Winning: Justin Bieber Snatches VEVO Record From Rihanna

Published: Friday 4th May 2012 by David

Rihanna can consider her wig well and truly snatched.

For, less than a day after scoring the record for having the most views for a single video in the space of a day, the star has been forced to forfeit her ‘crown’… to Justin Bieber.

Details below…

With over 4.9 million views scored in a day, Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend‘ video now holds the record, surpassing views held by Fenty’s ‘Where Have You Been’– released on Tuesday.

Taking to Twitter to gloat, the heartthrob’s fans started the trending topic ‘Boyfriend Broke The Record’, hours after Rihanna’s ‘Navy’ trended a similar topic for her clip.

This, makes Fenty’s reign at the top the shortest in VEVO history- a feat we’re sure she won’t be celebrating anytime soon.

Your thoughts?

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  1. LMFAO May 4, 2012


  2. blue May 4, 2012

    technically i thin its two days after she got it.

  3. RazB32 May 4, 2012

    That lasted long. It’s strange how rabid people go over this feat, as if it’s some prestigeous award. Damn it’s just views!

  4. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) May 4, 2012

    well , honestly , i think about taking a Rihap from all that s*** !!

    i spent the whole damn day to help that rihanna bajan ass and this happen after that ?!

    i quit stanning for her for good for a long time starting from NOW. and WHYB is not a #1 yet , why is that ?!!

    Rihanna , you do something wrong and this is the proof.

    yup , had to put this as the first comment. just to be clear.

    not her for being a liar , rihanna , you got slapped in the face really harder than what CB did to your face.

    now Rihap 😡

  5. kingphoenix May 4, 2012

    What happened now, I thought you and Rih was on good terms? #Confused


    I knew it *fantasiagot2berealvoic* what did i say. ” i dont know why yall fight over this when the next b**** gone take it quickly” And what happened. Yall throw so much shade and looks what happens. Werk Justin, werk.

  6. kingphoenix May 4, 2012


    Dont you mean “Rihab”?

  7. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) May 4, 2012

    @RAZB32 :

    we all know it is not a RESPECTFUL accomplishment.

  8. RihannaNavy May 4, 2012

    you could tell rihanna put in a lot of work to make that video
    on the other hand this little rascal put in 0 effort.
    Where have you been is still the best video this year.

  9. Monsterhive May 4, 2012

    LMAO hahaha! I stated the obvious yesterday! How does the Navy feel now? Y’all were acting like your girl won a Grammy yesterday only to have her record broken less than 24 hrs after the fact! That must be a new record Rihanna holds “artist who held a Vevo record for less than 24 hrs” haha! All that hard work for this? Queen Justin didn’t have to beg for the record to be broken just like Nicki didn’t have to beg to break the record & she held it for months! I said that Vevo records don’t matter yet you all were acting like this was a legitimate record for your fave to hold. Beyonce winning 6 Grammys in a night is a record she broke first, Nicki being the first female rapper to have a UK #1 album is a record, even Gaga having the most Twitter followers is more of a legitimate record than Vevo views! Hahah poor Navy. (I still think WHYB is a better song & video tho)

  10. RICK May 4, 2012


  11. KAT DELUNA FAN May 4, 2012

    Congrats to Justin’s Boyfriend for beating rihanna <-Not Chris 😈 😈

    you did even had to tweet loop site link 😆

    Nicki is laughing somewhere

  12. ohreally May 4, 2012

    Death!!!! Rihanna Begged so hard for this award 2 days ago and brought the other 1.8mil views…aww i am sorry Justin snatched that wig like avengers snatched that wig off battleshit. Navy #losing

  13. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) May 4, 2012

    @Kingphonix :

    *puts our stupid fight aside for now*

    yes , i’m gonna be in LONG RIHap. can’t take her s*** no more. that stripper in the club post was the last thing i can take , and no need to open up in a JB post for god sake. but as a rihanna stan , i’m not feeling good at the moment. that to summarize it 🙁

  14. KAT DELUNA FAN May 4, 2012

    Nobody is snatching Beyonce’s journalism award 24 hours later.

