Report : Nicki Minaj Throws Azealia Banks ‘Pink Friday Tour’ Offer Into Disrepute


Earlier today, Azealia Banks set social networking site Twitter alight when she claimed fellow MC Nicki Minaj had offered her a slot on her forthcoming world tour.

Claiming she had rejected the offer on the grounds of prior commitments, the starlet soon found her ‘news’ thrown into disrepute when fans questioned her claims- considering reports the pair were not on speaking terms.

Now find out what happened when Minaj and her supporters caught wind of Banks’ ‘tall tale’ below…


The above tweet, albeit cryptic, arrived after hoards of Minaj’s followers (Barbz) quizzed the MC on her rival’s allegation. Allegations, which prompted the following:




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  1. monstarebel July 30, 2012


    • Sean_P August 3, 2012

      you interested in the truth? is ANYONE?
      My friend works for the Nicki camp and I have it STRAIGHT FROM HIM that NICKI DID ASK AZEALIA ON TOUR and Azealia really wanted to go but couldn’t because she has to prep her album for a sept/oct release.

      NICKI GOT REJECTED and DIDN’T LIKE IT so she tried to play it like she never even asked Azealia.



  2. WELL DAMN! July 30, 2012

    Azealia Banks knows damn well she ain’t going on tour with the Queen.

    • DIOB July 30, 2012

      The queen of england is having a tour??? WHo would have thought. OHHHH You thought nicki was a queen? Excuse me while I admire those who really matter.

      • Julian July 31, 2012

        Haha! Praise you!

  3. YESIDIDBITCH July 30, 2012

    Nicki minaj can’t afford to share the tour with anyone, that b**** barely bringing in the $ her damn self…rest b****

    • FAFRELOADED July 30, 2012

      You’re pressed … & delusional.

      • truth July 30, 2012

        no they telling the F****** truth ruth!! that satonic w**** aint making no coins, u h**

      • catnipbitch July 30, 2012

        hahaha… like.
        minaj prolly feels threatened by banks.
        honestly, cuz she’s a way better singer AND rapper.
        azealia is gunna blow uppppp quick

      • YESIDIDBITCH July 31, 2012

        The only thing pressed is your lips up against my h**

  4. Queen Brit Brit July 30, 2012

    LMFAO!! TGJ, your welcome for bringing that to your attention. Poor Banks. Lying to fans, how sad. And DEAD @ You using Lorrian Star’s tweet

    • Benron (F*** you h**) July 30, 2012

      Lorraine star tho…

  5. Truth July 30, 2012


    • FAFRELOADED July 30, 2012

      What a miserable f*** waiting for my entry.. damn, ugly no life??

      • truth July 30, 2012

        b**** i will e-draaaaggg the F*** outta you, all up and down this thread you DUSTY p**** w****

      • FAFRELOADED July 30, 2012

        SMH.. case in point… LOL @ u…

  6. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 30, 2012

    I don’t know who to believe. They’re both liars and they’re both b******…

    • …. July 30, 2012

      I mean why would nicki invite someone who is Blatantly
      fake towards her.. i mean this is a girl who use to shade nicki up and down on twitter for kim but when kim wasnt f****** with her she was all on nicki’s d*** all of a sudden.. That is Wishy-washy and i personally would stay away from her…

      • truth July 30, 2012

        nicki does the same so the b**** had it coming!! YEY!!!!

    • Truth July 30, 2012

      and they whores

    • prettigurlrockD July 30, 2012

      S*** I agree. Nicki has had a history of lying and so has banks. This is a tough one.

  7. …. July 30, 2012

    This seems like a reach but for some reason i think Azealia is lying..

    • truth July 30, 2012

      yes u R reaching boo. much as nicki lie…the b**** lie like she breath

  8. @teamfoxydondiva July 30, 2012

    Nicki aint even have to say s*** but that one comment.. When I seen that s*** I knew who she was aimin for lmaooooooooo

    • FAFRELOADED July 30, 2012

      Your idol accompanied nicki to the club after summer jam, sooo….

