Beyonce may be earning critical acclaim aplenty for the African-inspired music video for her latest single, ‘Spirit’ (the leading effort from the ‘Lion King:  The Gift’ album), but there’s at least one critic the Grammy-winner shouldn’t expect to hear praise from: creative director Gabrielle Kannemeyer.

The famed photographer and art director – whose past clientele list boasts big brands such as Puma, Adidas, Guess,  Woolworths, and many more – was none-too-pleased after a commenter observed what were arguable similarities between Kannemeyer’s work and the ‘Spirit’ visual.

The notice made Gabrielle assemble a collage of shots from her previous directorial efforts, namely from the ‘Blamefire’ music video of South African artist Petite Noir, which she believes were directly mirrored in Bey’s most recent visual.  Once the Beyhive got wind of the slams, needless to say, hell broke loose.  More inside:


Marvel fans are still losing it at the number of bombshells dropped at Saturday’s (July 20) Comic-Con.

In addition to announcing the schedule for the next slew of their movies to hit screens in the coming months, it was also confirmed that ‘Black Panther 2,’ ‘Captain Marvel 2,’ and a ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot are among the studio’s rumored efforts currently in the works.

The “cherry on top” may have come right before the convention’s end with the revelation that 2-time Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali had signed on to assume the role of ‘Blade’:


Tyra Banks, the genius model behind the Bankable ‘America’s Next Top Model‘ has shared fresh thoughts on her spat with Naomi Campbell in an insightful interview with the ‘Wall Street Journal.’

Alas, Banks’ decision to discuss the drama has seen former ‘Top Model’ fans take to Twitter to shed a fresh light on tweets which examine all the ways they believe she engaged in the behaviour Naomi was accused of participating in.


Tyra’s take, at the 11 minute mark, below…


Welcome to Retro Rewind, the TGJ original feature designed to celebrate the magic of TV and Film.

Today, we revisit ‘The Wood’…the coming of age movie which starred Omar Epps, Richard T. Jones and Taye Diggs.

The moving movie was created with $6 million and earned a brilliant $25 million following its release on July 16th 1999 and delivered a soundtrack which featured tunes recorded by Luther Vandross, Outkast, Joe and Cheryl Lynn.

Enjoy below…


As the rave reviews continue to roll in for the Beyonce-curated album, ‘Lion King: The Gift’ (released July 19), the diva’s received news the star-studded set’s on track to unseat the current Billboard 200 champion – Ed Sheeran‘s ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project’ – from the tally’s top spot.

Like we reported here, ‘The Gift’ – thanks to help from its leading cuts ‘Bigger’ and ‘Spirit’ – came out of the box swinging with a commercial response that helped it pounce right to the top of digital tallies.  Now, with a day of sales and streaming activity behind it, industry analysts have enough data to make a forecast of how well it will perform commercially by the end of its inaugural tracking week.

Details inside:


Are the Sugababes on the cusp of a comeback?

It seems so! Full story below…


Beyonce sits atop of the Pop pack and the charts are reflecting.

Yesterday saw Queen Bey unleash ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ – a multi-artist companion project she curated in support of the movie.

Billed as a “love letter to Africa,” the set saw the singer assemble a who’s who of the Afrobeats scene – such as Tiwa Savage and Wizkid – alongside US titans like Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, and Pharrell.

And early signs point to the public lapping it up!

Details below…


‘The Lion King’ is doing big business at the US box office.

Uncaged yesterday (July 19th), the Jon Favreau production is making quite the roar. For it’s set to shatter a number of records.

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Peppa Pig, the British entertainer who rose to fame as the star of the Entertainment One series of the same name, has seen her first album ‘My First Album’ impact iTunes USA.

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Eddie Murphy may have found a pal in Netflix.

Exciting news below…


New video alert!

Madonna adds a fresh pair of legs to her ‘MADAME X‘ era by releasing the visual for her new single ‘Batuka.’

What are you waiting for?

Tune in below…


Queen of Hip Hop Soul Mary J. Blige may have already decreed that there shalt be no hateration or holleration in the dancery, but a certain attendee at the Nashville stop of the singer’s critically acclaimed, joint headlining ‘Royalty’ tour with Nas was served a royal reminder last night (July 18).

Anyone who has ever been to a Blige show knows it’s not uncommon for the Grammy winner to wield words of encouragement to concertgoers as she tells the stories behind the making of some of her biggest hits or shares about ongoing dramas in her life.  This time, however, her fiery speech ended with a expletive-laden clap back to an audience member (or members) who may have wanted her to just stick to singing.

Hear her fiery words inside: