Major: Rita Ora Soars On ‘Good Morning America’

Published: Tuesday 19th Jun 2012 by David

In what can only boost her profile in the impossibly difficult market, this morning saw Rita Ora rock hit US morning show ‘Good Morning America’ in aid of her debut album ‘ORA‘.

Wowing the crowds with slightly reworked versions of her music, her landmark performance awaits you below…

To be updated.

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  1. NAHILA June 19, 2012


  2. RRE June 19, 2012


  3. Beyonce’s Blog June 19, 2012

    Sam, didn’t I tell your ghetto ass to stop posting s*** that was uploaded from a cellphone??? This site is really going down!

    • Beyonce’s Blog June 19, 2012

      And the performance was just ok, nothing major.

      • James227 June 19, 2012

        I love Rita. She’s here in the US and Jay Z/Roc Nation are no joke. They are pushing her and giving her great promo

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 19, 2012


      • Baps June 19, 2012

        Yes, I can never get through a performance or a video. Not feeling it at all, and it does not matter how much Gay-z and TGJ force her down our throat she sucks, and has zero stage presents. All I see is Rihanna and I am not a Rihanna Fan, but this chick is so wack. Wardrobe malfunctions come a dime a dozen, and TGJ down played that too. I WAS CURIOUS TO SEE IF ANYONE WAS FEELING THE PERFORMANCE, AND I TRIED TO GIVE HER A CHANCE, BUT NO!!!

  4. Marvin June 19, 2012

    She is officially done! Looks like a rihanna reject wanna be! Dumbass!

  5. DANIELT June 19, 2012


    • 16GrammysAndABabyToMatch June 19, 2012

      I missed the part where anyone forced you to click on the post.

      • DANIELT June 19, 2012


    • UnderRated Artist Lover June 19, 2012

      I agree w/ u…..they are determined to blow her up…i’ve yet to hear this vocal power house voice….

      • susanna June 19, 2012

        Damn, let this girl live!!! You dont like her, skip the damn post. Nobody forcing you to stop, click on the post, read it, and comment. Let her fans, especially those in the UK, who couldnt see it; enjoy themselves. Stupid ass haters!!

    • DANIELT June 19, 2012

      and for the record- i like Rita Ora. But talk about overexposure. This sit is so biased – not to mention deluded and unnecessarily bitchy it’s getting draining

  6. Auntie_Jackie June 19, 2012

    She was on GMA. Good for her. I think that she IS going to snatch wigs and steamroll over non-talents–but they’re building her swell so she doesn’t seem like she’s just a ‘flash in the pan’.

    I support her, and want to hear more. Love ‘Roc the Life’!

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 19, 2012

      snatching wigs comes when you brand your name , not when you are still a beginner in the game ………..

      ask lady gaga.

      • darren June 19, 2012

        Who is her label again? Who is her Manger again? Rita’s people are pushing her clean cut image, if you know what I mean.

  7. TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

    who is this vocally challenged ho?sounds worst that ms fenty..

    • Noel June 19, 2012

      LOL…sorry no one can sound worse than Rihanna live. Even a goat sounds better. Rita can sing…clean your ears out.

    • True Blood June 19, 2012

      Here go the stupid, fake, bandwagon Navi fans. Real RN dont hate on new artists, cause of what the haters said about Ms Fenty when she first hit the scene. Thats how I can tell real Navi from fake ass, bandwagon, johnny come lately navi, who just now jumping on the bandwagon. Take your clown ass back to Cici, or Keri or whoever you where stanning for and stop trying to start stan fights with the ritabots.

      • TARBABY RANGER June 19, 2012

        B**** i know you not talking to me… i could less about AYN-ONE of these whores. Rih got paper…can’t deny that. Who is this lame w****.

  8. Akasha June 19, 2012

    Blah blah blah blah blah. Boring………………………………………… She can sing but its tired.

  9. InTarkansBed June 19, 2012

    Bewhoresays Blog shut your dirty mouth, at least he posted it.
    im from the middle east and so this site is the only way i get to see shows like this so im grateful they posted it, at least we all get to watch it.

    • Beyonce’s Blog June 19, 2012

      B**** shut your broke down not having regular reception to watch a program ass up!! His b**** ass could’ve waited until it was uploaded on Youtube before he did some whack broke down ghetto s*** like this! NOW GO HAVE SEVERAL SEATS YOU DUMB B****!!!

