike — slapping and striking Brown “numerous times” while he was driving, after seeing the text message from another woman.”

    4.) Why, when it seemed that Chris was NOT going to take the ‘plea deal’ and was then going take it to trial, had CoverGirl stop running Rihanna’s TV commercials? It was ONLY after Chris took the deal, which then spared her from taking the witness stand, that CoverGirl THEN decided to AGAIN run her TV ads. What could she possibly have said, on that witness stand, that would’ve forced CoverGirl to distance themselves from her in such an overt and absolute manner?

    5.) That “Police Report” is nothing more than a warrant for the “Cell Phone Records”. It’s NOT her statement! Warrants are only signed by the Investigating Detective, in this case Det. Deshon Andrews and a Judge: Patricia Schnegg. The information in THAT particular Cell Phone Warrant is, at the very least, “TAINTED”: coming directly from those two female officers who sold her picture to TMZ in the first place! They’ve been, btw, since fired from the L.A.P.D..!!! What I’m trying to ask: given all of the aforementioned, which was an egregious and most reprehensible breach of the public’s trust from/of one of its pillars on which society depends: Law Enforcement – why not then did Rihanna NOT sue the L.A.P.D..?? She had a air-tight, well-documented, EXTREMELY strong case against the City Of Los Angeles AND the L.A.P.D! She alone could’ve bankrupted the City Of Los Angeles with that one lawsuit.

    ..Could the very reason she didn’t want to sue be the very same reason that CoverGirl wanted to distance themselves from her when they thought she was going to take the witness stand? Because, trust, EVERYTHING then would be “fair game”…

    There’s just tooooo much “loose ends” to this story that’s just, ‘still lingering’ out there just waiting to be answered.. Rihanna spoke on it, but on one believed her: horrendous “Rated-R” sales.. And Chris..?! Well..*sigh* Chris said during a 09/10 “Big Boy Radio” interview: “No one is going to know what happened that night.”

    X,Y,”and Z”

  78. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 7, 2012

    I’m such a flop , i leave when my fav ppl are in the building ! the f*** i am doing 🙁 !

    Hi @Onyx ! <3

    @Gagaloo :

    Comment ca va ? 🙂
    je suis bien 🙂

    @lax :

    I HAD TO DO IT U KNOW !! 😉

  79. gaaglooo! March 7, 2012

    LMFA@POP ROYALTY being “such a flop”!

    _”Décalage horaire” Boo!:-)


    Llol maybe most of people only know about Diamond, Ruby, Sapphyre and Emerald! I’m just fanatique with the birthstones, mine is Emerald, i’m Taurus!!!

  80. Yellow Gorillah March 8, 2012

    I’m so OVER This situation

    The b**** don’t care he F***** her UP!

    So why should we..Like really it’s TIRED AND NO she should not be a spokesperson because she AINT A GOOD ROLE MODEL for domestic abuse. She has issues and has been acting an dlooking strange she needs to sort herself out b4 she can start talking inbehalf of all the thousands of domestic violence victimes

    Chris Brown will remain a women beater and is not evern worth it..

  81. Vanessa March 8, 2012

    I was in a severe abusive relationship. I haven’t told many people until now, people speak for us like it happened to them. So why should we have to correct it for nosy people. Everyone is different, we react different. Some of us don’t want to waste anyone’s time with horror stories. One way to help us heal is to stay off our case about it. Anyway what don’t kill us makes us stronger. What goes around comes around. Nobody is perfect. Thanks!

  82. Vanessa March 8, 2012

    You know.. They do say in order to heal is to forgive, not for them but for yourself. Pisces woman are not all bad! If anything they are precious and Jesus like. Look what happened. Too shocking to say anything. Only fools are rude. Btw I am a Pisces 😉 my whole birthchart has every sign in it as well. Fruit for thought, maybe people should treat people by their signs and maybe this world would be more harmonious. Respect is a 2 way street either way.

  83. Cupidore March 18, 2012

    It seems as though some people just like to speak about Chris and Rihanna.. it’s time to give it a rest. Their names are always being dragged in the mud,,. RiRi and Chris had a misunderstanding that got ugly. How long will these two black young people continue to take this ridicule.. will it stop when one of them decide to go away permanently as they are continually being pounced on by the “goodly” persons who are so perfect. Leave Chris and Rihanna alone.. they need to grow and not to be reminded everyday of their lives by some people who have other agendas!!!!

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