Hot Shots: Madonna Heads To Kabbalah With Lady GaGa Director

Peep Madonna, on her way to a Kabbalah centre in Mahanttan, New York.

Joined by famed photographer Steven Klein, responsible for Lady GaGa‘s ‘Alejandro‘ visual, the icon and her children took the centre yesterday afternoon, seemingly unfazed by onlooking paparazzi.

More from Team Madge below…

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  1. DUNKFAN May 13, 2012

    It looks like some wants to rip off Lady Gaga.

  2. Yung Firestarta May 13, 2012


    “It looks like someone wants to rip off Lady Ga Ga.”

    You’re kidding, right?

  3. Ray May 13, 2012

    Steven Klein worked with Madonna long before anyone had ever heard of Lady Gaga.

  4. mark May 13, 2012

    i don’t think it’s fair to label him as “lady gaga director” and completely ignore the fact that he has worked with madonna many times before he worked with madonna. the writers on this blog seem keen on starting fights between different groups of fans, and that really bothers me.

    either the writers don’t do their research or they are deliberately trying to start arguments by omitting certain facts. Ridiculous.

  5. mark May 13, 2012

    ugh yes i made a mistake up there. it should read “he has worked with madonna many times before he worked with gaga.”

  6. DJ TAJ May 13, 2012

    Obviously either the writer of this article just doesn’t know any better or is trying to start stan wars. Steven worked with Madonna many many many many many times before Gaga was even famous. So technically, Gaga ripped Madonna by hiring her long time collaborator! I mean look at the Alejandro clip… Madonna-much?!!

  7. Onyx May 13, 2012

    This Madonna-Lady Gaga war is so stupid, i like Gaga but she’s not on Madonna’s level all that she is doing now is nothing but a blatant falsehood because as much i love her, she has copy Madonna in so many ways and don’t come to me with that s*** about both are not 100% originals, Madonna has copy some Hollywood star like Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and Bette Davis not singers, the only singer i can say Madonna has copy was Debbie Harry and that was in the beginning of her career, Gaga has copy Madonna looks and sounds, just listen to her Music, songs like Dance in the Dark is a second part of Madonna’s Vogue, not to mention Born This Way and many more, she references her a lot in her work, the look of Madonna she is more ispired by is the iconic look of Madonna in the Blond Ambition Tour, you can see in her performances all Madonna references too, i think she has even studied Madonna’s way of speak, just take a look at any Madonna’s interview from 1990 to 1993 and you will see that when you listen to her it’s like you are listen to Gaga, she really have an obsession for Madonna, i mean C’mon if Gaga is better than Madonna why she keep copyng her, That is my problem with her, she’s not honest about it, yes she has said a 1000 times “i’m the hugest Madonna fan” but is not the same thing being a fan than being an imitator and that is what Lady Gaga is becoming to me, of course the new kids believe she’s Jesus and every singer not only Madonna is nothing but s*** compared to Lady Gaga, what Madonna did in her time was risky, new and really shocking, what Gaga is doing now is pretending to be a badass and break rules that already has been broken by the likes of David Bowie, Grace Jones, Prince and Madonna.

  8. Miao May 13, 2012

    This stan wars are so 2010!
    I f****** hate this Madonna – Gaga thing!

    Gaga is pretentious and people like to underestimate significance of her talent and innovation that she currently brings.
    Nobody is saying a thing about “originality” of Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Britney.. Why? Becouse they always play the SAFE CARD! Just do what everybody wants and that would be enough! And this is why Gaga always comes in first place..
    I do not want to mention that she is, in addition to Beyonce, one of the few pop stars with true talent. Thus something even Madonna can’t boast (when mic is ON). And that is the truth!

  9. Twitter: @TheIndiigo May 13, 2012

    Madonna was definitely with Steven Klein wayyyyyyyyy before Lady Gaga even knew who he was. Let’s keep it all the way in the clear.

  10. Gaaglooo! May 13, 2012

    Lol @ONYX As Much I Love you, I think your are very PRESSED over Gaga! We ALL Know that Madonna is the ULTIMATE B****, No need to Bash Lady G to proove that! I’ll Never understand how you and MADONNALOVER love the fact that “Rih is the Black Madonna”, but sometimes you Bash Gaga for “Being Madge’s Copy” Why? Because Gaga does have the talent that can make her a Legend one day if she continue to work HARD?! I’ll support them BOTH no matter what, I love them!:-)

  11. Onyx May 13, 2012

    You know i say Rihanna is the black Madonna because of her controversy coz Black girls usually don’t make controversy like she does, you know she don’t care, no because i think Rihanna is the new Madonna, about Gaga i like her, i feel that her talent is sometimes overshadows to those copycat rumors and she contributed to that in some ways because she has copy a lot is true, i’m not against her, you say i need to bash her to proves that Madonna is better NO, i just defending Madonna because some Gaga fans call Madonna untalented when she is very talented that’s is when my crazy fanatic side comes out, i need them to know that she is a great artist, what i say of Gaga is the truth nothing else, you see i make clear that Madonna has copy too so i’m not just attacking Gaga, just saying the truth.

  12. Shayshay May 13, 2012

    Do your research, Klein worked with Madge years before GaGa

  13. Saetana May 14, 2012

    What a pointless article this was – who gives a s*** about Madonna going to practise her weirdo religion (which she has been a member of for a long time) with some video director? Sounds to me like TGJ are up to their usual tricks trying to start a stan war. Well I ain’t buying it, I’m a Gaga fan and I could care less about this guy and whether or not he worked with Madonna. Slow news day is it?

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