Frank Ocean Receives Support From Family Following Atlanta Performance

Published: Monday 23rd Jul 2012 by David

Frank Ocean was all smiles last night, as he received support from his family following a performance at the Center Stage Theater in Atlanta.

In snaps posted online earlier this morning, the Odd Future front-man can be seen in the company of his mother and younger brother, two weeks after releasing the chart topping album ‘Channel Orange‘.

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  1. Honestly Speaking July 23, 2012

    As it should be. He is being successful despite the haters and bigots of the world and that within itself, combined with being an African American male (who at, at least one point was bisexual) in today’s music industry is reason to celebrate.

    • DaHotNig July 23, 2012

      Shut up! We all know you like it deep in your guts LMAOOOOO

    • mobwife July 23, 2012

      LOL, this man is being coddled and cradled by EVRYONE including the media. They have even gone so far as to say Frank’s CD rivals those of the legends in music. They of course didn’t make these RIDICULOUS CLAIMS prior to him saying he has been FOOLIN’ WOMEN and tinkering with men!

      Yeah, right the poor oppressed Frank Ocean….lol sure he is! *side-eye*

  2. YESIDIDBITCH July 23, 2012

    I would disown that f** if it was related to me….Gay OCean has that GAY GLOW

      • YESIDIDBITCH July 23, 2012

        You can’t tell them h*** that smh…

      • YESIDIDBITCH July 23, 2012

        A lot of under cover brothers, but b****** support this gay life style, sad world

      • kelly July 23, 2012

        I was just about to type this.


    • Common Sense July 23, 2012

      Even more sad is that christian trash like you are given access to technology. This world would be a infinitely better place if every bible was burned and every digital bible deleted.

      • YESIDIDBITCH July 23, 2012

        Who the f*** said i was Christian??? Making up s*** to make noise huh b****??

      • Nacole July 24, 2012

        @ Common Sense…It is my belief that the people who are most vile against gays have unresolved issues with their sexuality because no one can make me believe that their anger isn’t something they haven’t internalized because of their unresolved issues.

        I feel it’s okay for people to have their own views but people with unresolved issues concerning their sexuality cross the line with these epithets!!!

        There is also that element of jealousy they have for Frank as well…

  3. Taeprincexl July 23, 2012

    Ever since frank came out you post on him daily you must want him to dig in that buddy Sam? All you bloggers are such bandwagoners.

    • YESIDIDBITCH July 23, 2012

      Yeah backing him literally…F***

  4. Latrell4Bey July 23, 2012

    Proud Of Him! His mother is beautiful! They look happy!

  5. CzarM July 23, 2012


  6. REAL TALENT WINS! July 23, 2012

    “Chart topping album?” Where, at iTunes for a few days? Please. He went against both Zac Brown and Nas respectively and lost both times. Chart topping, my foot. The only thing that album did was not bomb as hard as it would have had he not resorted to stunts and sensationalism upon its release.

    Get off his d*** (seriously.)

    • YESIDIDBITCH July 23, 2012

      You can’t tell these flamboyant gays, and dumb ass woman who support gays that lol. They think he winning, but at the end of the day he F*****!

      • Common Sense July 23, 2012

        He doesn’t think he is winning, he IS winning. While you’re busy hating him he is busy making bank.

      • kelly July 23, 2012

        Oh please, even drug dealers and gay p*** stars are laughing all the way to the bank…..till ………..

    • kelly July 23, 2012


    • UnderRated Artist Lover July 24, 2012

      he doesnt have any videos out and its in the top 5…Chart Topper

      • Nacole July 24, 2012

        Get this…..Frank sold 60,000 cd’s in his 2nd week and Channel Orange isn’t even being sold at Target or Walmart! During his first week of physical release you couldn’t even buy the cd at BestBuy because of a barcode issue because I had to return last Thursday to get my two copies.I will also say there also seems to be a distribution issue at Def Jam because the cd has been out of stock in many places!

        Other more mainstream artists stay on the radio and yet Frank outsells them…Can you say #winning#? Frank is not some auto-tuned clone like many in the industry.

