Rihanna Defends Chris Brown Reunion: “I’m Living In My Truth”

Published: Thursday 3rd May 2012 by David

Despite obvious shortcomings, Rihanna is undoubtedly Pop’s most exciting act.

Yes, while her excitable nature has kept her out of rehearsals and into controversy one too many times, her light, bright and carefree attitude to life sometimes makes her more appealing than acts far more talented than she is.

Now, before the release of her new video ‘Where Have You Been’, she sat down with Extra to discuss her new movie ‘Battleships‘, her mother but more importantly- her controversial reunion with ex boyfriend Chris Brown.

Details below…

When asked on the inspiration behind the collab, she dished:

People think them doing what they want is doing what everybody else doesn’t want, and it’s not that.

Doing what you want means moving forward with the way you feel and living in your truth and a lot of the time you’ll find common ground with people and sometimes there are people you won’t find that- who won’t agree with you. But it has to be your truth.

Well said.

However, while all for Rihanna having a ‘good time’, one does have to wonder how much of that time is spent developing Rihanna the brand and not Rihanna the tabloid regular.

For, unless ROC has managed to pull her out of it and kept it on the low, she is still tied to a 360 contract with Def Jam- a contract that hinders her from joining the likes of GaGa, Taylor and Adele at the top of many a Forbes list.

So, with the Chris Brown mess behind her, it’ll be interesting to see how Riri’s lax approach works out for her in ten years or so.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Truff May 3, 2012


  2. kimberly May 3, 2012

    Still promoting that flop movie? Avengers did 270 milli in 7 days. battleship 170 two weeks. Two bigg budget action movie. wowzers. I know avengers in America will be huge, needs to be updated.

  3. kimberly May 3, 2012

    Sam forbes, what do you expect when all her money goes to her manager, record lable, producers, directors, organizers, song writers and tour tickets always discounted. She has no input in what she is doing. If she doesn’t have time to do choreo for 7 years then she sure have no time to learn vocal ranges

  4. Truff May 3, 2012

    First funky hoez

  5. mr.m May 3, 2012

    FLOP B****
    she just want publicity … DRAMA QUEEN, THAT’S HER TRUTH
    AH! how much I want Chris to beat the s*** out of her face AGAIN!!!
    that would be EPIC

  6. Stans Make Me LOL May 3, 2012

    Hold on, hold on….. didn’t she walk out of an interview the other day because the interviewer asked her about her not so “personal life”, but here she is happy to answer perfectly placed questions about Chris and joke about Ashton.
    I can’t keep up with this one!

  7. 2/11 Songscribe May 3, 2012

    Look at the Pressed h***, swamming the riri post with negative comments, ain’t u ashamed? she is leaving her life, collaborating with Chris to give u the song all u r popping to. U r so fake. Stupid h*** got no lyf, u mad coz your fav is flopping and ririr is winning. We will see. as for @same, u r one heap of mess. i know u be girating on Birthday Cake while in the closet looking a mess in your wife’s leggings, bra, stillletos and a lacefront. Grow up!!!

  8. 2/11 Songscribe May 3, 2012


  9. Sleazy May 3, 2012

    Rihanna signed up as a Spoke person for “Abuse” and then she went and do that She is heartless she doesn’t care bout anything Just her money and sales and controversy is how she keeps her name in tabloids

  10. JORDAN IS THE BEST May 3, 2012


  11. skintightjeans May 3, 2012

    TGJ, ya’ll so damn stupid. She didn’t even say anything about Chris Brown or even allude to him. Ya’ll just need people to come up in these dead ass posts so you write a lying ass headline to get people to come in here to read. Con artist ass h***.

  12. Lax May 3, 2012

    Rihanna the bad people on a whole is on the blogs
    which is on “OverLoad” with yo talented, smart,rich,
    black ass mamma!!!!!
    Especially Kimberly she has visions and nightmares
    of seeing her self licking that ass of yours 24/7 that is
    why this obsessed kimberly clown and beyonce’s bee
    hive goes out of their way to give you Mad Passionate
    Love on the blogs, Always.

