Rita Ora Shows MTV ‘How We Do’

Published: Saturday 5th May 2012 by Sam

That Rita reign just won’t let up. Well, somewhat.

Roc Nation’s newest star Rita Ora continues to shine bright, justiying her immesnse buzz with each new performance. Her latest?  A rousing set for MTV UK. 

Watch the 22 year old serve up 4 reasons why she’s better than touted rival Rihanna after the jump…

A rough diamond of sorts, Rita is perhaps most exciting due to the possibilities of what she can be with extra honing and industry grit under her nails.

Your thoughts?


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  1. TB4LIFE May 5, 2012


  2. nathanjd May 5, 2012

    WOW she’s AMAZING..can’t wait to buy her #1 album…and make my own music review on YOUTUBE…she’s so much better than RIRI…

  3. Lax May 5, 2012

    @Grape well does that mean that shes good or
    better than your beloved “Kelly Rowland” too???
    Or kelly and none of the others count since your
    Fixation is on Rih and she has the most Fans therefore
    to insure more hits you add Rih’s name to the mix, Right?

  4. Nahjee May 5, 2012

    TGJ always hype people up when a new artist hits the screen they start to post on them 24/7 like ya remember when _______ came out (yea I don’t want to say her name)
    Who raps about Gucci Gucci where is she now????????

    Iggy azealia I don’t really see her being around very long after her album flops

    Azealia banks has Teamkim & teamminaj coming for her so she already on her way out to door it looks like.

    So yea this girl might just be all hype just like the rest if them #justsaying

  5. Lax May 5, 2012

    I like Rita and shes a refreshing glance into the
    new music era and what can happen if and
    when you hang long and hard enough. I will
    say shes doing good when i can see one just
    one of her singles that can hang with Rih’s “WFL”
    which has sold it’s ass off and has been moving
    over 90,000 for more than several weeks and still
    rising cain, yes rita you can do it too. Since the
    Bee Hive is supporting you hard and heavy, they or
    very well know for helping get albums to #1’s and
    dropping them inside the gate and then they or famous
    for getting Hits and #1’s and if you don’t believe me then
    just ask Beyonce….

  6. KAT DELUNA FAN May 5, 2012

    How rita does it?

  7. Mike May 5, 2012

    I don’t want to say this but the only reason I think she is such a BIG DEAL. Is because she is on roc nation and is compared to Rihanna. If there was a black girl who name was Rita ora who was with another label with the same voice nobody would really care at all.

    The only reason this girl is relevant is because of Rihanna name popping up every second of her career.

  8. Lax May 5, 2012

    @Mike,,,Thank you for being the voice of reason!
    Rihanna and only rihanna is she compared to
    I wonder why especially since they say that Rih’s
    music is Generic and gimmicky good for nothing
    Man down, birthday cake, cheers, te amo, rr,
    hate that i love you, and people will never forget
    umbrella often times the war they fight so hard to
    wage aganist on on rih is beyond laughable!!!!!!
    i am kind of upset with that looney tune bee hive
    for not in here fighting fist and barrel trying to tear
    Rihanna a anew one to up rita, perhaps they can
    see the damage that can be done by always trying
    to beat Rihanna’s whells off at each and every turn
    or perhaps Rihanna’s navy has dragged that ass
    so hard that they or trying to heal, from it……

  9. Lax May 5, 2012

    wheels* spell check to many wine coolers
    and barbeque. But thats a lie i screws up in typing all
    of the time….

  10. Shots fired May 5, 2012

    Im loving her work ethic. Hardwork is whats gonna make her a superstar. Thats what seperated bey and rih from the lessers. Say whatever them chicks WORK HARD. Loving Rita more each day. #RIPTONUMBER1

  11. CUNTYNESS May 5, 2012

    Rihanna ain’t going nowhere. Rita has next to nothing going for her. The public compares her to Rih which already makes her look bad…

    She has a great voice but too bad her songs are wack and is radio spinning her? F*** outta here with this Rita s***. You’d think she was an international icon by all these posts. Ask a random person on the street if they’ve heard of her…NOPE!

  12. ++++ May 5, 2012


    thats why its business…. you have to be compared one way or the other

  13. Riiita May 5, 2012

    “You’d think she was an international icon by all these posts.”

    Oh come on! She has sung her songs for MTV, LIVE! She has a nr, 1 already, two fresh songs are just about to enter in charts and an album coming soon! She is international icon.

    “Ask a random person on the street if they’ve heard of her…NOPE!”

    Wait and you’ll see how fast this changes (I am talking for US, this has changed some time before in UK and in all Europe).

