Nicki Minaj Dominates UK Top Twenty / Scores Box Office #1

It seems that despite efforts to downplay her commercial prowess, Nicki Minaj just keeps on winning.

The proud maestra of the Multi-Platinum LP ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded‘, the last few months have seen the Rapper enjoy the fruits of her well publicized labor, scoring lucrative deals with Pepsi Co, Giuseppe Zanotti and MAC.

Now find out why Minaj has even more to smile about this week, below…

Rising six places since last week, her latest single ‘Pound The Alarm’ has now entered the UK Top Ten- set to rise even further next week if its mind blowing sales surge continues in the coming days.

As if that wasn’t enough, its predecessor ‘Starships‘ resides at #19 despite entering the chart 22 weeks ago, making her the first US Female Rapper to enjoy two cuts in the nation’s Top Ten simultaneously and one of the only MCs of any gender to achieve the feat.

All this, as her debut movie ‘Ice Age 4: Continental Drift’ came it at #1 at the US Box Office with a sweet $46 million made domestically and a record breaking  $339 million internationally.

The movie helped in part by its all star cast and a US promo campaign which saw the one time waitress take to ‘The Jay Leno Show‘ to endorse the flick.

Fortunately for she and her team the good news doesn’t end there.

Indeed, in its fifteenth week of release, ‘Roman Reloaded’ holds it spot at #25, edging closer to receiving a Platinum certification in the nation where she is the only Female Rapper to enjoy a #1 album.

Epic much?

Your thoughts?

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  1. nicko July 15, 2012


  2. aynon July 15, 2012

    Rhianna could never

    • Benron July 15, 2012

      Do what, be a part of a movie with 5 other big name celebrities and go number #1. This article is false to the extreme she is nowhere near platinum

      • Ch. July 15, 2012

        @Benron You Know Damn Well JLO, Nicki, and Drake Where Mostly bringing in the numbers for this movie so dont even reach. and PFRR shipped platinum so it’s platinum dumbass.

      • Natasha July 15, 2012

        @Ch. Ray Romano, and Queen Latifah are the lead cast, so with or without J.lo, Drake, & Nicki the movie would have still gone to #1 and be successful anyways.The sequels before that did very well.

      • theman July 15, 2012

        Throw in Queen Latifah as well whose happen to have been doing the most promo….. She is one of the bigger stars, she and Jada…

    • Benron July 15, 2012

      Your actually right UK R&B singer rhianna from 2003 could never pull this off. But worldwide Pop star RIHANNA could easily!

    • Lax July 15, 2012

      @AYNON,,,,Maybe not but Rihanna

      The 24-year-old popstar sealed the number 3 spot on the Forbes’ list released today. MTV reports:
      Though she recently filed suit against her former accountants, Rihanna reportedly raked in $53 million, much of it as a result of her 85-show world tour and sales from the Talk That Talk album. She also gets paid via endorsement deals with Vita Coco coconut water and Nivea lotion and took in millions more through her Reb’l Fleur fragrance.
      “Talk that Talk” is Rihanna’s sixth album and was released in November of last year. As of June 2012, the album has sold nearly a million copies in the United States as well as hundreds of thousands of copies around the world.

      And i am not so dense to say something as dumb and silly as yo b*** stated because all things or possibe for thoe=se who serves the almighty. Nicki is doing great and things like this GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT Lets us all know that others besides beyonce can achieve great things too.

      Just like Kim can’t stop NICKI’S growth and on the same token BEYONCE can’t slow RIHANNA’S steady rise to the Occassion, Son!

    • KAT DELUNA FAN July 15, 2012

      So rihanna cant stop Rita neither

      Lmao why those b****** are so mad now? *nicki voice*
      Are you surprised to see how easy it is to be on that level?

      Unfortunetly this is a record bitter w**** cant replicate with INFINITY LOOPER 😆 😆

  3. suebellindahouse July 15, 2012

    No tea no shade….this really isn’t news. I have nothing against Nicki Minaj but it seems to me that you are posting any little thing about her to upset Kim stands. Yes Nicki is winning blah blah blah. But post an actual achievement from her instead of these non events. We all know why you are doing this. Leave Kim and her stands alone. Stop rubbing it in. Stop posting about Minaj everytime she sneezes.

    • LADIDAH July 15, 2012

      cahmon b****. this isn’t news?
      339 mill worlwide isn’t news?
      two songs in the top twenty isn’t news?

      please baby if you can’t take the heat see yourself OUT of the kitchen. Nicki is wennning beu beu.

      • Paul July 16, 2012

        She may be winning but she’s still a C***! And in ten years time you are going to actually admit that you went out and bought her albums which makes you an even bigger c*** than her!!!

        Oh yeah and you’re stanning for a p**** as well the real reason she didn’t play Summer Jam is because Lil Kim was gonna have hoodrats rush that stage if she dared bring out a coffin…her and Wayne s*** themselves and pulled her from the show. Rosenberg was a decoy…she’ll be at Summer Jam next year you mark my words.

        Ugh I can’t wait for the female vanilla ice to disappear she’s so arrogant she acts like she’s the first rapper (if you can call her that) to sit front row. I’m sure Kim, Eve, Missy and even Foxy did too except they could actually rap and have something to be arrogant about!

