Snippet: Kelly Rowland – ‘Ice (Ft Lil Wayne)’

Published: Saturday 30th Jun 2012 by David

Kelly Rowland turns up the heat with ‘Ice‘, the first single pulled from her fourth studio album.

Featuring Lil Wayne, the scorching cut surfaced online seconds ago and we have to tell you… Kelly’s onto a winner with this one.

Not sure what we mean?

Get into its snippet below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. shuddap June 30, 2012


    • Khavinna Heaven Raymond June 30, 2012

      I tried to listen however there was no sound.

      • Angelawesley July 1, 2012

        I had to go to five different blog befroe I hear it.
        I finally heard it on a site call R& B Blog. To me
        it soundlike a ligth version of Motivation.

  2. FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud June 30, 2012

    Kinda lame….
    Motivation was shockingly good.

  3. KANG !!! June 30, 2012


    • Jamie June 30, 2012

      Nobody’s complaining about your mother being a tip drill

  4. Alex Thomas June 30, 2012

    AMAZING! I love it!!!

  5. Honestly Speaking June 30, 2012

    I am loving this snippet. This actually sounds better than Motivation to me and I’m genuinely surprised lol.

  6. coco June 30, 2012

    Kelly i forgive u for making me wait, only to listen to a snippet….u slayed, the vocals are on point and u r very sensual, me likey

  7. JuanR June 30, 2012

    i’m not impressed… still i need the whole song

  8. my own June 30, 2012

    I love this. Its better than motivation to me because the vocal arrangement and just her delivery sounds better. I like how hollow and haunting the beat is. I looved motivation but this snippet gives off a different kind of vibe .
    For some reason its more sexier I dont know maybe it her vocals because yhe lyrics dont seem as racey as motivation who knows but this is just waay sexier to me.

  9. Benji June 30, 2012

    YAAAAAASSS KELLY YOU BETTER WERK! those beautifully layered vocals over that almost intoxicating melody >>>>>>>>>> .. i feel like she knows her lane without a doubt now and i cant wait for this album if this is what its givin .. kelly may hav a winner on her hands (sidenote: i love put it down but i hope brandy has some songs along these lines on her next album cuz she would slay a cut like this #justsayin lol)

  10. BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 30, 2012

    It’s good, not amazing and I don’t think it is good enough to take over the charts because it is not very memorable. Only PROMO, PROMO and more PROMO will save this single (oh and radio-play), without that, it’ll sure flop. It’s a wait and see game from here on out and the direction this single and the album will take depends on Kelly Rowland herself. Good luck.

  11. yuppitsme June 30, 2012

    its a good song love the beat but def not single worthy at all just a filler track sry kelly but i do like it

    • Gregory June 30, 2012

      I agree. It’ll do fine for a buzz track to let people know she has a new project coming.

  12. O_O June 30, 2012

    Whom ever is giving Kelly this amazing, two album worthy, d***? Please ask her to put it in a love letter and mark it private.
    Congrats to her and her fantastic s** life but surely she can see she’s starting to look naive, shallow, s** hungry and void of any creativity, direction and or the ability to gauge your correct market and what works for her. Her Manger mights be breaking her of in the bedroom but he sucks balls in the boardroom.

    • Honestly Speaking June 30, 2012

      LOL! I have to agree with most of this statement so…*sits back and sips tea* more than likely this next era is going to be as mismanaged as the ‘Here I Am’ effort turned out to be. I’m not going to write her off completely (although girl has had more than enough chances to prove herself as worthy of being a stand-alone artist). I’m just going to label this a case of #approachwithcaution.

  13. chase June 30, 2012

    I LOVE IT go kelly GURL !!!!

  14. aishaaguilerakeys June 30, 2012

    It’s ok.

    • Shadiest b**** June 30, 2012

      Everything Is okay for hmmmmm all the stuff alicia released so far is garbage

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 30, 2012


        Though as a victim of it myself i have to say its annoyin when u comment on a post and motherbleepers bring ur fav into it out of the blue.

  15. Kylie June 30, 2012

    Ehwww! why rush another album? Is it like last year, trying to capitalise on a new TV show spot to push her music?
    Did it work last year?

