Watch: Usher Rocks SNL with ‘Scream’ & ‘Climax’

Published: Saturday 12th May 2012 by Rashad


‘Nice & Slow’ singer Usher is looking to quickly usher in a new era of hits starting with live performances of new fan favorite  ‘Scream’.  Guesting tonight’s episode of Will Ferrell-hosted episode Saturday Night Live, the Atlantan blazed the stage like only he knows how.

Getting fans amped for his next studio album ‘Looking 4 Myself’, fans looking for a treat will certainly have to look no further.  Get into all the action below:

Thanks to Yardiez!

Brother was having a bit of trouble with those shades huh?  Great performance.  While the octane set seemed like it would encouragement more movement from the usually highly choreographed crooner , the energy was still good.  Hopefully he’s save it all for the single’s accompanying visual.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Failure 03 May 12, 2012

    He really focused on what he does best: SING! Really pleased with this performance. Sure I wish he danced more, but that voice was just on point. Kinda wish he did the SCREAM part better where he goes higher and higher.

    Hope he does Climax too

  2. Failure 03 May 12, 2012

    He choked on Climax and you could tell it was a hard song to sing for some reason, but other than that, job well done!

    • yo mama May 21, 2012

      his voice cracked beacaus ehe has been under alot of stress with is things lol but i still love him everyone makes mistakes and i love him lol

  3. ass May 13, 2012

    he is s** on a platter. Great performances.

    “mmmhh, my lips hurt” *janet voice*

  4. Dabest May 13, 2012

    Scream was awesome but he needed to practice his falsetto more in climax but im not mad becuz that song is difficult to say the least.

    still the best male performer around today. CB may be a better dancer but he doesnt sing live anymore. Usher always does.

  5. Tru Voice May 13, 2012

    Climax gave him trouble… But I expected that. It’s a hard song to sing and requires a big range and a lot of breath support. He didn’t seem to be in good voice tonight. Hopefully he works something out with “Climax” Before the Billboard Awards.

    If I were him I would have backing singers sing the chorus and I’d ad-lib in falsetto and full voice. Kudos for singing live in this day & age.

  6. Failure 03 May 13, 2012

    He ALMOST nailed Climax. If he didn’t crack like that, it would’ve been a perfect debut.

    Scream was alright. His vocals are good but man he needs to shape up!

  7. Yea i said it May 13, 2012

    and yall said rihanna was bad

  8. Noel May 13, 2012

    @yea I said it

    Stop smoking…rihanna sucked balls. Usher was 10x better.

  9. Alexander May 13, 2012

    He couldn’t hit the high notes nor could he hold the chorus.. Voice was pitchy at times relying on the background singers. Vocal coach or he gets R Kelly to tutor him..

  10. Girrrl May 13, 2012

    Even with his voice cracking, Usher still has a beautiful voice. I’m glad he sung live unlike someone else. I’m going to support Usher’s music like always.

  11. yaya May 13, 2012

    I don’t get how people say Climax gave him problems. I heard one crack in the beginning of a song where a person could possibly crack 100 times lol. Oh please, Usher unlike some singer….hell a lot of singers was singing LIVE and s*** happens. I thought it was good for a first performance of the song.

    Also, he cannot do Usher dancing with such a small space….geez. some comments don’t even pay attention to where he is at. Yes, Scream will probably have more dancing at the Billboard awards, but this is SNL with its tiny stage. I personally wish Scream was not a single and he did Lemme See…

  12. yeyay May 13, 2012

    he coulda done better with the falsetto but it was aight….can’t always be perfect…

  13. JAMIE May 13, 2012

    I’m sorry but was I the only one laughing at him while he was having trouble putting his shades in his jacket. LOL

  14. CBE May 13, 2012

    Unlike some immature haters I give credit were its due: These performances were really good especially “climax” he made me jealous(whole time wishing CB can sing like that) but yeah he is better at singing and people on here acting like Climax someting wrong with his voice…who sounds the same live and in the studio? he did great for me people praise s*** like rihanna,gaga,minaj SMDH,even justin can sing better than these h***.

  15. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) May 13, 2012

    Sadly, I don’t have anything positive to say about what I just watched. From the energy (or lack of thereof), to the vocals (background singers dominating on ‘Scream’ and horrible belting failures in both songs), the styling… It does speak volumes when you’re in your mid-30’s, with almost 20 years in the game, yet you still have to resort to taking your jacket off while singing a damn ballad. I thought he was going to slay, but not even close. I hope he does something better for the BBMA’s.

  16. badgirl May 13, 2012

    Let me give my nickel, first I always credit Usher with improving his vocal range on record (from 8701 to Confessions) the biggest improvement time frame and as a fan I can appreciate him taking the time to focus on his singing.

    But ya’ll have got to be kidding me, letting him pass with Climax is a tough song, F** that. He’s a SINGER!!!! He’s been doing this for what 20 yrs now, he gets NO pass. When you can’t sing your OWN songs LIVE like you did on the record you’re wack, I don’t care if you have to change up the vocal arrangement just a bit but I find it ridiculous that ppl can’t sing their music LIVE!!!

    And his is why kids, Michael Jackson has no heirs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one is touching his crown because when MJ was at this age as usher he was still dancing and signing LIVE. Human Nature anyone, yeah and his falsetto in that was much higher than the one’s in climax And please don’t even mention CB sure no one is touching his dancing kills but his vocal skills are laughable, he’s not even touching Usher on records let alone LIVE singing.