    Boyfriend is at 5 millions in less than 24 hours but the final numbers would be around 6-7 millions.

    I was saying yesterday,God does NOT SLEEP.

  15. kingphoenix May 4, 2012


    Awww i hope you feel better, and if it makes you feel better i miss you and the lovely shade we create together! And i think Rihanna is going to get better, I think she is going to have an epiphany soon. She is only twenty four so she has time…she needs to stop trying to numb her pain and actually deal with it. I think once she see’s that Roc Nation is using Rita to replace her, and after she sees the up-coming success that Gaga and Beyonce are about to recieve that she will smell the coffee and see what she is putting at stake.

  16. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) May 4, 2012

    @kingPhonix :

    RIH-ap = NAP ” like a pause from stanning for her” : II

    that’s out navy Language , lolz 🙂

  17. kingphoenix May 4, 2012

    @Mathew Delusional

    I am not here for your evil as shade.

  18. kingphoenix May 4, 2012


    oh okay i knew about Majah- I am half jamaican-but not about the Rihap…yall have a actual term for taking a break from stanning for yall fave…thats kinda scary.

  19. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) May 4, 2012

    @King :

    what makes me mad is that she’s not that serious anymore. like she gets serious for like 5 minutes , then spend the other 55 minutes “playing”.

    i don’t like that. and please , i’m so sick of the stupid ” she’s living her life ” sentence !

    i wish she can have that “beyonce” kind of hardwork , that madonna determination and that Huge smartness of gaga.

    i am sure RITA is winning whether the navy gonna like it or not , i like the girl TBH. and i am not that stupid to hate on her. simply i’m not buying the whole “replacing thing” , i use the ” 2 cash-cows” theory FOR NOW. but what is confirmed. Rihanna is in danger. the competition is not nice anymore and the girls are not even make an effort to ruin it for her *looks above*.

    she need to step up her game. i told her that once and i will keep saying it. i am not satisfied with what she do now.

    and i missed you too. 😉 , you know i like you ! and leave that @kat do her thing !! 😉 ! we all know how this post gonna look like and what HE 😉 gonna say !!
    she can do whatever , i’m taking a long RIHap. now i’m neutral ! hence a janet gravatar. 😆

  20. Another Star May 4, 2012


  21. Jordan May 4, 2012

    Called it.

  22. PrettigurlrockD May 4, 2012

    Im not a bieber fan but HA take THAT B****! LOL. Btw, stupid h** musta been the longest record breaker.

  23. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) May 4, 2012

    @KingPhonix :

    all stanbases take a NAP , i believe in that !!!

    see the hive after “RTW” got released , and that was a long NAP. the monsters after “Judas” got released. Brit-bots (at least i call them that) after HIAM , etc ……….

    but we gave it a name 🙂 !! you hive members have a language too , it is in website as i remember 😉

  24. JER May 4, 2012

    she still holds the female crown. AND she holds the vevo record for song that doesn’t suck. AND she holds the crown for most views by a song that isn’t by a teeny bopper tween f*****

  25. jerante May 4, 2012


  26. KAT DELUNA FAN May 4, 2012

    Where are the goats?

    I hope they are in theatres watching “BAJANSHIP:back to barbados” cause Min in Black lll is coming 😉

  27. Teacher May 4, 2012

    May 4, 2012 at 6:50 pm
    Called it.

    This LOL…..we both did! Congrats Justin!!!

  28. Monsterhive May 4, 2012

    @POPROYALTY(RUDEBOY) Girl I know how you feel. I’m a Nicki stan & when she released Stupid H** & then that traumatizing Grammy performance (not to mention the Twitter thing) I had to take a stan still. Even though I’m not a Riri stan I sure hope she realizes that she is blessed & she must continue to work hard cause laziness will get you nowhere.

  29. caledrone May 4, 2012

    Learn how to count,it’s been two days! Besides it’s views now?!? What’s next N.O of trending topics nowonder the first virtual song to earn this title is named ‘Stupid’.