    • Seriously? June 30, 2012

      Right! She never learnt s***. If she put the training, research and practice she does keeping her body right into he role as a mentor in thus new show she could be onto the start of great things. If she tried to half ass and rush it and this album though….its a wrap for her career. Take time and produce quality music, go and focus on training for this new show and whilst perfecting all the gifts God gave you musically. Be great, don’t settle for just being.

  16. EdwardPonton June 30, 2012

    S*** sounds great!!!

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 30, 2012

      U seem like an intelligent fella. Why do u cuss so much ?

  17. Andy June 30, 2012

    from what i heard Its good but its not a banger like motivation.. this is not a single

    • mk June 30, 2012

      did youlike motivation at first listen? no no no. i know everyboby was against the song but it succedded against all oidds and saw haters requesting it on raddios. you will do the same

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 30, 2012

        I liked motivation at 1st listen. I rmbr vividly i couldnt listen to it in college but most of the comments on tgj were negative callin it filler, too slow etc. So i wasnt expectin much from it but i was pleasantly surprised

  18. jay June 30, 2012

    Lets be honest, this is better than motivation.This is urban sound that why you dont like it not because it average.This is going to be another song that stands out on radio and kelly needs that,not a song where she is going to be compared to someone else.

  19. I’m not throwing shade, but… June 30, 2012

    I’m very underwhelmed! No hook, no catchy chorus, lyric or rhyme, notthing memorable….. sorry

    • Benji June 30, 2012

      well motivations catchy chorus was “GO GO GO GO motivation” LOL and that song did pretty well so u never kno ..

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 30, 2012

        But motivation hook was melodious, this not so much

    • Damani Mckie June 30, 2012

      So your saying everybody won’t remember “your like ice”?
      I find that part pretty catchy and memorable and it’s a snippet. How can you say that if you haven’t heard the full track.

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 30, 2012

        Ok ok we’ll see what the dealio is when the full thing drops

  20. Shadiest b**** June 30, 2012

    Its a snippet and people are saying it has no hook etc? B**** your ass is just a hater you Can tell the haters from the Real ones …………… You can see here’s mostly people who hate cus they don’t like kelly Let it go h***

    • I’m not throwing shade, but June 30, 2012

      What kinda foolish comment is this!? So and artist you like cant have a bad song?
      You need to sit your narrow ass down on some flat surface!

  21. Steve Ax June 30, 2012

    everybody is not liking it because it’s not pop urban.. she did say she was going rnb… i love this tune and btw didn’t most of you hate on motivation when it first came out?? i am loving what i am hearing let’s just wait for the full song to premier now and see what it really sounds like but IMO it’s a grower…..

  22. ARFA June 30, 2012


  23. monstarebel June 30, 2012

    A lil dissapointed I expected more 🙁

  24. you mad? June 30, 2012

    Ummmmm….this is the way I felt about Motivation at first so I’ll reserve my judgements…but this sounds very basic. I’m not feeling the production.

  25. monstarebel June 30, 2012

    Kelly needs to come harder!! She’s needs a song that will top motivation and this ain’t it!

  26. Shadiest b**** June 30, 2012

    Omg I just listened to it and the HATE? Why? Lol this slays Motivation and Someone said ICE isn’t catchy I can’t get the “I C E” part outta my head lol I did yall they only here to hate and let them its their job that’s how you know u winning and BTW I disliked motivation s*** was okay

  27. EdwardPonton June 30, 2012

    I think this is going to be a B A N G E R! Sounds like nothing on the radio, the beat hard and s*** at the same time and so is Kelly’s delivery similar to how motivation was. However, stop comparing this to Motivation two different songs from two different eras. Glad that a lot of y’all don’t like it cause that was the same case when motivation dropped. This s*** fie!!!

  28. Todd June 30, 2012

    I’m tired of that VIRUS Lil Wayne !

  29. qwerty June 30, 2012

    My fav Ms kelly & brocka are back

  30. Teacher June 30, 2012

    I like what I hear so far! and on the first listen…Motivation grew on me cuz I ddn’t like it at first!
    Go Ms. Kelly!!!!!

