Retro Rewind: Halle Berry Accepts Worst Actress Razzie Award For 'Catwoman'

Published: Monday 2nd Apr 2012 by TGJ

While most entertainers gloss over their career lows, Halle Berry embraced hers.

A catastrophic flop at the box office, the actress’ 2004 role as ‘Catwoman’ saw her hit rock bottom professionally (despite pocketing a cool $12.5 million for the lead).

Costing $100 million to produce, the movie made a paltry $17 million in the US during its first weekend. And while its global gross (+rentals) saw it eventually recoup $82 million, it is still universally cited as one of the worst big screen disasters in recent memory.

Yet instead of hide, the feat saw the Oscar winner hold her head high as she accepted the award for Worst Actress at the 2005 Razzie Awards – a show which annually recognises the biggest crimes against film.

With wicked wit and charm, Berry offered a speech which ultimately saw her have the last laugh. Peep the hilarity above!

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  1. TheCatSpeaks April 2, 2012

    i didnt even find out that this movie won a razzie award until years after the fact.
    and i was like wtf

    Am i the only one who loved this movie?!
    its like, people always want to stick to tradition, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO CHARACTERS LIKE CATWOMAN, BATMAN, SPIDERMAN… etc

    but i get what the director was tryna do. he wanted catwoman in her own light
    i loved the movie
    f*ck the critics and the razzie awards

    Just Saying

  2. MaZ April 2, 2012

    She’s so hot!

  3. Cat box Hiddentreasure August 3, 2014

    Halle Berry should have been spayed, neutered and tossed in a burlap bag for doing this movie.

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