Hot Shots: Rita Ora Teases Backstage At Coldplay Show

Peep these snaps of Rita Ora, striking a number of playful poses at London’s Emirate Stadium last night.

At the venue for her stint of Coldplay‘s ‘Mylo Xyloto‘ Tour, the blonde bombshell enjoyed the company of close friends and fans at the show, which will see her spend her summer jetting across Europe.

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  1. HAMBONE June 5, 2012

    This news about Rita Ora before i really know enough about her and her ‘un-success’ is starting to irritate me. How much are we going to hear about her, especially opposite Rihanna, when she the career she’s supposed to be known for I don’t even have a respect for her in yet? Hello? Am I supposed to be interested in some random person ya’ll keep pitching to me? I keep thinking who the hell is she? Maybe someone is paying the grape to post any news about her…? or maybe the grape is just logging everything that happens for her supposed success? I already don’t like Rita Ora, and I haven’t really been given the chance to like her or her music or her brand. Yes, I have watched her perform, but that don’t mean she’s going to be able to make me want to like her or the music as much as any star she’s supposed to be “replacing”. I haven’t been Rihanna’s #1 fan, but she’s the business. If you look at her catalog, it’s the best in the pop business. I would distance myself if I was trying to be #1 too. I’m watching you Jay.

    • susanna June 5, 2012

      WTF are you talking about!!! Rihanna name wasnt even mentioned!!!! Your just a hater; own it. She’s touring right now with one of the biggest bands in the world. Thats so un successful. She has two number 1s on her first 2 songs. Thats unsuccessful. Her new song has broken through to chart on the billboard 100. Thats unsuccessful. I love how haters categorize unsuccess.Dont like her posts, skip it jackass. She’s so unsuccessful, you had to read her post, and type an essay. Wow.

      • HAMBONE June 5, 2012

        Okay… so, before I decided to respond, I looked up Rita Ora and on the videos posted on youtube ‘Hot Right Now’ is viewed 24 million times, another one 10 million and another 4 million. So… that is a clear indicator of some form of success. I have to ADMIT that my word ‘un-success’ was a little off. I’ve only come to know Rita through her comparison with Rihanna and, in that case, then yes I am a hater… a hater for anyone who thinks that what Rihanna has done is easy or replacable. Do I like Rita’s songs that I listened to… uh, yea, i do… however, I wish that she would be better represented for her talent… than for me to have to come into knowing about her randomly through news that has NOTHING to do with her music! So don’t hurt yourself typing exclamation points and trying to remember where all the keys are, but I can respect your input… I admit I was wrong… Oh susanna you’re right… her music is being successful… so far. Now what? …Right.

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 6, 2012

      Omg its not that serious, if the subject a post does not interest u, simply skip the post. Tgj is not forcing anything on u. Frankly your lamentative essay is unwarranted

      • CRAZYBONE June 6, 2012

        Shut the f*** up virtuouso intellect. The whole point is to comment.. hence the question Your Thoughts? Actually this whole TGC is unwarranted… the BS goes on. You must work for TGC. Are u in fear of losing your job?

  2. S****** Blonde June 5, 2012

    The Blonde Bombshell……LMAO! hahaha, where is Marilyn on those pictures? haha.

    • susanna June 5, 2012

      Whats funny is your either 1st or second in EVERY Rita Ora post. You love her. Why try to hide it. I love her and I’m always posting after you. So just come out the closet already.

      • S****** Blonde June 5, 2012

        haha try again, honey i have better taste. get over it, she choose to became (famous) so not everybody gonna like her, just like the rest of (famous) Artists.

    • susanna June 5, 2012

      I’m sorry where did I lie?? For all those coming on this post later check the past Rita Ora posts. S****** Blond is either the first or second to comment. Its okay to be passionate about someone you like. Dont fight it. You love her. Let the lessers know thats one of your favs.

      • S****** Blonde June 5, 2012

        Why are you so pressed, let her shine for her work, until that she is nobody in my book.

    • susanna June 5, 2012

      I’m pressed because I pointed out a fact? Pressed indicates irrational thought, or hate. I’m talking love. 😀
      You ever heard actions speak louder than words. Well from your actions I deduced you love Rita Ora.If you where always in front of my house wanting to talk to me and about me, yet you said you hated me, I would know by your actions that wasnt true. Same situation here. Dont worry sweetheart, your secret is safe with me *wink* And her work is already shining. Lose your inhibitions and be real with yourself and the light will shine through. LoL

      • S****** Blonde June 5, 2012

        Keep dreaming babe.

  3. Nopes June 5, 2012


    • susanna June 5, 2012

      Show your picture. 2 number 1s on her first 2 songs and she’s overrated?? LoL Where is your favs two number 1s off their first two songs since its nothing. She’s a new artist asshole, of course she hasnt broken through to the US yet. But she will.

      • Nopes June 5, 2012


    • Virtuoso Intellect June 6, 2012

      This is not American blog. U can pack it in. She’s not even from the US so your assumption is a stupid one. There are hordes of succesful Brit artists that havent broken the US market.

  4. SHOTS FIRED June 5, 2012

    Yessssssssssss Go Rita!!!!!!!!!!! Got the haters already here and this was just posted. You’re moving up in the world. Chick is getting about 10,000+ followes a day. She’s getting her face out there.

  5. True Blood June 5, 2012

    What I’m not understanding is this girl has been just put her songs out this year. Rita is doing good in the states, but is a new artist. Nicki Minaj took 3 to 4 years of grinding to have success. Drake spent years underground trying to get on. Jcole put out several mixtapes, and it took him at least 3 years. Ellie Goulding also from the UK, has had her song Lights in the states for 2 years and is finally catching fire. So I’m wondering why are people giving this girl grief cause she’s not an instant success on the US charts. She’s charting already and thats a HUGE DEAL. Give the new artists time to grow and evolve. WTF is wrong with haters of this girl. And Rihanna name wasnt even mentioned and her fans come in here hating. You guys are incredibly immature. If you hate her, why are you in her posts??

    • Benron June 5, 2012

      One Rihanna fan, and she has no song on the U.LS. CHARTS we do not know her, and All he said was she isn’t repalcing Rihanna, and the site saying that is actually hurting her, not helping!

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 6, 2012

        Yea she does. How we do is on the hot 100 right now. Get your facts straight

  6. LTM (Wide Awake) June 5, 2012

    What’s this? A Rita Ora post where Sam didn’t inject Rihanna’s name in some shady way? I’m in shock!!

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 6, 2012

      Lol i like u

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