  30. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) May 4, 2012

    Nicki is laughing somewhere

    oh please ………

    she’s laughing cuz she’s a stupid h**. that’s all ! and her album sales are even Funny for what’s she’s always saying ” shitting on you whole life” ?!

    where is that single at ?!! #1 at Trinidad’s itunes charts ?!! 😆

    and being a kat deluna stan yourself , you should be the last one to laugh at any one or any artist. you are only here to get laughed at. like looking at your comments , and then looking at your name make ppl go like ” nah , i won’t waste my time addressing a deluna fan” , i won’t add so much pain to her already-painful stanning life.


  31. Meh May 4, 2012

    @Pop Royalty is the worst kind of bandwagoner I have ever seen. I think he does all this flip flopping on the internet partly for the attention but also to distract himself from the realities of him being a complete flaming homosexual of the Richard Simmons variety.

    Congrats Justin Beiber btw.

  32. laos May 4, 2012

    the king and the queen of pop! who cares if justin has more views, we all know boyfriend is a rip off of nsyncs girlfriend. #fact besides think about the average justin bieber fan, your typical 6 yr old white girl! whyb is still the superior video, anyway im a rih stan, but justin is s*** at thr beginning of the video and i really like the song. bey stans and gaga stans are just pressed because bey and gaga are no longer relevant.

  33. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) May 4, 2012

    @monsterhive :

    exactly !!!!! 🙂

    BTW , i’m a man , so ….. 😉

    yes , no wrong in taking a break/nap/ whatever you call it !! sometimes they disappoint.

    @Jerante :

    deal with it.

  34. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) May 4, 2012

    @MEH :

    Love you too. 🙂

  35. CH May 4, 2012

    First of all a man can not snatch a wig from a woman unless hes gay. Secondly I saw that video and…

  36. Onyx May 4, 2012

    So what, is her oops i mean him better than Rihanna for this.

  37. WHOCARES May 4, 2012


  38. laos May 4, 2012

    its kinda funny how people are trying to act like this feat is no big deal but if their favea did it- they would be telling everybody and they mama! cut the s***! bieber and rihanna are the king and queen. end of story.

  39. kingphoenix May 4, 2012

    Well, hope things work out…and i have a feeling this summer is going to be fillled with new talent and hot s*** from the Queens already establish…so your relapse will probably go sooner than expected. Your know when Rihanna feels threaten she goes to the drawing board so hey you never know, and i am sure her SNL sketch will be enjoyable…the performance however, we will just have to see about that…TTYL i got go handle some BiZNESS the Kang B would say

  40. Another Star May 4, 2012

    ROTFLMAO@Pop:-) A Hot One day 2,4,6,8,10 to a 100x’s A Dayum Year.Oh well just stay off of twitter,because she disowned you and blocked you already.Your feelings were really hurt.SMH,I personally didn’t like Justins video.Not a fan at all.I watched him at the VMA’s he didn’t clap for a lot of performances and he is fake as hell.Anyhoo on my way out of town for the weekend.Chow

  41. kingphoenix May 4, 2012


    Oh yeah, after rtw i had to look at Bey a lil funny, but i wouldn’t say i took a nap…maybe just a brief

  42. BEYHIVE B****** May 4, 2012


  43. Oh Baby(B****** A.K.A the NAVY Will Deal) May 4, 2012

    hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha,well well well say it ain’t so!!!!!! I want that hating heffa @WHUT to show his ass up in here! LMAO! I hate that JB song,but the video is cute and he’s looking real s*** 😉 (i dunnu why that made me feel a certain way saying that coz im only 2 years his seniour but chilllllllld) lol. anyway congrats mr Bieber and TO THE NAVY 😉 😉 and as for @POP ROYALTY and his/her yo-yo ass, u need to get it together!

  44. Oh Baby(B****** A.K.A the NAVY Will Deal) May 4, 2012

    hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha,well well well say it ain’t so!!!!!! I want that hating heffa @WHUT to show his ass up in here! LMAO! I hate that JB song,but the video is cute and he’s looking real s*** 😉 (i dunnu why that made me feel a certain way saying that coz im only 2 years his Senior but chilllllllld) lol. anyway congrats mr Bieber and TO THE NAVY 😉 😉 and as for @POP ROYALTY and his/her yo-yo ass, u need to get it together!