  31. NOBITCHASSNESS June 30, 2012

    Not single material tbh but I love “Here I Am”.

  32. Chile Please!! June 30, 2012

    Not feeling this…….I swear music is going down the drain……I really need to get back into the studio & start making some good music. The music sounds she got it off a Casio Keyboard. NEXT!!!

    • AMAZINJALEN June 30, 2012

      Since when were we checking for your music? I prefer Kelly’s anyway. Thank you for your offer though!

  33. Randy June 30, 2012

    Cool song…! Kelly loves to take us inside her bedroom… Glad she’s back doing R&B!!!

  34. mk June 30, 2012

    ok kelly this is it girl. thank you universal republic thank you sean and thank you weezy. we at teamkelly camp are very very excited……. mama brin gon that ice and freeze them haters to death

  35. Coke June 30, 2012

    It has to grow on me… It’s almost as if she shouldn’t b signing about these type of things with the fact being; she has a very nice voice!

  36. cdawg June 30, 2012

    from the snipped i have to say i f****** LUV this s*** smooth song!!!

  37. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 30, 2012

    By no means bad. It’s a grower, though, much like ‘Motivation’. And there’s no pressure on her to create a song as successful as ‘Motivation’ was. It’s better to have 2 adequately successful singles and a solid album than to have a smash and nothing to follow it up on an underwhelming album, like she did last year 😉 I’m rooting for her.

    I hope she gets to perform at the BET’s as well as Ciara.

  38. truth tela June 30, 2012

    OMG! The song is good. Whoever thinks this is bad is just hating. I love it. I have played it five times non-stop. Its a grower! Go Kelly.

  39. Kingphoenix June 30, 2012

    this sounds like a lullaby

  40. Seriously? June 30, 2012

    The first few seconds are the best part of it. That “Your so hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot” is hot! I can see that playing in the club and playing on advert for Lamborghini.

  41. WTF June 30, 2012

    She needs to stop working with lil wayne i think she needs some else on this track who can bring the track alive someone like joe budden or busta or even a female rapper NOT nicki minaj i said a female RAPPER not a male pop act HAHA
    Ok track i can tell it would grown on me.

  42. Sade June 30, 2012

    She needs to come with better lyrics rhyming “Ice” with “nice” and describing your la la as ” purring like a kitten” and asking for some random to put “ice on my navel and watch me work”? Gurlll! Be more creative with your wording, you have dictionaries worth of words and books of metaphors to pull from, at least allude to stuff with out being so song writing 101 and blatant with it.

  43. Gr3g June 30, 2012

    Not bad. I was expecting something different. It sounds like filler from the last album. I hope they aren’t rushing this new project. Because I do like Kelly and want to see her find a sound that works.

  44. anon June 30, 2012

    Say this is a short term slow selling one hit like “motivation”. Outside of BET Awards (which airs too soon for her to perform on it) where does she see herself performing this any time soon without people saying she thirsty or that its inappropriate viewing?

    She could not perform or promote it on X factor because of it is a family show as is this new Australian gig. I mean. Who is making the business decisions for her? What happened to that guy she fired only to replace him with her current (boyfriend) manager? That guy made some great business moves for Kelly but this new guy? Get the d*** but don’t let that d*** make ant more suggestions when it comes to your money or your career.

  45. Stevie June 30, 2012

    Very Cassie esque. Jump off music….again!

  46. williNalli June 30, 2012

    Oh…My…God…I still can’t believe my EARS…This SNIPPET is EVERYTHING…:P
    I can live off of this for a YEAR and I won’t be MAD

    Kelly, Ur talent is UNMATCHED!

  47. Muzik_Lover June 30, 2012

    First, your comments shouldn’t be louder than your pockets!

    I LOVVVED Motivation from the first time I heard it. But that was a Rico Love production. ICE is a Sean Garrett production and I like what I’m hearing thus far because mainly of Kelly’s vocals. Her vocal delivery seems so much stronger on this midtempo so I can imagine other songs where shes belting. I’m still a supporter of hers.

