Report: Azealia Banks Signs With Lady GaGa Manager

Published: Wednesday 18th Apr 2012 by David

Azealia Banks isn’t messing around.

For, after her groundbreaking set at Coachella last weekend, she has pulled what some might call an power move of epic proportions.

She has enlisted Lady GaGa‘s manager to take control of her career.

Exciting details below…

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Banks parted ways with her old management three days ago and signed with the Atom Factory, headed by Lady GaGa mastermind Troy Carter.

She tweeted:

 Just switched management.. Literally like three days ago, and have a whole new set of resources to take advantage of.

Sure to add further weight to celebrated cause, Banks’ partnership with Carter follows an alleged attempt by Nicki Minaj to sign with him, following her split from Bad Boy exec Diddy who managed the star up until 2010.

In what goes without saying, this is a very big deal.

For, with Troy Carter on board, Banks is sure to enjoy the notoriety many thought her niche sound would rob her of.

As well as this, it also is a major slap in the face to any who believed Azealia was a here today gone tomorrow kind of act and so treated her as such.



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  1. TEAMFOXYDONDIVA April 18, 2012


  2. kingphoenix9 April 18, 2012

    I wonder if she is going to open for BTW Tour, that s*** would be cray!

  3. Nahjee April 18, 2012

    Lets support are beautiful black women azealia banks congrats.. Don’t let these wiggers come in here and try to take over *coughs* iggy

    Now azealia banks all you need is a good radio hit to hit power99fm & to be on a mainstream platform like 106andpark

    You can do you can beat iggy to it

  4. AMAZINJALEN April 18, 2012

    A change of manager shows NOTHING! I still don’t see anything in this girl! *YAWNS* Can’t wait for Iggy’s “The New Classic” comes out. I wonder did anybody know her album came out yesterday besides her 500 followers on Twitter? LMAO Still not a fan! Love GaGa tho 🙂

  5. nikoyuki April 18, 2012

    Who’s album come out yesterday piggy’s

  6. Justathought (Azealia Banks is here…) April 18, 2012

    Now watch how many people’s attitude change towards her lol cause I see it already. Nice one banks!

  7. Well… April 18, 2012

    LOL @ any person stanning for Iggy. Azealia’s single didn’t drop yesterday because she changed management. It’s a wrap for Iggy though. You Iggy stans can hate all you want, but the fact is that the only female rapper that has a chance at knocking Nicki out is Azealia. Don’t act like you didn’t watch her Coachella performance. I dare you to find a similar one from Iggy. And I dare you to proclaim that Azealia wouldn’t eat Iggy up on the mic. Please give your delusions a rest. That fake ghetto broad has been done. It’s only about Azealia and Nicki now. Iggy can fight with Kreayshawn and Honey Cocaine for the rest of the ‘not ranked’ spots because a top female rapper they are not.

  8. IPHONE4S April 18, 2012

    No rapper will be knocking Nicki out anytime soon. She has a large following & has a list of accomplishments most artists wish they had. Congrats to her. Her & Nicki are night in day, they are different artists & cater to different audiences. I’m sure they will both co-exist in the music industry.

  9. Dustin April 18, 2012

    This whole iggy vs banks drama is so frustrating! Ignoring the race thing they aren’t even occupying the same lanes, not even close. Iggy is doin her thing playing it straight with the Grimey down south beats and flow. Whereas banks is clearly doing the alternative route. Working with diplo, playing Coachella, sampling ladytron? She’s clearly much more in line wth rye rye, m.I.a. And santigold. There’s room for both these chicks so lay off.

    Now to the post, good lookin out ms. Banks. She’s making big moves. I wasn’t as blown away as others with her actual live skills at Coachella (especially the singing) but chick can WORK a stage and knows how to get an audience hype. Work on that breath control dollface, cause you’re about to be kinda like a big deal. 🙂

  10. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare April 18, 2012

    @DUSTIN, your post is spot on!

    Thinking about Nicki, Azealia, and Iggy, all 3 of them are completely different artists, which is great for hip-hop in general.

    In terms of Azealia, I like her management move. Cannot wait until her EP drops! 🙂

  11. coco April 18, 2012

    congrats baby doll…

  12. toohotfortv April 18, 2012

    I thought Tamar’s husband managed Lady Gaga…

  13. Black Madonna April 18, 2012


  14. Greg April 19, 2012

    My girl Azealia’s moving UP in the ranks :DD
    So juiced
    Here’s to hoping the door opens wide for her, while simultaneously shutting in Nicki’s plastic face 😛

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