Ex-Sugababe Keisha Buchanan Dishes On Her Time In The Band

For three years, former Sugababe Keisha Buchanan has maintained a dignified silence on the drama which saw her ousted from the group she founded in 2009.

And while karma has perhaps served as the best revenge (see: current state of the group, reformation of originals), Buchanan has finally opened up about her time in one of the UK’s biggest ever girlbands.

The segment featured on documentary ‘I’m In A Girl Group!’, which also juxtaposed soundbites from the brand’s 4th line-up.

Check out what Ms. Buchanan had to say after the jump…

Got to love how Keisha said plenty by not saying much at all. The best shade is served silent!

Bring on that “Origibabes” reunion!

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  1. Jacki H** March 5, 2012

    I watched that program and I knew they would be on it somewhere. It’s a shame she was pushed out of the band she created. I can’t wait for the reunion finally get some proper music from them!

  2. jay March 5, 2012

    Whatever Keisha! Keisha and Mutya are so bitchy! Mutya left the group out of her own choice, but now they all actin like they love each other to death!

    Fair do’s they probably do have a great friendship, but im sorry i believe Amelle and Hedi when they said Keisha was really difficult to work with!

    at the end of the day, this is their job, if the record company suggested they move on with a new member i dont blame em! Good for them!

  3. The Fly’s Eye March 5, 2012

    She really annoys me. Sitting there saying she feels like a Sugababe when she’s singing with Mutya and wait for it…Siobhan. Didn’t give a damn about Siobhan when she left them during a concert. Didn’t seem to mind going from strength to strength with Heidi and then Amelle. F*** off Keisha.

  4. I.D. March 5, 2012

    That’s ma guuurrrrrrrrrlllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVES HER!!!!

  5. Dev March 5, 2012

    I really preferred the original members and music, i felt after the first album they became more and more generic until they basically became a girls aloud 3 piece. I was never a fan of Heidi’s voice, nor Amelle and felt they got Amelle just because her voice was the nearest sounding to Mutya’s which allowed them to continue. I wasn’t a fan of Keisha’s voice either but felt that it sounded better with the original members, and have nothing against Jade apart from the fact that she was a fool for joining the group, only because she could out sing the other two. Now, people left for whatever reasons but they’re no-longer teenagers and have grown, let them do there thing as the other members have given up the fight after 1 album

  6. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) March 5, 2012

    If she only feels comfortable when Mutya is around then how come she stayed in the band after Mutya left and convinced Amelle to re-record all of Mutya’s vocals for their 4th album and for their Greatest Hits collection? Hypocrite much?

  7. MK March 5, 2012

    B**** please, everyone knows Kiesha was the one know one could work with, I mean she managed to turn Siobhan, Heidi and Amelle against her.

  8. MK March 5, 2012

    no one*

  9. bips March 5, 2012

    luv me some keisha u just go girl tell em the truth!!!!!those b****** can’t keep up!!!!

  10. TerenceBarber March 5, 2012

    Kiesha is such a b****. No one ever cared about Sugababes until Siobhan left & Heidi replaced her. The Sugababes biggest hits came when Heidi joined the band. And Kiesha seemed pretty happy about all the number 1’s they were getting then. I can tell from this interview alone, the exact reason why this b**** drove Siobhan out in the first place & why she irritated Amelle and Heidi so much they had to push her out. She sounds like a s*** stirring w****.

  11. Dunk March 5, 2012

    Keisha was dedicated to that group, whole heartedly once she left they were finished! now the original members and the best members will be abck soon, to fly the flag as it was supposed to be Heidi is a waste gash, she was ment to be in Girls Aloud, she made the girls a little more exceble to a cheesy market but Mutya and Keisha were the real talent, she couldn’t sell records on her own, cos she’s just an avarage joe!

  12. Matty March 5, 2012

    Keisha is sooo funny!!! “does that make me sound bitchy?” haha yeah a little, but who cares at this point! love you !!!

  13. Matty March 5, 2012

    its really true tho, when i think of sugababes or want to introduce them to other people i always give them overload. not freak, or about you, yes i love all those tracks, and yes their popularity gained when heidi joined, yes i consider them all to be suga’s but when heidi joined it was their 2nd effort, they’ve been ‘established’ and controversy is always good for sales!

  14. ChocoBrown March 5, 2012

    Keisha Eyes at the end, when she looks down

    LMAO, thats a future GIF

  15. Sweetnothings78 March 5, 2012

    That last bit at the end “you don’t think I’m being bitchy do you” cracked me up, the side look.
    Who cares if she’s a b**** everyone who’s in shoebox has a side but the fact remains the three originals will make s*** hit music.

    Great bass underground original sounds.

  16. Jurryl March 10, 2012

    Whenever I read her “i’m so positive now. No more negativity in my life. Jesus this and Jesus that…” all I can think of is… what a fake and this video just reinforces those thoughts. I know she’s entitled to her own feelings, but her attitude is what got her fired… not Amelle or Heidi. If she’s “moving on” as she always says then move on.

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