    Rihanna as hard as i tries to give you support they double
    and triple up to try and take yo haed off always.
    Rihanna if you would stop all of the bull shyt and get serious
    for a while it will perhaps help make yo stock shoot straight
    through the roof. Get in the studios more, practice harder and
    longer on yo dance moves, take ballet, belly dancing, boxing,
    ku fu, learn how to be a stunt woman, learn more english. And
    stop wearing kinis, cover yo ass up, stop going on vacation and
    spend all of yo time in the studios, and keep yo glam team on
    stand by for even when you crosses the street on the set of a
    magazine shoot. Stop sleeping around with all of these boys
    you meet on the streets in the guttos and everywhere you goes
    when you or out of the country and back in the island. Start looking
    around for some one who will make a wife out of you and start thinking
    about having a family and do it like BEYONCE AND HER BEE HIVE WANT
    you to do it, RIHANNA you find you a good husband like your MANGER JAY-Z SOME ONE LIKE JAY-Z, get yo ass married and then have you a PILLOW RIHANNA AND KEEP YOUR SHIRTS, ROBES ECT BUTTON ALL THE WAY
    because the magazine covers or all perserved for BEAYONCE AND BEYONCE ONLY and the likes of your ass on a magazine cover or your ass shooting s***

  13. the real xoxo May 3, 2012

    she has a single to promote, and this is yet another TTT publicity stunt. ive lost alot of respect for rihanna this era. i wish rihanna and fistopher would both go away,

  14. Lax May 3, 2012

    Rihanna in life you win some and you lose some, now if in your career
    you can please some of the people some of the time, but you sure can not
    please all of the people all of the time, therefore keep giving the world the
    best you have got. If and when you start hitting the cat walks, and stag drunk
    or so waisted that will be the time for you to take a serious look at yourself
    and your career, but until them get yo run out because when you desides to
    settle yo wild ass down , you will have a lot to look back on. Often time young
    people has to get their run out, and we did it in college and i see you tracing
    back along the same tracks. The only difference is you or mega rich, and got
    plenty money to blow and even enough to let the grape hold a few hundred
    thousands if they should ever need it. As long as you keep reporting for work
    you have my vote. Many who or screaming or those who hide behind their screens and call you names, but don’t sweat the small talk because many of them have got children by 5 different men and they still trying to say they or ms perfect and don’t sleep around and yet they have differen daddys for their children
    that they want you to be a role model for and besides that they also sleeps around with them two famous brothers Mr Welfare and his Slick Brother Mr. Welfare, yet they point the finger at you and they do that because they or p*** poor and on many differen s** partners and it seem yo ass is not having to go through what they or going through therefore they will be BITTER BUM BYTCHES till these
    children of their get grown and gone from their homes and the fellows who or mad is broke a/h who or in need of smokes, food, clothes and a steering wheel,
    because spring has sprung and they need air conditioning for the summer, mamma.

  15. Lax May 3, 2012

    We do love you grape, you add zesto to the blogosphere.

  16. Lax May 3, 2012

    Some one told me the other day that they notice that
    i do not read the papers anymore which i replyed
    nope if its not on the grape i don’t worry to much
    about it until i hear it from word of mouth.

  17. Lax May 3, 2012

    Mr M
    YEP she want it and u r buying into it,
    by commenting keep the good work up,
    i support her just like you two, do.

  18. Lax May 3, 2012

    @KIMBERLY,,,,,,see when you read you at 4:16 that clears the
    air as to the mind set you and many have got for and toward her. See
    you or happy that the movie shes in did not make as much as another movie.
    See she was in a strip club and you lossed yo rabbit mind because that was
    so degragding, now the movie at least she gave it her best shot and she sure
    in the hell was not in a strip club in the flick and you or still trying to tapp that ass
    tell you what get the Bee hive , haters and “STD” and yall go head and knock yo selves out because rihanna and navy know you all of fukkkkkked up in yo heads over this girls success, period.
    Going to a strip club was bad and being in her first feature movie is causing major problems to many who visits the grape juice blog, simply amazing.
    @KIMBERLY,,,What would you do if they had set aside 50 million for Promos all around the globe and even in Russia and you or as popular as she is???set on yo ass and tell them you don’t want to be a part of the action win, lose or draw, you do need to seek help and get you some different meds to treat that dreaded disease of hate that you carry around for her because Kimberly, bee hive and rihanna’s Haters Hate will Kill you!!!!!!