  45. KAT DELUNA FAN May 4, 2012

    You already know they are going to act as victims later,they always do.How bunch of 12 years old girls snatched this mess so easily ..the poor Run the world parody *snif snif crieeeeeeeeeees* nicki voice

    They aint talking about the movie anymore ah ah AH

  46. Oh Baby(B****** A.K.A the NAVY Will Deal) May 4, 2012

    hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha,well well well say it ain’t so!!!!!! I want that hating heffa @WHUT to show his ass up in here! LMAO! I hate that JB song,but the video is cute and he’s looking real s*** (i dunnu why that made me feel a certain way saying that coz im only 2 years his Senior but chilllllllld) lol. anyway congrats mr Bieber and LMAO TO THE NAVY and as for @POP ROYALTY and his/her yo-yo ass, u need to get it together!

  47. monsterhive May 4, 2012

    @POPROYALTY Rihanna blocked you on Twitter? Lol what did you say to her for her to block you?

  48. Lmao May 4, 2012

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Rihanna and her foolish fans tried breaking an irrelevant record…while other talented artists were receiving journalism awards and breaking MJ’s records, this Bajan idiot was busy instagraming shameless pictures and posting links to her pathetic video. It’s amazing how DAFT the navy are…getting excited over an IRRELEVANT achievement…the song is still a flop anyway
    I never thought I’d say this but I LOVE BELIEBERS! As unimportant as this achievement is, I’m glad they made Justin’s video SNATCH RIHANNA’s frizzy weave! WITHOUT EVEN TRYING/BEGGING

  49. Oh Yeah May 4, 2012

    So Funny. RIhanna Begged people on Twitter so BAD to watch her Video and Bieber did it without Begging and Snatched it in less than 24 hrs. Rihanna is a JOKE!

  50. Benron May 4, 2012

    It kind of shows how much Rihanna navy doesen’t stay pressed, nobody complained, nobody made a big deal or accused him of cheating 4 no reason and ppl still diss her? and @POProyalty WHERE HAVE U BEEN is even on the radio yet FULLY, if so then it came out last week maybe seing as it just made it back in the charts at 78, its not really Big yet, its not a insta hit!

  51. Ugh May 4, 2012

    First of all this Vevo thing is so stupid. Secondly it serves her right because she’s always on twitter tweeting about sales and records.

  52. Ugh May 4, 2012

    First of all this Vevo thing is so stupid. Secondly it serves her right because she’s always on twitter tweeting about sales and records. well at least she has the shortest record now…lol

  53. Barbie May 4, 2012

    OMG Now where the hell is Lax with the 20 comments. I bet she/he feels so damn dumb now. After those twitter pictures of Rihanna at the strip club, I have no respect for her anymore, if that’s what she likes to do with strippers she should have kept it personal..

    Also going on twitter begging for the fans to watch the video to beat Nicki’s video. Is Rihanna upset because Nicki is now getting alot of attention in the US and now overseas? B**** got gealous so she came up with this video s*** begging the Navy to beat Nicki’s views .If you people notice things will be going downhill for Rihanna not at once but you will notice things happening. KARMA IS A B****


  54. Barbie May 4, 2012

    Funny now this Vevo thing is stupid when we all know that Rihanna/Navy started the s*** to beat Nicki in the first place.

  55. Girrrl May 4, 2012

    Congrats to Justin! I love that song.

  56. Barbie May 4, 2012

    Meek Mill is one UGLY dude

  57. KING TASHA May 4, 2012

    I feel bad for Rihanna and the Navy because thats all she has to look forward to. Unlike Justin he might win him a VMA or something. You know some s*** to really be proud of.

