Drake: “I Want To Make An Album With Rihanna”

Published: Thursday 29th Mar 2012 by David

Following their brief ‘get together’ back in 2009, Drake and Rihanna are forever being linked, if not by music then  by reports of the romantic persuasion.

Now, ahead of the release of their ‘Take Care‘ duet, the ‘Over’ MC has revealed his hopes to work on the model’s next album.

Details below…

Speaking to Capital FM he explained:

I’ve always urged her to let me come and really work on an album for her, with her.

I feel like I could do some great writing for her,” he continued. Actually the Rita Ora song that’s out right now was originally for Rihanna.

I’ve got some great ideas so, you know, hopefully when the time is right she’ll send me that text or call me up and say, ‘Hey let’s get in the studio for a month and make an album’, and we can do it.

Listen here.

With cuts like ‘Marvin’s Room‘ and ‘Find Your Love‘ under his belt, a Drake produced LP would be all kinds of interesting for Rihanna– especially on a melodic tip.

Because while she has never shied away from tackling difficult themes ( see Man Down) we’re yet to hear Ms. Fenty tackle cuts that require true skill. The kind of skill Beyonce showcases in ‘End Of Time‘ or Katy Perry flaunts in ‘Pearl’.

But what do you think?

Should Rihanna get Drake on board?

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  1. ROMANHOLIDAY March 29, 2012

    Im so sick of him sucking Rihanna and Nicki Minaj d***

  2. RihannaNavyUK March 29, 2012

    Easter Dean and Rihanna perfect combination Drake shld take several seats Rihanna is not gonna make you rich I see you want to use Rihanna for your benefit no fucken way

  3. Renee Lynn March 29, 2012

    We CLEARLY knew that Rita’s song was written for Rihanna, but you don’t go and say that out loud smh at Drake I hope Rita already knows that…if not, now she will and if I were her I’d feel kind of let down, like “Dag, why couldn’t I have been special?”

    So basically Drake wants to make an R&B/Pop album, but is trying to use Rihanna to keep him from looking soft – I see you Drake…I see you.

  4. Lewie March 29, 2012

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  5. White girl mob March 29, 2012

    No drake don’t work with Rihanna work with somebody who has true talent like kreayshawn that’s all I’m saying.

  6. GG March 29, 2012

    this boy stays so THIRSTY for Rihanna its actually getting pathetic….she doesnt want you and she probably never will — stop begging for any reason to get closer to her and move on damn.

  7. I’m s*** and I know it! March 29, 2012

    @GG Exactly. Drake is a Lame!

  8. xoxo March 29, 2012

    i think they should make an album together and name it “Overrated”.

  9. kimberly March 29, 2012

    Did Drake have to say who the song was originally for? I have never heard a producer or songwritier say something like that. Rico love, Dream, Diane, they all leave thier songs open to any artist unless they actually focus on a song based on request. Oh lard the ego of my generation’s artist is sickening. We have lots of years to go by I cannot wait to see how things will unfold in the music industry. Drake is drier than a dry coconut.

  10. enjay March 29, 2012

    @CG He is beyond thirsty, he is dehydrated

  11. JJFan1990 March 29, 2012

    Why are y’all acting like Drake was the first person who said a song was for someone else?? I believe The Dream admitted the same before, especially with Umbrella.


    The album will be hot as usual. Haters can stay mad.

  12. NAYAH82 March 29, 2012

    Oh canada dry…You still hoping to be with her in some kind of way, ain’t you?

  13. RihannaLover March 29, 2012

    Such an album would be great! It would definitely be a more mature sound for Rihanna and all about love! Drake is a great writer and his melodies are flawless! It still trips me that he wrote Unthinkable!!! I feel like they might eventually end up together! From friends to lovers! Maybe in like two years! I still think he needs to man up! We can only have one uhmm “Kanye”! LOL! Rihanna, answer his calls for the album and maybe later, his calls for love!!!:-*

  14. tyra March 29, 2012


  15. MISHKA March 29, 2012

    A whole month in a studio listening to 15 songs of… twang? Geez, Drake is better than a lot of us.

    Rihanna should just marry the guy, seriously.

    Gurl, get your man, he’s worth $25 million now, he’s one LP away from ranking more money than you do. You’ll never find someone who loves you more than he does, MAJAH flaws and all.

  16. Ugh March 29, 2012

    P**** is not a nice enough word to describe punk ass Drake. The woman obviously don’t want your wheelchair Jimmy ass. So sick of him pretending to be in love with her. This week it’s Rihanna, next week it’s Nicki, the other week it’s some random stripper.. Get your life Drake!!

  17. perhaps March 29, 2012

    I would love to hear it!

  18. andel morrison March 29, 2012

    f*** everybody the will make good music together!!!!!!!!!

  19. Tc23 March 29, 2012

    I actually would love this .. It would be a welcomed change from her usual formula (sit in a room and pick singles). .. Rated R is the only album of rihannas I like and coincidentally it was the ONLY time in 6 albums she went a lil against the grain and it flopped of course since it went over the heads of her 12 year old stans but she really should try something different .. Loud was literally copied and pasted singles (some of which we good and I liked them) but talk that talk was jus a mess no way around that. We found love was a smash and that was pretty much the end of that era .. I mean the cheap chris brown stunt didn’t even do much we’ve already moved on so a sonic change is what’s needed for ms. Fenty .. If ppl even still care by then …

  20. RIHANNANAVY CAPTAIN March 29, 2012

    Beyonce had a “great skill” on End Of Time??? Once again, Sam the Beyonce stan and Rihanna #1 secret fan says something delusional.

  21. Lifee March 29, 2012

    If it’s anything similar to that Take Care song…. on thanks.

  22. Tiny March 29, 2012

    This dude is so *uckin ridiculous…guess RiRi really put it on him….dam!

  23. Girrrl March 29, 2012

    Given that both of the songs they did together are hits, they might as well make an album. I wanna know when the video is gonna drop.

  24. Aunt Jackie March 29, 2012

    I think people would eat that up, but it wouldn’t be any good.

  25. commanderofthedancefloor March 29, 2012

    a whole album would be hot! both songs they already got together are hits so an album with drake would be fire! and if not a whole album then let drake write some songs on the album, but no matter what keep ester dean on the album because that girl is sick with a pen!!!

  26. BEYRIHSTAN March 29, 2012

  27. Betty March 29, 2012

    HELL TOO THE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. King Tasha March 29, 2012

    You know what tho’..Its something about her voice thats unique from other artists like herself that really cant sing…her studio voice is unique and monotone, thats why she sometimes sounds good on rappers tracks…but she can never be on a track trying to sing with another singer, that s*** was horrid

  29. jarel March 29, 2012

    rihanna just needs a break period…

  30. V March 30, 2012

    I would love if Drake executive produced a whole album for Rihanna

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