      • QueenOfTheNavy June 19, 2012

        How come Beyonce released an album in 2011 but didnt win anything at the 2012 Grammys?

  10. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 19, 2012

    she’s just TOO CUTE for the US ppl , and i don’t think this is enough to WOW america , the song just sound like another katy perry song but with more decent vocals , not the type of the single that should be used to introduce her to the US market , R.I.P is so much stronger as a single ………..

    Rita Ora to Rihanna is like Kylie Minogue To Madonna. this is how i’m gonna put it from now and on.

    but the girl is a hard worker and cute , can’t hate on her 🙂

    and good thing she didn’t pull up a nicki and had a nip slip to get ppl’s attention AKA *Coughs* ” wardrobe malfunction” …, she dressed good and i liked that 🙂

    • Rita Ora is the Future June 19, 2012

      Cmon Pop. The Ritabots and you where just reaching an understanding yesterday. Why the need to compare her to anybody??? There are many people succeeding in the US and sweetness, and kindness can too. Let Katy and Rihanna have their fans; Rita can have hers. There are 300 million people in the US so there’s plenty of room for her. She was amazing toay and trended in the US too.have you seen that How we do has jumped 50+ spots on itunes?? Have you seen her radio airplay go up to over 3000 spins daily?? She is gaining more and more love in the US, and you all arent even noticing that she is blowing up!!

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 19, 2012

        i see she’s great and deserve it cuz she’s talented and a hard-worker , i like her and i gave her her credits already , i swear i got everything a ritabot is having ” hot right now EP , HWD , R.I.P EP and the Itunes videos from itunes” so i’m practially a ritabot by default 😀 , but i am realistic , if she switched up the singles ” RIP for US and HWD for UK for instance” , things would have been better , right ?

  11. darren June 19, 2012

    Oh yea Rita is going to be snaching wigs believe that. She is amazing. Big thumb up to her team

    • Rita Ora is the Future June 19, 2012

      Big ups to you for noticing!! Buy ORA in September!

  12. Nic June 19, 2012

    Not impressed with her performance.
    I like her style though.

  13. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. June 19, 2012

    FACT: Her album will FLOP FLOP FLOP!!!!!!!!!!

    The GREAT LACEFRONCE makes EXCELLENT predictions

    I predicted the FLOPS of MDNA, RR & 4closure 🙂

  14. say it aint so June 19, 2012

    she didnt wow s***! Stfu already lol

  15. Nick June 19, 2012

    why are they pushing her? she hasn’t had a top 10 song in the US yet her songs aren’t really being played on the US radio. to me she is just a youtube star trying to begin her career.

    • Rita Ora is the Future June 19, 2012

      Her song How we do is top 20 in radio play stupid. Damn I hate haters, but be an informed hater, not a stupid one with missinformation!! And I think its funny how Rita is supposed to be all world when. Nicki took 3 years to blow; Drake took 2 years; Riri took 3 albums; Adele took 2 albums; Gaga too 4 years; it takes time!!!! Stop trying to move the goalposts because you have some stupid hate for her. She has 2 number 1s with her first two songs, and How we do is in the top 20 in radio rotation. Thats DAMN GOOD!!!! She has been nothing but kind and nice to everyone. Dont understand this stupid hate from some people.

      • pat June 19, 2012

        i dont like or dislike rita, but bych SHUT UP!! u sound stupid stanning for someone with who has never put an album out.

      • Benron June 19, 2012

        Rihanna blew up immediately!@

  16. RITANATION June 19, 2012

    Her vocals is on point her Proformance slay Rihanna dirty c*** that Chris brown licks on a daily.

    And hater everywhere but I don’t really care
    No I don’t.. I don’t .. I don’t.. No I don’t.. I don’t.. I don’t. (trey songz voice)

    Rita we got your back your gonna make it

    • Ritabots forever June 19, 2012

      You’re not a Rita fan. Stop trying to cause fighting with the navy stand. You fail. 😀

  17. RITANATION June 19, 2012

    Her vocals is on point her Proformance slay Rihanna dirty c*** that Chris brown licks on a daily.

    And haters everywhere but I don’t really care
    No I don’t.. I don’t .. I don’t.. No I don’t.. I don’t.. I don’t. (trey songz voice)

    Rita we got your back your gonna make it

    • Ritabots forever June 19, 2012

      You’re not a Rita fan. Stop trying to start a fight with the navy. We like Rihanna too.

