Will.I.Am Criticizes Simon Cowell’s Handling Of Cher Lloyd

After collaborating with her during her time on the X Factor, many believed Will. I.Am was to sign Cher Lloyd, in a bid to launch her career Stateside.

However, as we now know, it was Simon Cowell who was to take Lloyd under his wing, releasing her debut album ‘Sticks & Stones‘ in the UK last year, and introducing her to Epic exec LA Reid who signed her to his label shortly after.

Now, Will has criticized Simon’s handling of Cher, belittling her efforts in music.

Details below…

He explained:

 She should have been the biggest star in the world, she should have had the coolest freaking music.

“But they didn’t treat her right. They juice the contestants to get people to watch TV. That is wrong. I can’t do that, I am not going to be a part of that.

We think Will may have confused Cher with his own artist Cheryl Cole.

For, if you really think about it- it is the latter’s career that has been a disappointment thus far.

Because unlike Che,r whose feats really do speak for themselves, Cole is yet to score the US deal that her botched job on the  X Factor USA was set to secure her, and  is yet to prove her worth as a stand alone artist. You know, the kind that can sell records without the backing of major TV show.

The way we see it,  until Cheryl releases an album worthy of her dying hype, Simon  and Cher should be the last names on Will’s mind.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Grammy dammy sammy March 26, 2012

    Lol this negro is still bitter his Princess Diana is not the centre of the entertainment hemisphere. He’s been at loggerheads ever since Psycho SyCo slipped Geordie girl the pink slip ….. meh Whatevs

  2. Uuuuuhm March 26, 2012

    I don’t care Lip syncing or not Cheyl coles Performances >>>>>>> Love it

  3. ThatBoyLuke March 26, 2012

    LOL Will needs to just be quiet, I can’t stand Cher Lloyd but what he’s saying makes no sense, Her album hasn’t even been released in the US yet, she’s had hits from it in the UK where it’s sold enough to go gold and it’s gone Gold in the UK meanwhile his whole solo career has been an epic FAIL.

  4. KAT DELUNA FAN March 26, 2012

    great..less goats on the music scene
    more janelle & adele please

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