Diplo: “I’m Not Excited By My Song With Beyonce”

Published: Monday 26th Mar 2012 by David

As the man behind Beyonce‘s ‘Run The World (Girls)‘, Diplo has been pretty quiet about his experience with the budding icon.

Maybe down to the ‘mess’  that arose when she sampled his earlier hit ‘Pon Di Floor’ to create the track, the maestro is yet to speak publicly about the cut- and its subsequent success on the charts.

That is- until now.

Peep his telling comments below…

Speaking to OkayPlayer.Com, he admitted:

Sometimes I make records I don’t even like. I’m working on some pop artists, like I’m not even that excited about the Beyoncé record. I didn’t have full control of those records, but this is stuff that helps me parlay into different things.

I’m on a path that I want to take advantage of, so I can also go this direction if I want to, but I can’t control what the audience wants to hear.

So what do you think?

Is Diplo out of line?

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  1. TALK THAT FLOP March 26, 2012

    SHUT UP !!!

  2. Ernest March 26, 2012

    I mean what’s the big deal here. He doesn’t like the song he did with Beyonce. Life goes on.

  3. Grammy dammy sammy March 26, 2012

    Its ok Diplo, U are also responsible for “end of time”. It’s pure genius !!!!!

  4. Those That Cannot Do, Stan March 26, 2012

    I like his honesty, let’s face it some of the mixes we hear are garbage. If fans don’t like it then it’s not shocking the person behind it would feel meh about it.

    He’s done some amazing work so I am keeping an open mind with him. I’m point his Korean Pop contributions.

  5. KAT DELUNA FAN March 26, 2012

    that’s why he leaked it ?! mmm 😕

  6. CAREER ENDER March 26, 2012

    I’d like this post to end so peaceful like it is now

  7. THE KILLER BEE March 26, 2012

    @The Grapejuice…Please sit down somehere. U all trying to make it look like Diplo is bashing RTWG. So what, he’s basically saying he didnt have fully control of the song and there was some things he wouldve done different with it. So thats where he is coming from. A lot of musicians wish they wouldve did more things to past songs and some will say they dont like the song that much. Diplo luv himself some QUEEN! He is one of the countless stars that have been calling her a Living Legend. Which she is. @Budding Icon…Lmao…U mean Pop Icon. TGJ = sometimes Delusional.

  8. The One and Only Miss Perrylicious March 26, 2012

    She is talentless and love to rip-off,…no one would be excited to work with her.
    4 already flopped.
    Go take care her baby. 🙂

  9. Beyoncé’s Kryptonite March 26, 2012

    Beyoncé chose the songs that appeared in her 4Closed album; therefore, ot was her fault on choosing abysmal records

  10. daryl March 26, 2012

    beyonce is always stealing 4 flopped and crashed because her lack of originality over the years she is losing fans her 5th album is gonna really flop .,she is known as the copycat .

  11. beyonce is a copycat March 26, 2012

    beyonces voice is really really basic .listening to her first album yesterday and anybody could ing those songs so basic and easy .her runs and riffs are easily copied all over youtube .one thing for sure is that she is overrated her voice is not as great as people think. she started growing and screaming alot on her songs and lacks real soul in her voice .nobody is paying her any attention anymore because her songs are childish and forgettable …in r&b i would rather listen to old 90’s music real r&b and hope for all the old r&b singers to return like brandy monica did .soon swv will be back and i’m waiting on fantasia jazmine sullivan and keri hilson to drop their albums .

  12. Renee Lynn March 26, 2012

    Is he trying to get some attention or something. First Chris Brown, now Beyonce. Okay…

  13. THE KILLER BEE March 26, 2012

    @Perrylicious….Lmao….Chile u need to b dragged literally! The pot callin the kettle black. Katy will never b taken serious in the music industry. THE QUEEN has a Voice, Stage Presence and can dance her ass off! So which one does Katy possess. Neither Lmao. I just cant with Katy Delusional Kats lmao……..@Kyprotonite….4 = 1.7 n sales n the US. With no #1s and Top 10s. U think ur fav can do this. Sit B****! BEYONCE IS THE TRUE QUEEN OF MUSIC AND SHE ISNT GOING ANYWHERE NO TIME SOON! #Deal

  14. Lax March 26, 2012

    Is that Right, and Katy isn’t going any place no time soon.

