From The Vault: Ashanti – ‘Rain On Me’ (Extended Version)

Published: Sunday 24th Jun 2012 by David

From The Vault this week salutes one of the most pertinent moments of Ashanti’s career: her mini movie for single ‘Rain On Me’.

‘Rain’ was the second single lifted from the stunner’s sophomore album, the aptly titled ‘Chapter II’. Based on a sample from Isaac Hayes’ ‘The Look Of Love’, the cut was penned by Ms. Douglas herself and produced by partner (in crime) Irv Gotti back in 2003.

The track was yet another hit for former Murder INC stari, reaching the 7th position of the Billboard Hot 100, #2 on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts and peaking inside the Top 20 in the UK.

A poignant slow-jam – which narrates the tale of a woman in a draining relationship – was brought to life with the help of an even more compelling visual. Directed by the ever-inspired Hype Williams, the clip was shot as a short film and deals with the issue of domestic violence. The cinematography, the daunting sound mix as well as Ashanti and co-star Larenz Tate’s performances make for a titillating view. Judging by the multiple LidRock, Maybach or Creed product placements, we don’t think we are too far off when we say that it was a big-budget affair. Epic video for an epic song!


Long gone are the days when Ashanti could make the world stop by releasing a video (don’t get us started on the mucky mess that was the ‘The Woman You Love’ video). Still, and as proven with the underrated ‘Declaration’, she is more than capable of delivering the “good good” (pun intended). However, with visuals like this (and its “cousin” ‘The Way That I Love You’) highlighting the importance of visuals for an act such as Ashanti, the indie route is not the one.

Nonetheless, all of us here at TGJ HQ can’t wait for that fifth chapter.

Your thoughts?

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  1. JuanR June 24, 2012

    I just love this song! And the video is amazing!
    I miss Ashanti…

  2. mr.m June 24, 2012


    • marcus June 24, 2012

      b**** u a has been ashanti aint thinkin bout u…

  3. Oggie ‘Singer’ June 24, 2012

    F***** incredible! she’s an amazing artist and that song and video i one of my all time favs

    • BLAH June 24, 2012

      #AMEN! this is by far far 1 of the best song/videos of all time!

  4. marcus June 24, 2012

    f***** epic.. ashanti definitly knows how to come hard with videos. and the acting in this video was serious as hell…

  5. mob June 24, 2012

    I loved this song! I’m going to need Ashanti to give me some:
    Rain On Me
    I Can’t Wait
    Foolish….hell everything off of her debut CD!

    She needs to recapture her orignal sound and she will come back strong and I say this of ‘A’, Ciara, and Brandy! IMO

  6. monstarebel June 24, 2012

    I love ashanti!!!! I can’t until the next album

  7. PYTFROMAL June 24, 2012

    Love this song and this is probably her best video. The acting was definitely on point, the whole thing was on point. This was when Ashanti was on top. I dont think the independent thing is working for her. She needs to try to get a good label to back her up and she can possibly get back on track. Shes capable of hot tracks. I remember when Murda Inc was running things. Ja Rule and Ashanti Always on Time, Whats Love, Down 4 U. Songs like that bring back so many memories. Seems like forever ago. LOL.

  8. Lifestyle Magazines June 24, 2012

    If she really wanted to I think she could make another comeback. Depending on who she signs with of course

  9. christine June 26, 2012

    I am a huge Ashanti fan. If she does not come correct with her next CD….then it’s time to get off of that Indie crap and get with a major label. But until this next CD drops I can’t call it. However that last video, (she looked nice style wise) but it was extra cheap especially from someone known for making good videos!!!

  10. Truth February 22, 2014

    I dont ever want to hear that Ashanti is washed up. That girl is talented as Hell one of the most Talented Female Artists of all time and will go down in History as one indeed just off this video here this was an incredible video. One of Hype Williams best by far and one of the best music videos ive ever seen. The cinematography just on another level. People sleep on Ashanti and forget that she writes all her music. I dont believe any of your favorite female artists write all there music.

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