Hot Shot: Kelly Rowland Covers ‘Vegas’

Published: Thursday 31st May 2012 by Sam

Cop a gander of Kelly Rowland on the cover of Vegas magazine.

The R&B diva is currently hard at work on her fourth studio album, and has already logged in studio time with Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, Da Internz, The Neptunes, and more.

Your thoughts?

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  1. TRUTH May 31, 2012


  2. fred May 31, 2012


  3. sammie May 31, 2012

    she is a black barbie

  4. Mischief May 31, 2012

    Yes Ms Kalendria You better snatch wigs!!! She looks amazing

  5. THE REAL TYLER May 31, 2012



  6. US republicans preventing 5 million democratic voters for voting for Pres. Obama. May 31, 2012

    Good luck Kelly with new album. Good luck to u n Ciara.

  7. Ty May 31, 2012

    Omg! Such a beauty!!!! Can’t wait for the album!!!!

  8. US Republicans preventing 5 million democrat voters from voting for Pres. Obama May 31, 2012

    Black Barbie indeed.

  9. US Republicans to spend close to a BILLION dollars to defeat Pres. Obama in election May 31, 2012


  10. Mhud May 31, 2012

    This Beautiful Angel Keeps Giving Me Life.Im Patiently Waiting For Your New Album.Queen Kelly 4eva

  11. Steph May 31, 2012

    Diva!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! #teamkelly

  12. nikkiischillin May 31, 2012

    Congrats Kelly! She looks really pretty.

  13. X,Y,”and Z” May 31, 2012

    Hi, my name is Kelendria. I’m a complete bore, and a shining example of absolute failure!

    I’m really, really good at this failure thing, I’ll have you know. You see, I’ve been a failure now for an entire decade. That’s right, 10-LOOOOONG years since declaring self a “solo artist”, I’ve done nothing but fail.. “Failure and Loss” are my closest and constant companions; they never leave my side!

    But I have a secret to now share with you, wanna hear it? You do!! Wonderful.. You see, I’ve now fooled EVERYONE (well, almost “everyone” – I didn’t fool Simon Cowell – a tough nut to crack, that Simon). I’ve ‘fooled’ everyone into thinking I’m camera-worthy. They’re so gullible! You see, I smile allot, and I use “dark-skin sista girl” guilt – putting shame on anyone who doesn’t kowtow to my demands. Black women? No problem: I just get out my best lacefront, layer-on the toner and foundation, and ‘praise the beauty’ of white men and voila: the captured interest of black women; black gay men?! Ha! Putty in my hands. They, themselves, want so much to be the demure, dazzling, pampered black woman, then seen on the “red carpet/stage”, that they’ll support any of what I do..

    But that ‘wasn’t enough’. No, it wasn’t! You see, my last CD, “Here I am” was an abysmal failure! I mean like it set a new standard in/of failure! You see, Simon Cowell gave me a job that then gave me weekly-access to 12-Million U.K./European willing-n-able discretionary-spending consumers, and what I do with such a one-in-lifetime opportunity? Well, holding true to form, I squandered it! After given, said weekly access for months-on-end, to 12-Million eager-to-spend..”MOTIVATED” consumers, I only managed to move less-than 150-K units of said “Here I am” CD. Like how pathetic is that! I really don’t know what happened! I had everything working: black gay men projecting their badly-damaged psyches on me – black women keenly interested after I’d proclaimed “Orlando Bloom, and men who look like him, are THE most beautiful of all men” – white men for the said aforementioned – I thought I had it ALL figured out! But my once-in-lifetime opportunity has turned out to be nothing short of my worst-yet, most publicized failure!

    ..Could it be that, what Matthew Knowles had already knew, as he who guided and molded DC, was now realized by the masses? I mean, I and Michele were little more than life-sized human cardboard cutouts for Beyonce to sing and dance around. Matthew understood this long ago. That’s my real calling in this life, you know: life-sized human cardboard cutout and place-holder. *Sigh..* I thought I had everyone fooled!

    But, all is not yet lost.. NO! You see, everything old is new again, and with the death of Donna Summer, it’s now time to launch Kelly Rowland 2.0. ..WATCH OUT, Rihanna, there’s a NEW pair of black labia in town!!


    • Jessica May 31, 2012

      Do you have a compulsive disorder?? ADHD?? OR any disorder?? You have too much time on your hands, you need to seek medical help…. your obsession of Kelly is getting outta hand… please please seek medical help!!! Thanks!!!

      Sincerely :


  14. muni May 31, 2012

    I love her she is my IDOL!!

  15. sweetdiva May 31, 2012

    Kelly always brings it!!! Fierce huuunneeyyy….

  16. B_STANNING May 31, 2012

    Kelly is a bad ish. her beauty is so pure and yet so fierce

  17. Skittles May 31, 2012

    OMG, you better Werk! Girl you might just bring the straight out of me. Woo

  18. Chillin May 31, 2012

    yesssss! Absolute BEAUTY

  19. blackbunny May 31, 2012


    • Suicide Blonde May 31, 2012

      I know i’m dying.

      • truth May 31, 2012


  20. Seriously? May 31, 2012

    Ahhh. Kellys stalker has arrived once more. Thing is. I (like many others) have seen Kelly in person (no makeup after a 13hr flight) and she is possibly one of the most beautiful woman on the planet.

    She is finally using what God gave her and that is a beautiful face, incredible genes and an even more beautiful spirit. Bless her.

