Watch: Chris Brown ‘Fortune’ Webisode (Episode 2)

With the countdown finally on to the July 3rd release of Chris Brown‘s ‘Fortune’ LP, the 23 year old has unveiled episode 2 of his quirky web-series.

Watch as Brown showcases his talents beyond the music arena, with new toy line ‘Dum’, below…

For an act as polarizing as Chris, these clips are doing a great job of rehabilitating his image and showing him in a new light. That said, here’s hoping the next is more musical focussed, as that – more than anything – is what will sell the album when it drops. And with the public more willing than ever to “allow” him a comeback, each and every step Team Breezy makes must capitalize on that.

Nice toys, though.

Your thoughts?


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  1. zania May 7, 2012

    I am so proud of CB, I hope he stay focus ignore all the hate. Some of his fans was upset yesterday because he didn’t acknowledge Birthday Cake hitting #1 on Urban Charts and he didn’t respond to any Birthday shout outs. I personally think CB is trying to avoid any negative publicity with his tweets. I think he is laying low right now, and he doesn’t want any additional negative artcles around now and he is getting ready to perform on DWTS. We don’t know what he is going through, he went through hell after the Grammys performance, all kind of backlash, maybe some of these network doesn’t want all the bad publicity by him performing. So I can understand why he isn’t tweeting and staying low.

  2. CBE May 7, 2012


    Good to see great support for his toy collection even Swizz Beatz gonna buy one for baby EG and Chris browns creativity is just wow…he can do art now? the list keeps growing.

  3. La Yahyah May 7, 2012

    This is a good look. His art work is amazing!! Nice to see him talk about something else other than S**, women and all the rest.
    (*Thumbs UP)

  4. mt May 7, 2012

    coool breezyyy, keep up a good work….love ya.

  5. JAMIE May 7, 2012

    Honestly the ONLY reason why he is still here is because HE IS ACTUALLY TALENTED. If he would of had the talent of other so called artist, he would of never made it past his 2009 incident.

  6. amy May 7, 2012

    I’m glad Chris is doing something else other than music. Someone said that Teambreezy was upset yesterday because Chris did not acknowledge Birthday Cake with Rihanna ft Chris goiong #1. First of all Teambreezy should be trying to get the songs coming off Chris new album to be #1. Here Teambreezy requesting for the f***** song which was made by Chris & Rihanna instead of requesting and buying their fave Chris songs. Ha! now you say Teambreezy is mad? They should be mad at themselves for not being a true fan for Chris.

    Hay don’t get me wrong the song Birthday Cake is nice but come on now enough is enough because if Teambreezy is requesting this song then they are buying and requesting Rihanna’s songs more.. I was on twitter and teambreezy saying they can’t wait until Fortune drops lol. If they do his album like his singles then you can say no platinum this time around also.

  7. the real xoxo May 7, 2012

    no, the only reason he is still here is by his PR team capitalising from MJ’s death, and also by making generic club banger pop music.

  8. CHAD May 7, 2012

    @TheRealXoXo: Probably the most truthful statement about Chris Brown’s career.

    Whether the Rihanna incident would’ve happened or not, MJ’s death basically became a bitter blessing for Brown and his PR team to “fill in that void” in music and dance. But Rihanna incident delayed that cruise-control-next-level for Chris for about 1-2 years. Then the questionable rap bug has come which has helped him maintain the young urban community, but hasn’t really helped him mainstream. After they realized that, his PR team decided that he couldn’t alienate that demographic, thus dropping generic club banger music (i.e. Yeah 3X, Beautiful People Turn Up The Music, Where Have You Been), and creative dance concerts (held in much smaller venues and/or a part of a string-of-solo-acts) to keep people entertained. Bad public image mishaps left and right & unnecessary and stupid use of Twitter aside, he has made a decent “comeback” via Grammy wins and performances (but let’s be honest–it’s because his music is catchy, there really weren’t any competitions in his field that year, tons of radio airplay–so you might as well give it to him).

    Honestly, I have nothing against Chris since I do not know him. It’s easy to judge his music, and the one-sided Rihanna incident via the visual hospital photo; the way he’s making a living via legal means, doesn’t bother me.