  9. Commander of the RihannaNavy July 30, 2012

    Well damn

  10. Kingphoenix July 30, 2012

    Lol. yeah right, like Azealia would intentionally lie…For a damn Nicki minaj tour when she knows Nicki and the barbs would come after her. She is way too smart for that. But its seems as though Nicki might not know whats going on between her management and tour bookings. This might be better than i expected. I am ready for Azealia to get messy. A “beef” between Azealia and NIcki could be a good think for female rap if they keep it respectful and about the music more so than anything.

    • Mobwife July 30, 2012

      The only problem is that AB is new and the media will side with nicki as they have against Lil Kim an established act but not loved by the fake a** American media/music industry!

      • Kingphoenix July 30, 2012

        Yeah, but Azealia is not trying to be a big pop star, and they don’t have to many fans in common so i doubt it will affect Azealia’s sales. As far as popularity, it could definetly affect her, so hopefully Azealia plays her cards right. But i hope she don’t let Nicki slide tbh, because im tired of Nicki’s cocky ass coonery…its time somebody put her in her place and i think Azealia is the girl for the job.

    • Dollar$ign$kills July 30, 2012

      No, they need to stick together and support each other. Female rap is a dying form of music that is surviving on Nicki, Kreayshawn, Iggy Azalea, Lola Monroe, and Banks. Monroe is basic and Kreay and Nicki are horrible. So theres only 2 decent female MCs out there keeping it alive. They need all the support they can get. A beef would do nothing but bring her down, especially since she isnt even an established artist.

      • Kingphoenix July 30, 2012

        But Nicki and Azealia are the best lyricist out of the bunch, it would be a great mental excercise for them both to get at each other. I don’t want them to hate each other, i’m just thinking about the genious that occur…marketing and music and all that good stuff. But i feel you on your Kumbaya tip bew. I just don’t think Nicki wants to share the spotlight with anyone that could be real competition.

      • Dollar$ign$kills July 30, 2012

        Woah now. Nicki the best lyricist out of them? Better than Kreay, yes. But Iggy? Hell no. Lola? Maybe. Not hating, but I honstly havent heard her lay down a hot verse since Monster. Romans Revenge was alright. I agree with you though, that a beef would bring out the lyrical rawness in both, especially Azealia.

  11. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. July 30, 2012

    Honestly, why would anyone want to be on tour with Nicki Garbaj? Her album is a MAJOR flop

    • Truth July 30, 2012

      And ger p**** stink. A yeast infection h**

    • Nick July 30, 2012

      What the f*** does a flop have do to with a tour you dumb s***. F*** outta here… Im not even a fan but that was a delusional ass comment.

      • FAFRELOADED July 30, 2012

        Hmm 2 #1 albums that are BOTH platinum… Wow what a flop.. I’m sure it shits on anything that F*** has done in his life. Don’t bother responding to his idiocy… its hormones are off kilter… F***** TRANN-E

      • FAFRELOADED July 30, 2012

        A “flop” would be 4… failing to sell platinum in 5 mos. SMH tsk tsk……..

    • 1-800-APEPATROL July 30, 2012

      Agreed Nicki got 13 million followers but barely struggling to go platinum -___- shes a washed up flop nose b**** and her fans are pressed. #APEPATROL

  12. RELLY July 30, 2012

    Azalea keeps claiming to be doing all this stuff with all these other female rappers only to get it thrown back in her face….just like she was working on a song/writing for Kim and came up with that whole b******* lie that Kim’s people shaded her….now she is getting called out by Nicki…she is delusional and using whoever she can tag onto to build her name…it aint working Bankrupt!!!

      • RELLY July 30, 2012

        ?? who is checking for this flop s***, only thing hot on here is Missy.

      • Kingphoenix July 30, 2012

        But lyrical and flow wise Azealia showed up Missy, so technically Azealia is the hottest thing people should be checking for on this “flop s***” that is getting a lot of praise frome fans.