  19. xedos May 3, 2012

    she’s not sign to no 360 contract with def Jam. rihanna sign with def jam in 2004 who was giving out 360 contract to new artist. only u2 and madonna were getting 360 contract record labels was not even thinking about 360 contract at that time,
    it was years down the road after live nation who started the trend before the labels catch on. rihanna sign with roc nation for mgmt and touring so how could she sign 360 deal with def jam when live nation/ roc nation is responsible for her touring.

  20. HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2012

    And at the end of the day @KIMBERLY…..she’s still doing more than YOU and it sours your insides.
    You know that she has no input, how? You’re hating ass assumptions because you’re not there to closely observe? Right. You probably have several RiRi songs on your playlist and you listen each time with envy, like “damn, why can’t it be me”……I know boo. It’s ok your constant trolling says it all. Actually, I hope TGJ is at least tossing you a few coins for your trolling.

  21. Queen. May 3, 2012

    Rihanna will forever fall short because she makes her personal life the center of her career. I don’t understand it. She does all these crazy antics for attention, but the second people call her out on her s***, she gets upset. I surely do miss the days when celebs had mystery to their lives.

  22. misstrial May 3, 2012


    Please I really could not see Rihanna with a man like Jay-Z. We don’t know what his wife is going through. When he’s out with her it seems fake on his part but his wife is so nice and loving.

    Chris & Rihanna are industry friends now and for those who don’t like it deal. Yay Birthday Cake remix is the bomb people , I wish it was for sale. Matter fact it’s #2 on R&B HipHop. If this song was to be on sale it would go #1 on Main Itunes


  23. xedos May 3, 2012

    @KIMBERLY you’re so ignorant. i guess other artist don’t have the same expenses when they tour. rihanna is smarter that you think. it was she who decided to get rid of her old mgr. because all he was doing was just manage. she move to roc nation
    where the give her mgmt., touring, and endorsement and she gets to form her own company all for one price instead of paying different people to do different things she get a one stop shop for one price.

  24. HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2012

    How do you know whether Rihanna has a 360 deal or not?? Did you broker said deal????? And regardless or what kind of deal she has, there are shady, disproportionate deals of the 360 AND standard types. 360 simply means profit sharing in other ventures in addition to music between the artist and the label, not that they are in some type of endentured servitude. 360 deals are frequently smart for developing artists because the LABEL will work to get you endorsements, acting gigs, and whatever else that you possibly couldn’t have achieved with other resources or by yourself. And guess what genius…in many 360 deals the ARTIST gets the majority of the money. The label gets a smaller fraction like an agent or manager fee. And please believe that contracts are renegotiated with a certain caliber of fame. Madonna and jay-z both have 360 contracts….you think they aren’t getting most of that? Anyway, Rihanna is paid and i guess you guess will stay trying to discredit her.

  25. HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2012


    Your encyclopedic posts are uniquely you but why you always have that much to say??? For real, like, i’m really curious

  26. James227 May 3, 2012

    May 3, 2012 at 7:25 am
    Rihanna will forever fall short because she makes her personal life the center of her career. I don’t understand it. She does all these crazy antics for attention, but the second people call her out on her s***, she gets upset. I surely do miss the days when celebs had mystery to their lives.


