Cheryl Cole’s Jubilee Performance Slammed

Published: Tuesday 5th Jun 2012 by David

Let’s be honest, beneath that endearing Northern accent , her long running damsel in distress act, and those inescapable dance cuts her label stays turning out, there really isn’t much to Cheryl Cole on a talent tip.

In fact, if we’re going to be brutally honest , we’d say that without the benefit of the X Factor PR machine it’s becoming more and more apparent that Ms.Cole is nothing more than a poor man’s Paula Abdul.

Now peep what our friends over at The Daily Mail and Twitter users had to say about her performance at the Queen’s Jubilee concert last night, below…

On her set, The Mail’s Jan Moir explained:

Cheryl was singing a duet with Barlow. I say ‘singing’. Let us be honest here. Cheryl can’t sing, she never could sing — so what on earth was she doing at the Jubilee Concert? Apart from providing someone for Prince Harry to make a beeline for at the after-party. 

On the big stage in front of the Palace, Cheryl sounded like a budgie with emphysema. Previously, there has been scandal about her miming on some of her hits. In future, the Queen should make her mime, by royal decree.

Then on Twitter, various users weighed in with the following:

Cheryl Cole said she had been practicing her curtsying all day. Should probably have been practicing your singing instead, eh pet?

Cheryl Cole sounds like a strangled cat #jubilee

Just watched Cheryl Cole sing with Gary Barlow on You tube , Wow is she an awful singer , talentless . Can’t believe she judged karaoke !

It’s funny to think that on paper Cheryl Cole shares the same job description as @AlfieBoe@RealSirTomJones and @JessieJ… Mmmmmmmm!!?

No offense to Cheryl Cole at all, but she has taken an absolutely amazing country song by Lady Antebellum and ruined it.#jubileeconcert

Cheryl Cole‘s singing last night was one of the most embarrassing things i’ve ever seen.

Shirley Bloody Wonderful Bassey. Cheryl Cole take lessons!!!!! Jb

Macca, Elton John, Tom Jones, Cheryl Cole – spot the odd one out!#jubilee


To be fair, we do commend Cheryl for daring to duet with Gary Barlow– easily one of the UK’s strongest vocalists by far. However, it’s performances like these that shine a light on just how ‘lazy’ today’s industry has become.

For, while Paula, Britney, Janet and Jennifer are all guilty of habitual lip synching, there is a skill and precision to their on stage delivery that money (or conveniently timed melodramas) just can’t buy.

By no means is anyone suggesting anyone who picks up a mic must deliver a Jessie J or Alexandra Burke style vocal, but surely ‘knowing how to sing’ should be a prerequisite for anyone calling themselves a ‘singer’.

Maybe, just maybe if Cheryl spent less time in front of the camera and more time in rehearsals, she could deliver performances like the one below and actually get away with miming to the beat.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ayo June 5, 2012

    WOW TGJ I get that Cheryl vocally is very poor and you believe that acts like her do not deserve the acclaim that she has, but to call her a ‘poor w****’s Paula Abdul’ is totally uncalled for. Shots like that don’t need to be taken. Just stick to her as an artist and her material, which for me being a fan of hers can honestly say does suck her jubilee performance was a hot mess, but she ain’t anyone’s poor w****.

    • skintightjeans June 5, 2012

      Right because comparing her to Paula Abdul, although she couldn’t sing but could dance her ass off, is pretty insulting to Paula…..

  2. Andre June 5, 2012

    Look Cheryl cant sing so instead she might aswell just mine it save us the earache 🙂

    • bob June 5, 2012

      but when she mimes she gets stick she cant win feel sorry for her

  3. bips June 5, 2012

    that´s a royal hot mess!!!!!:-)

  4. I’m not throwing shade, but… June 5, 2012

    LMAO!!! Jan went in…. HARD!!!

    budgie with emphysema -the Queen should make her mime, by royal decree. NO matter how much Rihanna talks up Cheryl into her Illumanarti crew the backlash is getting so hard Cheryl (how she now likes to be known) will get whiplash

  5. skintightjeans June 5, 2012

    My friend was at the celebration and she said Cheryl sounded like straight up s***. She was never a fan but she said she was THE worse! LOLOL! Poor ex wag, miming ass, non dancing ass Cheryl…..

