Twitter Chaos: Chris Brown Slams TMZ

Published: Friday 15th Jun 2012 by Sam

Chris Brown and Twitter.

It’s a relationship made in the fiery pits of PR hell. Yet still, it blazes on.

Having whipped up a media frenzy with pics and tweets alluding to drama with Drake, the ‘Turn Up The Music’ singer has vented his frustrations at gossip website TMZ.

His words after the jump…

Via Chris Brown/Twitter:

@tmz y’all full of shit!!!! It’s insane how your stories are not informative at all and far from fucking facts!

It’s really sad! All y’all in that office sit behind a desk and hide behind ur lives by trying to tarnish others! Good game!

The media will always try to slam dunk!!! But I win my games with lay ups! Godbless! #knowyourfacts

It upsets u that I’m not this hoodlum,enraged,young black man you wanna portray me as. They did it to Mike.. I can handle it! #imdone



One has to wonder how this whole Drake/Model madness will impact the release of Breezy’s ‘Fortune’ LP when it hits stores on July 3rd. Is “all” publicity really “good” publicity?

Your thoughts?

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  1. jaquala88 June 15, 2012

    From my understanding they all are cool. One from Chris crew was acting shady & s*** went left…..That’s what happens when you mix drinks, money, & big ass egos in one room. My Opinion!

    • Cadrice June 15, 2012

      No. They all weren’t cool. They were at separate tables and didn’t even communicate with one another even though the place was so small and their tables were close. As soon as Drake walked in and was introduced he was so extra and such a try-hard, tension filled he place up. It was madness.

      • Jaquala June 15, 2012

        I’m talking as of today Chris & meek mill are speaking to each other & both Drake & Chris says Drake had no parts

  2. Tru Voice June 15, 2012

    A Mess.

  3. Terrell June 15, 2012

    Chris Brown needs to grow up, damn i mean can he get some class and just ignore the damn media, and he needs anger management he is always getting upset, everything is not worth being upset for .

    • Jayla June 15, 2012

      shut up that man can say what the hell he wants, just like u voicing your opinion he can do the same

      • uhh okaii June 15, 2012

        and no he cant say whatever the hell he wants…the rate that he’s going he’s only going to have dumbass hoodrat fans..oh wait he’s almost fully accomplished that…its going to be a sad day when his antics outshine his career..and dumbass fans like you, dont make it any better

      • Failure 03 June 15, 2012

        Unlike him, Chris is a celebrity. If he can’t handle it tough game, u need tough skin for that world.

    • Teacher June 15, 2012

      The sad thing is that he already took anger management courses…..SMH

      • uhh okaii June 15, 2012

        yeah and proved useless

    • Jayla June 15, 2012


      • Failure 03 June 15, 2012

        … Why do u care so much to defend him…? Damn, Chris is like a child and his fanbase is practically babying him even more.

  4. trucieb June 15, 2012

    I hope “Mike” isn’t to reference Michael Jackson. Cuz what happened to him and whatever has been going on with this kid for the past several years are so not the same. I’m just sayin

  5. BLACK MADONNA June 15, 2012


  6. the real xoxo June 15, 2012

    wow, hes playing the black card this time.
    He is the one making people think he is an enraged child, not TMZ. he is always slating someone or being aggressive.

  7. KeyAmino June 15, 2012

    I saw TGJ stays on top of Chris’ s***.

    • Yea i said it June 15, 2012

      rihanna too!

  8. Ugh June 15, 2012

    So what? let him say what’s on his mind. TMZ is always slamming him, Harvey to be exact. Harvey cannot stand one bone God gave Chris. when other celebs rant eg: rihanna everyone says it’s fine and they laugh. Doesn’t she need anger management too?

  9. Journey Israel June 15, 2012

    He”s telling the truth tmz only report negative stories about chris brown check the time line.

    • Lax June 15, 2012

      THEY report negative crap on everybody.

  10. TARBABY RANGER June 15, 2012

    Chris brown NEWSFLASH
    Chris hasspent the last 4 years being a c***; fighting, assualting women, taking cell phones, f****** men, acting a hot ass mess. So lets keep it real, he is done.