    • X,Y,”and Z” May 31, 2012

      @Seriously? re: “I’ve (like many others) seen Kelly in person (no makeup after a 13hr flight) and she is possibly one of the most beautiful women on the planet.”

      ..Like seriously..?!

      Does she look anything like this?<—

      I'm curious, what are you(race, gender)? I know for certain you can't be a black male heterosexual. I mean, I've been saying it now for years, and your fave said it recently on a NYC radio station: "Orlando Bloom, and European men who look like him, are T-H-E most beautiful of all men."

      While I haven't seen the almost-40-something-year-old Kelly Rowland in person, then just-disembarking transoceanic flights, I've seen her pictured: sans the "war paint". Let's just say, she's no Gabrielle Union! Kelly Rowland's "perfect" skin comes the way of a bottle and make-up artist.

      ..Long-story short: she's no "natural beauty".

      Kelly Rowland's preference for/in men is what is most revealing, and at the same time, what's "hurting" her when she's seen onstage/in-video with her black male dancers: "Kelly Rowland:Orlando Bloom, and men who look like him are THE most beautiful of all men."

      ..You see, that lack of any…chemistry then bleeds over from the stage, and then into the audience ; from the screen to the viewer(s) watching. You now doubt me? You need proof? Well, go and look at her recent appearance on "Chelsea lately". She was asked 'bout HER "man". She was then just beaming in her reply regarding him. THAT, is what's precisely missing from her when she's seen onstage interacting with her dancers. Beyond that? Look, let's be honest, she moves with all the "fluidity, ease and dexterity" of a mummified corpse.

      Kelly Rowland isn't a solo-act! That…"IT FACTOR" is woefully absent. Kelly Rowland has and will flourish, when in a role she knows best: back-up/supporting cast. Alone onstage, then standing in front of a camera, is NOT where the likes of a Kelly Rowland should be! "Prove it," you now demand?.. Well, less-than 150-K "Here I am" units sold after weekly-seen, for months-on-end, by 12-Million eager-to-spend U.K./European consumers stands as damning incontrovertible evidence.

      X,Y,"and Z" — OUT..!!

  21. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 31, 2012

    she looks GREAT. 😀
    and this cover just makes me happy for unknown reasons. something about her smile attracts me 🙂

  22. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) May 31, 2012

    Its Kelly Baby !! Wifey looking dam good …

    Work it Girl .. GO! GO!! GO!!!

  23. Drd May 31, 2012

    She’s absolutely stuning!

  24. lyric commander lee May 31, 2012

    work mama!

  25. nando May 31, 2012

    im so proud of Kelly!! shes really doing her thing..without Beyonce overshadowing her-you could definitely say shes coming up on her own. people are really respecting her as a solo artist not as a destinys child member 🙂

  26. realstunna May 31, 2012

    kelly looks hot …. damn look at those fine legs … dont forget to ollow me on twitter @iamjustkel …. i’m hilarious and teamfollowback

  27. To X Y and Z May 31, 2012

    As usual XYZ posts a pathetic ass 3 page essay. Soo fukking retarded I’m speechless. Drop dead for real

    We don’t want XYZ in these posts ever again

  28. Really?? May 31, 2012

    X, Y, and Z

    May you and your negativity get hit by a car, bus, or truck tommorrow so that you scum ass can be mashed on the pavement as you deserve

    Obviously you hat because nobody loves you

    You are a nobody

    Who will never posses Kelly’s money, beauty, or p****

    I’m on the drop dead X,Y,Z wagon. An obvious f***** who idolizes Beyonce and writes 300000 word essays of hate that NOBODY reads!!!!!


    • X,Y,’and Z” June 1, 2012

      @Really? re: “you and your negativity get hit by a car, bus, or truck tommorrow so that you scum ass can be mashed on the pavement as you deserve”

      ..My God! What a horrible thing to say! You Rowdogs are just a rabid hate-spewing bunch, aren’t you? Your Kelly will certainly not be pleased!

      “Obviously you hat (hate?) because nobody love you”

      But just who “loves” the almost-40-something-year-old Kelly Rowland?

      Well, we know it’s certainly NOT the 12-million U.K./European consumers who saw your “Rowpound Queen”, then on a weekly basis for months on-end, who weren’t then…(wait for it, it never gets old)..”MOTIVATED” — as only less-than 150-K “Here I am” units were sold to said 12-Million U.K./European discretionary-spending consumers.

      ..And we certainly can’t say that Simon Cowell “loves” your fave as he just fired her from X-Factor U.K., now can we?

      *Meh..* I, myself, would certainly say “let sleeping Rowdogs lie”, but your fave has a way of “failing upwards”. She’s done so now for a decade since declaring herself a solo artist.

      Kelly Rowland: Perpetual Failure In Motion.

      X,Y,”and Z” — OUT(bark Rowdogs, bark)…!!!

  29. Lola May 31, 2012

    She’s Tooooooo Cute!!!!!!!!!!

  30. TM June 1, 2012

    Kelly is amazing let haters hate!

  31. Alex Thomas June 1, 2012

    S*** <3

  32. Myrl22 June 1, 2012

    love her… love the dress… love the hair… love the shot… she is Ms AMAZING and can do no wrong in my world…. #TeamKelly All DAy Every DAy

  33. williNalli June 1, 2012

    My Guilty Pleasure. 🙂

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