  13. Mobwife July 30, 2012

    Damn this looks a hot a** mess! Was she or wasn’t she offered a slot on the Minaj bandwagon? LOL Oh well TBC I guess. 🙂

    And @Sam how is Azella Banks a starlet? No, she sounds more like a lying harlot! ijs

  14. Jen July 30, 2012

    This girl is known more for running her mouth and getting caught up in beefs and getting caught in her lies….if she focused more on her music she might be halfway somewhere. This b**** will be on the shelves for another year

      • Jen July 30, 2012

        Who cares about an f****** Alexander Wang ad, is she a model or a rapper?? this is cute and all but whats ur point

      • Kingphoenix July 30, 2012

        She’s getting money, promo, and doing big things. Obviosly you have little to no knowledge about the fashion industry and how huge this would be for any up and coming market, but okay Jer.

      • Mickie July 30, 2012

        Nicki turned down Alexander Wang, that’s why he chosed Azealia as a second option

      • Kingphoenix July 30, 2012

        Lol, thats a RUMOR about the Met Ball…this is for his campaign, as well he used her music as the soundtrack for his show. So i really don’t think he would be doing all this for a second choice to the damn met ball. Look at your choices, look at your life.

  15. …. July 30, 2012

    Her EP flopped.. her album is next.

    • Kingphoenix July 30, 2012

      Her ep with for songs, only two of them new releases flopped? Oh okay.

      • …. July 30, 2012

        YES her EP did FLOP And you just proved my point. with all this buzz she has now she can’t sell 4 measely songs.. how the hell is she gunna sell 10-15 songs in about a month or two? n**** bye.

      • Kingphoenix July 30, 2012

        Lol. How could she make much of four measley songs when two of the songs the majority of people already had? And why exactly do you call it a flop? Seems like she got a lot money for those for measley songs, more material for her concerts where again she is making a lot of money, and one of those songs on that flop ep is a part of a global campaign with Alexander Wang (a huge name in the fashion industry if you didn’t know)….As well she has no manager, and she is not a big pop star or commercial rapper. She doesn’t expect to make sales of a Nicki Minaj or a Rihanna. The best she can hope for is 90,000 to 100,000 copies in her first week and a top 5 debut. And thats probably the best possible outcome for her. Your reaching if you put on expectations for her to get #1 singles and albums with huge sales because thats not her market or even her on expectations.

  16. JoseZolanski July 30, 2012


    • truth July 30, 2012

      u b****

  17. Iconic Iggy July 30, 2012


  18. Tbozfan10 July 30, 2012

    How the hell do y’all know that had anything to do with azalea banks?? “#ManTheseBitchssDelirious”. That’s even a lyric from her own song. Y’all need to have more information before y’all go writing stories. How very “national inquirer” of you.

    • IM July 30, 2012

      Co-Sign,knowing banks she might listen to her fans lies and take the bait,she have a album coming out so don’t be surpries if she start some f-ckry she went at nicki already and she didn’t pay it no mind so lets see how it go,s this time around,because nicki said some times back that she don’t know banks.

      • truth July 30, 2012

        girl bye!

    • JoJo (istan4rihanna) July 30, 2012


  19. Dollar$ign$kills July 30, 2012

    We all know that tweet was aimed at Azealia, but why would Banks risk lying about such a thing? Knowing that word would get to Nicki and she would deny it, why would Azealia risk the embarassment?

    Banks should just delete her Twitter again and stick to making music. I love her but her mouth is landing her in hot water that she doesnt need to be in. She is hurting her own potential career

  20. FAFRELOADED July 30, 2012

    What a reach.. you ugly f*** will try anything to Diminish the queen…

    • truth July 30, 2012

      no stink p****, we just want YOU gone!!

    • Katie July 30, 2012

      Queen of the flops!

  21. Iconic Iggy July 30, 2012

    Now that I think about it, why would Azealia lie about something like that? I think we should wait to judge until Azealia explains

    • truth July 30, 2012

      i think she told the TRUTH!!

  22. Outspoken July 30, 2012

    How can you even be sure that it was to Azealia? Then again how can you tell it wasn’t towards her since Nicki is the Queen of subliminals and not directly confronting people. I just don’t see Banks blatantly lying when it can be disputed.

    • Katie July 30, 2012


  23. Black kupid July 30, 2012

    I guess d Queen B is sitted with a bowl of popcorn. Beside this azealia chick needs to cool it. She is begining to look like dumb version of Rita ora with her name droping games

    • JoJo (istan4rihanna) July 30, 2012


  24. Viciousss July 30, 2012

    Damn, why is everything with this chick so drama-filled?