    • Jayla June 15, 2012

      when has your time begun? hater

      • TARBABY RANGER June 15, 2012

        @jayla have a seat. My time is now. I bet you have no clue who you’re talking to but i can tell you one thing, im not some dumb b**** stanning for a COKE addict who beats women. Stupid b****** like you are the reason why his 15 minutes was extended another 5 minutes.

  11. TheOuyonB June 15, 2012

    He’s a human being, just like everyone else.. Regular people get on twitter and voice the good, the bad, and the ugly.. i personally don’t see anything wrong with it. He’s an entertainer… His personal life is really nobody’s business.

  12. Lax June 15, 2012

    @CHRIS Thats right man tell “TMZ” tell them why you mad, Son!

    • Lax June 15, 2012

      Chris you have got to learn how to go on
      Ignore mode and not say nothing, Son.
      You or looking and acting Desperate and
      they love that. A lot of the stuff is only gossip
      any way.

      • Lax June 15, 2012

        Chris what mike were you talking bout, son?

  13. Lax June 15, 2012

    Chris is mad now, yall.

  14. Lax June 15, 2012

    Chris must have read where it was said on TMZ that one of his
    own threw the bottle that cut his bodyguard up really bad, thats
    a dam shame and so Pucking silly grown ass men, clowning
    like kids…

  15. Lax June 15, 2012

    But chris you need to tell who ever it is who is saying
    you was in the club with some Blood gang bangers
    you need to get that straight because that will be a really
    bad look for that to get out, you hanging with gang banger
    and bloods, oh shyt….

  16. BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 15, 2012

    On route to self destruction. TMZ is a media outlet that is simply informing the public with the “facts” they have gathered. There is nothing wrong with that and if Chris the woman Beater Brown has learned anything, it should be that you never fight the media because you’ll always lose.

    Chris Brown further showing why he is a negative role model and a nuisance to society in general. They should have locked up this thug for the 4 years, instead we have endured some of those years with rubbish, nonsense and thuggery from this Woman Beater.

    • umm June 15, 2012

      You work for TMZ?

    • Jayla June 15, 2012

      shut the f*** up gay ass

      • TARBABY RANGER June 15, 2012

        Jayla is a dumb ratchet Chris Beat A WOMAN Down brown. CB is certified p****.

  17. Girrrl June 15, 2012

    Chris Brown should never compare himself to MJ. MJ was falsely accused of molesting children for money. Chris Brown got bashed for beating up Rihanna. Don’t say “well Rihanna hit him first” because at the end of the day he’s the convicted felon who’s on probation. Yeah this time it was Drake and his crew’s fault, but Chris has done so much b******* that no one cares. He has gotten chance after chance and what does he do? Talk s*** on Twitter, trash ABC’s studio, etc. Why is Chris Brown always involved in some drama? He needs to just shut the f*** up. Beyonce doesn’t jump on Twitter when everyone under the sun says she faked her pregnancy. She doesn’t give a f***. But Chris always gotta wag that extra long tongue and speak with that lisp whenever anyone says Boo to him.

  18. Meh June 15, 2012

    He comparing himself to Micheal? Smh and I guess TMZ brainwash him and make him act damn fool in club. He will delete tweets like punk though.

  19. umm June 15, 2012

    everybody who cheered on rihanna for bashing the sun need not say anything different now. I really hate when celebs tweet s*** about other media stories because it makes them look desperate and self centered. I really hate tmz though so him saying this doesn’t really bother me.

    • Meh June 15, 2012

      Diff is Rihanna wont delete tweet she stick by what she say. CB says things like this then compare himself to michael lol when he does act angry and do stupid things all time then deletes tweet.

      • umm June 15, 2012

        she can say and do what she wants and it’s cool but as soon as he or any man speaks out on something he’s angry. Do you really think people sit behind a cell phone or computer and type in complete rage? Chris has to delete things because ppl like you will think “oh he’s angry i bet that’s how he was when he beat rihanna.” I really wonder what y’all would have said if Rihanna and ciara was involved in some kind of altercation?