    The blatant bashing of his former counterpart Rihanna at every turn on this site (I think there could be a car accident involving a celebrity and if the celebrity was reported listening and/or singing a Rihanna’s song–this website would fault her “bad” songs to the driver being distracted, thus getting in the accident) is beyond absurd, yet Chris (i.e. the “bad guy” that assaulted a woman) is constantly praised here. Now, if you put aside personal/private matters of musicians and just focus on their music and actually TRY to be fair and judge musicians on their talent—real talk: both Rihanna and Chris Brown cannot sing. They are horrible live (i.e. lip synch), their lyrics are nothing memorable or evolving, they both have alter egos of mainstream pop music and tough-or-overly-sexual image. and the only difference between them is that Chris can dance.

    I don’t know why I felt compelled to write this (I mean, I do–I saw this praising Chris Brown post, and read another bashing post about Rihanna’s SNL performance) and as someone who enjoys music, free speech, and journalism, unless Rihanna somehow hurt your life–it’s hard to fathom the dislike. Yes, everyone has their opinions via blog, but if two artists are musically remotely the same (where one of them literally violently attacked the other), why the preference over the other?

    I guess everyone has their preference of musican’s taste–personal and professional (cause, as much as people say it, you can never really ever separate the two when looking at a musician’s career).

  9. zania May 7, 2012

    @AMY Let me correct what I said Chrianna fans were upset, which those fans represent both artist. Cb will need more than Team Breezy to go platinum, He will need FANS OF HIS MUSIC to reach platinum. You can have other fan base liking your music other than Team Breezy, like Rihanna Navy, Nicki Minaj Barbs, Biebers.

  10. amy May 7, 2012


    PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE STFU with you shady comment

  11. Happy F3et May 7, 2012

    The art work is fascinating and unique… He has come a long way and no matter what He is still here whether people want to say MJ influence or not. People take a simple positive post and turn it into mess or their personal hatred of the young man. Congratz to Chris on doing what he loves to do art, directing, writing, producing, performing, acting and anything he wants to do. Maybe others should take notes and stop spending their life trying downplay others success and get some success on your own. @chad @xoxo

  12. amy May 7, 2012


    I am not the only one that thinks Teambreezy is taking this Rihanna b******* to another level. It’s not about liking other music or artists because we all have that right to do so. It’s about Chris music which I never see the Navy giving props to his music. All I hear is Teambreezy giving props to Rihanna. I’m a Breezy fan and I do like some of Rihanna’s music not to a point as to go all out my way for her. We all know that the morjorilty of RihannaNavy don’t like Chris. Now as going Platinum we all know that it have to be more than Teambreezy to make the platinum happen.

    I go over to Rihanna Daily and to see the fans pulling together to get Rihanna’s songs up high on the chart is amazing to see. They are kicking ass and WHYB because of the weekend requesting & buying is #15 on Main Itunes. The Navy really works hard for Rihanna. Teambreezy has slack off BIG TIME and they want to be acknowledge for what? Well anyway I buying one of Chris toys the one for $140.00 and do my part in supporting Breezy’s music.

  13. Happy F3et May 7, 2012

    @ chad… you were compelling to write the letter because of he was being praised and his ex was bashed on the other post. That is so childish. If you don’t like what been written the skip it there is no need to try discredit someone because of non flattering post.

  14. amy May 7, 2012


    Also just because you see the name Chrianna don’t mean it’s RihannaNavy. I believe it’s mostly Teambreezy using that name Chrianna because they are the ones who did a 360 on liking Rihanna again than the Navy liking Chris.

  15. BOOBOO May 7, 2012

    something is wrong he don’t seem like himself HOPE U OK, maybe you should do things more behind the scenes like go into business for like scenery for awards shows n stuff if you like art. yo painting are tight to, maybe you should come out with a children’s cartoon show like chowder n s***; my Lil cousins love that show. then you could get endorsements and stuff from your cartoon (Movies, Soundtracks, Fast Food Toys, Apparel, global merchandise etc.) you chris brown! but idk what your aspirations in life are i am just an average person working and in community college lol. but anyways stay positive PEACE

  16. sandra4 May 7, 2012

    Not taking sides but I would really feel f***** up knowing that I have songs out and my fans come to me rejoycing about some other song being #1. A song you can’t buy at that. Back to the Webisode I love seeing Chris doing something else other than music. This young man has alot going for him, he’s very talanted

  17. James227 May 7, 2012

    Do your thing Chris!!