    OMG this right here!!!!! Right to the f***** point

  27. xedos May 3, 2012

    what i notice with black people when white artist makes a lot of money touring no one question it or what percentage they get to keep ,but as soon as a black artist hit the jack pot you have all these haters start to disect their money like they are the ones who wrote the contract. making comments like they ‘re not getting most of the money,yet they never say that about white artist they act like the white artist gets to keep 100% of their money ,but the black artist get to keep pennies. i guess the haters feel better in their mine to know that a next black person are failure like them

  28. xedos May 3, 2012

    @HALF AMAZIN you need to read. i said no record labels was into 360 deals when rihanna sign her contract in 2004. live nation was the company who started 360 deals and they were giving it to proven and bankable artist like U2 and madonna they were the 1st artist to get 360 deals before them they were no such word.

  29. karla May 3, 2012

    First of all Rihanna has been on the Forbes list numerous tines since way back in 07. And how do this site get away with posting so much lies? Were you there when she was signing to know what deal she’s in. I find it strange that of all the artists out there, its only Rihanna who’s in some supposed 360 deal.

  30. HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2012


    Live Nation did not create the 360 deal because Live Nation is a promoter not a record company. 360’s have been around since the 1970’s in some capacity. They became more detailed and prevalent when digital music tanked the record industry’s profits.

  31. HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2012


    YOU are the one who needs to read and COMPREHEND. You stated that Rihanna does not have a 360 record deal and my response was “how do you know whether she has a 360 deal OR NOT” which is a direct and appropriate inquiry to your statement.

  32. HALF AMAZIN May 3, 2012

    Folks, the 360 deal comes from the record company not the promoter or the management. i.e. if Rihanna has a 360, Def Jam would hold it, NOT Roc Nation (management) or Live Nation (promoter).

    “In exchange for getting a bigger cut from the artists they represent, the labels say they will commit to promoting the artist for a longer period of time and will actively try and develop new opportunities for them. In essence, the label will function as a pseudo-manager and look after the artist’s entire career rather than only focusing on selling records.”

    A promoter and a management company will serve themselves well to align with a promising artist with a 360 but they don’t create it.

  33. zania May 3, 2012

    I have much respect for Rihanna, she is trying to move on with her life, and she wish the media and everyone else would leave CB alone. She is doing everything to show the world that she has no hate for him and she has forgave him. CB is a great entertainer and that incident is holding him back, his album sales is just a little above Trey Songz, even though he sold millions prior to 2009. CB is so talented, he’s a singer, dancer,song writer , actor, artist, producer, one man with all that talent should be doing much better than what he did last year. Even though that was accomplishment coming from the bottom after the incident. Rihanna didn’t want to answer the questions about her personal life because, she wants people to move on from the whole CB incident. Who would want that to define her for the rest of her life. Did anyone hear that Charlie Sheen just got a new tv show, why can’t CB and Rihanna move on from that one incident.

  34. shioniedoo May 3, 2012

    Pls lol I know one thing and one thing only. Her “living her truth” is just another way of saying that she is still in love with Chris and she need him in her life and vice versa lol I dont care how many pictures that K girlfriend of Chris Brown puts out, her days are numbered. All Rihanna is doing is setting it up for when it happens, if its not happening now. You can not tell me something has not been going on between them these past couple of years. You deny it all you want to

  35. Lax May 3, 2012

    @Half amazing know that i am generalizing the way i see it the
    board is usuall full of negaivity and when i generalize it’s not meant
    to upset or change people minds into liking Rihanna or even supporting
    her my intention is to show the unfairness of how her haters do her
    as compared to others artist and people like her. And when we see that
    people like Kimberly is negative no matter what that is unfair and i do
    npt expect to change any ones mind, at all i am just blogging and putting in my
    two cent of dollar for that matter.
    Just as my commenting is spoke about, i see myself going hard on her haters to
    point out the fact that no matter what she deserves a chance and they do have such a thing as “Human Rights” and rihanna like all of us come under that header. And if i am annoying you then feel free to go on ignore and ignore me because i am here to upset, annoy and humilated her haters just as hard as they tries to ALWAYS KICK RIHANNA IN HER ASS, SIMPLE AS THAT….

