Watch: Tiffany Evans Teases New Documentary ‘The Journey To Take 1’

Tiffany Evans‘ journey to stardom has certainly been one that has been well-documented.  Despite getting tastes of stardom before she could even pose for her first driver’s license photo, the young singer’s road has certainly seen its fair share of bumps.

Now with hopes of starting a new course, the Little Lady is taking the driver’s seat and inviting fans into her world from her own lens.  Whipping out the forthcoming ‘Journey To Take 1’, the ‘Promise Ring’ belter is certainly promising fans that this is only the beginning of many to come.

With her latest EP single ‘If You Love Me’ winning over many-a-listener, the mom-to-be is certainly hoping this mini-documentary will do the same:



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  1. bigboi June 19, 2012

    But whos really checking for her doe??next

  2. ENOUGH ONIKA June 19, 2012

    Eeehhhhh…..idk. Good luck??

  3. Bobby June 19, 2012

    Oh f****** please – I’m sorry I have no bad words or anything negative to say about this girl … and that’s simply because I don’t know or care about her. Shes irrelevent thus far … no shade, not saying she can’t make it .. shes young I wish her the best but a documentary? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  4. Donna June 20, 2012

    lovely, keep up the good work. Tiffany.

  5. EnormousHeart87 June 20, 2012

    For all the negative comment y’all saying who’s checking for her but evidently I don’t think y’all have given her a chance. If you take the time out and go to Youtube and type in Tiffany Evans “If You Love Me” & go to her Youtube channel and hear her cover Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” & Beyonce “Speechless” maybe you’ll change your mind. She is really talented and she’s been out for a while now, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard her song “I’ll Be There” if not search that up too. Don’t talk negative on someone you don’t know anything about without giving them a chance….I guarantee you’ll be satisfied at what you hear that’s if you don’t stan for someone with no talent.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA June 20, 2012

      Tiffany has talent yes. She’s an amazing vocalist. But there’s more to it when it comes to being a “successful” vocalist. And I sadly don’t see it for her. I want her to do good, I bought her first album but her track record up to this point hasn’t been consistent…

      • JENNY JONES!! June 20, 2012


      • im not throwing shade, but… June 20, 2012

        Disagree! If Adele can still be selling that album, anyone has got a chance, because i purchased it when it came out based on rolling i the deep and that must be the only song i still listen to.

        whoever s trying to make it, continue your dreams, there is always a second, third and fourth chance… ask Kelly Rowland

      • ENOUGH ONIKA June 20, 2012

        @ImNotThrowingShade Using Adele isn’t a good example because one, she’s been CONSISTENT in her career and two, she’s in a completely different lane. Your like comparing Beyonce’s career to Brooke Valentine. And as for Kelly Rowland, she may have a couple hit singles, but I wouldn’t call that “successful” just yet. I agree, there is no limit to how much you can try at your dream. But again, be consistent about it, aka Teairra Marie, not every 2-3 years put just a song out…

  6. MuzikJunkie June 20, 2012

    But why are yall hating on Tiffany? Let’s be honest she will put half of the “singers” that’sut to shame! But anyway I love Tiffany’s music and I can’t wait for her EP to drop!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA June 20, 2012

      Who’s hating? Everyone wants to play the “hate” card when your being honest and speaking truth and not kissing ass and accepting b*******. No ones discrediting her as a talented vocalist, that’s not the issue. It’s her work ethic and business sense that’s the problem.

  7. Nai June 20, 2012

    Honestly, if you are not interested in a particular artist, you not interested. Period. For those who ain’t checking for Tiffany: I don’t know how or why your disinterest then leads you to make a comment/post about a girl that you are not checking for. That seems like a waste of your time and everyone else’s that had to scroll past your comment. Also, and this is more in general and geared toward anyone who uses the word successful to describe others achievements, how do you determine what success is? If you are defining success based solely on worldwide recognition or how much a person makes a year then that definition is pretty flawed. I don’t think that popularity and success are the same thing. You can be successful as a result of your popularity and vice versa but you can also be one or the other or both. Tiffany may not be popular or well known (right now) I imagine that she sees herself as successful.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA June 21, 2012

      Stop with the trying to be deep sh*t and acting like success ins’t self explanatory. If she was an undiscovered act who threw out music without the history of working with big name producers, being signed to a major label that has Beyonce, Chris Brown on their roster, or had Matthew as an ex manager and made the numbers she did, then yes that would be successful. Problem is, she’s the opposite of everything listed. Again, its her work ethic that’s lacking, not her vocals. #NoHateRealTalk

      • ENOUGH ONIKA June 21, 2012

        *Didn’t have Matthew*

  8. ERIC June 21, 2012

    She acknowledges in this video that she has struggled to find her identity, and I could always see it. What she has that’s gonna work for her in the future is determination. As long as Tiffany remains focused and determined to be her best, she’ll uncover the total package she needs to truly capture the people’s attention. “If You Love Me” is a great start!!

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