      • Meh June 15, 2012

        He was part of wrecking club. So I guess he not angry while hurling bottles at people head too. Stop it. He is very angry person and he delete tweet cause he a punk and cant stick by what he saying.

      • umm June 15, 2012

        first i’m not gonna stop my opinion on this soo yea…and why should he not defend himself when dudes trying to attack him in a club with bottles. From what has been said he didn’t start it. You need to get off of the internet because everything aint this perfect situation where you can think of everything logically. He doesn’t need anger management he needs to think before he acts which comes with age. Stuff happens its a club full of drinks and egos so something was bound to happen.

    • Teacher June 15, 2012

      The difference is that ‘they’ are already out to get him and he’s just giving them more s*** to go on! They view Chris as a woman beater w/ anger management issues and a very short fuse….They see Rihanna as just talkn s*** and getting the story straight!

      • umm June 15, 2012

        I understand but it wouldn’t matter what she did she is a woman that happened to get into a fight with her boyfriend years ago and now whatever she does she is either given sympathy or praise for “being strong”. So I’m not gonna really go into this about her because nobody cares about holding a standard to which things are viewed.

  20. Jayla June 15, 2012

    He can tweet what the f*** he wants you all need to hop off his d***, worried too much about what this man says on HIS twitter account. F****** Flaming F******, especially Sam

    • Mark June 15, 2012

      Wow. You know, for someone who spends so much time on here telling everyone else to mind their business and not worry what CB or whoever is up to, you SURE seem to have alot of time for opinions on the queens/q*****/f****** yadda yadda yadda.
      Whats the matter b****, no man desperate enough to wanna touch your fat ass and saggy cooch and you’re real bitter’ bout that? DUMB C***.

  21. Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 15, 2012


  22. Kingphoenix June 15, 2012

    i never wanted an album to flop so bad as this one…I cannot wait to see this first week sales.

    • Jayla June 15, 2012

      Who gives a s*** he STILL will always have more money and be worth more than u

      • TARBABY RANGER June 16, 2012

        Actually Chris Brown has a 560 credit score. All his assets are in his manager’s name. So he’s not worth s***!

  23. Benron June 15, 2012

    Mike comparison, in your dreams, But I will give him/his fans something on the race card. Why has ntohing happened to Eminem, he beat his wife and it was thourougly ignored so…

    But Que Chris’ fans attacked all people telling the truth, threatning people and making up lies to defend Chris. They are so ridiculous, here is some #Teambreezy excuses.

    “The Illuminati is out to get him” Really, you telling me some damn secret satanic society who apparently killed Ms WineHouse, Huouston and Mj can’t get Chris brown out of the music Industry? Really?

    “If you were in his postion you would act the same way!” But I wouldoun’t, I am not an idiot.

    They will always defend him till this n**** gets jail time for pushing Kacoochie out a window (boo-hoo)

    • TARBABY RANGER June 15, 2012

      Have a seat. Eminem may have been a jerk off but he aint beat that h** Kim. The fact is Kim was a druggie and HE was granted custody of his daughter… OVER her HE was chosen.

      • umm June 15, 2012

        em did beat her. yea kim is a druggie so is rih and em…

      • TARBABY RANGER June 16, 2012

        Umm have a seat. Em has not criminal history for domestic violence. Show the receipts. Chris brown does tho.

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 16, 2012

      Cus em’s woman was no celeb. Rihanna was the industry’s Princess at the time

  24. joker June 15, 2012

    don’t wanna sound haterish. but did i just notice that cover looks he’s about to pull the empty pockets out. 😀

  25. X,Y,”and Z” June 15, 2012

    I think Chris is talking about TMZ now saying that Big Pat was hit by one of someone in Chris’ entourage. <–A "source" who was/is more than likely, from Drake's camp! In any case..

    Contrast what TMZ is reporting, to what 'Radaronline' is saying:


    "Law enforcement sources tell us, the club voluntarily handed over the surveillance footage yesterday. But it won't do much good anyway — we're told it's nearly impossible to make out faces on the footage because the club was so dark when the fight broke out. So far, this is the only video of the fight police have been able to obtain."


    "The cops got the warrant from a judge late yesterday afternoon. The search warrant allows them to collect ALL evidence from the assault between Drake and Chris Brown and his entourage, including footage from the security cameras at the nightclub," a law enforcement source tells exclusively. "The club is outfitted with a state of the art surveillance system. The fight was caught on MULTIPLE cameras from different angles."

    One of Drake's associates snitching him out:

    "One of Drake's associates, P Reign, tweeted after the fight: "Chris Brown got a taste of his own medicine…We aint no rihannas ni** Lol. That's my one comment about this s**t I'm done." Cops haven't determined if P Reign was at the nightclub, but it's has since been deleted from his timeline. After the fight Chris tweeted a photo of himself with a bloody gash on his chin saying, "How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!," however, that Tweet has also been deleted."

    We all now that TMZ, namely Harvey Levin hates Chris. But the truth is already out there: Drake threw the glass/bottle that cut Chris, and then he ran into the bathroom! Up till now, not even TMZ could find an eyewitness that can counter this fact. They can't, so now they're putting out that "Chris' own entourage hit Big Pat with that bottle" nonsense!!

    If ya'll notice, Chris and Meek Mill have since communicated and there is no animosity, that only leaves one person who can be guilty: DRAKE!

    Chris is on probation, if the NYPD calls his probation officer and DEMANDS that he cooperates, then he'll have to do just that! Risk probation violation, or tell the truth about a b****-a** who hit you with a glass/bottle, who then runs and hides in the toilet? I saw give the cops chapter and verse!

    I never did like Drake! I always said he was an actor playing the role of a lifetime: "Rapper"! Well, now he can play the role of a convict!

    @Chris Brown — Dude, I'm one of your most capable, most loyal soldiers. I've been so for 3-years now. I think I speak for ALL of the REAL Team-Breezy when I say: Sue him Chris! Take ALL his money! Drake was ALWAYS your enemy. He never did like you. He only "rose" because of Feb 8th, 2009 Chrianna. Drake is a fraud!

    ..Life is complicated, but these facts aren't: He wants Rihanna, but Rihanna said: "Chris Brown is the hottest thing in R&B," and she only wants you. But you've already moved on, and now wants nothing to do with neither!

    In any case, this could all be a blessing in disguise:

    1.) Expose him for the b****-a**, fraud, "Canadian-Bacon Jew Actor" that he is (the rap game will love you for this). And take ALL his dough!!
    2.) Get rid of one of your enemies whose presence was stopping your from rising BACK to your place on high!

    X,Y,"and Z"

    • rose June 16, 2012

      Hi X Y Z

      Very nice article . I am a Team Breezy person as well … so what is your opinion on the NEW Radar online report which says Chris spent the night after the incident at 40/40 WITH Rihanna ?????

      Ummm would TMZ not have picked that up

      • X,Y,”and Z” June 16, 2012

        *correction* I’d wrote this(june 15, 7:16 pm) while half asleep on a different keyboard/multitasking/not proofing/over 65wpm: “We all KNOW = We all NOW” *Seeeerious red-face*

        @Rose re: June 16, 12:18 am —

        “ what is your opinion on the NEW Radar online report which says Chris spent the night after the incident at 40/40 WITH Rihanna ?????”

        ..GREAT question!

        To tell the truth, it’s now news to me. Until you now mentioned it, I’d have been totally unaware of/’bout it. I wasn’t even paying attention, not with all the recent now-evolving, “many-moving-parts” drama. But we’re going from this “Drake-bottle-throwing” incident, which was/is WELL documented, to another (“Rihanna and Chris alone in nightclub”) with no video, nor pictures.

        We’d all have been convinced if there was video/pictures is what I’m saying — and let me tell you, it’d have made ‘World Wide Prime Time News’/Headlines..!!!