  14. whyohwhy May 5, 2012

    Rita has talent and say what you want Rihanna is based on image only. Rihanna cant stand up there and sing like that live and you die hard stans know it. Rita is Rita with talent and appeal. Rihanna is Rihanna who has gotten by based on an image and her cocky behavior due to the fact she has gotten away with it for so long. Why do you think Rihanna is acting out like this, she is scared you nuts will see what’s happening. I put Rita up there in the Beyonce lane because of her live performances which she performs great! Rita continue to shine. When it’s Rihanna’s time to shine she sings Redemption song off key and pitchy and to top that off someone else had to show her how to sing her own song again!!! the talent Jessie J. Support Rita I will, I cant wait for this to come out just based on her live performances… Somebody saw something in this girl cause if not we would not be hearing this and seems like someone is tired of your no talent one…

  15. Commander of the RihannaNavy May 5, 2012

    *sigh* Can their be a Rita Ora post without Rihanna’s name mentioned? TGJ, yall are really reaching with this girl. Its kinda sad and not fair to her. Give her some press, but dont slap Rihanna’s name to it everytime possible.

  16. Commander of the RihannaNavy May 5, 2012

    And lets be honest, Rita can be hot in the UK but hardly anyone is checking for her in the US

  17. Legendtina May 5, 2012

    Ive never heard any of the songs she performed and her voice is basic. The songs she sings are basic too. I dont understand the hype around her. Another Lana Del Ray/Jessie J story I guess.

  18. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) May 5, 2012

    May 5, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    *sigh* Can their be a Rita Ora post without Rihanna’s name mentioned? TGJ, yall are really reaching with this girl. Its kinda sad and not fair to her. Give her some press, but dont slap Rihanna’s name to it everytime possible.


    THIS ^^^^^^^

  19. JESSSSICAAAAA May 5, 2012

    Blogs are.responsible for Rihanna Navy hating Rita. It’s really not fair. Every post they put Rih’s name in it thinking their hurting Rihanna but all they’re doing is hurting Rita. I really like Rita and think she has a lot of potential its just that no one wants to give her a chance because they all hate her already. Rita just.came out so for people to say no one in the US is checking for her you’re right and wrong. She’s a new artist who is trying to get her name out there because.she knows a lot of people in the US doesn’t know her (hint: all the US gigs and appearances she’s been doing lately). But there.are people in the US who are checking for her and like her.

    Anyways, I really like “Shine Your Light”….that should’ve been a single

  20. Auntie_Jackie May 5, 2012

    Actually, Roc the Life is a great song. She’s trying to be like a new Gwen Stefani, not Rihanna. Rihanna was boring as F*** when she first came out. She had no personality whatsoever. So you Rihanna stans can QUIT IT. People want to shoot her down before they even get to know her. She could be big, she might not.

    But she’s got backing, talent, and she can GROW. This isn’t going to be her best, more perfect material, but her performances are awesome. Just because she isn’t putting out #1 hit catchy songs and showing her ass everywhere she’s not a star? You people make me sick, and half of Rihanna stans weren’t riding with her until AFTER umbrella and GGGB, so SIT! If Rita blows and gets a little more attitude, with #1 hits, you’ll be riding with her too.

  21. Oh Yeah May 5, 2012

    Work Rita!

  22. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) May 5, 2012

    man , she’s great and cool and amazing !! that’s all.

    U go RITA. 🙂

  23. KAT DELUNA FAN May 5, 2012

    Thanks you but I dont know why they are faking it.Goat will work with Rita as soon as she make a name of herself like she always does.They are so bipolar

    Rita came to win
    Nicki is already winning 😆

  24. James227 May 5, 2012

    I love Rita she has a very nice strong voice.

  25. madison May 5, 2012

    Rita has an amazing voice. I would like to see her in concert. Do Rita have twitter? Guess I’ll have to find out myself so I can start following her.

  26. mindgames May 5, 2012

    “Watch the 22 year old serve up 4 reasons why she’s better than touted rival Rihanna after the jump…” oh SHUT UP!! stop adding fuel to the unnecessary fire.

    and the Navy can CALM THE F*** DOWN

  27. WILD DEBUTANTE May 5, 2012

    *Ignoring the Rihanna shade and comparisons*

    How We Do (Party) is my soooong! I actually love it now, and I don’t think Rita’s that bad at all. She cool.

  28. jawon May 5, 2012

    i just try to get into this chick, but i just cant…something is missing? like she is wack, but is vocally good. Just another chick that will get tossed to the side, (alexis jordan)

  29. Peter Griffin May 6, 2012

    Most of her songs sounds like stuff that didn’t make the cut on one of Rihanna’s albums! She’s a good singer and all but they need to make her a sure fire hit or else it won’t work.

  30. Alladin May 7, 2012

    the poor girl can’t seem t escape Rihanna comparisons … #tragic but then again that’s the only reason she’s actually relevant!

  31. Britbutnotproud August 27, 2012

    Give credit where credit is due. .Rita can sing . Even though I love Rihianna, its unfortunate she doesn’t sound that good live.

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