New Video: J.Cole – ‘Sideline Story’

Published: Wednesday 11th Apr 2012 by David

Get familiar with the ‘Sideline Story’, the latest video by ROC Rapper J.Cole.

In support of his new album of the same name, the clip follows the release of ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ featuring Missy Elliott, also lifted from the LP.


Watch  below…

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  1. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) April 11, 2012

    Great, much better than his singles. This is one of his best songs actually 😎

  2. therealhonesttruth April 11, 2012

    It’s called promo. You just don’t drop a video with out telling people it’s coming out. You got to build up hype.

  3. therealhonesttruth April 11, 2012

    It only has 303 views on youtube. smh Tell Jay he need to stop putting all his money into talent-less h*** and start promoting you and Rita.

  4. Nico April 11, 2012

    How come Jay z doesn’t give his male artist as much promo as he gives the females on his roster? This guy J Cole has very sucky promo. Rita Ora gets more press than him… My bad.. This site is the only site that pumps her like this : /

  5. flawda April 11, 2012

    J Cole album has sold 600k copies in total in the U.S. That’s 200k more than Wale, 300k more than Big Sean, and he did it on his own. The reason why you don’t see Jay-z overshadowing his artist is because he learned his lesson with Rocafella. He overshadowed Memphis Bleek , Beanie Sigel, Freeway,etc and as a result people viewed them as Jay-z sidekicks. J Cole is viewed as his own artist, he doesn’t need Jay-z to get him hot.

    Think before ya’ll type useless nonsense. You don’t the see the execs at Sony, Warner Bros,etc all in their artist videos. After all Jay-z is J Cole boss, not his best buddy.

    I’m sure Jay-z will treat Jay Electronica the same way too, let him build up his fanbase and do things organically.

  6. MISHKA April 11, 2012

    I’ve mixed feelings towards this guy now…I hate it when guys brag about the girls they smashed, it’s so pathetic. Plus Vanessa and Diggy were fan favorites on their tv show…I’m glad he didn’t respond to the diss, it was not a good look for him anyway.

    Hova has nothing to do to help J.Cole now. He signed him, they did a track together, his wife Beyonce got him on her song too while the likes of Trey Songz and Ne-Yo are still waiting their turn. How much publicity does he need to hit it big, you tell me.

    Roc Nation is dormant while YMCMB is popping. TGJ, why didn’t you talk about Melanie Fiona sales? Roc Nation is losing now, let’s be honest.

  7. flawda April 11, 2012

    LOL the funny thing about the DIggy SImmons nonsense is, at no point did J Cole mention her name. She isn’t the only Vanessa in the world or daughter of a preacher, Diggy Simmons pretty much told the world his sister was a jump off in college. No one knew J Cole was even mentioning Vanessa Simmons, and we still don’t know if he was speaking of her.

    Diggy just tried to drum up some controversy because his album flopped. Plus don’t no one with common sense believe the Simmons sisters are virgins and pure, you think for one second Bow Wow ain’t hit Angela.

    J Cole as already hit it big, his album is gold, his single is platinum. He just needs to keep growing as a artist like Kanye did.

    As for YMCMB, lmfao at popping. Putting out pop fluff aimed at 14 year old white gilrs and homosexual males is trendy, don’t act like anyone will be listening to Nicki Minaj or Pink Friday 15 years from now. They’ll be Murder Inc status in 3 years.

    Since you want to talk about Melanie Fiona sales, how did Tyga’s album do. Yeah, shut up!

    You want to know what Roc Nation is doing, who do you think is writing all these songs for Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and all these big artist. Yep Roc Nation writers and producers, you can scream Young Money all you want, just know they are paying Esther Dean and Roc Nation.

  8. Jayla April 11, 2012

    J. Cole didnt respond to Diggy becuse its “Diggy” lmao, who beefs with a dude named “Diggy” lmao

  9. soamazing April 11, 2012


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