Hot Shot: Shakira Launches Million Dollar School Project

Published: Sunday 29th Apr 2012 by David

Just as renowned for her philanthropy as she is for her well flavored music, Shakira continues in her efforts to aid her homeland, Colombia.

For on Thursday, the star took to the Afro-Colombian district of Ciudad Bicentenario to help launch a $36 million education initiative for the nation’s children, as part of a series of events linked to the weekend Summit of the Americas.

This comes 15 years after the Roc Nation signee launched the Pies Descaloz Foundation,to help poor and poverty stricken children by way of education and healthy meals.

To date, the foundation has opened 5 schools in Columbia reaching over 1000 kids and recently joined forces with FC Barcelona to add sports to the services it already provides.

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  1. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 29, 2012

    well done shaki , well done.

    one of the few artists who are devoted to do it since sec 1 in her career, not like others who make it seem as a part of their promotion.

  2. YOOSONDALOOSE April 29, 2012

    Love Shakira, very humble and she seems to have a good heart.

  3. ThatBoyLuke April 29, 2012

    Shakira is one of the nicest people in the industry… She puts out great music, has huge sales and still stays humble, goes to university undercover to keep learning and puts a lot of her own money and energy into making other people’s lives better.

  4. John92 April 29, 2012

    shakira helps por children, launches a million dollar = 4 comments
    rihanna changes her hair color = 246 comments xD

    shakira was always the one who donated the most for projects! she seems really down to earth

  5. Natasha April 29, 2012

    @JOHN92, Youu’re such an idiot!!! I can think of countless celebrity’s hair styles or hair color changes that have make more headlines and have garnered more comments than Rihanna’s, yet her name is the first out of your mouth. You took away from that positive comments you wrote about Shakira when you brought Rihanna’s name up. If you can’t name them all, name none at all !!! You should have just posted that positive comment about Shakira and left it at that. @ Shakira, I am proud of what you’re doing. May GOD continue to bestow his blessing upon you and your family. Most of all let GOD continue to work his wonders through you, Only HE matters!!!! 🙂

  6. John92 April 29, 2012

    aaaahahahaha chill! it doesnt really matter whose name it is. it was just a demonstration how people react to certain posts…which is quite sad.

  7. HD live April 29, 2012


  8. JuanR May 1, 2012

    REAL PERSON! with real talent!

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