  36. Lax May 3, 2012

    @XEDOS Right on
    @MISSTRIAL,,,I used jay name just because shes beyonce’s husband and because even though hes her manger , many of the Bee Hive is always saying on a Rihanna post that beyonce did it right, she got married, had a baby and that that is the example of what rihanna needs to do. If you pay any attention to me , which i do not type the best and my english is as shitty as ever.
    Jayz isn’t even rihannas type and thank god beyonce has found that out because
    i remember when beyonce was thinking that rihanna was after jay and was giving her hell, well beyonce is still trying to give her hell as quiet as its kept, but i am not here for that its just that people have a made up mind about Rihanna and THAT IS OKAY, AND AS LONG AS PEOPLE KICKS HER IN HER ASS, ABOUT THINGS SHE DOES GOOD OR BAD THAT IS WHERE THE BAD SPELLING AND THE SHITTY ENGLISH KID COME IN TO CLOWN AND PARTY TOO.
    Thanks for being as frank and honest in a way where people can agree to disagree.

    @Kimberly, MRM, Sleazy, THE REALXOXO, Queen,
    See its okay for them to be negative it don’t bother me, therefore when i feel like it i go right off on them because that is what i love doing, i love reminding them that for rihanna life is good and the best is yet to come.

  37. hmm May 3, 2012

    While overall I agree with this post, I do not agree with the last paragraph as its misleading and ectremely false. how is a 360 deal preventing rihanna from reaching the likes of gaga and Adele when they and every artist today is locked in a 360 contract? That has nothing to do with her success. In addition, no record label is going to sign or even promote an artist that doesn’t engage in the 360.

  38. MOBWIFE May 3, 2012

    101% AGREE WITH RIHANNA on this one folks!

    It’s funny how they only want to use Rihanna (she, Jayz, and her PR team made this possible) to discuss an issue in which she has no knowledge. Domestic violence is not a teenage fight in which both threw blows , that’s just a childish fight. It’s funny how these same folks never ask PAM ANDERSON to defend re-marrying TOMMY LEE after he beat her 22 times per the police reports! No one asks KIM MATHERS to defend re-marrying EMINEM after he beat her many times, smacked up his own mother and mad songs about killing them both! GINA DAVIS was never asked to discuss JEFF GOLDBLUM’s beat downs. CARLY SIMON was never asked to explain her many years of abusive with husband JAMES TAYLOR. MADONNA wasn’t required to constanly discuss SEAN PENN’s abusive ass and of course there is CHARLIE “all I do is beat women” SHEEN and his MANY FEMALE VICTIMS!

    People need to wake up to whats really going on here. Pretty much like we now see with Oprah Windfrey, when you can no longer be used to suit “THE POWER THAT BE’s” purpose, you must be disregarded, castdown or completely destroyed. That is the plan for Rihanna now (the feminist no longer has use for her) and has been the scheme against Chris Brown for the past 3 years!

  39. Ryan Dontá May 3, 2012

    All ya h*** pressed! She is famous rich and black!…

  40. MOBWIFE May 3, 2012


    Don’t worry dear, as I told you in a prior post (see Dum English Toy) ppl are slowly but surely becomeing aware of the “WMD type” lies told by the media! The unwarrented attacks on Chris Brown are biased and racially motivated and now the world is beginning to see that very fact. They overlook actual men who abuse women in favor of constantly trying to lie and mislabel Chris Brown and Rihanna Fenty! All the media is doing is adding to his legend. They cannot stop him and the only hold they had is no longer insterested in playing the game (i.e. the role) they scripted for her. It’s just a funny thing to witness a fake media spinning its wheels but never moving! CHRIS BROWN IS SIMPLY THAT DUDE!

    Oh well HATERS, continued success to Chris and Rihanna (tho I’m not a fan)! 🙂

  41. Tr May 3, 2012

    *Face palm @ the 2 ‘active’ CB stans…

    Anyways, why is she still talking about him? Geez, give it a rest already!! If you’re ‘living ur truth’, then just shut up, and do it!! Feel so bad 4 this generation, and what is being passed of a ‘talent’!! Shameful…..

