UK Sales : Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ Goes Platinum

Amazing grace/ How Sweet The Sales That Saved A Stan Like Me“.

In this world, there are two kinds of fan bases. One being the kind that support their favorite acts with their mouths and not their money and the second being the kind to do both.

Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Barbz‘ would fall under the latter.  Indeed, as a result of the buzz surrounding her new LP ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded‘, her debut album ‘Pink Friday‘ has enjoyed a sales boost.

To be exact, despite receiving little to none physical promo in the country, it has reached platinum status.

Details below…

With sales over 300,000 copies, the British Phonographic Industry awarded ‘Pink Friday’ with Platinum status April 5th 2012, two days after its follow up ‘Roman Reloaded‘ sold 20,000 copies less than 24 hours after its release.

This, despite heavy competition from Madonna‘s ‘MDNA’, Adele‘s ’21’ and Labrinth‘s ‘Electronic Earth‘ has landed it the #1 spot in time for Sunday’s final tally.

Minaj is the now first US Female Rapper since Lauryn Hill to enjoy a Platinum LP in the country.

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  1. grammy dammy sammy April 6, 2012

    return that wig u stole from the check on it set … it ain yours raggedy ann lol jus playin

  2. Os April 6, 2012

    that,s nice,she is getting tear down from all from critics,but she is the little engine that could,she is pulling through little by little through all that,keep doing you nicki minaj i bought the physical copy deluxe of the album,and i am enjoying it keep doing you sista.

  3. MISHKA April 6, 2012

    Well, well…People think Rita Ora is the one who would put Rihanna in the back seat but I think Nicki Minaj is doing a proper job already.

  4. RomansLaceFront April 6, 2012

    2012 is NOT the navys year lool. first nicki and then ritia.

    LOOOL. Nicki is going to become everything rihanna wishes she was. Beautiful, talented AND the owner of a us number one album.

  5. KAT DELUNA FAN April 6, 2012

    Go Nicki,They werent ready …………..*Bigger than life*

    • chloe June 26, 2012

      key rhys wants to now about when i had the wank of u with u so can i tell him or not because it im hyp and dim over it plz mspcaxxxxxxxxxx

  6. YOOSONDALOOSE April 6, 2012


  7. HALF AMAZIN April 6, 2012

    When Nicki gets past album #2 then I will consider the comparisons to anyone. For now, they are tired pointless and yall are lost and turned out! Goodnight.

  8. Girrrl April 6, 2012

    that album is trash.

  9. rick April 6, 2012

    Sorry to disappointment you but large LAURYN HILL went 2 x Platinum Certification although that’s good for nicki you should point out the number of records Lauryn Hill Pushed in the uk also! just saying

  10. PrettigurlrockD April 6, 2012

    It was obviously the starships song that helped. But good for her.

    • chloe June 26, 2012

      ewww key wat are u duin about tonight ill meet u at my house for our bed sesion with bezziex

  11. RihNavy April 6, 2012

    Last time i checked Rihanna Talk That Talk sold over 600,000 since Nov. Whos replacing who. Pipe Down.

    Ps Loud sold over 1.5 mil

    • kween ebony June 27, 2012

      And pink friday sold 1.8 soo you pipe down!

  12. drfenty April 6, 2012

    BPI awards certifications based on SALES

    and Rihannas TTT also clocked platinum status within the first week of release..

    so…um…Nikki stay playing catchup and has YET to break any type of record set by rihanna.


  13. drfenty April 6, 2012

    DID i mention rihanna had ONE SINGULAR form of promo by the type TTT clocked platinum status within its first week?

    Looks like the bajan queen remains on her thrown, but its great to see Nikki sneaking rap into the mainstream conciousness.

    some may claim she is selling out but shes using the pop sound to plant roots and create an international fanbase for female rap.

    • chloe June 26, 2012

      i love ur hairxxxxxxxxxsexy

      • chloe June 26, 2012

        so im in german u i cant believe ive just been dumpedxxxxxxx

  14. Lax April 6, 2012

    Good for Nicki and more power to her, but my Bets or still on the Caribbean!

    • jack June 26, 2012

      i love ur ass chloe its s*** babexxxxxxxxxx

  15. op April 6, 2012

    LAX what do you mean,Nicki and Riri is from the Caribbean,so i saw more power to Riri and Nicki.

    • chloe June 26, 2012

      omg im ove it now but im going out with key im so seing u at4:00 today dont be late or else i not getting i from school u can walxxxxxxxxxxx

      • chloe June 26, 2012

        im havein s** so no wayxxxill passs u home wank me like me finger me ldsxxx

  16. op April 6, 2012

    DRFENTY you know nicki and Riri is cool with each other so it,s all cool with the real fans too.

  17. Hot! April 6, 2012

    stop comparing and constrasting people hah!!!!! aint gon get nowhere like that

  18. KAT DELUNA FAN April 6, 2012

    OMG goats are so insecure,stop playing the victims and get outta here 🙄

    • jessi June 28, 2012

      hey nice coment i luv it lds u ok how old r u babe im 14xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Imjustsayin April 6, 2012

    DID i mention rihanna had ONE SINGULAR form of promo by the type TTT clocked platinum status within its first week?

    I tell you the Navy will lie. She had way more than one form of Promo she was in the UK for a total of a month touring performing WFL, which is from TTT. Of course she did Xfactor, she did Jingle bell ball, and even came back and did three more shows in the end of December and then the Brits. Sorry but that is not singular that is plural and the reason behind her sales being so much. Don’t do it yes she was Certified Platinum from shipments, but she really only sold 163k that week.

    Anyways Congrats Nicki.

  20. PrettigurlrockD April 6, 2012

    Nicki was born in Trinidad. She’s more from new York since she was raised there since 4 year old. I’d say Rihanna is more island cuz of her accent.

  21. mobwife April 6, 2012

    Oh okay I thought she sold 1 million! I was about to bow down and just say damn….! 🙂 300k in te UK alone is pretty good. I don’t know what her numbers will be like in the states as the media has really torn the CD completely down.

    **Here hoping TeamBreezyUK pulls the same hat trick for Breezy May 7! 🙂

  22. realLIST April 7, 2012

    Platinum after two years though??

  23. chloe June 26, 2012

    luv u

  24. chloe June 26, 2012

    so ill seee u later then kxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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