New Video: Cheryl Cole – ‘Call My Name’

Published: Wednesday 2nd May 2012 by Sam

After a host of titilating teasers, Cheryl Cole‘s video for comeback single ‘Call My Name’ premeired moments ago!

Flip the hood to see what the first visual from the star’s 3rd solo album ‘A Million Lights’ is serving up. Anthony Mandler directs…

Boasting “gloss” a-plenty, the clip easily serves as Cole’s most solid visual to-date. That, unfortunately, is where the “good” starts and stops.

At multiple points did we feel like throwing engine-oil at the screen; all the smoke and mirrors couldn’t hide that was  dancing like the Tin-man. What’s more, if you’re going to shell out on a major director, ala Anthony Mandler, then surely ensure the concept reflects your coins? Derelict, sparse, and generic, the clip -in retrospect-embodies the song and artist rather well.

Ironically, it’s for these exact reasons that this is destined to be a chart smash. Welcome to 2012.

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  1. Rihanna queen May 2, 2012

    Yesssssssssssss b**** u better slay

  2. Dunk May 2, 2012

    she looks f***** amazing, beautiful video and great performance. but the song is TRASH!!! a poor mans version of practically everything out there, Tulisa may have had a s*** video but Young is a bloody great dance track with strong soulful vocals, again great video, horrible song

  3. JGC May 2, 2012

    Well that was embarassing!

  4. MusicVisible May 2, 2012

    Love her music
    she looks so pretty

  5. Sleazy May 2, 2012

    This dancing was better than rihannas Cheryl has proven she is a dancer! TGj is haters

  6. MUSICISME May 2, 2012

    Tin Man??? Get the f*** out of here…

  7. KINGB May 2, 2012


  8. DS May 2, 2012


  9. Beyhive May 2, 2012

    I hate her trash illuminiti h**

  10. hunni2nice May 2, 2012

    i actually don’t mind the song, but the vid was a disappointment and her dancing just doesn’t seem natural too try hard for my liking

  11. Stans Make Me LOL May 2, 2012

    All of these so called singers sound, look and dance the same… Boring Much?

  12. Miao May 2, 2012

    Cheryl = S**

  13. Ayo May 2, 2012

    As much as I know that Cheryl hasn’t got the greatest vocal, I have always enjoyed her as an entetainer, even way back since GA, a group in which I always considered her to be the best performer and was because of this always the stand out to me, which is weird as I usually place vocal competence above performance capabilitiy

    However, this is garbage. Ever since FFTL I just feel like Cheryl tries way too hard to be something she’s not. I don’t get any feeling of innovative creativity from her, all her songs, treatments and performances never seem organic enough, it’s as if she’s just gone and researched what happens to be the most popular trend and decides to copy and paste it to her sensibilities with the end result actually being very dated and amateurish. Cheryl lacks a sense of natural swag which I always thought she had with GA but maybe it’s because Cheryl’s style is better suited for the pop settings of GA and Xenomonia rather than in the solo field where she often tries to imitate the natural cool appeal reflected in the likes of Rihanna and Katy Perry. (Two other performers who I also don’t rate vocally but at least their swag is natural at leat their treatments are new and fun).

    P.S. I’ve said it time and time again whoever her chereographer is needs to be fired, the routines always look like something that has been put together at the slumber party of a group 12 year old girls, although such routines were cute and fun when done in GA they really do not translate to this hip, cool and street style the Cheryl is trying so hard to pull off.

    I only rant like this because I actually see potential in Cheryl but her poor choice in songs and video treatments are really starting to fustrate me and if this is what she is going to continue to deliver I would rather just have GA back please.


  14. virtuoso intellect May 2, 2012

    now this is how u show out choreography in a video, take notes sloppy rihaha

  15. Nahjee May 2, 2012

    @ayo would you please do me a favor get a f****** life get a f****** job pay some damn bills WTF are you trying to do put people to sleep on here gosh I hate when people wright long ass stories and s*** smh. You got to much time on your hands for all that

  16. Dev May 2, 2012

    Too many comments and not enough time.
    So, just no Mis Tweedy

  17. G May 2, 2012

    I was expecting the video to me so much better. Damn, if you’re going to get Calvin Harris as a producer AND Anthony Mandler as your director you could have had a story in the video to go along with the song. The dancing was “aight” but not enough to carry the video. She’s s*** though.

    I think she should take some serious acting classes, move to America, and start doing sitcoms (I can see her on Two and a Half Men or as a guest star on Law&Order or CSI).

  18. Ayo May 2, 2012

    @NAHJEE I guess you must have a lot of time on your hands to read it, no one begged u, if you dnt like what I have to say scroll past it, that’s what I do. I don’t usually like it when I see long posts either but I don’t bash someone for writing one. I had something to say so I did. Just in case you forgot this a blog, you know where you can voice an opinion.

  19. G May 2, 2012

    *be so much better.

  20. Andre May 2, 2012

    The song was s*** and so is she. 🙂

  21. Beysbetter May 2, 2012

    why do u guys hate her so much? I think she looks amazing and is an amazing performer. She puts time and effort into everything she does. Yah she’s not a great singer but she’s a great entertainer. Stop hating on her so hard. U give Alexandra Burke & Kelly Rowland so much life and what the hell are they doing on the charts???

  22. JAY May 2, 2012

    That choreography is awful!

    I’ve seen her dance better than that so its obvious this just wasn’t her type of dancing. She is NOT a hip hop dancer.

    The song is infectious and her walk is mean!

  23. aishaaguilerakeys May 2, 2012

    The vid’s ok, but I don’t like the dancing.

  24. paul May 2, 2012

    Yo, sup. I agree with most of what you said. Finally, a fan who’s got something to say. I don’t agree about FFTL being that bad though. I have watched that video multiple times and I don’t get tired of it. As this song and video, its a disaster. I agree with ya’ll that her choreographer should be fired. I expected more from this video. I don’t like the song to begin with but since everybody’s bashing the song, I forced myself to like it and yeah, it kinda grew on me a little. I thought “maybe the video will make me like it more and will make haters down” but I was sure damn wrong. I know Cheryl can dance well so this is such a disappointment.

  25. krys May 2, 2012

    Actually so in love with this song! the intro is amazing!

  26. RyanS May 2, 2012

    pointless song……pointless video NEXT!

  27. CoreytheGent May 2, 2012

    I really want to like her. I think she is beyond gorgeous. But I REALLY dislike this song. #SadFace

  28. WILD DEBUTANTE May 2, 2012

    Damn shes looks HOT!! + I Love the song, Calvin Harris is amazing.

    I can’t even lie and I say I didnt enjoy this because I did. She’s Dope, I Like her.

  29. WILD DEBUTANTE May 2, 2012

    Why isn’t this song on iTunes or anything though……like? O_o

  30. NT May 2, 2012

    This is my first time listening to the whole song , and the video goes along with the song. Cheryl also isn’t that bad she’s like the other pop stars and she can entertain live so that’s a +

  31. skintightjeans May 2, 2012

    Girl no. That dancing all hard for this wack ass electro pop song is just….I can’t….no.

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