    But I digress because MJ was from a totally different musical universe where artist had to know how to sing and perform live. It’s just amazing how far the standards have fallen!!!!

    Anyway happy Mother’s Day!!!! 🙂

  17. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) May 13, 2012

    I´ve never been in love with Usher´s music. But there´s something about him I really like. He is way more talented than his competitors even if they are 10 years younger and sexier too. He sings better. He has more class. There´s something about him performing. He made me like these two songs more now even if they weren´t the best of his performances

  18. the real xoxo May 13, 2012

    cannot wait for the album! only a month to go!

  19. the real xoxo May 13, 2012

    cannot wait for the album! only a month to go! atleast usher doesnt need to use publicity stunts and push back his album unlike some “singers”

  20. aishaaguilerakeys May 13, 2012

    Usher did a LOT of teasing there! Great performances!

  21. James227 May 13, 2012

    Perfect!! Usher did his thing on both songs. I don’t care about the range on Climax her still nailed it and this is coming from a Chris fan. But when Chris was on SNL he sang live also and it was good. But my man Usher killed it.

    You haters need to get a grip because Usher did his thing and he can sing live


  22. 2/11songscribe May 13, 2012

    1. Rihanna did better in SNL.
    2. Kang Bey would have sung Climax better and effortlessly.
    3. Brandy would have done them runs and adlibs through the high notes and sounded 10 tyms better.
    4. MJ(R.I.P) was a great entertainer and live performer, but his voice was average at best.
    5. Usher is a better dancer and Singer than CB.
    6. CB’s harmonies are better than Usher’s.
    7. Mario (how do i breathe singer) is the best male singer and has the best voice of them all bunched together.

    The Best in R n B-Alive
    1. Best Male Singer/Vocalist-Mario
    2. Best Male Live Performer-Usher
    3. Best male studio singer-Chris Brown
    4. Best Male Artist-Usher

    5. Best Female Vocalist-Brandy
    6. Best Female Singer- MC/Beyonce
    7. Best Female Live Performer- Beyonce
    8. Best Studio Singer-Brandy/Rihanna.
    9. Best Female Artist-Beyonce

  23. James227 May 13, 2012

    the real xoxo

    May 13, 2012 at 5:51 amcannot wait for the album! only a month to go! atleasusher doesnt need to use publicity stunts and push back his album unlike some “singers


    If your speaking about Chris Brown it was not his choice to push his album back. Usher & Chris are on the same label and it was the label who pushed Chris album back. It was a wise choice being Usher has 2 songs on R&B itunes for weeks in the 1st and 2nd spots & both songs on Main Itunes in lower positions. So making a long story short Usher’s 2 maybe three songs is carring his album and this is going to make the album sell.

  24. Failure 03 May 13, 2012

    There is no excuse for him screwing up Climax like that. The song has been out since February and this is his first live performance. I’m not just talking about that amazingly unforgettable crack but overall, he could’Ve came A LOT harder. and THIS is coming from a huge Usher fan.

  25. POP ROYALTY ( RéVolution) May 13, 2012

    his performance of “SCREAM” just gave me my dose of LIFE for 2day and made my DAY. 4.5/5

    Not here for “CLiMAX” , some songs are just not working when they get performed live. “CLIMAX” is one of them. ad he got emotional towards the end and it was just AVERAGE. 3.5/5 !

    Usher is my MAN ! hands down !! this man is “iT MAN” for me. My King Of POP 🙂

  26. POP ROYALTY ( RéVolution) May 13, 2012

    May 13, 2012 at 5:36 am

    I´ve never been in love with Usher´s music. But there´s something about him I really like. He is way more talented than his competitors even if they are 10 years younger and sexier too. He sings better. He has more class. There´s something about him performing. He made me like these two songs more now even if they weren´t the best of his performances

    TRUE THAT !!!!
    especially the “CLASS” part 😉

  27. umm May 13, 2012

    climax is a hard song to sing. look on youtube and find someone who can sing it like he did(no women or dudes in a studio)…you can’t

  28. Theman May 13, 2012

    Usher did a great job on both songs. He didn’t crack on “Climax”, rather he just had a pitch moment.Other thn that he did awesome. He’s a real artist and takes hiself seriously as far as his usic is concerned. He’s a great talent. Great ob. As for the person that commented on female vocalist, Mariah is actually the best female vocalist from a technical standpoint and she could also be the considered as the best female artist. Bandy is good but not to the magnitude that Mariah is Beyonce as an artist? Lol. She’s just a perfomer/singer/entertainer.

  29. Theman May 13, 2012

    Excuse the errors.

  30. MISHKA May 13, 2012

    What are people talking about? I think he did an excellent job on ‘Climax’.

    This is the kind of song that would give Usher his throne back.

  31. harvey19PP May 13, 2012

    Usher did well. Someone said class? Well Usher is up there in age and it takes a young man that age to have class. When a young man gets into his thiries that’s when he matures. Other than that younger men have very stupid and silly ways before the age of thirty and that’t part of growing for a young man.

  32. harvey19PP May 13, 2012

    Sorry they will be no throne back for Usher because R. Kelly has that title for keeps


    Don’t get me wrong Usher is a bad dude who can SING

  33. cj5050 May 14, 2012

    Ursher definitly killed this performance, and he will only get better from here on out.

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