        I’ve ages-ago said that Drake is the mortal enemy of Team-Breezy. “Drake” only came about AFTER/BECAUSE of ‘Feb 8th, 2009 Chrianna’. *sigh..* ..That said, “Drake” was/is white-bread convenience: add water and mix – voila: “hype without substance”, complete with his ghost-writers! Nevermind the fact that “Wheelchair Jimmy” is a Canadian Actor who is now playing the role of a lifetime: “Rapper”.

        I’m guessing, what MUST have INFURIATED Drake was when Rihanna sought-out CHRIS BROWN to do her “Cake” single, and NOT him. And what must have pushed him over the edge? Well, when she said: “Chris Brown is the hottest thing in R&B,” must’ve made him go nuclear!

        “Nuclear: ‘Canadian-bacon Jew Actor’ definition: throwing bottle/glass, then making a hasty retreat to the safety and shelter of the latrine.”

        Rose, you see Drake KNOWS “CBreezy 2.0” is now coming to reclaim his rightful thrown! WE need a new “King Of Pop”. MJ is gone, and 23-y/o Chris Brown is who “WE” have elected to sit atop that lofty throne – absolutely NOT “quack-quack Drake”!

        “Drake – noun. A male duck” Rose, see for yourself, it’s true:

        X,Y,”and Z”

  26. Teacher June 15, 2012

    “It upsets u that I’m not this hoodlum,enraged,young black man you wanna portray me as…”

    Chris they are NOT portraying u as anything! They’re simply reporting what u give them and every1 else which is an ENRAGED YOUNG BLACK MAN=HOODLUM

    Imma pray for u cuz u damn sho need it! Ugh!

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 16, 2012

      Never thought there’d be a day where i’d agree with u

  27. Remey June 15, 2012

    “It upsets u that I’m not this hoodlum,enraged,young black man you wanna portray me as.”

    Silly Chris….you ARE the hoodlum, enraged, young black man that they portray you as. Chris has such a great talent, but his PR Team must be stressed the hell out. He just cannot be controlled.

    You post a tweet just to remove it. What’s the point? This will definitely affect Fortune. Besides, this era is everywhere. He keeps releasing singles/videos from left to right. He won’t let one single enjoy success without him releasing another one.

  28. Girrrl June 15, 2012

    Chris Brown should never compare himself to MJ. MJ was falsely accused of molesting children for money. Chris Brown got bashed for beating up Rihanna. Don’t say “well Rihanna hit him first” because at the end of the day he’s the convicted felon who’s on probation. Yeah this time it was Drake and his crew’s fault, but Chris has done so much b******* that no one cares. He has gotten chance after chance and what does he do? Talk s*** on Twitter, trash ABC’s studio, etc. Why is Chris Brown always involved in some drama? He needs to just shut the f*** up. Beyonce doesn’t jump on Twitter when everyone under the sun says she faked her pregnancy. She doesn’t give a f***. But Chris always gotta wag that extra long tongue and speak with that lisp whenever anyone says Boo to him.

  29. MusiKPro June 15, 2012

    “It upsets u that I’m not this hoodlum,enraged,young black man you wanna portray me as. They did it to Mike.. I can handle it! #imdone”

    omg chris please. Comparing yourself and your actions to Michael Jackson?! I would like to understand how your brain considers that logical! & Didn’t you just say in a song how you gangsta even though you f*cking with white folks to get money….this is what comes with that territory. Deal with it and stop whining you reep what you sow. You know the deal hush.

  30. dummies r us June 15, 2012

    When is this dude ever gonna pay for his crimes and ignorance?

  31. Be a Man June 16, 2012

    Chris is a f****** brat he always crying you put yourself into these situations n**** now you have to deal with the backlash be a man and stop crying like a b**** complaining that everyone’s against you…just when people start to forgive and forget and support you again after the rihanna situation you slap them in the face *no pun intended* by going and doing more reckless s*** I’m 22 so I know how easy it is to get into some b******* but it is how you deal with it that make you who you are…grow up man I was really rooting for you….smh

  32. MISHKA June 16, 2012

    He is saddened by what TMZ said? TMZ, REALLY?

    Chris, if you think for a second you have it worse than Lindsay Lohan or Britney Meltdown Spears, you’re definitely too sensitive to be in that industry.

