Jennifer Lopez has new music incoming!

The diva, who recently announced her ‘It’s My Party Tour’ ahead of her 50th birthday, has revealed that she’ll be pairing the US trek with fresh material.

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Meet ‘The Last Black Man In San Francisco.’ 

A hot favorite following the Sundance Film Festival, the movie tells the the tale of an optimistic young man who seeks to reclaim a valuable item built by a member of his family – all the while as he attempt to find meaning in an ever-changing world.

Word is that the flick, which is directed by Joe Talbot and stars Jimmie Fails as well as Jonathan Majors, unapologetically explores race class, and gentrification.

Due in June, the film has already bagged several prestigious awards at Sundance thanks it stunning directing and poignant storytelling.

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Adrien Broner wants gay men to know that he will respond with violence if they dare to pursue him romantically.

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Kevin Hart has firmly established himself as a box office draw, but he’s not doing away with his roots. Because, the funnyman is gearing up for the premiere of his first original Netflix special.

Set to premiere April 2nd on the streaming giant, the venture sees Hart bring his sold-out comedy tour, ‘Irresponsible,’ to a global audience.

The one-hour production was filmed in front of 15,000 people at the star’s sold-out London show at the O2 Arena.

In trademark form, Hart reflects on family, friends, travel and a year filled with Irresponsible antics.

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As Jussie Smollett gears up for a colossal legal battle, his friend and ‘Empire’ boss Lee Daniels is speaking up and out about the scandal everyone’s talking about.

Last month, the 36-year-old was indicted on 16 counts related what Chicago authorities are saying was a “staged attack.”

At the time of the incident, Smollett filed a police report asserting that he was targeted because of his race and sexuality.

The fall-out from the drama not only has the actor’s role on ‘Empire’ placed in jeopardy, but the entire show’s future too.

It would appear the latter has prompted Daniels – who was one of the first to voice support for Smollett initially – to touch on the matter as best as he could.

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TLC‘s story remains one of music’s most rivetting.

Much like the group, their narrative is far from conventional.

Indeed, beyond the highs and lows of their professional journey, the various hardships and triumphs experienced by members T-Boz, Chilli, and Left Eye personally are still dropping jaws decades on.

Having already shared their story via a successful VH1 biopic, the group’s surviving members are set to open up the more by way of a brand new Broadway musical.

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Interposing one of music history’s most beloved tunes into your work can come with a hefty price tag; ask Ariana Grande.

The Grammy-winner – who just saw her latest hit, ‘7 Rings,’ return to the top of the Hot 100 for its 6th non-consecutive week (click here to read more) – knows all too well about the cost of such ventures as ‘Rings’ contains reinterpretations of Rodgers & Hammerstein (the songwriters who penned ‘My Favorite Things’ from the iconic ‘Sound of Music’ soundtrack).

And, while modern acts like rappers Soulja Boy and Princess Nokia allege they’re due a piece of the ‘Rings’ royalties pie (click here to read more on that), Rodgers & Hammerstein – two of 10 credited writers on the Grande hit – take so much of it there’s barely a slice left for others.

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Much like his Young Money sister Nicki Minaj (as we’ve reported previously), ‘Going Bad’ beau Drake is seeing a bad side of his European fans after he unexpectedly cancelled a show on his hotly-selling ‘Assassination Vacation’ tour.

On Monday (March 18th), Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome’- set to host the 6 God for three days in April – unveiled news that he not only canceled the April 23rd date but also rescheduled the April 25th and April 26th dates forward.  Needless to say, once fans got word Drizzy had changed the dates of the two remaining shows to April 15th and April 16th (and that they are reportedly already sold out), they were whipped into frenzy.

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2019 has seen rapper The Game (born Jayceon Taylor) and conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren at each other’s throats damn near since the ball dropped.

Admittedly, it’s been the pettiness of Taylor that’s made most headlines as he – via his Instagram account – has launched several scathing, profanity laden attacks toward the way of Lahren.  Slamming her appearance to her judgment of 21 Savage‘s reported illegal immigrant status (which also earned claps from the likes of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B as we reported here) and much more, the ‘How We Do’ hitmaker even took to daytime TV talk show ‘The Real’ earlier this week (March 18) to detail his longstanding disdain for the television personality.

Once news of his appearance hit her desk, she took to FOX News to label him “low class” and “irrelevant” to the rap game.  His response? Well, let’s just say it was so expletive ridden we’d rather let you read it for yourself:


Warner Bros is reportedly ready to write a mega check to secure the rights to the movie being created to honour Venus and Serena Williams’ father Richard Williams.

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Jay-Z is easily one of modern music’s most revered names and that status is set to be garnished with another layer of legendary.

For, the US Library Of Congress has announced that it’ll be archiving one of the rapper’s most celebrated albums.

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“I’m a thick b*tch, I need Tempo!”

Rising star Lizzo turns all the way up on titillating new track ‘Tempo’ – and does so with help from none other than Missy Elliott.

The pair trade verses over the pulsating production, which is lifted from Lizzo’s major label debut ‘Cuz I Love You’ (due April 19th).

Though grinding for some time, the 30-year-old’s versatility is finally getting its shine in full view of the masses.

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