  15. Teyah March 26, 2012

    He must be talking about the lyrics. Its like he’s saying he doesn’t like Pon De Floor, coz Beyonce only sang over the sample! And ofcourse he wouldn’t like it, he’s a straight man and the song is about girls running the world lol.

    Oh @The One and Only Miss Perrylicious who you calling “Talentless”! Beyonce is more talented than that basic b**** Katy! And ‘4’ wasn’t a major flop! It was certified platinum, has since sold over 1 million copies in the US and 2.6 worldwide!

  16. Lax March 26, 2012

    Yessss a basic b**** who made 44 million in 2011!

  17. Lax March 26, 2012

    Katy made 44 million & beyonce made 35 million go figure!

  18. TALK THAT FLOP March 26, 2012

    @ LAX she still a basic b**** !

  19. Siberian Prince March 26, 2012

    When its all said and done Beyonce is and always will be THE HEAD B**** IN CHARGE. She must be ahead of the game because people seem to cant keep her name out thier mouth…LOL She’s the most talked about artist…hmmmmm wounder why???

  20. nikoyuki March 26, 2012

    I liked it, maybe cause I am all about woman being in power. But its no my fav from 4. Plz Katy and other lessors hoping to come and shade the queen, fall back b******. Because Queen Beyonce is better then your fav will ever be. Katy is trying to be ever thing that princess. GaGa has done. Rihanna can put on a show like Bey, but she does have a ear for good music. Adele’s beautiful, one if the best voices out if some if the slag out now. But she’ll tell you who she stans for. So kill the noise.

  21. beyonce is a copycat March 26, 2012

    beyonce is the biggest brainwasher in the music industry she has sold her soul to satan

  22. THE KILLER BEE March 26, 2012

    @LAX…Please STFU and mind yo business! I was addressing Katy’s Delusional Kat for saying THE QUEEN was talentless, when he stan for Katy. U might like Katy and all but that Bish will always b Disposeable, when it comes to THE QUEEN! She sells and thats all she have. She is a Single Artist. When THE QUEEN scores a #1. She pushes albums and singles. Not just singles. IASF scored one number in the US and sold over 3million. Katy has yet to see numbers that big in the US and WW. She cant sing or dance. So please STFU about Katy isnt going anywhere. #Delusional Much

  23. nikoyuki March 26, 2012

    Katy could only dream and hope for Beyonce’s type of fame. Someone needs to tell that b**** to stay out of GaGa’s trash can stealing and s***. She is as basic as they come sorry.

  24. Siberian Prince March 26, 2012

    Even if Beyonce is a copycat, whatever she does its ALWAYS better than the original. Every artist draws inspiration fron other artist. Can katy perry put on a show like Beyobce? No. Can she sing? No. Stop comparing b****** that arent worthy to even be compared, To beyonce.

  25. kingphoenix9 March 26, 2012


    Wait Katy Perry had 5 number ones, a world tour, and a video deal game and she only made 44 million? What is the bigger picture here.

    And @TGJ is like the new M**, its really a shame.

  26. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) March 26, 2012

    I appreciate his honesty SOOO much.

    And he spilled that tea. It’s no scandal, noone was excited by his record with Beyonce except of Beyonce herself 😳

    I think Beyonce should stick to her lane; singing simple songs with nice note perfect vocals. Innovation is not her strong point, with all due respect to her fans, which is why the sampling on ‘RTW’ was sloppy.

  27. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) March 26, 2012

    *except for Beyonce herself

  28. Galuda March 26, 2012

    I respect Diplo for keeping it real.

  29. Lax March 26, 2012

    Say what you will Katy is still a force and she is paid. Who’s the biggest
    and the baddest dont mean s*** its all about the bottom line. Madonna
    beyonce, britney or all big and so is katy, rihanna, taylor and gaga, so
    your point is? Cause i am not going to STFU Till i leave for the Gym, sooooooo?
    Show me shwt you working with, because katy andall of the others or here to stay and theres nothing you can do about that but type, your many insults, or deal with it either way katy is still a winner too.

  30. Uuuuuhm March 26, 2012

    He know he done f***** up on that record I still enjoyed it tho Who run this Motha? King b!