    I believe her camp took notes on what works for her & ways to promote her. Kelly was in high demand in the states which was new and she started becoming a household name as a solo artist. So I believe that with a demand for her and good music she’ll keep growing. Her vocals & performances keep improving. SHE’S STILL RICHER THAN ALOT OF Y’ALL THROWING SHADE!

  48. David June 30, 2012



  49. SpeakinTheTruth June 30, 2012

    It’s alright…. I loved Motivation more to be honest. This seems like a filler track. I don’t see this song doing well on the charts like Motivation did. I’m not saying this song is bad, because I do like the beat and her voice does sounds nice, but I expected more. Its a little boring…. And plus Lil Wayne is featured again, I just don’t like that.. I don’t know. Maybe it will grow on me, but I just don’t see a lot of success for this song. 🙁

    • SpeakinTheTruth June 30, 2012

      You know what…. I kept playing the snippet and I guess it’s growing on me a little. So I guess that’s a good thing. 🙂 I just need Kelly to promote this song hardcore. Don’t release the track then MONTHS pass and she doesn’t release a video for it, or she is no where to be found on TV. If she really want success, and the same success Motivation got, she better get on her grind because I do see a 50% chance that this song can do well on the R&B charts, now that I keep playing playing the snippet….

  50. Toby Paul Martin Donastorg June 30, 2012


  51. Oggie ‘Singer’ June 30, 2012

    YES YES AND YES!!!!!!

  52. ILOVEKELLY June 30, 2012

    this song is beast..i love it dread..its so different but its great,..she sounds stronger

  53. ILOVEKELLY June 30, 2012

    i cant stop listening to the snippet

  54. Gaslickmouf June 30, 2012

    Wow im loving what im hearing so far. Urban is definately where she belongs however i thought she did a really good job the euro pop sound its deffierent. Funny that now america is starting to like it and shes been doing it for ahwile. Back to song kelly is in high demand she can definately lead in the urban lane. If she keeps up with her promo snd her live vocals are on point her fan base will surely grow. More power to her #kelly all day

  55. Virtuoso Intellect June 30, 2012

    First thats a long ass snippet. Arent most around 30 secs lol. Anyways as for the tune, its not something that comes out at u on 1st listen. Its not groundbreaking, different. Production sounds a bit like lay it on me a bit to me, i love her lush vocals on it though. I can only see this doin well with full radio spot (which she’ll probably get due to Wayne’s feature) and bleeping promo from Kelly this go around. She knows she doesnt have the fanbase that can pull off “instant hit”. Again Kelly’s perspective is very laissez faire. She kinda just tries anything n hope somn sticks. U have to be focused and strategic. Good luck ma’am.

  56. Trackrunner15 June 30, 2012

    Yess!!! Kelendria its exactly what we need right now! R and b/ urban. I love the song and people need to stop compareinh it to motivation and actually listen to the song. I think she has a winner and who knows she might follow up with a smash single maybe shes just trying to get everyones attention on this song

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 30, 2012

      She set herself up with the Wayne feature n subject matter

  57. trey June 30, 2012

    The more u hear it the more you will like it! I love the vocals reminds me of her vocals on Flashback, my fav KROW song. This will be a HIT!!!

  58. The realist June 30, 2012

    So far i love it, however its up to her fans to request and buy her music. She wont magically make it to the top without the help of her fans. We are in control of rather or not this sing is successful. As for the song i really like its not what i haf exspected at first listen but its definately grown on me and its not even the full song. People can hate all they like but its obvious kelly had grown as a solo artist and shes here to stay. Shes taken home a handful of awards this year so that means their is more to come. Im lovin the urban rand b sound. #kelly :$

  59. Anonymous June 30, 2012

    I like!! So far this is the only song I like from those who have released music for the summer.

  60. Truth June 30, 2012

    Love the beat, love tge sexxiness. Its only a clip. That’s all imma say.