  18. Slaydele, Slay$ha, & R.I.P Amy Slayhouse June 19, 2012

    Generic recycled Katy Perry songs. Basic vocals. Basic b****. She’s not different than Rihanna. She won’t be snatching anyone’s wig anytime. Shes just like that flop Jessie J: the U.K version of a more successful artist.

  19. soulmusiclover June 19, 2012

    i really don’t get why you guys seem so wowed by this chick? i mean, she clearly is better than rihanna! but she has an average voice, she s cute and goes on stage hal naked!! i don’t know how that makes her special! tTGJ, you need to promote real rising artists with raw talent! there s this chick elle varner who s just amazing + she writes her own songs, play instruments, maybe you need to promote more people like her

  20. honeydip June 19, 2012


  21. Godyonce June 19, 2012

    Always preferred Rihanna as a brunette 🙁

  22. aynon June 19, 2012

    she should have released RIP in the US instead of How We Do would have done much better

  23. slimsexy June 19, 2012

    Slay em RITA ! Slay em!Awesome performance.

  24. ENOUGH ONIKA June 19, 2012

    That was horrific…I don’t understand why some people think her vocals “slay” in anyway. That was just…awful. I don’t know what else to say…

  25. Girrrl June 19, 2012

    So Rock only gonna promote her? Melanie Fiona actually has an album out. She should drop them.

    • susanna June 19, 2012

      Melanie Fiona is just managed by Roc Nation, thats not her label. . Step your “hate” game up lol

  26. Rita Ora is the Future June 19, 2012

    She was amazing this morning. Ignore some of these folks who have some kind of agenda. Im gonna give you the facts.
    1) How we do is number 20 in radio airplay. Its getting over 3000 spins daily.
    2) Ritabots dont hate rihanna.
    3) How we do has jumped from 110 to number 48 itunes dirty version, and 436 to 350 clean version.
    4) How we do has been out less than two months. This is important because some songs charting higher have been out over 2 years. She’s doing great.
    5) Rita is a songwriter and can play several instruments RIP is the only song she wont have written on.

  27. speaks truth June 19, 2012

    I want to like here, but i feel like im being forced to….which just makes me dislike her….not all promo is good promo, this is over kill

  28. YEA I SAID IT June 19, 2012

    If Rihanna and Beyonce had a baby together, there baby would look like “Rita Ora”! LBS! I love Rita Ora, she great and talented!

  29. monstarebel June 19, 2012

    Nothing special about this girl average chick with average vocals tons of females on youtube can OUTSING rita so kill the hype!!!

  30. Powerhouse vocals? What vocals? June 19, 2012

    I still trying to figure out what vocals you guys are hearing? She is like a less raspy voiced kelis. There are plenty of artist who sound better and yes Rihanna is one of them

    Now Jesus even knows I can’t stand Rihanna but this chick right here is lucky she has her team behind her or we wouldn’t know who she is
    Please stop trying to cram her down our throats Sam. I love TGJ but enough already.

  31. Oh Yeah!!! June 19, 2012


  32. BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 19, 2012

    Flop ass b****.

  33. fatu sankoh June 19, 2012

    i love rita talented thx sam for posting i will support her

  34. MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

    I like her voice but she can easily go the way of Leona Lewis or Melani Feonia (sp?). They need to find songs that highlight her vocal ability IMO

  35. Jer June 19, 2012

    Honey hang it up now before you call Ciara asking what it feel like to debut with 30k sold

  36. Benron June 19, 2012

    Lol, what is this weird oversinging she is trying to put on, her fans sticking to the beyhive calling Rihanna a goat “Well Goatanna blew up in a month, legit Thats when Pon de replay came to number 2, after a month, everybody loved it. Where is Rita’s hit?

  37. Benron June 19, 2012

    And is this h** going through RiRi’s closet again, lol she probably found breezy in there since it is a closet, him XYZ and Sam are having a disgusting THREESOME, lol! Riri just got back from rehearsels, what does Rita Rehearse, how 2 be a wannabe, cuz if so she needs to try harder, I can actually tell ur a wannabe which is against rule one of WANNABE 101!

  38. Benron June 19, 2012

    If you watch Rihanna cackle that cackle live Jonathan ross its the same shirt/ same tuck in, Rita Bora lol your a flop.

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