The Voice UK: Vince Kidd Accused Of ‘Ripping’ Rival’s Sound

Published: Sunday 6th May 2012 by David


He may have wowed ‘The Voice UK’ coaches with a unique rendition of Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin‘, but today- following his stellar set on the show’s 9th episode – he has been labelled a copy cat by users of social networking site Twitter.

Details below…

Kidd, who competed in X Factor UK in 2007 before joining the voice, found himself at the receiving end of Tweets throwing his ‘original sound’ into disrepute. Tweets, that centered around and were Re-Tweeted by acclaimed vocalist Daley.

Ronnie Herel @ 1xtra ‏ @ronnieherel

Erm…I think @DaleyMusic flipped that version of Maddy’s “Like A Virgin” 1st!! Check the “Those Who Wait” mixtape. #TheVoiceUk

Josh Parry ‏ @joshrcp

#Thevoice correct me if I’m wrong, but @Daleymusic sang the male version of like a virgin first!!

Rhoda Abbey ‏ @RhodaRedd

Exaaaactly! Vince jacked like a virgin from @DaleyMusic ! RE-COG-NISE!

Claudia Rollinson ‏ @ClaudRollinson

Why would u even try to match/steal @DaleyMusic ‘s “Like A Virgin” when yo’ can’t pull it off! Check “Those Who Wait” mixtape#TheVoiceUk

According to some fans, Vince’s ‘original’ take on the Madonna classic isn’t original at all, seeing as Daley tried his hand at it first.

In response, the latter replied with:

Daley ‏ @DaleyMusic

The people have spoken!

Kidd is yet to respond.

So let us know- who do you think did it better?



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  1. Onyx May 5, 2012

    Is this show only in the UK, i didn’t know about this show.

  2. Peter Griffin May 5, 2012

    Yeah, he copied some guy but he will still win. I always know once the live shows start who will win. I am 95% sure on this one!

  3. HEEEEEY May 5, 2012


  4. toohotfortv May 5, 2012

    why can’t both guys sing the song? it’s a cover regardless smh

  5. An0thrNight May 5, 2012

    I can see how the arrangement sounded similar, but I wouldnt go as far as too say he ripped it off. People sound similar w/covers ALL the time, its a “cover”

  6. Vegas Girl May 5, 2012

    I agree with @AN0THRNIGHT and TOOHOTFORTV.

  7. J May 5, 2012

    not the same, ive listened to the daley version dozens of times in the past. not the same

  8. Dev May 6, 2012

    This is a non issue. My problem with the voice is that the majority of the “artists” that were selected are established or have been, so don’t need the coaching. Vince has an established fanbase,website and has opened for artists, and already hangs out with record company types, same with Tyler James and Cassius, Hannah sang for the queen and Joelle has appeared (and failed) with appearances on the xfactor and i personall think it should be totally raw talent. It’s almost like if Jamelia appeared on the voice or cheryl cole took a few years out and then decided to be on the voice

  9. TIMMI May 6, 2012


    I think that’s the reason why “The Voice” is able to compete with shows like “The X Factor” though. “Voice” cuts straight to the people with talent, whereas “X Factor” makes you endure gimmicks that have purely been selected for the element of humor. Personally, I like that when I watch “Voice” I am seeing the contestant’s developed talent and ability as an artist rather than singers who sing a different song each week based on a theme and have no (visible) musical direction.

  10. Yea i said it May 6, 2012

    birthday cake #`1 on the ubran charts

  11. Phil Don-V May 6, 2012

    @DEV I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ON THIS ONE!! Most of the artists have already had an inning so it makes it hard for those who have not had coaching or built up a fanbase or had the prior exposure to compete. Both lads did a great cover Daley and Vince. I heard Daley’s first and i knew that there were going to be comparisons between the two. i do think Daley doesnt need to comment or retort to this as it is a non issue. Daley needs to keep doing what he is doing cos that mixtape is off the ricta and im wanting an album very soon *puts on alone together and jams*

  12. Dev May 6, 2012

    Although i hear what you are saying, where is the talent actually discovered? This just means that the underdog still doesn’t get a chance. Although i dont like the xfactor (post Alexandra Burke) at least the novelty/delusional acts/people who thought they had talent were given an equal platform as the more talented but everyone wanted to be a star. If the voice has established & seasoned people why is there the need for there to be any judges as clearly the contestants don’t need coaching but just exposure.