  42. Meeeeeuuuuuu May 3, 2012

  43. MOBWIFE May 3, 2012


    I do think it’s funny as hell that Bithday Cake is slaying with NO PROMOTION campaign WHAT SO EVER BY EITHER OF THEM! What in the hell does that really say? No video, no televised performances, NOTHING…. 0_o? LOL

    Listen, the media can say what it wants but somebody and I mean alot of “somebodies”, love Chris and Rihanna… one, the other, or both! 🙂

  44. MOBWIFE May 3, 2012


    May 3, 2012 at 9:48 am

    *Face palm @ the 2 ‘active’ CB stans… <—-WTF does that mean and back at you twice!

  45. patsyj May 3, 2012

    I did not hear Rihanna say Chris Brown’s name in the interview but what I did see was TGJ bring up his name SMH.

    I wonder if any of you had to go through all that hate, wishing death on you mother etc from the world would you have been able to deal? I don’t know how this young man dealt with all this hate toward him. Nice he has his family,close friends & TEAMBREEZY. Although I believe Rihanna knew all this 2009 s*** was fake from her & her handlers.

    Now I’m seeing Chris fans slacking off because of this Rihanna & Chris thing and or Chris & Kae relationship. They need to be fans not his girlfriends.

    Some of the Navy no matter what still hate Chris, but are going strong for their fave Rihanna.

  46. Onyx May 3, 2012

    That’s why i love her, she’s a real person, she is the only celebrity WHO seems human, love or hate her, you can deny this girl has more balls than some Men, model-role my ASS, i don’t have any of these famous people as a role model because they’re life is so different from the rest of us, i have as a role model my Mother who i really know but these people, enjoy them and stop worry about their life, like that is gonna change your f*****’ life, make yourself proud, doing right things no living behind the image that those famous people have. Go Riri.

  47. MsThing485 May 3, 2012

    If she winds up getting slapped again, I’m not gonna feel the least bit sorry for her.

  48. X,Y,”and Z” May 3, 2012

    @KIMBERLY re: May 3, 2012 at 4:16 am —


    According to boxofficemojo:

    “There’s only so much money to go around, so there are going to be movies that miss the mark this Summer. Battleship (May 18) has started turning the corner from cynical cash grab to actually look like an entertaining Summer movie, BUT being sandwiched between The Avengers and MIB 3 pretty much guarantees this winds up being the lowest-grossing of May’s alien invasion movies. Here’s the link: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/news/?id=3434&p=.htm

    According to deadline:

    “Peter Berg’s military vs aliens actioner from Universal moved into its 3rd weekend of international release and grossed an estimated $22.5M at 9,604 dates in 50 territories. That now brings the international total grosses for Battleship to $170.9M. Or, to put it in perspective, still less than what Marvel’s The Avengers from Disney made in its first 5 days of release in 39 territories last week. And with Russia and China and Japan still to come! Rival studios tell me that Battleship‘s foreign progress slowed considerably overseas because of The Avengers.” Here’s the link: deadline(dotcom)/2012/04/battleship-slows-to-170-9m-overseas/

    The ‘Kraken-like Avengers’ effect” on “Battleship”:

    Opening Weekend – $55.2-Million.
    2’nd Weekend – $60-Million. (+8.7%)
    3’rd Weekend – $23.5-Million. !!!!(-60.8%)!!!!
    4th Weekend (April 27-29th) – $31.3(??)

    So, what happened during the 3’rd and 4th weekends? “AVENGERS”!! That’s what happened! So let’s take the average of “Avengers’ damage” to “Battleship” = $27.4-M – STILL in the 50% decline range..!!!!

    ..You see, overseas was where ‘B’ship’ producers and distributors thought they had a chance to recoup that final, “get-to-theater” $450-Million cost. But with the aforementioned “Kraken-like Avengers” + horrid reviews + “bad word-of-mouth: Transformers rip-off” = ZERO chances of ‘Battleship’ making any ‘face saving’ returns!!