  58. Kayla May 4, 2012

    that video is DUMB AS HELL…the song is good, but the video had me pissed…i would have perfered the FALSE video he promoted…looked more entertaining… was f****** pissed….anyways now everybodies goal is to break the vevo record since “Stupid H**”??? WOW..that’s all imma say…as for Rihanna..i know she in her hotel room cussin’ up a f****** storm cus this boy just took her money basically…everybody knows that she PAID Vevo to say she broke the record…”Stupid H**” premiers the record and is announced the next day that it broke the record…”Boyfriend” premiered yesterday and we find out that it broke records today…why was “Where Have You Been” released on Monday and we find out about it breaking the 24hr record on Wednesday??? Cus the b**** spent money to for vevo to say that, but look what just happened..sad!

  59. Yea i said it May 4, 2012

    y do you guys hate her so much?

  60. Gilberto May 4, 2012

    Flop album CHECK
    Battleshit flopped CHECK
    Flop singles CHECK
    Flop record CHECK

    Wow! 2012 isn’t R******’s year. It’s funny to see her twitter, it’s full of tweets album chart sales, numbers etc. DEAD @ her desperately counting the views and complaining about “301 views”.

  61. Tasha24 May 4, 2012

    I think people hate Rihanna because of the insane things she’s doing. If she would keep herself out of the camera to let people miss her. But NO she wants to do stupid things on twitter.

    Oh well I saw The Avengers in 3D today. Movie was so good that I’m going back to see it again with my sister. Another movie to look out for Expendables 2 coming this summer. Hope you fans saw Think Like A Man, movie was to funny. I’m tired now good night everyone

  62. LAX May 4, 2012


  63. DIOB May 4, 2012

    WOW this is crazy I usually dont comment but you people are seriously crazy. I check this site everyday and I read the comments and the same people continue to bash artists for no apparent reasons. Now about this post I checked rihannas twitter and she wasnt begging people to watch her video she was simply stating that her video broke the record. We all knew Justin Biebers video would do better simply because he has a younger fan base that will do anything for him. They are worst that gaga fans. He could have made a video of him eating a carrot and it would have broken the record.

    Why are people so obsessed with all of this. It is seriously sickening. they way you people go back in forth about people that could honestly care less if we exist. Beypnce gaga rihanna christina bieber britney madonna and everyone only care about 1 thing….. A CHECK and we keep giving it to them by acting like damn fools and praising these people like they they are damn gods. we have got to do better.

  64. Teacher May 4, 2012

    Rihanna’s post 62 comments>>>>>>Beyonce’s post 34 comments……


    Queen Rih got b****** maad! LOL They’ve stopped checkin for they’re FLOP…..#On2TheNext1 😀

    Yaaaaaas Queen Rih….it’s crazy how the haters are more invested in you than the fans…smh….but relevant B****** tend to draw more haters…*shrugs*

    Just like Makael said….if ur irrelevant no on will be talkin about u…guess that’s y they stay flockin Queen Rih’s twitter..instgrm..fcbk..EVERYTHING….Bcuz she’s RUNNING THE GAME…..Yaaaaas B****


  65. Virtuoso Intellect May 5, 2012


    U obviously dint check far back enough she has been gunnin for this record b4 her video was released. Everybody cant be lying.

    The navy arent denying it, funny how none of them are here to be seen only the one she blocked oop. Poor riri after showing her desperation & working overtime. When was her last vma? Ch ….

  66. kelvin May 5, 2012

    Lmfao atleast rihanna had the record. Even if it was for a short time. When will beyonce? Right. Thought so too. NEVER.

  67. monsterhive May 5, 2012

    @KELVIN So because Rihanna held a Vevo record for less than a day she’s better than those who didn’t? Your point is invalid & it just makes the Navy look even more pathetic. That’s like saying since Beyonce has 16 Grammys & got 6 in a night (which is an honorable record unlike breaking Vevo records) she’s better than Mariah and every other female artist. I can easily say “at least Beyonce has 4 #1 albums when will Rihanna have that? NEVER” how stupid does that sound?

  68. MISHKA May 5, 2012

    Well I hope Rihanna didn’t pop champaign over this because that’s one stupid record to break anyway.