  61. Musicfan June 30, 2012

    I love Kelly Rowland and am very proud of her for getting out there on her own and being successful w/o Destiny’s Child. However, I wish that she would find other things to sing about besides s**. There are only a couple of songs on “Here I Am” that were not about s** and they were not hits. It would be nice to hear her sing about other things too. Maybe she’s just in a place now where she wants to sing about it, but it’s possible to sing about other topics and still be successful. I know that other songs before “Motivation” were not as successful but she should still keep trying and make an effort to create a catalog that is unique and contains songs about different topics and issues.

    She has expressed that she wants to feel s*** and everything. Seems like she is more confident and comfortable on her own now, but other things, besides singing about s**, can bring confidence. Now I do love the beat to this song. But she could use her newfound confidence to sing about a deep emotional love for someone (something like a Trey Songz “S** Ain’t Better Than Love”) , or a song that has a Motown feel. She could use inspiration from classics from back in the day and create a modern motown song.I absolutely love Kelly and just want her to be successful and be able to master all sounds and songs that discuss different topics. She has succeeded overseas with Dance music which is great. She and writers and producers in the U.S. need to find a way in which she can showcase and prove that she can be successful singing any type of song.I love that her sound is r and b right now, because that’s what the industry has been missing. But she could be singing about different topics and issues.

    • ILOVEKELLY June 30, 2012

      When she did that no one was buying it. i always hear fans say say that rose colored glasses, grown as woman, keep it between us, gotsta go, still in love with my ex were her singing about other stuff but fans didnt buy it..she is doing what works for her n she is grown as woman who can sing about what she wants besides she been doing this with DC, comeback, work, lose my breath..all them about s**..r&b is about that good baby making music any way

      • Musicfan June 30, 2012

        DC sang about a variety of things. They succeeded with songs about s** as well as songs about surviving hard times (“Survivor”), songs about doing for their men (“Cater 2 U”) and even songs about breaking up or questioning their men “(Say My Name”).They proved that they were successful even when singing a variety of different things. Everyone has their own opinion. It’s simply my opinion. All I’m saying is she doesn’t have to overdo it by singing MAINLY about s** now. I love “Motivation” and I hope that in this next album she shows more sides of her as well, by singing about different things. I’m sure it’s possible that she can succeed at other types of songs too.
        I really think she should have released “I’m Dat Chick”. I think that would’ve been a great video and great on the radio. Maybe this time around, she’ll choose a number of singles that will be successful and not just one from the album. That would really show that she can consistently put out great singles for the radio.

  62. Remey June 30, 2012

    Kelly, Kelly, Kelly….

    Where should I start? Why are you starting on this album so early? I realize you are trying to strike while the iron is hot, but you should really reconsider a strategic plan with your music. Where you lack in promo, management, and sound, you make up in talent. But you need so much guidance.

  63. Mikej June 30, 2012

    I thought she said she was inspired by motown, this isn’t motownish…..

  64. Michaelangelo June 30, 2012

    Um…this isn’t a memorable song. Where is Mathew Knowles to fix this?? I think I see what direction they are trying to go but please Kelly please don’t do it!!

  65. hood_star_06 June 30, 2012


    Here We Go
    Like This
    *Lat it On Me


  66. GLYNNJE June 30, 2012


  67. sweetdiva June 30, 2012

    I never expected the record to live up to Motivation but just by listening to the snippet to me it’s good. She’ll be fine… come hard with this video Kelly!!!!! Dancing and everything!

  68. josh June 30, 2012

    I love it already definately gonna be summer smash hit just like motivation
    go kelly rowland you have stepped out of the box

  69. williNalli June 30, 2012

    I think I’ve already played that SNIPPET a hundred times…It’s SO GOOD…Wow 🙂

  70. ???? June 30, 2012

    I honestly love this song already. Who cares if its about s** ppl act like thats something new in r and b its about love and s** get over it. Anyway i dont feel like kelly is rushing at all. Im glad she isnt takeing forever and a day just to release a single. Im hopeing this chart in the top ten r and b and the she should an even stronger follow up that is a ballad to show off her beautiful vocals. That would be ideal but im not her manager abd thank god she fired mathew her career doared after she left his ass. #kelendria

  71. cocodior3069 June 30, 2012


  72. YouDoRealize… June 30, 2012

    Y’all better buy her album this time instead of worrying bout my motha.

