Watch: Kelly Rowland & Trey Songz Perform ‘Motivation’ At ‘Anticipation 2 Tour’

Published: Saturday 10th Mar 2012 by Sam

As earlier reported, the Atlanta stop on Trey Songz‘s ‘Anticipation 2 Tour’ saw many a guest – including a certain Kelly Rowland.

In a nod to their BET Awards performance last year, the duo served up a steamy rendition of the ‘Motivation (Remix)’.

With Rowland being a surprise guest at the Fox Theatre show, naturally fans were whipped into a frenzy as she emerged. And you will too when you peep the performance!

Check it out after the jump…

Kelly, once again, is serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner with these vocals. Great performance!

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  1. X,Y,”and Z” March 10, 2012

    @Sam —

    “naturally fans were whipped into a frenzy as she emerged. And you will too when you peep the performance!”

    ..And they say “The English” are ‘gifted’ with understatement.. Oh Samuel!!

    Sam, “Here I am” moved LESS-than 200-K U.S. retail. And it took “Motivation” some 4-LOOOONG months to go platinum. You see, Sam, that’s the only way you can ever get us to pay any attention to “TGJ’s favorite daughter”: ‘bludgeon us’ to near-death with her easily forgettable, gimmicky music.

    So now, here she is, making yet-another TGJ appearance. I guess all that “Whitney Houston grave-dancing” was getting a bit too obvious, ‘eh?

    Sam, a curious thing ’bout “run-in-pack-animals”, they’re as much “territorial” as they are nomadic by nature..

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  2. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) March 10, 2012




  3. YOOSONDALOOSE March 10, 2012

    Good performance, alright.
    Kelly worked that stage though!

  4. tara March 10, 2012

    its ashame that keri hilson sold more albums than kelly rowland and she was in destiny’s child .Keri hilson is so beautiful and s*** very underrated .Motivation is an overrated song without lil wayne it is a flop. Kelly rowland cannot sing live for nothing and i hate watching her trying to catch her breathe ,she sounds like a beginnner on stage when shes been doing this over 15 years.would rather see keri hilson live she brings dat swag that nobody else has on stage .keri hilson has a song on john legends new album and anthony hamiltions album and a new song from the think like a man soundtrack.

  5. BAA March 10, 2012

    @X Y Z…..Lmao Boi i knew u were Kelly’s number one fan! I dont care what u say, u LOVE ur self some Kelly Rowland! The first comment too! Damn f***** u fast! Anyway Ms. Kelly is serving up Everything i look for n a great performer! @X Y Z…Im curious? What does Kelly record sales have to do with u? She has sold over 82 million records and a Rich B****! Something ur mental ass cant claim. When Kelly drop her new album….I wish i can b a fly on ur wall lmao

  6. BAA March 10, 2012

    @Tara…..Girl shut ur Dumbass up! U sound just like a damn delusional idiot lmao. Who the hell is Keri Wilson? Shes so Irrelevant! And please…Kelly will eat that H** alive, when it comes to Vocals. Kelly is that New B**** of R&B and u will deal! Keri is a Flop all the way around and her career is over! John Legend is crazy ass hell for working with Flops. He mite flop for working with a Ms. Flop Baby. I cant believe this dumb h** @ Tara tried to compare Kelly Rowland >>> Ms. Flop Baby Lmao bwahahahaha

  7. KELLY!!! March 10, 2012

    Damn! She sounded good. Still cant breathe for s*** though.

    I’ll just wait for the 3rd trimester announcement then.

  8. grammy dammy sammy March 10, 2012

    this is x, y and z creature needs to go rot in a ditch for eternity, fist brown’s asshole

  9. BAA March 10, 2012

    These Hating H*** and F****** are going to Eat Crow S*** once MS. KELLY DROP HER NEW SONG AND ALBUM LMAO BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  10. Steph March 10, 2012

    “Kelly, once again, is serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner with these vocals. Great performance!” Oh Sam I love you!!! GOOOOOOOO KELLY!!!!!!!