    100% agree

  18. zania May 7, 2012

    @AMY, I actually think CB hasn’t really connected with his fans like last year during Fame. Last year he was communicating with them, doing webisode, Ustreaming or tweeting directly to them other than promoting something. Rihanna, Justin actually tweets their fans all the time and respn. CB really hasn’t tweeted directly to his fans, he actually been promoting someone else. I am not going to mention any names. I think CB isn’t doing any interviews, he isn’t reaching out to his fans by twitter only when he releasing a song and promoting something. So to blame half of his fans for supporting Rihanna is wrong. She tweets all the time, she actually is gets a little personal with her fans on her tweets. She is reading their tweets and sometimes responds to them. So she is interacting with her fans, on twitter, interviews. I am a huge CB fan , I bought like 10 FAME CD’s 6 concert tickets over 150.00 each and anything else he promoted last year, but then I bought Rihanna, R Kelly, Drake, Keri Hilson Kanye west Cd’s over the past two years, only one each, but I am more of a CB fan and actually starting to be a Rihanna fan. I been following her more lately because of her communicating with her fans.

  19. zania May 7, 2012

    To be honest, I don’t even know what direction he is going with this album other than the title. I don’t know about how he selecting the songs, what inspiring on this album. When he did Fame he communicated all the time about what Fame meant to him and the direction of his music. With Fame you can tell the direction from Deuces to She ain’t you- MJ inspirations, to Beautiful People- because of all the hate in the world. I really don’t know nothing about this album, other than I love Turn up the music and Sweet Love as two songs he released.

  20. zania May 7, 2012

    @Amy One other thing, Rihanna Navy is going hard for Rihanna last single, because she asked them to download it and make it #1, she hyped the video up for weeks, leading up to the release. She is communicating with them about the single and so is Justin Bieber, he released so many tibits of the video before releasing the song and communicating with his fans about this song and his album. Its call promotions.

  21. Happy F3et May 7, 2012

    @Amy you are definitely tell the truth. Chris has a girlfriend who he has been with almost as long as he ex now certain fans can’t deal with it. Just Sad. If you like his music then buy and spread the word… This generation is so confuse. A celebrity should not have to beg 24 hr a day to buy my music. The music is out there when you hear on the radio buy it and people should not have to buy several itunes just to make a celebrity #1 that ridiculous. The records labels have you guys so mind controlled into buy 10 itunes just to make a artist go #1 SMH. What the H*ll can you do with 10 itunes of the same song. Kids.

  22. zania May 7, 2012

    No you don’t have to beg for someone to buy your music, but you do have to sell your brand and promote yourself. People can relate to Rihanna because she comes off like the everyday person. She always promoting something and sharing her ideas and life with her fans. I think that is what makes her stands out of all the other black artist. Even Madonna did interviews and talked about her direction in her new music and connected with her fans base. You actually have to put out a classic banger for it to sell itself. If you put out songs that are just nice, you have to promote it, it won’t promote itself.

  23. Happy F3et May 7, 2012

    @Zania I understand where you are coming from but still the point is people are purchasing 10 itunes just to make a artist #1 is stupid. Chris Ex only started twitter after she saw how it benefited Chris. This is your opinion regarding branding and promoting and that is fine. Madonna is able to do interviews because no one is going to bring up her ex. You have been on this site for quite awhile so I know you are aware of Chris situation should don’t act like you don’t know. Chris connect with his fan by way of twitter unfortunately his fan tries to run his life. It is unfortunate but he knows what he is doing.

  24. Happy F3et May 7, 2012

    @Zania Also Chris did it first with sharing ideas and promoting/grassroots idea in 09 when people didn’t even want to be bother with him. So you can stop how real she is and she connects its called “making money/ A Hustle”. Keep Real.