  73. I Judge Flops June 30, 2012


    “Ice” will be a “hit” on R&B stations and be played until you hate it. It will probably get certified “Platninum” or at least “Gold”

    She will release an album… IT WILL DEBUT IN THE TOP 5 WITH SALES OF 40K AND we will laugh..

    she will cry.


    Let’s stop pretending like she is going to slay, when we know DAMN well she is not

    • hood_star_06 June 30, 2012

      so u judge flops…..? wow what a fun job u have…..hey when your done judging yourself then you should probably try having a life instead of hating on someone who is so not on ur level – she will continue to make waves while u sit behind a screen and throw hate …so keep it up – SHE WILL CONTINUE TO SHKE U OFF like all the other haters – now watch her WORK!

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 30, 2012

      Lol u have no filter at all. Truth is, even if the song becomes a hit, people will still think twice b4 investing in a Kelly Rowland album. I for one dont trust her. I dont want to buy an album from a mainstream artist n she disappears off the horizon 2 weeks after the album release.

      • Musicfan June 30, 2012

        I wouldn’t say just from listening to this snippet that she will flop. But she does need to work on her promo more and not have her videos released so far a part. Sometimes it’s good to focus on one thing at a time, instead of doing her music and working overseas on the talent show at the same time.

      • Musicfan June 30, 2012

        I really hope she has the same success or even more success with the entire new album and not just one single. I know she can do it if there’s a good formula and a good choice of singles and videos.

    • JER June 30, 2012


  74. Ikr June 30, 2012

    First off i love the song. Ill be buying the single and her album. I find it funny that ppl complain about her s** them but where were you people when she released rose colered glasses and grown woman? Nowhere hOw are you going get upset then when clearly her fans respond well to her s** themed songs. If you dont like it then suppiort her other songz better. Keep it between us was a beautiful love song but it doesnt hav nearly as many views as lay it on me, motivation or down for whatever. So i think kelly is making a smart move by chooseing this as her lead single. Her fans clearly enjoy this kind of music from her.

  75. Angie June 30, 2012

    Kelly can always manage to release two or three good songs, but her full-length albums are never good as a whole. I purchased her first, and it was not good. I have not bought another one since. She’s talented, I guess; but she just can’r get it together for me.

  76. kelly June 30, 2012

    It’s a nice s*** slow jam. Not a lead of single that can chart.

    TBH…I think it is time for a REAL RNB LP from destiny child. Something on the lines of Bills bills bills, 702, SWV I miss real RNB.

  77. Realmusic June 30, 2012

    Not feeling this snippet. I agree it sounds like an album track

  78. :) lol June 30, 2012

    Funny how ppl are so quick to call flop. And completely ignore that kelly has won a handful of awards this year. But apparently shes a flop. Stop the madness she may not have huge slbum sales but she makes up for it in tour dates and all the tv show she does. And lets be honest who really buys slbums these days. U cant base someone success on album sales alone. Last time i check kelly has bern everywhere which mean that ppl are paying to see her. Stop hateing and support her.

    • :0 June 30, 2012

      Well said! next to Beyonce she is the hardest working lady in R&B and she keeps that coins trust that! when the last time y’all fav won an award, judge a huge show in ANOTHER COUNTRY, made a cameo in a movie, release an album, did features, made a exercise tape, got more than one mag cover,and endorsements all in one year. She is a bad b**** Case closed!

      • Musicfan June 30, 2012

        I was reaaalllly happy for her when she won the Soul Train Award and Billboard Award for “Motivation”. Those who are saying that she will flop with this album are not being optimistic. But those who are just saying what she could probably do better so this next album CAN succeed as a whole are just saying that it would be great for her to win awards for albums too. She’s done great with winning for her single. Now it’s time to go to the next level and win big on an entire album.

  79. Jupitor June 30, 2012

    It it just me or does this sound like the singer Brandy?

  80. NikkiIsChillin June 30, 2012

    I like it. But I need to here the whole song. So far so good…

  81. EdwardPonton June 30, 2012

    People said Motivation sounded like an album filler. Lol we will see.

