Watch: The Houstons Sit down With Oprah (Updated)

Published: Sunday 11th Mar 2012 by Rashad

As has been hyped all week, despite less than a month passing since the untimely death of pop megastar Whitney Houston, members of her family had an emotional, tell all with talkshow queen Oprah.  Airing tonight via O’s own Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), Houston’s brother, his wife, and Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina chatted with Winfrey about the loss, their lives since, etc.

A great watch indeed.  Get into it all after the jump:

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  1. really? March 11, 2012


  2. Olly Murrs March 11, 2012

    IT HAS BEEN JUST 1 MONTH! Is it just me or is this all too much too soon?

    Oprah just looks like she’s trying to size her up, see if she’s on something. Stop talking at the girl. I need her and her family to be given a bit more respect and for people to stop trying to profit off of her….that’s the story of her life lets not have it continue in her passing.

  3. Onemil02 March 11, 2012

    @ Really?

    REALLY??? Why would you post a comment then, just ignorant, like the majority of people that post of on this site. That interview was very good and I am glad that Bobbi Kris is doing ok, I will continue to pray for her and the rest of the family….

  4. Kristi March 11, 2012

    This had me in tears the entire time, still can’t believe it’s been a month already.

  5. chocolatebox777 March 11, 2012

    The interview is soon. But this needed to happen with so many false rumors going around. Oprah was the wise choice for this & I think she did a good job. Considering the circumstances. Next go get interview is Cissy. Which Oprah should do also…

  6. WhitneyTheGreatest March 11, 2012

    Was well put together and was a well needed closure for me. Keep her family and friends in your prayers. RIP <3 WH

  7. YAAAS BOO! March 11, 2012

    Who the f*** does this kind of interview after ONE F****** MONTH?! I wanna say Oprah is a vulture but the Houston’s are clearly famewhores. Perfect match.

  8. LAX March 11, 2012


    F*** OFF

  9. Ciara Stan 21 March 11, 2012

    i was crying throughout this entire interview. so sad. I strongly commend Bobby Kris for her strength and maturity through this difficult time. a legend lost, but NEVER forgotten.

  10. fub3d March 11, 2012

    the most ridiculous interview ever see, Oprah needs to calm down

  11. Hot! March 11, 2012

    I Dont Know bouthis interview

  12. tha_truth21 March 11, 2012

    TRUTH: STFU to the people who keep saying it was too soon….if it wasnt too soon for the people closest to Whitney herself, then it WASNT too soon. PERIOD…

  13. BOOGIE BEEESH March 11, 2012


    R.I.P WHITNEY!!!

  14. YAAAS BOO! March 12, 2012

    @LAX …Double kisses boo. Can’t you handle truth? GO F****** DIE C***.

  15. **YawnWaitWHAT?** March 12, 2012

    Lets face it. Oprah only came back to television because her network OWN was/is tanking and now she’s using a last ditch effort to save the networks bombing ratings.

    Oprah was the only one QUALIFIED to interview the Houston family.

    I’m glad she did it as opposed to people like Diane Sawyer, and Barbra Walters. Oprah had a very close friendship with Whitney, and seemed to know her family well.

    I’m glad the Houston’s were able to trust her as they should. I saw a little of the interview tonight on OWN with Whit’s sister in law, and it was very sad and so hard to watch. I letf out of the room.

  16. Gloria March 12, 2012

    Some ppl are so meannnnn…who are you all (those who did) to say ANYTHING! we are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings merely have a human experience and as above so below-when iconic souls show up here yes there is some human shyt, false ego, LIFE but these Michael, Whitney, Princess Di etc come for a reason and leave us with gifts. Feel sorry for those who have not grasped the concept but at least be nice enuf to just say nothing.

  17. B March 12, 2012

    I thought Bobbi Kris handled herself very well..I commend her for being strong enough to talk about her mother..God bless this young lady and the rest of the family…

  18. Mawazne March 12, 2012

    Whitney would be proud of Krissy. The media need to cool it with the wild stories, who knew that Whitney spent her last night holding her baby in her arms.

  19. Que March 12, 2012

    You ppl are sad!

  20. Que March 12, 2012

    You ppl are so sad!

  21. Tini March 12, 2012

    @Yaaas Boo F*** OFF IDIOT!!!!

  22. MISHKA March 12, 2012

    I’m glad she talked to nobody else but Oprah.

  23. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) March 12, 2012

    Being an atheist myself I suppose those spirit and God things are a good way to cope. I´m glad they are coping the best they can. I don´t think it was too soon if they didn´t think it was to soon. It´s better they do this than let the crappy media talk and talk
    Whitney is a worldwide icon like Bobbi Kris said and she will live forever in our hearts and ears. And yeah I understand that feeling she is not able to listen to her songs cos I couldn´t either for the first days after her death. Too sad. But now I listen to her everyday like I did before she passed

  24. DUNK March 12, 2012

    Beautiful interview, that poor girl, she is so strong

  25. number1k9 March 12, 2012

    She did have great strength to do this interview less than a month after her Mom had passed.