  31. Lax March 26, 2012

    Just like taylor swift is on the soundtrack for “hunger games” movie and it did 155 million the first week the highest than many, many movies and that just goes to show you that theres always some one who is bigger and badder than our faves
    coming along all of the time. I am not saying that beyonce isn’t all of the things you all say all i am saying is beyonce don’t own that spotlight and center stage all by her self, theres Others who or owning the same amount of success, shine and glory as each of you gives her.

  32. pat March 26, 2012

    no one like that song but pressed f***

  33. i’mjustsayin March 26, 2012

    What is the world coming to when a Katy stan calls beyonce talentless? I can’t i really can’t. 44Million working her ass off, tours, 5#1’s, etc….Beyonce 35 million doing nothing. TD 5#1’s damn near two years and a tour, 2million U.S, IASF one number 1 over 3 million in the U.S, not to mention Grammy’s for vocal performance.

    @Daryl and @Beyonce is a copycat aka @Keri stan

    New post can you at least come with new stuff??? Don’t be me wrong i love my 90’s music and bran and monica but 4 alone has out sold everyone you mention latest project so for you to say she flopped or is forgettable is a joke.

  34. jer March 26, 2012


  35. King Tasha March 26, 2012

    IDGAF about him but I LOOOVE “Run The World” and STILL DO…I can give two_fucks how high its charted, that song goes HARD..THE BEAT, THE BOLD, COCKY, INSPIRING LYRICS OH-EM-GEEEE!!!! And not to mention when the vídeo dropped, it made EVERY song on the Hot 100 look like a flop. Yes King B!

  36. Inlovewithbey March 26, 2012

    Katy Perry can’t even hit a nt right without an aid from auto-tune
    Rihanna-manipulative h**
    Madonna-no pure talent

  37. i’mjustsayin March 26, 2012


    Umm the soundtrack to a movie has nothing to do with how well a movie performs. So you lost me there. If Taylor had the leading role than that argument would have made sense. But sorry i can’t agree with you saying Katy is a force. She is still riding off of this TD era filled with fake number 1’s and every trick in the book and she still only did 2 mil in the US that is not a force especially with all of the promo placed into that project.

  38. beyonce is a copycat March 26, 2012

    pon da floor was better ..beyonce copies too much she needs to retire

  39. beyonce is a copycat March 26, 2012

    beyonce is only the queen of STEALING S***

  40. Inlovewithbey March 26, 2012

    TO KATY’s fan bragging about her 44million last year and beyonce with only 35 M….GURL beyonce was doin completely nothin,no tours,no promos but still manages to gain 35 MILLION!!!!

  41. Inlovewithbey March 26, 2012


  42. Grammy dammy sammy March 26, 2012

    Till tmoro i love run the World. The performance of a single has alot to do with marketing. The leak hurt it, then promo started like 5 weeks after it was released, the video was even later. Insecure britney stans spreading links to rate it 1star on itunes dint help either. Ultimate proof they were so intimidated by the Queen’s comeback but it is written, Bey is a born star she will always outshine every other lessor even if they’re receiving a merit award on MTV stage. It’s not gonna be easy being a young legend but Beyonce can handle these lowbrow hills.

    Every woman has a story
    Every legend has a triumph

  43. Inlovewithbey March 26, 2012

    Put yourselves into the dryer and I hope you shrink!

  44. teeelach March 26, 2012

    Didnt 4 go platinum?…thats not a flop,please learn the definition of flop

  45. Lax March 26, 2012

    What i am saying is katy might not be at the top and yet
    she isn’t at the botom. Love or hate her, bash or beat her,
    She still made 44 million in 2011 and i guess they gave that
    to her just because her name is Katy,,,,please take a seat
    in the back until i give a fukkkk, okay…

  46. AMAZINJALEN March 26, 2012

    WTF. He is totally contradicting hisself. If you’re doing records YOU aren’t proud of, then you’re making not only the artist look bad but you look the stupidest! (If that’s a word!?) LOL

  47. mobwife March 26, 2012

    HELLO BLACK ARTISTS, PAY ATTENTION TO THE WORDS COMING OUT OF THIS FOOL’S MOUTH. He is telling you that he is USING YOU to ultimately get what he wants in life! He doesn’t give a damn about the music he creates for you! His words remind me of a line in an EMINEM song in which he says “I’m using black music to make myself wealthy”! LOL “YOU BIG DUMMIES” *Redd Foxx voice*! 🙂

    Di-BLOW in addiction to Chris can also BLOW King Bey!….LOL Damn ungrateful hater.