  7. I’m not throwing shade, but… July 23, 2012

    These posts are scratching at the bottom of the barrel, how can you TRY to make a whole article out of a few twitter pictures?

    You guys are making me tire of Mr Ocean

    • UnderRated Artist Lover July 24, 2012

      they not making me tired of him….but they are getting obsessed w/ him…like rita ora

  8. lol July 23, 2012

    What a beautiful family !!!!………….Anyway the haters are made their favs albums didn’t sell as well as they thought so they sit on their azzes and talk s*** all day…yawn just because your favs didn’t receive a near perfect album score of 92 on metacritic AND UNIVERSAL CRITIC ACCLAIM AND TALK OF GRAMMY NOMS dont mean you have to be bitter .

    • mobwife July 23, 2012

      LMAO, of course his CD is “critically acclaimed and will win a Grammy” dear haven’t you PEEPED THE SCHEME BY NOW? 🙂

      It’s just odd that the same critics didn’t have the same overall feeling of love and support for Ocean’s music prior to his “revelation”! All hail the “New KANG of R&B”!

  9. DTG July 23, 2012


  10. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 23, 2012

    Such a beautiful family. His mother is so good looking

  11. Trace July 23, 2012

    Looks like she coddles the boy too much. And I see there is no dad in these pics.


    Overbearing mother. Absentee father.

    It’s beginning to all make sense…

    • Common Sense July 23, 2012

      Wow the insane amounts of stupidity in this post are mind boggling. I know you christians are illiterate but maybe IF you tried opening any psychology or biology books you might see how retarded your theory looks.

    • Nacole July 24, 2012

      You sound so damn silly and jealous.That is his mother who is supporting her son,I guess that’s too much for you to handle ,huh? SMDH

  12. DMWN July 23, 2012

    !!! PAUSE !!!

  13. john July 23, 2012

    sisqo needs to make a come back

    • YESIDIDBITCH July 23, 2012

      WOrd this would be the right time to show up huh

    • WizKey July 23, 2012


  14. James227 July 23, 2012

    Franks album drop down to #23 on Hits Daily Double. I don’t think coming out was a wise move.

    • kelly July 23, 2012

      The game is up. His plan backfired. He thought he would be as big as Lady gaga or adele.

      • mobwife July 23, 2012

        No he is now the new KANG of R&B! Didn’t you read all the favorable reviews of his CD all of a sudden? The music critics, music execs and the media are now on his side. His bisexual revelation will help him in the end, just watch and see!

    • Nacole July 24, 2012

      Ah,no ….Frank is actually at #4 and his cd basically in limited release because it’s not being sold at Walmart or Target but even in limited physical release Channel Orange sold 60,000 which is more that your auto tuned faves did…Thanks.

  15. Chile Please!! July 23, 2012

    It’s sooooo funny how when a guy comes out the closet they get bashed….called all types of f***, h** whores, queens, c****………….ect…..but when a female comes out the closet no one pays it any attention or either they say “I’ve been knew all along so what’s the deal?” I swear this world is so f***** up!!! Lesbianism is accepted but Homosexuality isn’t??? Why??

    • mobwife July 23, 2012

      Ellen lost hee sitcom once it was revealed that she was lesbian and had been sleeping with actor Lou Diamond Phillps wife Anna Hache (sp?). It was quite ugly there for a minute.

      Nowadays everyone pops out of the closet and no one seems to care. Frank Ocean’s stunt two weeks prior to the release of his CD, that was then released ahead of schedule to milk the publicity is what made folks a tad mad at him. IMO!

  16. kelly July 23, 2012

    Such a waste. He could of made a lovely husband and father. Too think, young black men NEED FATHERS.

    • Common Sense July 23, 2012

      If he is bisexual then he still has 50% chance of ending up with a woman. And should he be bisexual he would also be attracted to women meaning he could still be a “lovely father.” But hey I’m just using common sense, a concept I know is foreign to evangelicals such as yourself.

