Mariah Carey Shines At Sporting Monte-Carlo

She may have come under fire last week following a shaky set in Morocco, but last night saw Mariah Carey wow fans at Sporting Monte-Carlo-with a moving rendition of her signature hit ‘Hero‘.

Peep the icon in action below…

While time and booze has clearly taken its toll on Mimi’s voice, this performance marks one of her best efforts within the last three years.

Here’s hoping her forthcoming LP will see her record cuts that take live performances into consideration.

For, as the above proves,Mariah is still a phenomenal vocalist but can only shine when her classics are reworked to accommodate her present ‘limitations’.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nichole June 3, 2012

    Mariah sings better than 99% percent of “singers” today, who constantly try imitating her vocal technique with failure.

    I agree that she needs to stay away from alcohol cus any intelligent vocalist would know smoking, drugs and alcohol can have a nasty effect on a singers vocals.

    • Lily Monster June 3, 2012

      she should retire in Vegas…..she is too old for that dress. FCKING hate her..

      • N8 June 3, 2012

        Sit yo A$$ Down somewhere Lily with No Brainz Monster…. OH my bad I totally forgot , you just signed with a major record. What is it called No Young Money Recordz or was it No Cash Money Recordz… Please refresh my memory.

  2. theman June 3, 2012

    Sam just shut the fu*k up & say she did amazing, because this performance is better vocally than any other garbage that we hear from any other female artist period. She sung this song just about as great as she did previously. Booze has nothing to do with it. Stop trying to throw shady comments into the mix, when all of the artits you like have basic voices. This performance was sung in the same key as the original. This easily the best she’s sounded in a great while. She’s handing haters like you her a** to kiss.

    • moooo mooooooooooo June 3, 2012

      MC is an old Cowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
      wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 🙁

      • Todd June 3, 2012

        oh hell,how dare u

  3. theman June 3, 2012

    Also, she did a great job in Morocco? Shaky set? Most people said that she did a great job. You just keep trying & keep failing…

    • toohotfortv June 3, 2012

      it’s not really shade… she just doesn’t have the control she once did. this coming from a trained vocalist. with a b.a. in vocal performance. come for me 😉 and as for there being tons of people that she can sing better than, sure…. but there are just as many who can blow her out the water. that whole whistle register thing isn’t as uncommon as you might think.

  4. mobwife June 3, 2012

    So folks are mad because TGJ pointed out the FACT that MC is OLD (er) and a past (<– we hope) BOOZER?

    I've never been a fan so she sounds as she alwsy have to me!

  5. Todd June 3, 2012

    Get it Mimi! TGJ,ya’ll gorgot to mention the ”fan” that ran on stage after she sang the song,the fact that her security was probably…sleeping ( 😀 ) and that she was goin to perform Without u after Hero,but left the building (i think because of that ”accident”) .
    Mariah sounds great , she looked CLASSY in the black dress and in the white dress she wore (i see no pics..hmm) , the place was beautifully arranged and the menu was lookin really yummy+gourmet 🙂

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 4, 2012

      She looked great on that white dress! That´s why TGJ didn´t post it. They always try to shade Mariah

  6. marjan June 3, 2012


  7. Todd June 3, 2012

    I LOVE HER SO MUCH,i wanna post million comments 🙂

  8. Shady B**** June 3, 2012

    If that is what you people call 99% better than other singers…I suggest you visit your local arts community,churches,schools… There are also more than five people in the music industry as of right now that Mariah doesn’t want it with vocally,that are of this generation.

    Its ok to like an artist.However,to be in denial about vocal decline is a sad thing..this isn’t the 90’s lambs. Even mid 90’s she started losing her range. This performance was an C+ at best. I’ve seen amateur singers pull this off better than her…that’s in her prime and past(now)

    • Todd June 3, 2012

      we’ll,the world would probably not see them,so u gtfo and be happy for seein such class acts,shady lady

      • theman June 3, 2012

        You said something? Most church singers sound the same. School amatuers lol, you & your whack a** opinions need to have a seat. This performance is easily an A. Mariah’s tone & vocals >>>>> bottom line. Nobody wants to hear all of that damn yelling from these unprofessional singers. Do you realize that you are a hater/admirer of her. No need to be bitter. She sounded amazing & thats that.

  9. morgat June 3, 2012

    MARIAH’S VOICE 1000000 times better than BEYONCE’S

    • I Judge Flops June 3, 2012

      Beyonce wasn’t mentioned in this article so why are you bringing her up. I think it’s funny that you mentioned Beyonce instead of …. Rihanna, Katy, Gaga, or a handful of a few other Pop Artist. The fact that you mentioned her name is proof that you think she is Queen..

      Continue to polish her throne with your shade.

  10. I Judge Flops June 3, 2012

    I love MC. In my opinion, she is the QUEEN of POP. However, I would be delusional to think that she still has the same voice she had 15 years ago. I still think that this rendition of “Hero” slays most of this Pop girls today. MC is a Legend, A Queen, and an Icon.

    When you compare her to Adele, who is “24” (actually 34), who is already having a hard time singing her “hits” …I think Mariah Carey is doing just fine.

  11. mokok-lee June 3, 2012

    Omg at that person running up on stage like a damn fool! SOMEBODY GETTN’ FIRED!!!!!

  12. NewF*YorkBabe. June 4, 2012

    great vocals throughout, and i love that she always switches it up when she sings live, it’s creative and keeps it fresh.

    Who the fack were those people jumping up on stage?!? that was damn weird. lol.

  13. Ajanni June 4, 2012

    I will say that Aretha, Patti, Mary J., and others can still sing to their full potential despite their age. There is no excuse for Ms. Carey’s age as a factor in her dwindling voice. She is a drinker, that is why she is no longer the powerhouse that she once was. Even her ex Eminem called her a boozer. My heart races when I see her holding dem babies and trying to walk in those heels. Damn where is Nick?

  14. June 4, 2012

    I love mimi so much she is a funny person and real singer shes the voice one and only

  15. HaveAseat June 4, 2012

    I LOVE IT.

  16. M4R14H F4N June 4, 2012

    It doesn’t sound like it did in 1993, but she sounds vastly improved compared to the inaugural ball performance in 2009. Whatever her new albums and performances bring to the table, I am very thankful for her incredible legacy of hit songs, albums, and remarkable vocals.

  17. Dlux June 4, 2012

    MC sounds great! Yeah she doesnt sound like she did when she first came out but thats natural. No other artist has had a career like Mariahs. 20yrs in the game and MC is still relevant. A lot of people dont give MC the credit she deserves as a song writter and vocalist. When your FAV mentions my FAV (MC) as musical inspiration then my FAV automatically WINS. These new girls better pray and hope they still sound half as good as MC in 20years!

  18. bobby d June 5, 2012

    more shade from the grapejuice. why are you guys such haters? smh…get a life

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