  48. nikoyuki March 26, 2012

    RTW was a good track. Ppl just wanted to hear so throw away song like all the ones in the 100 or 200 charts. Trust no one will be singing any of those song in the years to come, get over it. QUEEN BEY gives you b****** something to talk about everyday, suck it up.

  49. cheetos March 26, 2012

    welllllll….I enjoyed run the world..still blast it in the whip thats where it goes hard. And in the bathroom trying to still learn the choreography

  50. mobwife March 26, 2012

    I love how fools can citicize and talk sh*t about artists and it’s just considered funny and okay. No it’s not. You make beats and produce songs, if you dont like an artist or the direction of their music WTF would sign on to work with/for that artist? He has no scruples, no integrity, he’s just a leech sucking the blood out of whomever he can find to get his name out there. I’m glad Chris saw the light now hopefully Beyonce & others will recognize that fact! There are way too many dope beat makers and producers to deal with this nothing!

  51. tyra March 26, 2012


  52. likane March 26, 2012

    released is really pathetic you katy pery rise to belittle Beyonce has proved just how much you rihanna fans are idiot like her, ok you say that Katy has won beyoncé and rihanna your idol as a win as No. allors the farm you’d Rebecka black more talented than Beyonce just because you do not love you you’re lying even if it can make you happy

    I also think that his album rihanna rated r did not work well but it came back with loud and has sold 5.325 copies not even 6 milion so beyoncé can also return to the top you are not god for the end of its announced career

    to respect diplomatic express it is that he thought about his colaboration with beyoncé these right, but he spends a hypocrite I mean if you do not like what an artist to work with it just for the money or is his artistic sense in all its explains the large leak of the album beyoncé should work with those with whom she was working all day and all its shows at least that beyoncé which controls the direction on how she wants to go it does not pose not see her on Chason who already make like rihanna did ask her if see a puppet on a song

  53. Girrrl March 26, 2012

    I said that song sucked the first time I heard it. Those lyrics were garbage. I also believe that song is the reason 4 flopped. Well that song and her stealing video and performance concepts. This whole era left a bad taste in people’s mouths.

  54. LennyBombs March 26, 2012

    This man seems so thirsty.. Just looking for attention. First he comes out talking about Chris Brown, now Beyonce. Clearly his records aren’t doing enough for his career.

  55. BLACKSTUD March 26, 2012

    I just can’t with the “flop” comments.. Girl, check Wikipedia.. “Run the World (Girls)” was a worldwide smash hit, and your ass jammed to it all last summer long.

    and @The Perrys.. Girl it’s been two f*****’ years, stop milking TD and move the hell on..

  56. fatu sankoh March 26, 2012

    shot up deplo with your fake ass bey is one of the best singer ever as for you hatters your favorite will never get be what our bey have accomplish ever bey have a god given talente long live the queen

  57. shion March 26, 2012

    What some of you tend to forget is that at the end of the day this is a business and in business you dont always have to like who you work with and what they do to get a job done. You think all these artist are working with ppl they like all time??Or that they like the product they come up with everytime?? You’re sadly mistaken. Sometimes, you got to do what you got to do to get where you want to be. And sometimes those collaborations work great and sometimes they dont.

    And to alot of ppl, including Diplo it seems, RTW was not all that inspiring. To me, the lyrics where trash on a recycled beat

  58. I’mjustsayin March 26, 2012


    How did 4 flop? It performed well without the promo/tour needed. You looking to call something a flop that would be Britney’s Femme Fatale a number one and a tour certified platinum but only sold about 885k in the states. That is a flop on epic portions a 3 month head start, a tour and a number 1 single and still didn’t sell more than 4. Oh and BTW 4 is still on the Billboard 200 charts nearly a year later, a flop wouldn’t be on the charts anymore. This era didn’t leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth, millennium award, killer performance, Mtv awards, the pregnancy, the birth and now the highly anticipated comeback

  59. aishaaguilerakeys March 26, 2012

    So what should we think, Sam?! The man’s entitled to his opinion. He’s criticizing his own work anyway. Maybe if B had listened to him the track would have come out sounding a different way that would have appealed to more people. I still like the song.

