TLC On New Project: “We’re In Talks With L.A Reid”

Published: Wednesday 25th Apr 2012 by David

TLC are coming back!

Well- at least if a recent interview with our friends over at Essence is anything to go by.

Sitting down with the mag to discuss the tenth anniversary of Left Eye‘s passing, the ladies spoke openly on their future plans, and why a new TLC LP is looking more likelier than ever.

Details below…

In the interview, T Boz said of their upcoming bio-pic:

It’s going to have to be new kids; I can’t think of anybody that can play us. It’s not just about looking like me or dressing like me, you have to have the attitude, the dance moves. The writer of the biopic, Kate Lanier, is amazing. She did the movies Set It Off and What’s Love Got to Do With It. Hopefully the movie will be out before the end of the year.

On discovering Lisa had died:

She died a day before my birthday. I remember everything. I was with security in my Porsche and I said to them, “I feel like I’m going to get in a wreck and I want to go home”.

The driver said: “Well, that’s on the other side of town.” I didn’t care; I wanted to go home. I just felt something was going to happen to me, but it wasn’t me — it was Lisa.

I was sitting in a rocking chair in my daughter’s room after putting her down when I got a call from Chilli. She was screaming. I had just gotten out the hospital from fighting sickle cell so I had to be careful about getting upset. Everybody was trying to keep me calm. 

I remember staying up all night and Patti Labelle and Missy Elliot calling me. Whitney Houston was at Lisa’s funeral. She sat behind me and rubbed my shoulders for two hours, while telling me, “It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be all right.” Right before that, I remember Lisa played a trick where she went missing and nobody knew where she was.

This was the one time I wish she was joking and doing one of her stunts, but she wasn’t. 

On reports the group was feuding when she died:
No matter what, everyone will go through a disagreement — that’s what makes us all different. So it’s unrealistic to tell anybody that we all agreed with everything that everyone did or said.

That doesn’t happen in a real relationship. At the time, she just didn’t agree with what the record company was doing with the project, so she felt strong about standing up about it. It had nothing personal to do with the group members. I didn’t have a problem with that.

Then, delivering the news fans have waited years for, Chilli announced:

Another TLC album? Yes, that’s for sure! We’ll have new music right after the movie drops. We have everybody that was there with us from the beginning on board. We’ll definitely have a tour; I just don’t know what we’ll call it yet.

Full interview here.

Are you checking for a new TLC album?

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  1. enrerwj April 25, 2012


    good luck to them i guess

  2. OLB April 25, 2012

    TLC has sold over 66million albums worldwide. Their music is timeless and yes!! They need to come back. May Left Eye continue to R.I.P

  3. YOOSONDALOOSE April 25, 2012

    Looking forward, hope they add some Left Eye raps from demos.

  4. CHYNA April 25, 2012

    @enrerwj: B**** grow up!!!!

  5. Bey Fan April 25, 2012

    Noooooo with no left eye it just aint the same…. But it would interesting to see where they go musically.

  6. socialstudy1 April 25, 2012

    Yay! I would call it something like, “Back To The Stage”, “Phoenix Rising”, or something along the lines of starting over.
    That seems to be the trend right now for a lot of the 90s artists that are putting out new projects lately. 🙂

  7. iamond April 25, 2012

    Hell Yessss!!!!!! I love them.. Can’t wait < BABYFACE>DALLAS>JD…make it happen (in my left-eye voice)
    TLC is 4eva BABY BABY BABBAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. therealest April 25, 2012

    they need to hang it up flatscreen or get a stylist.

    Those flowery lacy tops…..the bangles. ooohhweeeeee no maam.

    • LLeftEyeL May 21, 2012

      That pic is from 2005, ya Nicki wannabe.

  9. L-Boz April 25, 2012

    I am ready for this!

  10. AMAZINJALEN April 25, 2012

    Interesting! I wonder will they TRY to replace Left Eye?

  11. Onyx April 25, 2012

    As long as they don’t try to replace Left Eye with another Girl, i’m ok.

  12. Bianca April 25, 2012

    They should make a album and have different current females rappers step in for Left eye like MIssy,Minaj,Banks etc

  13. MusicBoy April 25, 2012

    This is great for them. It would be ignorant of them to not put out new material around the time their movie comes out. With all the excitement surrounding the movie, this new project will do great.

    I hate when comments saying an artist “should quit and hang it up” are made.It’s Just like telling a singer to stop breathing. When music is someone’s passion, they can’t just give it up no matter how much an song or album may fail. #TeamTLC

  14. Sha April 25, 2012

    I think its a good idea for them and also all of the REAL GIRL GROUPS to get back together and bring the true definition of what a girl group should be and the definition of good music that alot of these groups dont have and i wish TLC da best of luck with the new record ill buy it when it drops and cant wait to see the movie 🙂 now all we have to do is wait for Destiny’s Child to get back together and ill be happy 🙂

  15. Jer April 25, 2012

    Its b******* because everyone know they just wanna pay the rent. They are so far out of touch with the music scene its sad. No one is checking for a TLC album in 2013 even if Left Eye was alive. Its just like that long awaited Lauryn Hill album. Nobody cares anymore

  16. prettigurlrockD April 25, 2012

    @Jer boy PLEASE. They just don’t have the hype and publicity that they once had in the early 2000’s and the 90’s. And of course when you been out the public eye for a while and a bunch of new artists take over the scene, it’s like that. They are still worldwide music icons stfu, hater.

    RIP Lisa.

    PLEASE don’t work with nicki minaj. I read someone say that.
    >>>_/ -_-

  17. yeah i said it April 25, 2012

    the dude singing the creep song. who does he think he’s fooling. its clear that he is gay. trying to change boy to girl when he reall wanna say boy lol. but anyways
    i love me some tlb finally rnb real rnb is making a cime back.

  18. Popeater April 25, 2012

    “Hat to the back, I gotta wear my pants down real low.” That used to be my song. LOL.

  19. Stephen April 25, 2012

    Such a classy and classic group. I wish them the best of luck, at least they have fans.

  20. KenKen April 25, 2012

    @JER don’t u need a job to pay your rent? live? survive? what person doesn’t shut that s*** up. If they want to come back then THEY WILL! Your @ss is clearly a hating ass ignorant person. Go get a life. #PeoplejustsaystupidshitonhereALLTHETIME

  21. d boy April 25, 2012

    @therealest..your comment proves that u just a DUMB bcuz that pic is OLD from 2005 ,so u talkin bout there outfits is a waste of time…I’m sure its not played out..wasn’t then & isn’t now..long as they like it & it look hater

  22. J April 25, 2012

    I LOVE TLC. Such a huge fan. Hopefully they will deliver with a new album. I can’t believe that “3D” came out like 10 years ago!!

  23. MADAMXTINA2012 April 25, 2012


  24. tlc fan April 26, 2012

    I have noticed left eye didnt record the songs on 3d as part of a tlc song. Most of the raps on 3D album was from left eyes unreleased solo material.

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