    I’m not sure I could have done a televisied interview with someone who would personally intimidate me (bc she is a icon/legend for her interviewing…. Oprah) that soon after my mom passed away. Then again I wasn’t even 18 years old…

    RIP to all the parents who left their children too soon!

  26. slewis March 12, 2012

    I am so glad that Oprah did the interview with Whitney’s family. Oprah was the only one that Whitney & her family trusted to talk to. Oprah & Whitney were very close. If it was too soon the family would not have done the interview with Oprah. I cried so much, especially towards the end when her brother broke down & cried. Bobbi stay strong. I am rooting & praying for you. And for all of you idiots not watching the OWN network you don’t know what you’re missing. Watch & you may learn something. RIP WHITNEY. I always loved you.

  27. mobwife March 12, 2012



  28. Stefan March 12, 2012

    OMG! I am in tears watching this video. Booby Kristina is a grown girl. May she keeps doing well!!!

  29. George March 12, 2012

    My prayers go to Bobbi Kristina…. She handles the situation with courage! Whitney must be proud where she is

  30. Dev March 12, 2012

    I wonder if the dream chasing, younger man was Ray-J? And why didn’t they mention Stacey Francis name instead of the young lady on the xfactor?
    This interview seemed rehearsed
    The best interview would be with Robyn Crawford her previous best friend.

  31. pat March 12, 2012

    people grieve differently… not dumb and know how oprah benefited from this, but obviously oprah is a family friend and everyone grieves differently…if this helped the family get closer to some type of closure then wtf do u care?!

  32. Shawnee March 12, 2012

    The negative comments about them doing the interview so soon are getting under my skin. Why doesn’t anyone stop to think or actually listen to what has been said? Bobbi Kristina wanted to do the interview. Bobbi Kristina wanted to clear the air about who her mother was and she trusted Oprah who has a personal relationship with the family. I think Oprah did great as she always does and I don’t see her being a vulture. It’s obviously going to help her ratings but that would be the case for whoever did the interview so why not Oprah.

  33. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) March 12, 2012

    Watching it all now, not only the Bobbi Kris segment that was posted before, I have to say I cried a little with Pat´s declarations. I think this was needed

  34. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) March 12, 2012

    Ok Now I did end watching it all and one last thing I want to say: Whitney is the most beautiful singer the world has ever known, this time I´m not talking about the voice, her beauty is unmatched in music world

  35. Dejahnay March 12, 2012

    Omg I’m so sad I thought I had this channel but I don’t! Now I have to wait for in on demand :/ . I need to see and analyze for myself . But from what I’ve heard so far are mixed reviews.
    P.s you can not have contact with spirits or ghost/ aparations those are only demons disguised as a person . Y’all need to read up on it . None the less still praying for Bobbi cissy & fam

  36. RichnBlack11(Beyonce keep em MAD) March 12, 2012

    This is just so sad, stop with the neg about Oprah doing the interview this is what the family wanted so respect their wishes…..Whitney you will always be in our hearts love you NIP

    Rip NIPPY

  37. LAX March 12, 2012

    Bobby Brown should have been the one that Died!!!!!! He wasting his life Away

    Whitney Houston was at her Peek of taking over 2012 but god call her too soon….gone to soon

    That interview of Whitney Houston last night was amazing……..Nippy was so amazing

  38. LAX March 12, 2012


    You f****** C***….you know what….you and whintey houston should trade place…….take your life and give it to her because aleast she wont be a waste of life……

  39. CM March 12, 2012

    Oh, Oprah, please fire your PR. This is a horrible interview for such a worthy issue. SMH

  40. Jasmine March 13, 2012

    I think it is too soon. The family needs time to grieve.

  41. antertain March 14, 2012

    I think the purpose of the interview was to probably keep Bobby Kris in focus, knowing she would be preparing for the interview but also clear up many random rumours.

    Pros are you felt the real Whitney be expressed through Pat. Bobby Kris although no way near the ok we would like is preparing her mind to move forward and do her mum proud. Random rumours put to bed. Ray J & Stacey Francis got a telling off but in a classy way.
    Cons of this is that its so soon and there’s a lot of raw emotion.

  42. Rain March 15, 2012

    Its sad she is dead but isnt the bottom line, she was a JUNKIE, PLAN AND SIMPLE! she choice that life. Because she was famous it makes her death that much sadder? Its no sadder then the homeless junkie that dies alone on the streets and there families never know because thier a jane or john doe on a slob in some morg. The sad thing is she had the money to get the best of help if she wanted it. even sadder she probly could have gotten the best of help free just because she was famous and made a reality show of it. maybe her family will start a fund for people who want help but cant afford it. let see them put thier $ and fame to do something good. even if it saved one person who wants to get clean and get back to thier family and not back to thier family in a box.A JUNKIE IS A JUNKIE FAMOUS OR NOT,

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