  82. El June 30, 2012


  83. MOTIVATION June 30, 2012






  84. Jessie June 30, 2012

    I guess brandy stole her big hair and in exchange she stole brandys vocal arrangements and harmonies. Of course nobody does it like brandy though,

  85. Yesss!! Go go go kelly June 30, 2012

    Yess!! Kelly girl this fire. Forget the haterz u r the it r and b girl right now. #kelly ro

  86. Lol June 30, 2012

    I think ppl hav a hard swallowing that she might actually be a threat to their favs. How can not like the song. It sounds so different than wats on the radio now. Even if its not a smash giv her some credit this song is fire!

    • ILOVEKELLY June 30, 2012

      i swear she is coming and they cant deal with it..she coming for that crown because she is truly the queen of RnB

  87. JER June 30, 2012

    Motivation Part 3 I am not here for this rehash b*******.

  88. PIPOLE June 30, 2012


  89. Trey June 30, 2012

    Man kelly is going hard these days. Me likey 🙂

  90. Trey June 30, 2012

    Isso é hit confirmado

  91. Sonya June 30, 2012

    I love it…can’t wait for the full version!!!!

  92. MusicBou June 30, 2012

    This song will Definitely get played on the radio A LOT. Especially since it’s summer time and what better way to cool yourself off than laying by the beach listening to a song called Ice! I LOVE IT!

  93. TM June 30, 2012

    I think it’s hot! Brandy is sound like Kelly! Not Kelly sounding like brandy!

  94. williNalli June 30, 2012

    This joint has got me HYPED like no other…DAMN…This is SICCKK!!!
    I don’t think I can count how much I’ve listened to this preview already.

  95. JER June 30, 2012

    You Kelly stans got some nerve comparing Kelly to BeYAWNce. Don’t make me put my stan cap on for the b**** i hate. Kelly Rowland has had a decade to set herself apart from BIONCI but Bey is lightyears ahead of this chick. Kelly has been trying how many albums now and all she’s gotten is a hit here and there. You Kelly stans got some damn nerve hyping herboring s*** ….AGAIN. First she was gonna slay with Miss Kelly then she was gonna REALLY SLAY with the re-release, both which BOMBED. Then she was gona slay with the last one whatever it’s called. Here I Am? Well you came and went gorl. Kelly released HOW many flops off that album? And BeYAWNce just breathed and she outsold, outperformed, outbooked, and outdid Kelly so, again. Have all the seats.

    • Hush June 30, 2012

      Shut up, you cow. Nobody compared Kelly to Beyonce. That’s just you trying to underhandedly instigate s***. Kelly will do fine and she and Beyonce both support each other, so there’s competition between them.

      And to put it on a level that’s more personal to you…Kelly is yet another female who has oceans more talent than that big foreheaded barn yard animal you like. What’s her name? Rislutta…Rihtalentless…Rihslapped…something like that…

  96. Steph June 30, 2012

    LOVE it and will be buying the album! Go Kelly!!! When are you releasing the full version???

  97. ILOVEKELLY June 30, 2012

    This song is fire!!!!

  98. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 30, 2012

    guys , just be honest , it is so “Blah” and won’t even chart , def a Big flopped lead single.

    and show me how many dislikes can this comment get just because it is my opinion ?

    • Hush July 1, 2012

      I dislike all your comments. Every time I see you on here, I click “dislike,” no matter what you have to say. LOL 😉

  99. NIKKO June 30, 2012

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! HOTzzzzzzZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SONG IS AMAZING!! GOOD JOB MS. KELLY!!!!!!

  100. kaka June 30, 2012


  101. Jeff June 30, 2012

    Yall be do quick to call Kelly a flop when the other non singing girl rih rih has not had an 1 one album but she is considered sucessful smh Kelly can sings and dance circles around every one at the top of the charts

  102. Duke June 30, 2012

    Yess yess yes i love it and its on 2 min oh yes this is a winner. #kelly

  103. Haha June 30, 2012

    Fire!!!! Her album is gonna be the business

  104. williNalli June 30, 2012

    Oh yeah…Best Believe this chick AIN’T PLAYING…She…ain’t…playing 🙂

  105. ?????? June 30, 2012

    I hope its acailable as a full single tomorow im buying it asap.