  11. mobwife March 10, 2012

    Was that Keri Hilson in the first segment?

    Anywho, I loved that song when it first dropped and the video was crazy! Go Kelly, she was excellent of the F.A.M.E. Tour. I would love to see she and Chris Breezy tour again! What a fantastic tour it was! 2011 sweet memories! 🙂

  12. Edward Ponton March 10, 2012

    5:28-5:35 Kelly was f****** s*** up! Her vocals been on point lately.

  13. Mike March 10, 2012

    KELLY is amazing.. SHe just needs to relax.. PLEASE RELAX Kelly you are amazing..

  14. X,Y,”and Z” March 10, 2012

    @BAA re: March 10, 2012 at 8:21 am —

    “I dont care what u say, u LOVE ur self some Kelly Rowland!”

    You know, if I applied some “Rowdog-Kennel Logic” to your argument, I can really begin to see what you’re saying: I AM the “truest of the true” of the almost-40-year-old-something Kelly Rowland “fan”. You see, unlike yourself, I ONLY want what’s best for….”OUR” Kelly: I now refuse to sit and watch Kelly continue to make a fool of herself and the “Rowpound”. Simply put: she’s an embarrassment! After the unprecedented failure that IS “Here I am”: given weekly-access to 12-Million willing-and-able U.K./European discretionary-spending consumers, and THEN only moving less-than 350-K WW(150-K<< U.K./Europe)..?! PATHETIC!!

    ..Look, given "OUR" Kelly's history of "failing upwards" I'm now only saving Kelly from herself! ; – 9 (wink)

    "Im curious? What does Kelly record sales have to do with u?"

    Well, the only way to answer you is to give you a "positive" as we've only now had "negatives" as examples which is why there's now confusion regarding the matter: If ONLY Kelly Rowland actually sold CDs; SHE DOES NOT….!!!

    "She has sold over 82 million records"

    Where? On what planet? The totals of 2002's "Simply Deep", 2007's "Ms Kelly" and 2011's "Here I am" DO-NOT-TOTAL 82-Million Units Moved..!!

    "When Kelly drop her new album….I wish i can b a fly on ur wall"

    I wish you would too! But you won't! Know why? Because you'll be right here, making MORE excuses and "hoping for the best" for her next CD..

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT…!!

  15. Girrrl March 10, 2012

    Kelly needs to stand alone!

  16. T March 10, 2012

    Kellys confidence has really had a boost, she been killing it. When DC does that reunion Concert 300 years from now it’s going to be a good show, cause all three members have thier own material to do 15-30min sets outside of the DC songs.

  17. IV. March 10, 2012

    X Y Z keeps Kelly relevant. Every Kelly post on every blog that f***** is there with these same ole comments. It’s hilarious.

    Moving along, Kelly did that.

  18. VivaLaOnyx March 10, 2012

    EPIC!!! I need a Kelly and Trey tour!!!

  19. K ANDB4EVER March 10, 2012

    yessss Kelly

  20. VivaLaOnyx March 10, 2012

    I bet XYZ is a fat greasy, Ciara/Keri Hilson stan who sits at home on the computer alllll day!! Get a life and have several f****** seats homo!

  21. GLYNNJE March 10, 2012

    loved it!!!!!!!!!

  22. MISHKA March 10, 2012

    They should have s**. At least once. And tell us how it was. In a song.

  23. NikkiIsChillin March 10, 2012

    This was hotttt!

  24. angela wesley March 10, 2012

    Everytime haters like Tara, and XYZ star making negative comments abou
    Kelly. They get shot down by by true Kelly fans.Ihave seen videos with
    Keri and she is not a good dancer shelooks stiff.Bit I have t give to her
    she can singer.

  25. Truth March 10, 2012

    Kelly did that s***- I wish I was there

    X,Y,Z- go kill yourself, already!

  26. rob March 11, 2012

    Kelly is getting it!!!

  27. Rihatan March 12, 2012

    Love Kelly. @ XYZ, go and f*** yourself in hell!

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