Exclusive: Lady GaGa Manager Dishes On New Album

Published: Thursday 31st May 2012 by Sam

Lady GaGa may be on a sell-out world tour, yet that hasn’t stopped the megastar from recording material for her new album.

The singer’s co-manager Vincent Herbert spoke with That Grape Juice about the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Born This Way’ while at the Los Angeles launch for Kim Kimble’s new WE tv show.

Herbert, who is married to Tamar Braxton, also dished on his wife’s new album. Hit ‘PLAY’ for the goods.

Are you still checking for Lady GaGa?


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  1. RIHANNAQUEEN May 31, 2012

    B**** WILL FLOP HARD lmaooo just like Beyonce will ….RIHANNA THE REAL QUEEN


    • KIMBERLY May 31, 2012

      rihanna is the queen of flops. 3 flop albums and 4 flop tours. no artist have ever had as many flops in their career. REMINDER……. GO GAGA GO

    • Gilberto May 31, 2012

      Talk That Flop isn’t even Platinum. Born This Way’s first week sales sold more than TTT to date. I can’t. She’s on a major world tour. She’s far from flopping, b****. Rihanna only has two successful albums, the others are flops. BYE!

      • Stephen May 31, 2012

        Why do y’all go on and on about sales, charts, etc?

    • Gaaglooo! May 31, 2012

      Lllol At @Queen… Looking For Adrenaline!

    • NJabzzzz June 1, 2012


  2. Speaks truth May 31, 2012

    Always checkin for gaga

  3. The One and Only Miss Perrylicious May 31, 2012

    No one is checking on her.

  4. prettigurlrockD May 31, 2012

    Katy perry can’t sing or dance. Only thing she is good at is cheap teeny bopper music and flop marriages. Okay? So Bye. Gaga always slays.

    • Stephen May 31, 2012

      Not like GaGa is much better than her in the singing department

      • Miao May 31, 2012

        B****, please! lol

    • Gaaglooo! May 31, 2012

      Ciao C***!

  5. Truth May 31, 2012

    Did he say Mindless behavior?

    • therealest June 1, 2012

      I know. If Gaga works with the lower grade version of B2k – well I have NOTHING to say about that.

      How can she have gone from amazing to turd so quick?

  6. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 31, 2012

    i don’t use the overhyped s*** coming from gaga or her crew no more after what happened with BTW. and of course i check for GAGA , who doesn’t ?

    • Gaaglooo! May 31, 2012

      Yeeeeees POP R.!!

    • SBC19 June 1, 2012

      “and of course i check for GAGA , who doesn’t ?”

      Non homosexuals.

  7. michael May 31, 2012

    Im a big lady gaga fan and i cant wait until her next album to come out. BTW was so underrated. All three her cds are good. I cant wait until mindless behavikr cd to come out. There first cd stayed on repeat. If tamar second album any thing like her first, or.anythkng lkme the songs she has co written for toni then imma have to check it out.

  8. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) May 31, 2012

    Born this Way was her best
    Maybe she´ll go more commercial again for the next one, but I hope only a little bit, not as light and easy as The Fame. That was good for a huge debut, and nobody was doing that big way in 2008, but that´s it

  9. S****** Blonde May 31, 2012

    The only thing i would like her to change in her next era is her outrageous outfits and all those crazy s*** in her head, i think it’s time to look normal those things are getting ridiculous at this point, about the Music i think she keeps getting better so nothing to change about her Music, just go back to look like a normal person.

    • Gaaglooo! May 31, 2012

      Agree, “The Outrageous” Thing Just Overshadow Her talent!

  10. StadiumsBitches May 31, 2012

    Hell yeah we’re checking on Gaga!! I wan’t wait for new material from her.

  11. JER May 31, 2012

    exclusive my ass. So apparently the EXCLUSIVE from That4lopjuice is: expect the unexpected from Lady Gaga.


  12. Kingdom Gaga May 31, 2012

    Are you still checking for Gaga? Is that even a legit question? lol

  13. Miao May 31, 2012

    BTW is one of most underrated albums ever! For next album: less hype, better videos and it will be massive!

    Are you still checking for Gaga? lol, ALWAYS!

  14. BC (@BeyFan3000) May 31, 2012

    Im so happy she is coming back. We need decent performers to return. So Beyonce and Gaga will be back with new albums!

  15. MISHKA May 31, 2012

    Madonna basically putshed Gaga back to the gimmick status. People are still checking Gaga but no one really misses her. That’s the real bummer.

    • Ugh May 31, 2012

      Yep. That’s the drawback of modeling your career off another.

  16. UM OK May 31, 2012

    Gaga will always have something interesting up her sleeve so ppl will constantly write about her and whatnot. My concern is that she became a fad after BTW didn’t exactly sell beyond its initial few weeks. That said a talent like Gaga will always have a spotlight despite the MANY haterz!

  17. FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud May 31, 2012

    Born this way was a huge letdown musically for me. Such a boring album! Bring back the fame/fame monster Gaga or i will continue to pirate her music


  18. Ugh May 31, 2012

    As a rep for the general public, nope. Im sure her fans are though.

  19. Gaaglooo! May 31, 2012

    Yeeees Sam, We Are Here For Lady G, No matter What! Stop It, BTW Is A Masterpeace, and The Album P*** On: The Fame and The Fame Monster, You Basic B******!

  20. RAQUEL June 15, 2012

    SORRY . if ADELE STILL HERE . this lady gaga wont go anywhere . cause ADELE has been at the same place for nealy 2 years .

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