        That’s all we’re done here!!!

    • FiyaFiya July 15, 2012

      So being the ONLY/FIRST female rapper with a #1 album in an entire country isn’t an accomplishment?… or having your first movie go #1 in the country?… yeah those aren’t accomplishments at all. anybody can do that. hah! Nicki winning.

      • suebellindahouse July 15, 2012

        That movie is a cartoon an ensemble cast. She is not the first rapper to do it. Queen Latifah has had more than a few number one movies I think. But more important…it will be news when Nicki scores her first number one here in her own country. It will be news when she performs before a sell out O2 crowd in the vein of MJ. It will be news when her album sells more than 5 million world wide. You know true news when you see it than this ain’t it.

    • truth July 15, 2012

      Same thing o say. Sam just tryna start stuff but im not falln for it

  4. coco July 15, 2012


  5. monstarebel July 15, 2012

    Congrats nicki! you slayin these h***!!

  6. Nahjee July 15, 2012

    Nicki is winning its no other way you can put it.. I don’t really think TGJ is rubbing it in Cause TGJ don’t have any other female rappers to really post on cause there not doing anything to really post on.

    So nicki congrats

  7. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 15, 2012

    LMAO!!!!!!!! Yeah yeah right! Now Ice Age 4 success is because of Nicki Minaj…………….hahahaha what a joke. Ok that she is a rapper with more success than usual. But isn´t she achieving that with pure generic pop??? Please her success is just average at best. For a common artist (non rap female, which she is at this point) this numbers are ok

    • tits mcgee July 15, 2012

      Finally someone who is not delusional. Ice age 4 says it all. It’s already a successful franchise. Nicki is not what determined the success of that established brand.

      Also like you said these other accolades are pretty mediocre. The art of this sites spin is a motha phuka.


  8. RITANATION July 15, 2012

    U gotta give respect where respect is due nicki is doing her thing. She got that ice-age movie out (which I still wanna see) I don’t think there is nobody that can slow her down she is like a v**** that keeps messing up people computers and they can’t seem to get it out.. I admit I grab a hard copy of her new album and I’m still jam to that

    • Lax July 15, 2012

      Yessss just like her friend Rihanna, that v****
      that keep breaking out all over the place.And
      there’s no way to contain it.

  9. PopKitten July 15, 2012

    i think im in love with this site.

    • Trini_Minaj July 16, 2012

      So do I!!!

  10. anti stan est 12 July 15, 2012

    B****** are so stupid
    This movie series always pulls in those numbers. I doubt Nicki had anything to do with those numbers.
    Queen Latifah is the #1 Female Rapper as far as movie careers go…..did you forget she was in this movie too Sam? Uh stans make ppl hate the artist I swear.

    • truth July 15, 2012


    • WELL DAMN! July 15, 2012

      If this site has the ability to make you hate an artist then you’re an idiot. Have your own opinion about an artist don’t let a site influence your opinion.

  11. Benron July 15, 2012

    LMAO, Her movie with an ALLSTAR CAST went number one. She should be so proud, that really is an acheivment for HER, and not the people who made the movie.

    Ooh and that album is nowhere NEAR platinum, it barely passed GOLD. Starships was s*** Nobody cares how it charted. Biased to the extreme.

    • truth July 15, 2012


    • theman July 15, 2012

      The album is almost at 600k if not. It is still selling decently, with a new single just hitting airwaves. She’s doing well for herself…

      • KingBey July 15, 2012

        You are so hateful, for no f****** reason, rihanna isn’t the only one that deserves success, and she won’t be the last to have it. So You Should Stop. Let This Girl Live , Rihanna Doesn’t Have anything to do with it. Go Away.

  12. What Would Rita Do July 15, 2012

    You go girl! This right here is the King of Rap and Rita is the King of Pop. No other chick in the mainstream game can hold a torch to these two. Nicki can outrap Kanye on his own damn song but she knows Pop’s where the moneys at. Rita has the talent of Beyaki with the looks of Goathanna. Queens! 😀 Hahaha

  13. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 15, 2012

    Are people stupid??????? That movie doesn´t go #1 cos of Nicki Minaj and not even cos of the other actors voices involved. That movie goes to #1 cos of the f****** MAMUT, the TIGER and the other animals. F*** u are all so stupid. Do u really think people over the world know Nicki Minaj had something to do with it? Do u think the kids went cos of that? She is lucky if 20% of people who went to see that movie last week around the world know who Nicki Minaj is!!!!!! F****** retards

    • tits mcgee July 15, 2012

      Lmao! @John it really is a waste of time writing logic to these morons. It’s a cartoon franchise 3 sequels in. They don’t get it.


      A big bowl of stupid flakes for breakfast, every morning, for most of these commentators.

  14. Benron July 15, 2012

    I feel bad for Nicki Stans though, they are saying “oh Rihanna and Beyonce and Gaga could never she is slaying all over twitter and here. If you read other peoples fansites (this is a nicki fansite) than you would realise two songs in the top twenty is regular for some artist (Run the world and BESTthingIneversee {referring to the top 10 of the hot 100} or even UDA1 and WFL.

