Hot Shots: Eve Glows At ‘Amfar Benefit’

Eve was a sight to behold last night, putting her best look forward at the Together to End AIDS: An Evening to Benefit amfAR.

Enjoying the company of many a political figure, including a certain Nancy Pelosi, the ‘Eve’ star hit the event months prior to the release of her new album ‘Lip Lock‘.

More from the former MAC girl below…

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  1. Back2Business July 22, 2012

    I love me some EVE!!! Now that’s a real hip/hop chick. Eve looks good, but she looks old, but still pretty!

    • Rihanna navy July 22, 2012

      Love this look but when is her new album coming?! com’on Eve give us something, a single even a leak would do. i just want new music from these female veterons mc’s

    • DaHotNig July 22, 2012

      She’s SO real that her album has been pushed back 5 years!! LMAO! She look old as s*** in this pic!

      • FAFRELOADED July 22, 2012

        LMFAO! LET ‘EM KNOW……

      • Back2Business July 23, 2012

        @DaHotNig what does an album push back have to do with her being real? Chile hush you sound stupid af!

  2. Brandon Likewhoa Gilliam July 22, 2012

    yes Eve! real hip hop

  3. rihanna can’t sing 4 s***… July 22, 2012

    am the ONLY one who thinks Eve looks like Whitney Houston right here????

  4. Lax July 22, 2012

    Eve looks great and i love her and her music….

    • Lax July 22, 2012

      Many of you says that Rih can’t do this or that
      just to try and get a RISE out of a navy but the
      truth is Rih don’t have jack shyt to prove because
      the proof is in the mix! and well documented from
      her achievenments for 2011 to her net worth to
      her being in the top five of the richest under 30
      and with that list where is all the other so called
      Bigger, Better & Best of those who can out do her?

  5. YESIDIDBITCH July 22, 2012

    So this b**** walk up in the spot looking like the the LION KING huh???? Scrappy put them paws on that b**** huh…

    • FAFRELOADED July 22, 2012

      dead @ “I WANNA PUT DEM PAWZZZ ON EM…”

  6. kelly July 22, 2012

    She looks like an old h** caked in make up. SO 2000.

    • Noel July 22, 2012

      Why don’t you go worship your altar of Rihanna

    • Vex July 22, 2012

      Kelly, you are an idiot; therefore your opinion is irrelevant. What Eve looks like is someone who has more money than you.

  7. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. July 22, 2012


    However, the GREAT LACEFRONCE must admit that Eve, LYRICALLY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>”that Barbie” clown 😉

    With the HOT MESS elementary rhymes that NICKI GARBAJ calls RAPPING , the GREAT LACEFRONCE opens the REAL femcees with open arms

    The GREAT LACEFRONCE has spoken.

  8. truth teller July 22, 2012

    I wonder if Nancy Pelosi knew who she was….LOL. Nancy used to have cute chin-length hair, now she has old white lady man cut. Eve is pretty but has the “rap chick syndrome” where after they get a certain level of money (probably between $2.5 to $7 million) they lose all passion for music and then we have to hear the old song and dance of “Oh, yeah, I have new material coming out in [x] months/years” and we never hear it.

    • FAFRELOADED July 22, 2012

      Just like her idol Lil’ Kim…

  9. DTG July 22, 2012

    Eve is real hip hop, not some silly dance/pop rapper.

  10. David July 22, 2012

    When the page loaded I thought that was whiteny houston.

  11. David July 22, 2012

    She looks like Whitney

  12. YESIDIDBITCH July 22, 2012

    That man looking h** don’t look nothing like WHITNEY, you b****** need lens….ughs

  13. Iconic Iggy July 22, 2012

    She looks old as f***

  14. dee July 22, 2012

    Wow! She does look like Whitney here. Especially around the eyes.

  15. Tbozfan10 July 25, 2012

    Why are you all so obsessed with what she looks like anyway? You’re all so shallow. that Not one person even commented on what the cause was they were supporting

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