    “Battleship” WAS projected to do $300-Million overseas, and $125-Million U.S. domestic. ..BUT THAT WAS “BEFORE”, AND IN A “PERFECT” WORLD! ..Now that ‘the dynamic’ has changed, thanks to “Avengers”, ‘B’ship’ now sails into the perfect storm:

    1.) Hellacious, hull-crushing overseas(and domestic) competition from “Avengers”.
    2.) less-than-flattering reviews bearing-down upon Rihanna’s forehead.
    3.) Blog bad-word-of-mouth: “Transformers rip-off”

    Long-story short: Rihanna WILL be “the face” of an EPIC, BIBLICAL $450-Million disaster-at-sea..!!!

    X,Y,”and Z”

  49. misstrial May 3, 2012


    Hay hater do you REALLY think that Rihanna & Chris would EVER let this s*** happen to them again? Listen take yourself to the stadium and sit in all the seats possible. What a dumb comment.

  50. James227 May 3, 2012


    OMG! Did the Avengers pull in a wopping $260.5 mil. overseas already?

  51. zania May 3, 2012

    I wish Death Jam , would put Birthday Cake on itunes, so Rihanna and Cb can get their #1. I don’t know why they didn’t release it. Because of DV, how about all those felonies, Death Jam has signed to their record label, they are still supporting and releasing their music. I want to buy this song and I would love to see a video of this song.

  52. X,Y,”and Z” May 3, 2012

    @James227 re: 11:09 am —

    “Did the Avengers pull in a wopping $260.5 mil. overseas, already?”

    YES, it has! And, by the end of THIS upcoming weekend, they’re projecting $500-Million! Here, see for yourself:

    “Box Office Shocker: ‘Avengers’ Pacing to Fly Past $500 Mil Globally by Sunday” Here’s the link: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/box-office-shocker-avengers-pacing-500-million-globally-318568

    James, so what does ALL this mean for “Battleship”?! ..That’s easy: Rihanna WILL be “the face” of a $450-Million disaster-at-sea!

    ..You see, the producers knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they’d cast Rihanna – they wanted a face, a well-known, easily recognizable face, AND NAME, that could shoulder the blame, but also “take the fall” – should “Battleship” fail; given that mountainous $450-Million final, “get-to-theater” cost, an all-too-certain reality..

    .. Rihanna checks ALL the boxes!

    Just ask yourself, do you think they’d let Brooklyn Decker, Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård, or Liam Neeson “take the fall”..?? NO! HELL NO!! Taylor Kitsch had ALREADY been soiled by “John Carter”. He still has some box office draw left in/to him..

    ..So here comes Rihanna, with her ‘island-wide-forehead, big-eyed-ambition-no-talent’ self. She just couldn’t wait to sign-on to ANYTHING that would top “Takers”. She just couldn’t stand to see Chris get HIS shine.

    ..So blinded with that obvious “anything Chris can do, I can do better” ignorance, she signed-on to “Battleship” and the producers were only too happy to have her..

    ..Long-story short: bulls lose. Bears lose, but GREEDY, FILTHY, NO-TALENT HACK Pigs get slaughtered, while movie producers, and film-industry insiders have a good laugh..!!

    X,Y,”and Z”

  53. Hush May 3, 2012

    I’m gonna laugh my ass off if/when he beats her up again.

  54. James227 May 3, 2012


    So it’s true $260.5. Thanks

    Another thing I notice that they are pushing Rihanna’s face to this movie than the rest of the cast. Just check some of the interviews for Battleship.

  55. James227 May 3, 2012

    $260.5 million for Avengers so far ^^^^

  56. James227 May 3, 2012

    Wait a minute I haven’t seen any promo for the Avenger., Gezzzzzzz

    Good day everyone I’ve read enough

  57. Yacht May 3, 2012

    XYZ, question. How many $175 million movies has Beyonce been in? I’ll wait. Why are u calling that girl out of her name? You need Jesus, and to get laid properly. Take Kimberly with you. There is absolutely no need to call anyone names, especially someone who has done nothing to you personally nor does she know you exist. It ain’t that serious.

  58. X,Y,”and Z” May 3, 2012

    @Yacht re: 12:56 pm —

    “How many $175-Million movies has Beyonce been in?”