  6. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 5, 2012

    I couldn’t care less about Cheryl, I’ve never even checked for her. My only question about this whole thing is why a typical american country song was used in a celebration of a British queen? It doesn’t make much sense to me. And it’s a love song too! Odd song choice…

    • mobwife June 5, 2012

      American’s pride themselves on their British hertitage. Their is a very close friend/kinship. The British monarchy is only 1 of 3 the American media (American’s in general) will ever truly recognize. The other’s are Monaco (Princess Grace was an American Film starlet) and Jordan (Queen Nora is a former American socialite)!

      • Yasmin June 6, 2012

        Jordan Queen Nora ? Queen Rania is what you meant !!

      • Sarah June 10, 2012

        Yasmin, Queen Rania is the wife of the current king of Jordan and was never an American socialite.
        I believe mobwife was referring to Queen Noor.

  7. Miguel June 5, 2012

    “Ms.Cole is nothing more than a poor w****’s Paula Abdul.”

    This blog is really eloquent…

  8. WOLVERINES June 5, 2012

    Cheryl cole does’nt work for Roc Nation
    Is that Why That Illuminati Grape Juice is being so Nasty?
    Sam go back and sit, on Daddy Jay z’s knee and suck your thumb, while dreaming about Kelly Rowland

    • WOLVERINES June 5, 2012

      President of The Alexandra Burke Fanclub

      • Todd June 5, 2012


  9. mobwife June 5, 2012

    “In fact, if we’re going to be brutally honest , we’d say that without the benefit of the X Factor PR machine it’s becoming more and more apparent that Ms.Cole is nothing more than a poor man’s Paula Abdul.”

    WELL DAMN Let’s be REALLY HONEST, you van say this about 99.9% of ALL ARTIST IN TODAY’S MUSIC INDUSTRY! Half of these fools couldn’t sing acapella if their lives, their mother’s lives and the lives of their children depended on it! Why is everyone picking on her?

    • mobwife June 5, 2012


  10. mobwife June 5, 2012

    I am so TIRED OF THE MEDIA & IT’S BULLSH** AGAINST ARTISTS! (see Hot 97, The breakfast Club, Good Morning American, MTV’s VMA, The Golden Globes etc.).

    Who cares what a fool has to say on twitter that is negative about an artist? It’s seems the media goes out of its way to single certain ppl out and try to”dog” their very existance by belittling them and their accomplishments!

    If you don’t like Cherly Cole don’t watch her, don’t pay to see her and DON’T MOCK HER or anyone elses performances! And this is coming from someone who doesn’t know her music & therefore not at all a fan!

    • skintightjeans June 5, 2012

      As if you’ve never mocked anyone’s music on here or anywhere else online because you have.

  11. Curtis June 5, 2012

    This is a p*** poor write up. Cheryl Cole is the top female act in the UK, deal with it.

    But her vocals were very very poor.

    • bLaine kelley June 6, 2012

      if that’s yall’s top female act over there in the UK i pity the HELL out of you…

      …but wait a second, i’m pretty sure Adelle is not only the top female act, but the top act in the UK period (as well as the world at this moment in time)

      i’m no big Adelle fan, but when you’re living in an era where that woman is slayin EVERY CHART your comment was just foolish.

  12. stony June 5, 2012

    she was very pathethic how dare you judge people on x factor when you can’t even sing yourself???
    i think there’s a real problem in music industry

  13. Oh Yeah!!! June 5, 2012

    Paula is Lip Syncing here!!! So how can she watch her’???

  14. Vegas Girl June 6, 2012

    She kinda sounds like Shania Twain to me. She was a bit off throughout the song, around 3:28 I actually had to scroll back up because that note….oh boy. She will probably never sing live again after this. Oh well.

  15. Saetana June 6, 2012

    That performance was embarrassing, she was the ONLY performer to give a godawful performance in the whole show – well, now everyone knows what I have known for ages, she is a pretty girl but cannot sing to save her miserable life! Lipsyching all the time is no longer acceptable (unless your name is Britney) so why the f*** doesn’t she get a good vocal coach to at least try and do the best with her lack of vocal ability, she cannot even keep in tune! My husband said it was so bad it was funny, who on earth asked her to perform? She stuck out like a sore thumb amongst all the other great acts on that night ;o)

  16. CAZZA June 8, 2012

    So this Video of Paula is obviously where Cheryl got her idea of diving onto the stage from! What a copy cat!

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