    About the movie, its a third installment of a series that went number one every other time. Also, did you all forget that Drake (bigger than nicki) Queen Latifah, JLO (Quite possibly bigger than Nicki) and many more STARS were in the movie. So, until Nicki stops performing at these and can fill an arena or sell 8.4 million US albums (30 million worldwide) than her fans can sit down!

  15. China July 15, 2012

    Really, a #1 movie with an Allstar cast and her role is minor. Even the minor roles are recognizable celebs. But congrats anyway goofy.

  16. DIOB July 15, 2012

    Ice Age was going to go N1 regardless. You really tried it with that one.

  17. MUSICISME July 15, 2012

    This isnt news… Most weeks an artist has two singles in the top 20, im pretty sure rihanna has had 3 or 4… Further more, Rihannas name is in the top 20 twice…

  18. S****** Blonde July 15, 2012

    J.Lo is part of the movie too, i don’t see her name on this post, Nicki Minaj has nothing to do with the success of the movie, i like her but let’s be honest, Ice Age has millions of fans, it was impossible not to be #1.

    • RDK July 15, 2012

      no you be honest,don’t you think that nicki real fans went to see the movie because of her,stop fooling your self.

  19. Jade July 15, 2012

    Yes Nicki is part of the success of the Ice Age movie Team Minaj went to see the movie becuase Nicki was in it. The majority in Team Minaj are teenagers, and ice age is a kids film. I went to see it when it first came out. Just because Nicki was in it. If she wasn’t in it, I wouldn’t have gone to the theatre/cinema to see it, I would probably have waited when it came out on TV or DVD Soo…

  20. MissImpartial July 15, 2012

    Her debut movie Ice Age?? Are you kidding me the success of the movie had nothing to do with her. The movie is the fourth instalment and was always going to be as success with or without Nicky. And this can’t be seen as debut movie as she is not in it only her voice.

  21. truth July 15, 2012

    She is soooo overrated

  22. Gilberto July 15, 2012

    Ice Age is a big franchise. “Her debut movie?” DEAD. You can’t even see Nicki’s face on that movie. JLo, Drake and her aren’t even one of the main characters! They’re like the supporting acts of the supporting actors. LOL. Saying that she’s a big part of its success is completly delusional and stupid. Nicki Minaj has nothing to do with its success. It’s like saying Pepsi is a big company because of her. LOL. Stupid.
    Beyoncé is on an animation movie, but unlike these flops, she has got a main role. She’s going to be the QUEEN Tara.

    • Benron July 15, 2012

      ooh and Rihanna is going to be a main character on happy smekday!

      No offense to bey, but Rihanna’s thing is ailen movies, and Beyonce’s role is usually a cocky b****, which she is good at. She sucked in Obsessed, but when she was a cocky b**** everywhere else she slayed (from what’ve heard)

  23. ADELE: THE QUEEN OF POP July 15, 2012

    LOL Nicki doesnt even play the role of a major character and this movies sucess has nothing to do with her or any of the actors for that matter. Ice Age will do well regardless because its a popular movie and this is the fourth Stop trying to hype and make Nicki get credit for everything. Nicki Minaj is overratedd flop who is a sell out popstar and abonded her fanbase when she released Pink Friday Roman Reloaded The record backfired on her and she FLOPPED and is getting hate and lost respect in the rap game. Nicki is done. Nicki is no longer a rapper but a POPSTAR. She is now in Adele’s Turf and will be slayed 🙂

  24. Chelsea July 15, 2012

    Lmao! Sam, It would have been a success without her because it’s already a popular movie. Besides, she’s not even a main character so there really was no reason for making a post about this. Why don’t you for once make a relevant post about her such as if her album is #1 in her damn own country.

  25. TIMELESS July 15, 2012

    DAMN! Jump off Nicki, its not like she wrote this article. Is the movie a success because of Nicki no.. But is she successful for taking part in the movie YES!

    I mean give Nicki the credit she is owed. You name me an artist who has been out for 2 years, that has accomplished what Nicki has.

  26. Slayty Perry July 15, 2012

    The movie was big before Nick lmao. No one counts The Smurfs as Katy’s movie and her character was an actual main character. Y’all tried tho

  27. Roman July 15, 2012

    Ice Age 4 was EPIC and her character was very cute… Even though it is already a successful franchise, having Nicki + Drake in the movie brought both Team Minaj + Team Drizzy to watch… So yal stay mad while the QUEEN gets paid ayt?

    As much as I don’t particularly like Pound The Alarm bcos I stan for RapNika, I’m happy for her… The next album better be Sucka Free 2.0

  28. Wacky 0 July 16, 2012

    Didn’t even know drake j lo and mini Minaj were in ice age 4 that shows how he relevance with the film isn’t even important!

  29. the real xoxo September 18, 2012

    if you compare these “accomplishments” to her pop peers (katy perry, rihanna etc) they are nothing to write home about. but she calls herself a female rapper when it suits her to make it look better than it actually is.
    roman reloaded is not a hip hop album no matter how hard you delusional barbz convince yourselves it is.

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