  25. Amy May 7, 2012


    I’m also on twitter and I can’t tell the real Teambreezy from the fakes. I mean the way they come off to him fans should not do or say. Breezy has a girlfriend right? and I really do believe he loves her but some of these Teambreezy so call fans are calling her names and saying all types of s*** to him about her. Using photoshop pictures of Chris & Rihanna don’t help none either. Teambreezy treat Breezy like he’s still 15 years old and how do you think Kae fells about those photoshoped pitcures. I also notice when Chris was responding to his fans not only was the fans talking s*** but the haters was doing it also. If Chris was to say Teambreezy your are the best or I love Teambreezy even something nice there is always people on twitter ready to down him and calling him a woman beater. Rihanna & Justin don’t have that probllem so they can be on twitter with their fans 24/7.

    I remember you used to be a die hard Breezy fan. I would see you all over the place but now it seems like it all about Rihanna. You may not notice it but you come off as a die hard Rihanna fan. Rihanna this Rihanna that just go back and read your comments

  26. zania May 7, 2012

    @HAPPY FEET, You are right CB did start it first on twitter, but he got away from it. I know the reason he don’t do interviews, trust me I know everything about him followed his whole career. I loved the old CB when he directly talked to his fans and spent time promoting himself and music on twitter. Like this webisode he did, I love everything he is doing positive and he is promoting his art and talking to his fans about his ideas. If you can’t do interviews, you have to do something to communicate with your fans about your product, not just post the video when its out or song on itunes on twitter.

  27. i&i(yardie) May 7, 2012

    There has been something off about CB since the grammy’s. He is not the same adorable ball of light, full of smiles anymore. He has become a “shell” of his former self. I don’t think the name “breezy” fits him at this time. Oh and those toys are not my cup of tea but at least he is channelling his energy into something artistic, staying out of trouble and everyone who went seemed to have had a good time. I hope this is “new” CB who doesn’t want to give interviews and connect with his “fans” dont stay away too long though. I dont blame him anyways, some of his “fans” are flip floppers and vile cussing out his girlfriend who her only crime seems to be is being “head over heels” with their fave. SMH

  28. Amy May 7, 2012

    correction @Zania^^^

  29. zania May 7, 2012

    @AMY, I am a die hard CB fan I follow everything he does, just last year, I did my own promotion of selling his album 10 cd’s, buy concert tickets that added up to about a 1,000 for like six people. I follow everything he does and defend him all the time on mainstream blogs, just last week. Yes I like Rihanna, but not as much as CB. I been coming to this site for 3 years strong for CB and if you notice the only consistant fan posting under his articles for 3 years. Most of the people who used to comment doesn’t even comment on this website anymore. As for his current girlfriend I am fan of CB, not her, she not a celebrity. Just like basketball, I love Kobe and Allen Iverson, but was never fans of their wives. I have nothing against her, I am here for CB.

  30. Happy F3et May 7, 2012

    @ yardie …. true …. After the grammy which was suppose to be a “wonderful night” turn into somewhat a “nightmare”… there is only so much a human being can take. @Amy you are correct your fans are suppose to support you not who you date. Teambreezy was his family but some are becoming worst then the hater. No wonder he doesn’t tweet as much.

  31. zania May 7, 2012

    To be honest I think CB will never get back the mainstream audience on just his performances only and good behavior. I think he has to do an interview and get the world to see who he is as a person. Just like my comments about him reaching out and communicating strickly to his fans. When you are in entertainment you have to do more than an excellent performance to sell yourself, especially now with all the illegal downloads. CB, Trey Songz, and Usher is the only R & B artist that is selling music today. Trey and Usher use interviews and appearances to sell their product and Trey use Twitter. CB used twitter to sell his songs, merchandise, but he isn’t talking and communicating with his fans about him as an artist and where his mind is at this stage of the game or promoting his product other than posting a song on his twitter.