    To my knowledge? Not-a-one!!

    ..For the record: I’M NO BEYONCE FAN/SUPPORTER..!!!

    If you checked my CD/MP3 collection, and you found not one Beyonce song/CD, would THAT convince you?

    ‘Yacht’, question:

    1.) Tell me ’bout YOURself.. (m/f, location, etc.) you answer me, I’ll HONESTLY answer you, and maybe just take your words/suggestions under advisement..!!!!
    2.) Why would you put “Jesus” and “properly getting laid” in the same sentence? It’d be like Rihanna, alluded to (FF to 0.05 second mark): Interviewer: “Rihanna, you’re an incredible actress.” Rihanna: “No, that doesn’t even sound right.” Not only should we NOT associate Rihanna with “incredible actress,” neither should risk the “Wrath Of God” by associating her name with “singer, performer, dancer, song-writer”, nor any facsimile to/of what is commonly regarded on planet earth as..”TALENT”.
    3.) Do you personally know Rihanna? There’s a reason why I now ask.

    ‘Yacht’, do you know you’re one of the few, from ‘Camp-Fenty’ to not come-at me in a hostile manner? Well, you kinda-sorta had, but it was a..’measured’, if not “muted” attack, which is why I now welcome discourse with you.

    X,Y,”and Z”

  59. MISHKA May 3, 2012

    Well, that hair looks atrocious and that’s my truth.

  60. VA STAND UP!! May 3, 2012

    SMH! TGJ REACHING for hits again! She didn’t mention Chris NOT once in the interview. It’s pathetic the things you will do for hits! Always trying to start a stan war. This site has absolutely NO integrity left whatsoever! SMH!

    Anywho, I’m glad she went back to black because that color suits her best but she needs to let go of that tired ass half shaved hair do aka ‘The Cassie’. It’s so played out. Cassie rocked it BEST and its even tired on her now. She should just cut it short again because ironically the short hair was most flattering to her huge forehead. The long hair just makes her forehead stand out even more. Plus it’s almost summer and it’s too damn hot for all that weave.

  61. VA STAND UP!! May 3, 2012


    May 3, 2012 at 11:36 am

    I wish Death Jam , would put Birthday Cake on itunes, so Rihanna and Cb can get their #1. I don’t know why they didn’t release it. Because of DV, how about all those felonies, Death Jam has signed to their record label, they are still supporting and releasing their music. I want to buy this song and I would love to see a video of this song.


    I see some of y’all STILL don’t know when to let go. SMH. It’s been almost 3 months since they released ‘Birthday Cake’ for FREE! Emphasis on ‘free’! If they haven’t put it on iTunes by now it ain’t gonna happen! Let it go! Everyone who wanted to DL it has already done it for free anyway so it’s pointless. And you can forget about the video as well because that ain’t gonna happen either! It was already risky enough for them to record the song, especially since its so ‘explicit’, a video would be too much. The rumors of them being ‘back together’ would be endless and it would just over shadow the music. Chris needs to focus on himself and his OWN career. He doesn’t need to be constantly tied to her.

    I’m honestly glad they didn’t put it on iTunes so that people can’t say they used the ‘controversy’ to make money. They gave two free songs to their fans and luckily one of the songs actually did really well on the charts and could even become a No. 1 record. The song was never released as a official single, never put on iTunes and there was no video and look how well its done. Sometimes airplay is all you need with a hot song! It’s been holding steady at No. 2 spot for three weeks and it’s still getting major airplay. It could still reach the No. 1 spot….. that’s if ‘Climax’ ever loses steam.

  62. Saetana May 4, 2012

    Chris Brown and Rihanna did NOT have a childish fight, I’ve seen the photos and the court transcripts online – he beat the living crap out of her! He has had a couple of anger management incidents since they split as well, shows he doesn’t give a s*** about his dangerous temper. If Rihanna has forgiven him, that is her business, she never asked to become the poster girl for domestic violence, that was what the media made her into. I hope they never get back together as leopards never change their spots and an abuser is always an abuser unless they get the help they so badly need.

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