  60. Auntie_Jackie March 26, 2012

    Yeah, I think Diplo’s work has been better, and maybe he’s trying to hint at why. The Ushe song he did is great.

  61. Lax March 26, 2012

    Him and dream both need to ,,,STFU

  62. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 26, 2012

    i like the song
    hate it as a lead single.
    love the iconic video.
    this song gonna be a classic.

    beyonce can go in lots of directions cuz she got the basic requirement for that and that is her VOICE. she can choose BETTER and new/fresh producers and she will be the s*** , i believe , this is what madonna do , this is what rihanna do , and their voice is NOT one of their strength point to begin with. *side-eye to @ASAP*

    this b**** DIPLO is kinda honest , but still an attention w**** and he act as if he didn’t get paid with those good mutha f***** green $.

    and there is a point which i just can swallow with my royal throat , b**** this is beyonce , K , this is one of the world’s biggest pop stars , what do u mean u wasn’t XD ?!!

    now b**** you come off as a pathetic b**** , sorry ! i like your work and your music , but your shots are not quality and sincere.
    just because it is not #1 doesn’t mean it is not a good song. K diplo ?

    RUN THE WORLD IS GOING TO BE A CLASSIC you b****** , watch !

    but to be fully honest , the chorus was 100000X better than the verses , that’s why most ppl said it’s lyrics was s*****. i do agree with them on this point , but most iconic songs had no great lyrics , right ?


  63. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 26, 2012

    March 26, 2012 at 11:49 am

    Him and dream both need to ,,,STFU

    TRUE. I HOPE SO ……

  64. Kevin March 26, 2012

    pretty sure diplo went off on twitter when the track dropped saying that he loves Bey and the work they did together. Love Diplo, but don’t be an inconsistent fool – more ppl paid for Run the World than they did for Pon De Floor. Sad, but true

  65. WHUT March 26, 2012

    “I didn’t have full control of those records”


    You see what happens when a basic clown ass fool who can barely form complete sentences wanna get all technical in the studio????

    End result = TRASH.

    SMH. Poor Diplo I truly sympathize with the man. Casey Anthony-yonce just wont stay in her f****** basic ass lane and went and f***** up the poor man’s music.

    The clown ass muppet also now trying to do the same s*** with Clint and his movie. Talented creative beast having to tarnish their work cause a two bit moron wanna get her thieving paws in on the credits. I’m glad Diplo didn’t take the hush money here. LET THE PUBLIC KNOW what this idiot b**** does Diplo!

  66. WHUT March 26, 2012

    @AuntieJackie “maybe he’s trying to hint at why”


    Trying to hint?! Gurl stop. The man full out said Basic-yonce ruined his track. Learn to read between the lines hun.

    Its a terrible thing when you have artist, especially those who don’t have a creative or original bone in their natural/prosthetic bodies who then have the gall to ruin peoples work like this. It’s really a goddamn shame.

  67. Lax March 26, 2012


  68. Lax March 26, 2012

    See no evil know none, but they or saying that rih and ashton been
    dating for a while now. They or also saying that Chris has sent rih a
    70,000 braclet and he has been sending roses to rih where ever she
    she is in the world, amazing. I am not one to gossip , just observing
    from the side lines.

  69. Black Madonna March 26, 2012


  70. MISHKA March 26, 2012

    Whatever, Diplo.

    I loved ‘Run The World’. Next time, look for a puppet to sing on your beats. Bey ain’t nobody’s robot.

  71. Mesha March 26, 2012

    My daughter is a cheerleader and she went too comp and five group’s was dancing too Run the World and the audience in that place went off! I mean they was jamming! it’s just something about that beat!

  72. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 26, 2012

    that @WHUT is something Fierce. LMFAO.

    i love beyonce but LMFAO , i can’t with his ass , he is messy as hell.

    ROTFL !!! 😆 😆

  73. Onyx March 26, 2012

    Beyonce’s 4 is a good album, i do not what was wrong but the only thing i know is that she should released EOT as a lead single, still don’t think that the choice of the lead single of RTWG was a mistake coz i think the album could do well even with that but something was wrong.