  32. harvey19PP May 7, 2012

    @Amy and I&(Yardie)

    You two are so right about one thing Chris’s girlfriend. Showing those photoshop pictures of Rihanna & Chris because you the fans came to the conclusion you want Chris with Rihann again. Calling someone that Chris cares about hateful names is not cool at all. Who business is it if she is working or not. So what if she is always with him, he most likely wants her with him. What really sad is that because he’s with Kae and won’t leave her most of the Teambreezy members decided not to request nor buy his music. Don’t you think Chris can see this? The fans are now on twitter saying I can’t wait for Fortune to drop and saying hateful thing to Chris.

  33. zania May 7, 2012

    I think after the Grammys, and releasing those remixes, CB thought that some of the hate would die down, but he received huge back lash. When I am on mainstream blogs, they are still going by that one incident and judging him. I think he needs to do an interview and let the world in his process of overcoming 2009, and talk about the therapy he had and the steps he took to grow into a mature man. I think he would win some fans back with a positive interview, not everyone blogs, but at least its a start. People can hear him talk and judge him by his current mindset and actions.

  34. zania May 7, 2012

    @Harvery, CB fan base is under 17, what do you expect. CB promoting his girlfriend to a bunch of young female fans who are dreaming to be with him one day, of they would get jealous. You don’t see Usher, Trey Songz, R kelly posting pictures of their girlfriend or wife. Those young fans are acting immature, but what do you expect. They are thinking if I go hard it will be spent on his girlfriend who doesn’t have a job. Now the older fans like myself doesn’t care and will still go hard when his album come out. CB PR people has to know this. Most R & B s*** symbols are promoting themselves, not their relationship.

  35. harvey19PP May 7, 2012


    I hear what you saying but we know there are people who really hate Chris but he don’t need some of his fans to say hateful things to him also. I don’t care how many interviews he does the haters will get on his twitter and hate him even more. The only one who can bring this thing to light would be Rihanna and we all know she is not going to do that. If they both came on national tv and tell the real story maybe things would be better. Now whatever was said after he received that Grammy must really hurt him.I read some of the comments from other blogs about Chris and that Grammy. Chris is now 23 years old and he should be enjoying his young life instead of carring all this hate on his shoulders.

  36. harvey19PP May 7, 2012

    Bull, I have see pictures of Trey’s pretty girlfriend, Usher has an older woman you see her sometimes with him & the kids, Drake always in the camera with many women, R. Kelly still has hateful s*** being said about him with those girls, BowWow has a baby and they show her time to time. Justin had that problem but his fans see that he is not leaving his girlfriend but they are supporting him to the fullest.. Being that the under seventeen year olds are not requesting or buying, Chris need a more mature audience. He needs to take a chance and go all the way R&B

  37. harvey19PP May 7, 2012

    Going to spend some time on twitter

    Good Night

  38. TB4LIFE May 7, 2012


  39. MOBWIFE May 7, 2012


    CUT THE CRAP! ….”Allow”……”Rehabilitating His Image” 0_O? You sound like these fools across the pond!

    Chris Brown is Chris Brown! Whatever “certain ppl” i.e. “TPB” decide doesn’t dictate his outcome no matter the trick or scheme! We’ve seen it and heard it all before: “Chris is young, black, and evil”…..”he hit Rihanna”…. “he wants to be MJ”….BLAH, BLAH, BLAH ….LOL! 🙂 All that and he still continues to rise and surprise even me. I don’t know if I could have withstood all that he has at such a young age! I’m quite proud of him!

    A limited edition collectable TOY LINE is a different and very good look for young Mr. Breezy. I’m excited for him. I think it’s cool that he can present to his fans with another side of him, his love of art. I could be wrong but I’ve never seen a recording artist design a line of collectable Toys (Kandi on the RHOA excluded…LOL 🙂 )! Perfume, make-up, clothing, and even alcohol (see Diddy) but not collectable toys!

  40. zania May 7, 2012

    @harvey Trey, Usher, Drake , doesn’t post pictures on twitter, they get caught by the paps, I was talking about him posting pictures on twitter, and the younger fans gets angry, because they think he not concentrating on them as Teambreezy.

  41. MOBWIFE May 7, 2012


    When will he be on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS)? He shut it down last year so I know he’s coming back with something good! I can’t wait!

