New Shot Whitney Houston On Set Of 'Sparkle' Emerges

Published: Sunday 1st Apr 2012 by TGJ

The late, great Whitney Houston beams in this newly surfaced shot from the the set ‘Sparkle’ – her final movie.

Filmed last November, the Jordin Sparks led theatrical is set to hit the big screen this August and is already being tipped as one of the year’s most anticipated releases – following the sudden death of Houston aged 48 on February 11th.


For yours truly, the pic bittersweet in that it’s both sad and uplifting to see Whitney in such fine form in her final days. Still surreal to think she’s no longer “here”.

What is here to reminisce and dote over, though, is her unmatched array of classics; which, like her legacy, will live on.

Tidbit: The trailer for ‘Sparkle’ premieres tomorrow!

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  1. sam April 1, 2012

    new? this photo “emerged” almost 2 months ago.

  2. Mary-Ann Tatum April 1, 2012

    The woman was a drug addict. Let us not glorify her like she achieved something great in her death.

  3. sam April 1, 2012

    @Mary on drugs or not, she still achieved more than YOU or your MOMMA ever will!

  4. Mary-Ann Tatum April 1, 2012

    @SAM at least I’ll reach 50!!! Let’s not forget what a terrible person she truly was and not that once upon a time she could sing in tune and not write songs.

  5. Your_Vokal_News April 1, 2012

    @Mary-Ann since when does being a drug addict make you a terrible person? You obviously know NOTHING about Whitney Houston. She was a God-fearing woman that had struggles, but also never failed to try and brighten others lives. Find me ONE recorded account of someone saying Whitney Houston was a terrible person? ONE!!!!!!!!! That type of judgement is reserved for the Lord of Lords and not some bitter commentator on a blog. But I bet you’re a devout, wholesome Christian, right?

  6. sam April 1, 2012

    @MARY Whitney was a nasty person? I don’t remember Whitney spending her time making cruel comments about recently deceased people. Who cares if she couldn’t write songs, she was of the greatest voices of all time. What can YOU and your MOMMA do!?

  7. Toine April 1, 2012

    @Mary the most I can ever do is pray for you. May God bless your judgmental self nd deliver you from it!! Amen!

  8. MusicBoyKameron April 1, 2012

    @ Mary. First and foremost….There are plenty of people who never touched drugs in their whole life and didn’t make it to see 50. So don’t think just because you’re not a drug user that you’ll make it to 50. Think before you speak. Secondly, Whitney wasn’t a terrible person. Take away the Voice, Music, Lights, Camera, Action and she still would’ve been loved by many for her presence. Can you say the same about yourself? Do people love your presence? If how you’re presenting yourself online is anything how you are in person…then I’m sure the answer is No. Mary, I really feel for bitter individuals like yourself. I wish you well and hope you change your way of thinking.

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