  69. kimberly May 5, 2012

    well I told the rihtards to get off beyonce’s post and go enjoy their imaginery award but they didn’t listen. I knew justin was coming for that. dem wasps are so annoying. lol to hold a record for 24 hrs is pathetic and to rejoice over it is a shame. Beyonce will have her award on her self she doesn’t have to turn it over to no one. This is going for all the bashers. remember ??? yeah previous posts.

    The navy work harder than rihanna, trying to get her votes for awards and views for her video while she posing on instragram and at the strip club. records will be broken but the talent are undeniable and last forever.

    @ Kevin Beyonce has had a vevo record and it lasted for months until niki and then 24 hrs desperate tart snatched by justin bieber. ching ching.. now try to hop on that sinking flopship.

  70. kimberly May 5, 2012

    Rihanna cannot achieve nothing on her own. her fans have to vote for her, give her views and the rest of her awards are collaborations, every award have a feature on there. Royalties must always split in multiple percentages. poor thing. I don’t know what she would do without social media.

  71. PrettigurlrockD May 5, 2012

    @pop royalty. That’s a damn lie. The beyhive did not take a break from stanning nor NAP after RTW was released. If so y do you think there is STILL herd of bey stans on this site today as well as Sam ready to get defensive after every comment coming for their queen esp the rih-tard stans? Take a backseat with that comment.

    @Lola Not relevant? Seriously? B**** get your head together. I know you are a rih stan but at least be unbiased if that’s possible for rih-tard stans…they are only not the hot topic of the moment cuz they don’t have new music out all the time like rih-tard. bUT BELIEVE ME when I say whenever they drop something it will be a lot more relevant in topic than any r****** song. Have a good day.

    But rih-tard and her navy can continue stanning for this flop h** if they want…

  72. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) May 5, 2012

    LMAO… these nowadays young stars are laughable. Flaunting about stupid and invented “records” only to embarrass themselfs the day after cos that joke of a record was instantly surpassed
    Seriously, Rihanna is a musical joke, so is Justin Beiber.
    Thank God for few people like Adele or even Lady Gaga, and of course the big legends who really own the real records and are still winning over these basic models

  73. PrettigurlrockD May 5, 2012

    Regarding my previous comment. That was at @Laos. Not lola. Typo mistake.

  74. Kyria May 5, 2012

    LMAO !!! 😀

  75. Blue May 5, 2012

    Riri makes over 4k daily on youtube and that was her 2010 fee. So to rihanna 4.9mil views and a new record for her just means more cash!

  76. the real xoxo May 5, 2012

    boyfriend, stupid h** and whyb are all generic trash. the fact that ‘baby’ has the most views is just evidence that youtube views dont mean s***. its funny how they say ‘in vevo history’ as if it is prestigious, but VEVO has only been around for a couple of years lol!


  77. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) May 5, 2012


    hahaha !! sorry for ruining it for you.

    b**** sign up for your own gravatar account. 😡

  78. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) May 5, 2012

    why this b**** use my E-MAIL ?

  79. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) May 5, 2012

    I’ve never been a Rihanna STAN but you all are reaching. Bieber broke the record, but his views were barely more than Rihanna’s views. Were Justin’s views 5 million? NO! That means he beat Rihanna for 100k-200k views. Not exactly the text definition of “slayage”, now is it?

    Secondly, didn’t Bieber release 100 teasers, including an appearance at ‘The Voice’ which gets 17 million views per episode? Of course he had more buzz! And also, he has a fanbase that is far more devoted and less busy (aren’t they all in middle school?) than any other fanbase, plus they’re more desperate too, so they have the time and energy to replay the video for 5 hours straight.

    Anyway, I don’t get why this is all a contest. I get why sales and chart positions have become a competition, but VEVO records? Rihanna broke a record, her fans should be happy and her haters should not try to portray her as a loser.

  80. DTG May 5, 2012

    First of all, because I don’t like Rihanna, I am LOL@this. I’m glad Justin beat her! In your first, you no-talent, studio-made b****. Hahaha.