  13. Solo May 6, 2012

    Ok You ppl Are Totally Delusional Like Because In My Tamar Voice: Yall Need To Get Ya Life Because That Right There Is Totally Different. Obviously He Head Daley Sing And Want To Give His Take On It So Seriously To Say He Copied Daley Is Far Strecthed. Thats Like Saying Mcdonalds Copied Burger King Which We All Know If B******* (lol) Ppl Go Pay Your Bills And Stop Haten On Someone Else’s Shine.

  14. Ray May 6, 2012

    Moulin Rouge (film) had a male version of Like A Virgin first.
    In fact TWO men sang the song in that movie.

  15. TIMMI May 6, 2012


    You do realise that before anyone gets the opportunity to audition infront of the judges on “X Factor”, they are put through three intense auditions and call-backs in front of TV producers? The only chance “X Factor” is giving those delusional acts is the opportunity to embarrass themselves on national TV. The producers actually turn down good singers in order to make space for these types of acts. I wouldn’t really describe it as giving an equal platform. I would describe it more as exploiting delusional people in order to make “good TV”.

    Not all the artists on “The Voice” are seasoned, and definitely not established. Granted, some are more seasoned than others (Vince Kidd) for example, but when it comes to the entertainment/music industry there is always more to learn. There is certainly nobody on that show that is too good to benefit from the advice of the four coaches and if they are simply there for exposure then I think that’s fine. We have discovered lots of hidden gems in this format; think of Leona Lewis, SuBo, Jennifer Hudson, Paul Potts — all extremely talented individuals who were just in need of a platform.

  16. TIMMI May 6, 2012

    That being said… I do appreciate your point. When I saw that girl singing for the Queen I was like… -__- Really? But still, she doesn’t have the record deal she sought after and got voted off the show so clearly she has opportunity to develop as an artist.

  17. Sarah May 6, 2012

    What a load of rubbish! This other guy stuck to the original melody pretty much exactly and vince switched it mega!!! No doubt vince kidd is off the chaiiiiin good ! #kidds love him, love his voice he is insane X

  18. Sam May 29, 2012

    What does it matter who did it first? I’m sure it wasn’t exactly the same and it fit Kidd’s style? Most people in that audience were probably expecting something more like Madge’s version so in that respect it was original in that it wasn’t what they were expecting, not because he did it all himself?
    Give Vince some credit, he has a genuine talent and is doing well in the competition.
    #playfair #kidd

  19. KiddWinehouse May 31, 2012

    Are you friggin kidding me, these don’t really sound anything alike. don’t get me wrong i like Daley, he has a unique sound. But Vince thrashes him with his voice, its so much stronger with a bigger range and versatility that differs from the original. Don’t put him down just because he dares to different to a classic and does it in a quirky way.

  20. Garvus May 31, 2012

    Vince Kidd did the version first. Check it out on youtube. Daley copied him. The Voice blind audition was not the first time VK did that version. Daley’s version came later. So, you’re misinformed, and spreading slander. Get your facts straight, please.

  21. Valencia June 5, 2012

    Actually I think Vince Song this first because Yhe Voice UK’s blind audition was filmed way earlier than it was actually shown on the T.V. but i think they both did good!!!!! #kidd

  22. Deepak December 31, 2012

    Whoever the hell told Daley that he was the only one who could do a male cover of ‘Like a virgin’. So delusional the guy is.

    Vince Kidd was wayy better.

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