    Steve Harvey is a freaking lawyer, Fred is a freaking lawyer too, they can say a lot of BS without exposing their websites to celebrities lawsuits. DEAL WITH THAT.

    The only way for a celebrity to win the media over is to pay them no mind. Chris has been tweeting everything since that night, I have yet to hear what Drake is saying. H*ll, Trey Songz is their mutual close friend, he saw the whole thing and he’s saying nothing. That’s the right thing to do. Stop entertaining that coonery, Chris, it’s not worth it. You’re trying hard to give Drake a bad name, but it’s not going to work because he listens to his PR people.

    If Michael Jackson didn’t win them over (he ultimately did after his sudden death), you young man can keep tweeting all you want.

    PS Drake and you better make sure the white girl gets all the $$$$$$$$ she will ask. She’s the clear winner in this BS.

    • MISHKA June 16, 2012

      Steve Harvey? OOPS silly me, I was talking about Harvey the owner of TMZ…

  33. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE June 16, 2012

    Here goes FISTopher on another one of his DRUG fueled rants

    You know hes been smoking that s*** (crack) lately, thats why he’s so THIN & flying off the handle 😕

  34. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 16, 2012

    how Old is he again ?

    i’m younger than him and i rarely tweet. he should really Get his s*** together. Twitter is not the friend , so he should deactivate his twitter and connect to his fans on his official website , at least they are HIS fans , not some trouble makers and s*** …

  35. the real xoxo June 16, 2012

    yet again playing the victim and wanting sympathy for his self-inflicted negativity. chris, TMZ never tweeted ignorant b*******, TMZ never trashed ABC, TMZ never beat up rihanna until she was unconscious, YOU did. his team are miracle workers. he got away scot-free for smashing rihannas face in, all he did was say sorry and done some community service, where as if a normal guy done it he would be behind bars. Chris hasnt shown that he has changed, he is always being aggressive and immature.

    • X,Y,”and Z” June 16, 2012

      The real xoxo re: June 16, 4:14 am —

      “TMZ never beat up Rihanna…”

      Er..yes, they did, not literally, but figuratively. And they were also complicit in “beating-up” the rest of us when they propagated one of the biggest urban myths of all. But lost in all the noise was the truth of just what happened on Feb 8th, 2009 in that car on that fateful L.A. evening:

      “Sources say Rihanna was the first one to strike — slapping and STRIKING Brown “numerous times” while he was driving, after seeing the text message from another woman. And Rihanna was fighting Brown. WE’RE TOLD MUCH OF THIS IS REFLECTED IN THE OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT BASED ON WHAT RIHANNA TOLD COPS.”

      Here’s the link. I know it’ll be difficult coming down off the woe-is-me high, but gather yourself, and have a read:

      X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  36. Arie June 16, 2012

    The media won the battle but it looks like Chris is gonna come out smoking on this war. This is the time for his Team Breezy to show the world what they are made of. The best thing Chris has done for himself is to tweet about that incident as it was happening, everybody thought they were gonna nail him by reposting that rant but this time around it benefited him. Another mistake they made was focusing on that injured girl trying to link this to Brown past mistake, bad move because this time around it looks like he is not the guilty party but the actual victim. Drake will probably not go to jail but guess what his image has changed forever and this is gonna leave a sour taste in his mouth.

  37. antertain June 16, 2012

    Mama Breezy

    Messing up his own future, when filled with so much talent.


    Silence is GOLDEN
    TRY IT!

  38. honeydip June 16, 2012


  39. ERIC June 16, 2012

    Likening himself to Michael Jackson is a comfortable alternative to owning up to his responsibilities. Michael never ruled with his fists. Michael was not a man who spewed profanity and encouraged violence, and he even made a point of it with the concept for his “Beat It” video. Michael was a man of peace and that is NOT Chris Brown. I’m afraid for his future and his influence on young people dealing with their own troubles back home.

  40. likeCAESAR June 16, 2012

    Please comparing yourself to Michael Jackson…its redundant, irrelevant, and inconsistent with the facts…

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