    However…I will say that this generation of pop stars, pop fans and pop culture in general is the dingiest. VEVO and YouTube views aren’t anything to pop champagne over and act like it’s some sort of an ‘accomplishment.’ Anybody can click on a video. Who cares? People are taking the Internet and social media WAY too seriously. It’s all about airplay, sales, awards, endorsements and money.

  81. riri May 5, 2012

    People are bored with rihanna. She is everywhere and needs to chill. She needs to ler her fans miss her. Frankly so does beyonce.

  82. Lax May 5, 2012

    Good for justin i knew it would be just a matter of time, anywhoo
    no sleep lossed because in the final anaylsisa Rihanna is till
    the Record holders of Youtube/billboard cover with over a Billion
    Cough* cough* cough* i though i just read that things like top
    vevo and youtube views don’t count????Dam make yo minds
    up they do when it’s rihanna and they don’t if it any one else.
    What did you expect Hes younger and has a large base that is
    supporting him and his cause that is how he also made more
    money then Rihanna, beyonce did also.
    Yall are so happy to see that rihanna was knocked back by this
    young fella, well this fella also made a whopping 53 million haul
    this pass year more than over a hundred others you can call by
    name who did not even make 5 million, just telling it like it is.
    And also know that the navy and rihanna or never to proud to
    beg i mean why not??????

  83. Lax May 5, 2012

    @RIRI,,,What people you and her haters and the bee hive, deery????
    Yes we know people or bored and tired of rihanna deery, that is why
    you uses her name like you do and talk empty shyt every chance you
    get. And people being tire of her is steady feeding and keeping up
    with each and every move she makes just like yo ass or doing.

  84. Lax May 5, 2012

    @dtg,,,,didn’t you forget something to day?????

  85. KAT DELUNA FAN May 5, 2012

    aHAHAHHAHAHAHHA still so funny

    Justin bieber snatched that mothefucka and Vevo is laughing at idiots making them richer

  86. PYTFROMAL May 5, 2012


    Well said.

  87. Lax May 5, 2012

    @BARBIE,,,,,This one is not that serious at all to me
    Just so you’d know Rihanna has over a billion youtube
    views and since you know tht i post many time you should
    also remember that i have mentioned her youtube views
    for which the like of you has shot me down and stated that
    that did not mean nothing because you have pocked fun and
    laughted at the fact that even with all of her likes and votes she
    still is in a deep hole and can’t get out, you know how narrowed
    many people like yourself or, deery!

  88. the real xoxo May 5, 2012

    @pop royalty

    on my iphone it just comes up the last person to comments email and username LOL.

  89. L21480 May 5, 2012

    LOL! Bye Bye Rihanna…

  90. Kayla May 5, 2012

    @ASAP….excatly….you just said the words i couldn’t get out right

  91. Lax May 5, 2012

    @Bee Hive while you or celebrating and having a party over
    Rihanna’s vevo lossed to bieber a fella that she admires
    and like, expkain why it is that since beyonce can dance
    so great, and sing well do everything better than rih can with
    music then…..explain why ir is that beyonce song “rtw” has been
    out double the time that rihanna’s “wfl” and beyonce has
    Beyonce’s run the world has 134 million views
    Rihanna “wfl” has 169 views i wonder how it that possible when rihanna’s music
    is said to be very forgettable bt beyonce’s bee hive and rihanna’s haters????????
    and if you look around you can also see where rihanna raked in 41 plus million on lyrics along,,,yall had betta ask somebody…. for beyonce to be supposely to be hot
    and rihanna is supposed to be cold if you let the bee hive and rihanna haters tell it,,,ha, ha, ha,,,,
    134 plus million for beyonce’s “rtw”
    169 plus million for rihanna’s “wfl” and bey’s song has been out two times longer
    then rihanna’s son so how or people forgetting rihanna’s music
    “You Da One” has over 60 million views and even thoh this is not connected’to the latest news on this post just though i’d remind you of what else is going on beside justin knocking rihanna off that spot, folks!