      • kelly July 23, 2012

        How many women want to date a man who sleeps with men? I sure will NEVER DATE A MAN WHO TOUCHES A MAN IN ANYTHING OTHER THAN BUDDIES OR BROTHER.

      • kelly July 23, 2012


      • Nacole July 24, 2012

        @ Kelly….You need to stop with your ignorance.

        H** is acquired by people that engage in unprotected s** which is something that afflicts all whether you are Undecided /Bi/ Straight or Gay.It also affect women like you whose husband is out cheating on you with a woman.

        Fact is:Whether one is female or male one must acknowledge that anything is possible.

    • Donte July 23, 2012

      He don’t have to be nobodies father or wife maybe he wants a husband no ones has to live up to your standards. This is america home of the free. We have the right to be with who we want.

      • kelly July 23, 2012

        Does that include Animals?

    • PYTFROMAL July 23, 2012

      How many usernames do you have? Kelly, Real Talent Wins, Etc? Frank is doing fine. He debuted at #2 on the charts based largely off of digital sales alone and he sold more than Usher(who I love) and almost matched Chris Browns’ first week sales numbers with no major single or promo. His album has received critical acclaim across the board. Stop the foolishness.

      • REAL TALENT WINS! July 23, 2012

        You are clueless if you think Kelly and I are the same person. Our writing style isn’t even similar, nor is the tone of our posts. And if this is the same “Kelly” that likes Rihanna, then that makes it even more comical that we’d be accused of being one and the same. Keep sleuthing Matlock, you just lost that one.

        You are just salty because not everybody is co-signing Frank and accusing people of being sock puppets is your way of trying to extol your frustrations, while diverting attention away from being unable to argue back.

        LOL@you. Pathetic. Try harder.

  17. ENOUGH ONIKA July 23, 2012

    I knew his publicity stunt would have a terrible backlash after the hype wore down…Oh well, that’s why you let your music speak for itself and stop the foolery for attention. You don’t hear straight artists saying “I’m straight” when they release an album. He had an intention of targeting the gay and lesbian community for sales, and now they don’t even wanna deal with him cause he’s playing this sh*t up like he the fight gay black man in America. I don’t see any album of his after this selling well at all, and this one will soon fall off as well.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA July 23, 2012


      • kelly July 23, 2012

        He made middle America uncomfortable. This black man his open sexual life, explicit love songs, disgusted Middle America. Can you imagine soccer moms in retail stores, walking past an LP of a black man singing about men?

        NAH – AMERICA ain’t playing that.

    • kelly July 23, 2012

      YUP! Also, white american was not trying have no black man be some gay poster boy in their land.

      Being a gay black man is even worse than be a straight black man. There are no brownie points.

      • YESIDIDBITCH July 23, 2012

        Girl you speak the truth!!!!!

  18. Donte July 23, 2012

    There is nothing wrong with being gay. Be gay and proud don’t let these fascists get you down.

    • kelly July 23, 2012

      There is nothing wrong with being straight. Be straight and proud and don’t let these fascist get you down.

  19. David July 23, 2012

    Some people on here must be young? Ignorance are bliss!!!!

    • Nacole July 24, 2012

      I so agree!!!

      • Nacole July 24, 2012

        I’m 22 and even I can see it….

  20. Michael July 24, 2012

    I seriously love him, and he glows now that he’s truly able to be himself! <3

    • Nacole July 24, 2012

      I so agree…

  21. whatever July 24, 2012

    He should’ve let his music speak for him instead of now becoming the “Poster Boy” of 1st R&B artist to claim bisexuality. His team did a disservice to him and his music by using gimmicks to sell an album. He is very talented young man unfortunately people get caught up in the hype. He could have been another Maxwell. Last week his was #2 now his #23 on hits daily double. I wonder if TGJ or the other blogs report how his album has falling or make up lies stating stores are not carrying his album.

    • Nacole July 24, 2012

      Wrong his cd is speaking for itself which is why it sold 60,000 copies in it’s 2nd week as in more than the auto tune faves that stay on the radio.

      Considering his cd isn’t being sold at Walmart or Target,I would say that is damn good!!!!

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