    Two seconds ago she was claiming she was done bring a rapper and fighting with every rapper who would give her 2 seconds.

    I dunno…I liked 212 but that was the last thing that impressed me, but it’s clear she’s not ready for this fame game. I hope for her sake this is just a miscommunication cause if it comes out she’s lying…man that’s beyond pathetic.

    Check back in 1 year and see if we still talking about this chick cause man…I see a short expiration date for her.

    • prettigurlrockD July 30, 2012

      I see her staying around for a while. Seems pretty smart, and talented and will do well with the right promotion and marketing technique. But I do agree her mouth and attitude might put her on the short bus. But nicki is cocky so who really knows.

  25. 1-800-APEPATROL July 30, 2012

    No One Wants To Work With Nicki Ol’ Squidward Pickle Nose Anyway

    • Dollar$ign$kills July 30, 2012

      Your name…………….that picture……….I cant!

  26. truth July 30, 2012


  27. Shedding Light July 30, 2012

    Truth’s Vocabulary: Sour, B****, Stank, P****, and YOU B****!!!!!!1111!!!!!

    • Truth(will troll for that BITCG im and slay her bitchass) July 31, 2012

      And yo momma p**** is sour and dry just like that comment u w****!7

  28. Layla July 30, 2012

    Both of them are proven liars,so I don’t know who to believe.

  29. olivia July 30, 2012

    I bet Lil Kim is laughing at this.

    • Truth(will troll for that BITCG im and slay her bitchass) July 31, 2012

      Bfo she laugh she needs to drop somenew musi cus rite now SHE da joke

  30. Mickie July 30, 2012

    We have 2 possible explanations of how this went down.

    1) Nicki did not offer Azealia a spot, so by default, that b**** delirious and a liar.

    2) Nicki did offer Azealia a spot, but she declined to work on her album. Nicki deems Azealia delirious thinking she’ll succeed with this album, instead of touring with an already established artist.

    • prettigurlrockD July 30, 2012


      I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the 2nd one either.

  31. kelly July 30, 2012

    Ok? So what was that all about?

  32. credits July 30, 2012

    As soon as i read the post about the invitation, i just knew this post would follow.

  33. Benron (F*** you h**) July 30, 2012

    Azealous probably is telling the truth and I cant with you and posting LORRAINE STAR’S TWEET, AS IF SHE WAS NOT A COMPLETE TROLL. Who posts all day about how Beyonce is a bleaching theif and Rihanna inspired Gaga’s career with p*** ever 5 minutes, I cannot.

  34. Realdude July 30, 2012

    it may have been prromoters who offered ms banks a slot on the tour, and because of Niki contract may not have needed to tell niki who the opening acts was until a certain time prior to the concert. I don’t think neither was lying i think its merely a case of mis communication. Niki did not know about the offer hence why she think ms banks is lying. As a general rule of thumb when talking about business don’t talk about business deals that don’t fall through it make yous you look bad

  35. plastic July 30, 2012

    she talking bout iggy mixtape

  36. plastic July 30, 2012

    She talking bout iggy ep

  37. truth tea July 31, 2012

    FANTASEA mixtape > Roman Reloaded.

  38. the real xoxo July 31, 2012

    now watch how when nicki will be questioned on it, she will deny it completely and change the subject.

  39. KingBey July 31, 2012

    Lmao DEAD @FAFRELOADED coming for 4.
    Hitch Beyonce. Didn’t have to pay for a platinum CERTIFICATION. At least She SOLD A Million.Smfh How Much Did PFRR Sell?

  40. banksalltheway July 31, 2012


  41. Julian July 31, 2012

    New School kids fight like they’re stuck in the yard. CLINCHING!

  42. latifa August 1, 2012

    damn tgj ya’ll resorted to making stuff up for a story? it means nothing, stop instigating

    • YESIDIDBITCH July 30, 2012

      The pic you have up just cracked me the f*** up.!

    • Mobwife July 30, 2012

      What happened to Monigue? I’ve not seen or heard abt her in a minute? Anywho, what you said was true but this is funny as all get out! 🙂 Don’t lie or expose who invited you on the tour!

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