    I don’t know why ppl would be upset about him not taking to twitter! He was probably tired from the exciting week he had: his birthday, toy signing, and art show! He tweeted he loved TeamBreezy and appreciates their support, that’s all he really needs to say. Some of his young fans tend to be a tad unrealistic about their “relaionship” with Chris. They need to understand that he also has a life that he must lead like everyone else! With age comes wisdom, what more can I say! 🙂

  42. wendy18 May 7, 2012

    I thought Chris Brown was to be on DWTS tomorrow. May 8th. I have to check now

  43. zania May 7, 2012

    @mobwife, He will be on DWTS, 05/08/2012 and Today show, 06/08/2012. I am looking forward to his performance, haven’t seen him perform since the Grammys. Maybe this performance will help TUTM sales and chart status.

  44. MOBWIFE May 7, 2012

    @the real xoxo

    That is RIDICULOUS! No one will ever be able to fill the void MJ left. Chris Brown is in his own lane. Of course MJ’s shadow looms across him, Usher, Ne-Yo, JT, JB, Omorion etc but each of these acts must create a spot for themsleves and Chris Brown is doing a masterful job at crafting his on lane (singing,rapping, acting, songwriting, composing, producing music, videos and films, toy designer).

  45. MOBWIFE May 7, 2012


    This site may not coddle Rihanna but she has gotten her fair share from others over the course of 3 years. That was a police pic and before we go on, I find it interesting that we never got a chance to examine a pic of CB as the police “lost” his mugshot! Rihanna admitted to bashing Chris upside the head first and that’s what started the altercation they had (see NCFM) so you can kill that noise about him being violent. She was also violent toward him! I love the continued one-sided bullsh** I hear from ppl 3 years after the fact! Ppl should really learn to think for themselves!

  46. MOBWIFE May 7, 2012


    I’m okay with Chris not doing interviews this year. He might do some in 2013. He reminds me alto of Prince who also refused to speak to the media after they constantly challenged and based him while coddling other artists. He might break down and speak to one or two of them after his CD drops, who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    They are going to say what they please regardless so as I said, I’m cool with him staying focused on his music, art, toy line, movies and his TeamBreezy. The media has their favorites and we all know who they are (Bieber, Gaga, Adele). They also have the ones they want to see fail so to hell with them I say!

  47. zania May 7, 2012

    @Mobwife, I am ok with it too, I just think it will help a little, he is always going to have haters, Beyonce and Rihanna have haters, the bigger you are as a star you going to have haters. I just want to hear more from him and how he came about selecting the songs he has on fortune. I love the song Sweet Love , can’t stop listening to that song.

  48. Aunt Jackie May 7, 2012

    That is a talented dude. I’ve been REALLY disappointed in his music lately, he can do better than what he’s been putting out, its just too damn easy for him to make a moderate “hit” and it seems like he’s just chasing them now, like other artists, when he doesn’t need to. I HATE that birthday cake collaboration, too.

    I’ll be waiting for him to release some music worthy of him, because he’s a great artist! Emphasis on the ARTist!

  49. zania May 7, 2012

    I do agree his songs are ok he is putting out, but his collaborations are really good on other people album. I love birthday Cake an urban club banger, and I love sweet love, Another round, and Brandy new song.

  50. MOBWIFE May 7, 2012


    Yes I agree it would be nice but I think that’s why he is doing the “road to Fortune “Breezy-sodes”! I really enjoy hearing him discuss his art. I’m going to assume he will also discuss the CD in future webiisodes. I really love the song ‘See Through’ and pray he puts that on Fortune. I hope he performs it as it will be a tad more “family-friendly” than ‘Sweet Love’. I can’t wait to see the video though. It looks like its gonna be HOT HOT HOT! 🙂

    @Aunt Jackie I AGREE! I’m gonna need him to get back to basics with his music. I need more ‘With You’, ‘Crawl’, ‘Forever’ type songs. He should save the other “type” songs for his mixtapes. IMO

  51. So Talented May 7, 2012

    Christopher really did an excellent job with his show. I’m glad he found Karrueche as she brings out the best in him. Such a beautiful couple.

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