  106. kaka July 1, 2012

    your so ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho hoooot baby your love is so ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho hOOooot!!!!

  107. Hmmmm July 1, 2012

    Yessss!!!!! Its fire

  108. Kelly stan July 1, 2012

    I love it, its grown on me already. Today is the bet awards i wonder if shes performing i hope she is. #kelly keep snatchin them wiggs

  109. Dre July 1, 2012

    Ms kelly going to be a force this year…this single is fire!

  110. Woe July 1, 2012

    Wow kelly has stepped her game up one good time. Im lovin this urban/ rand b sound. Kill it girl

  111. Taniesha July 1, 2012

    Kellys team really has her set up for success. Im excited about this era. I had here i am on repeat all year. So i hope this will b even better. The song is hot too. The lyrics ill hav to look up bcuz its a lil hard to learn.

  112. Yaaaasss July 1, 2012

    Yesss!!! Love it

  113. Erica July 1, 2012

    I hope she performs at the vet awards today.

    • lostone July 7, 2012


  114. !!!! July 1, 2012

    It would b hella cool if she performed this song at the bet awards then released it as a single the next day. That would be the ultimate intro to this new album just as long as her performance is as hot this song.

  115. #kelly July 1, 2012

    I like it…hot hot hot hot hooooot love that verse

    • williNalli July 1, 2012

      Lol…So right…Who knew the fave part of a song called ICE might be “Hot hot hot….” She is a GENIUS

  116. #kellyRowland July 1, 2012

    Yes!!! Aeesome

  117. iluvmusic July 1, 2012

    From first listen its carchy especially “Hot hot.. ha ha ha ha ha ha hot”… Thr only thing this has in common wit Motivation is both songs are sexual. I can see this charting well. Gettin the club poppin. Gettin radio play.& its a snippet. Wait til u hear more before writin it off. I notice the beat changes as it fades out. Then u haven’t heard Wayne or if there’s a bridge or breakdown. Just sayin…

    • lostone July 7, 2012


  118. iluvmusic July 1, 2012


    • lostone July 7, 2012


  119. Lok July 1, 2012

    Hell yes kelly!!!

  120. dre July 2, 2012

    so where is the song at now?? or is her team going to release a different song since ppl were compareing ot to motivation

  121. rena July 2, 2012

    i like the song but im just trying to figure why is it takeing so long for it to release

    • lostone July 7, 2012


  122. eh July 2, 2012

    love it!!

  123. kelly July 2, 2012

    this girl stay snatching weaves…yes kelly work!!! i do wish she would come out with a different song maybe about love. the s** angle is cool tho too but i wanna here her beast vocals

    • williNalli July 4, 2012

      Try her song “Keep It Between Us”. It’s one of my favs from her last album HERE I AM

    • lostone July 7, 2012


  124. Gimmemore July 4, 2012

    You’re like IIICCCEEEEE you better crron Kelly, Not a huge fan of the lyrical content but, its a hot song!

    • lostone July 7, 2012


  125. Tami July 5, 2012

    Love it!

    • lostone July 7, 2012


  126. Jonathan July 6, 2012

    kelly I’m far away here in Brazil, hoping for his return for what you deserve to know that here you do not receive the value with motivation, but I hope you come back with Ice with everything and receive recognition as a dillema, I love you very much and I do everything to that curtain of radio music, voting here good luck and do not give up you have more talent than other singers out there that are successful, which i quote names or a big kiss from your biggest fan ….

  127. ynvtee July 6, 2012

    love it

  128. lostone July 7, 2012


    • williNalli July 7, 2012

      It’s definitely this SUMMER JAM. I can’t wait til all the radios play it.

  129. williNalli July 7, 2012

    This snippet was SO GREAT, because the VERSES on this joint are DEADLY.

    Her voice is like smooth, but LETHAL, it’s quite impressive.

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