  74. mobwife March 26, 2012


    See no evil know none, but they or saying that rih and ashton been
    dating for a while now. They or also saying that Chris has sent rih a
    70,000 braclet and he has been sending roses to rih where ever she
    she is in the world, amazing. I am not one to gossip , just observing
    from the side lines.

    Don’t believe the hype. I highly doubt that Rihanna would “hook-up” with Ashton. I just don’t see the connection and there is no no chemistry whatsoever….ewww! My guess is that They are probably working on a project yet to be announced to the public. Besides, he is still married. I don’t see her going there but hey, I could be wrong. I also don’t know if I buy the CB story either but hey, who really knows with these two. I nor the rest of the world saw those collaborations coming…. LOL 🙂
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *Kanye shrug*

  75. WHUT March 26, 2012

    @Mishka Bey ain’t nobody’s robot.


    ^^Other than Kylie Minogue’s…

    Real talk tho what a repulsive criminal. It really hurts my heart to see hard working people just disrespected. I could see poor Diplo trying to the best of his ability to make the song work only to be blindsided by a f****** pensioner to who basically ended up f****** everything up. You just know she was banking on the song to smash and then her taking ALL of the credit if it did. She didn’t want another Neyo / Irreplaceable on her filthy criminal hands.

  76. LAX March 26, 2012


    Keri Hilson will never sell more than 400,000 albums

    Rihanna>>>>>KERI HILSON


    Diplo Just trying to start something because alot of people not working with him right now……Diplo need to get his head out the gutter and STFU because your still getting paid like it or not

  77. MaZ March 26, 2012

    He was probably more excited by the cheque he received from that collaboration.

  78. WHUT March 26, 2012

    See how the lemmings minds operate? Not everything is about money. The man spoke out cause he has integrity and no woman that has to count to 10 with her fingers will take that away from him.

  79. kijano March 26, 2012

    Lol @MAZ ! thought the same thing ^^

  80. cbw2211 March 26, 2012

    I like both Beyonce and Katy Perry, they both make good music and are both very versatile. They do it cause they both have passion to make music, not to make money, so with all due respect the arguments on here are stupid.

  81. Lax March 26, 2012

    @MOBWIFE,,,,,,I Hear you and i am thinking its all Gossip!
    @WHUT,,,,LMAO,,,,, Count to ten on fingers,,,LOL…………..

  82. Prove it March 26, 2012

    He got “Ganked” like that movie on Netflix.

  83. crack0back0 March 26, 2012


  84. KingcofieldBodyLikeBassOnItunes March 26, 2012

    i think we all know that run the world was not Beyonce’s best song but i think that after a year that song has totally grown on me i have been singing it since april 29th 2011 i kid u not


  85. KingcofieldBodyLikeBassOnItunes March 26, 2012

    i think we all know that run the world was not Beyonce’s best song but i think that after a year that song has totally grown on me i have been singing it since april 29th 2011 i kid u not

  86. Yea i said it March 26, 2012

    i hate how yall stan tear down other artist to make it seem dat beyonce is best thing ever

  87. B_STANNING March 26, 2012

    bey has the most thirsty haters on the planet. Always living to bring the QUEEN of the industry down. Bey will never be defeated. Who run the industry? Beyonce

  88. Lax March 27, 2012

    People don’t want to bring her down, they or just INSPIRED to be like her.
    And i did not say be on her level, i said INSPIRED to do good and make
    a few dollars, and what is wrong with that?????Take your mind out of the
    gutter. Theres vetrans in the industry who or doing new music case n point
    madonna , jlo, then we have the new chicks coming on the scene what or
    they supposed to do? stick a stock in it and stand there with their mics turned off because they will never be on her level? Many of you don’t make no kind of logical sense at all.

  89. Lax March 27, 2012

    spread the wealth!!!

  90. Ramsey March 27, 2012


  91. Bobby Bulgaria March 28, 2012

    The wackiest song ever… 🙂

  92. Hilly March 31, 2012

    I won’t blame him, Beyoncé has a word on her music, she knows what she wants so maybe she didn’t give much freedom to Diplo, and the result of Run The World wasn’t their finest! But they still manage to do great stuff like End Of TIme! Probably one of Beyoncé’s best song ever!
    XOXO, Hil.

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