  92. Commander of the RihannaNavy May 5, 2012

    May 4, 2012 at 10:22 pm
    Flop album CHECK
    Battleshit flopped CHECK
    Flop singles CHECK
    Flop record CHECK
    Flop Album? 3million world wide
    Battleship flopped? How, when its not even out yet?
    Flop Singles? We Found Love #1 11 weeks, the biggest #1 of the decade sofar
    Flop record? That was one of many Rihanna holds. Your bitter ass is pathetic

  93. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) May 5, 2012

    @The Real XOXO :

    Oh .. KAY !! 🙂

  94. Lax May 5, 2012

    The bee hive is bitter, bum b****** for the most part
    and the reason they tries so hard to down play rihanna’s success
    is because as many of them say they hate her and her navy, simple
    as that.
    They know that if their dry argument about rihanna’s music being forgettable
    then there would npt be over a billion youtube views and she has the most
    videos view then any other female in the industry, and they or bitter because
    they know this already!

  95. Lax May 5, 2012

    Beyonce after all of these years sneaking round and sleeping
    with jay’s ass for all these years, then marrying him to make it
    legal she now desides to take a photo wearing nothing but
    his chain, around her neck . Bee hive yall better go and help
    her because i am sure that all of you want to try and keep her
    as pure and innocent as if she was still a angel floating around
    over head….
    Because shes too dam late trying to pick on how Rihanna does
    things and she looks like a complete dam fool bee hive.

  96. Lax May 5, 2012

    Rihanna rides a jet ski and whos riding one next?
    yep beyonce trying to stay afloat, bless her heart!!!
    Rihanna makes a video riding a jet ski!!!with jet
    ski shots in the video.

  97. Hush May 5, 2012

    Turns out Bieber is good for something after all. I might go over to VEVO and click on “Boyfriend” just to add more gasoline to this.

  98. BEYHIVE B****** May 5, 2012

    LMAO The navy is pressed hahah b****** I would be to and for the R****** navy Beyonce have broken more records than rihanna will ever see 169 records and counting YASSSS WHORES(NAVY) STAY MAD

  99. BEYHIVE B****** May 5, 2012


  100. Avenger May 5, 2012

    Do all Rihanna fans assume that everybody who doesn’t like her is a Beyonce fan? I notice that every dig at Rihanna is retaliated with one aimed at Beyonce. I’m not a fan of Beyonce and I despise RIhanna. Now what you gonna say?

    Since you have no idea who it is, go ahead and try to call out my fav to get back at me for saying Rihanna has less talent than Milli Vanilli and is the worst thing to come out of the music industry since “Who Let The Dogs Out.”

    I’ll wait…


  101. KAT DELUNA FAN May 5, 2012

    ahahahhhhh 10 millions views already

  102. Larry May 5, 2012

    He got more teen white girl fans. No big deal.

  103. Auntie_Jackie May 5, 2012

    Dead. Dead. Dead.

    Vevo records mean nothing. Snatch her record and her momentum. Bye!

  104. Verve May 5, 2012

    Real talk: Justin Bieber IS more talented than Rihanna…
    And I’m anything BUT a JB fan, but I gotta call it as I see it. Put them both on stage at the same time, and JB will be better than her.

  105. LAX May 5, 2012



  106. LAX-KAT DELUNA STAN May 5, 2012


  107. HiLarryous May 5, 2012

    So Sad Justin snatches vevo viewing award and now “The avengers” are kickin Battlecrap A$$ overseas and statesides…. Wow.. Karma. the end.

  108. bhjewelrydesigns May 5, 2012

    BHJewelryDesigns – Custom-Made Jewelry

  109. riri May 6, 2012

    3 Million is still a flop (that includes “4” album too).

    As for LAX, simply shut the f*** up. Does rihanna know you defend her to death? lol

    Rihanna and Beyonce are everywhere and need to chill the hell out. simple.

  110. DEREKBREEZY May 6, 2012

    Get Ready… It’s Time!!

  111. DAve May 15, 2012

    I love how everyones making a big deal about this it wasnt even a thing until the Queen Nicki Minaj had it and Stupid H** wasnt event that good

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