David Guetta Slams Lady GaGa’s ‘Born This Way’ / Praises ‘ARTPOP’

Published: Saturday 11th Aug 2012 by David

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the impact Lady GaGa‘s 2011 album ‘Born This Way’ made on both her commercial and branding front.

On a commercial tip it serves as one of 2011’s best US sellers, pushing a sweet  5 million copies worldwide by the year’s end.

However, despite being heralded for being socially aware on a thematic tip, the project saw her once light, bright and refreshing  message obliterated to make room for a cause some felt was a little…stifling.

Now, ‘Turn Me On‘ producer David Guetta has shared his thoughts on the release, and its long awaited follow up ‘ARTPOP’.

Details below…

According to Contact Music, he said:

I think we could have done something amazing on her last record, Born This Way. And her last record was to me very disappointing. She’s an amazing artist, and she deserves to be always looking ahead, like she did with her first album.

Going onto add:

But actually I know for a fact – because I know who she’s working with now – that the next album is going to be absolutely crazy. He’s someone really good, a young kid.

As supporters of GaGa and DJ White Shadow alike, That Grape Juice hopes ‘ARTPOP’ serves ‘Born’s empowering message…but with the subtlety  ‘The Fame Monster’ carried in abundance.

For, for all its genius, ‘Born’ is almost impossible to appreciate for anyone who doesn’t consider themselves a ‘Monster’, and if remarks made by Guetta, Lady Starlight and GaGa herself are anything to go by, ‘ARTPOP‘ is set to reassert her role as Pop’s most exciting offering.

Bring on the next era!


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  1. the real xoxo August 11, 2012

    david guetta, your sound is so 2009.
    anyway he was right about BTW, that was an overproduced mess.
    hopefully artpop is better.

  2. Lady Germ August 11, 2012

    No sane person with a functional brain gives a sh*t about Lady Caca.

    Lady Caca is nothing but a stupid, drug-addicted, Whiskey-drinking troll.

    Lady Caca is a psycho and a lunatic. A bootleg, fake artist. A wannabe and a plagiarist.

    The biggest piece of sh*t artist the music industry has ever produced.

    She is popular the same way McDonalds restaurants are popular. They are loved by millions of stupid, ignorant imbeciles that don’t know any better.

    Lady Caca can keep playing the victim, playing innocent. I am not fooled by all her bullsh*t.

    Lady Caca is foking nuts and mentally wacko.

    Point blank, bottom line.

    • FAF August 11, 2012

      Nothing anyone does is new. A true artist will take their inspiration & build upon it and create an empire. Everything you’re wearing, someone else has. Even customized pieces are inspired by other works of art. so to say someone is “copying” when lady gaga is one of the most innovative artists to date, is reaching.

      • XoMoDe August 11, 2012

        “when lady gaga is one of the most innovative artists to date…”


      • Stefani Germ August 11, 2012

        Lady Caca is one of the most TROLL-ISH and CLOWN-ISH NON-INNOVATIVE “artists” of all time!! She copies everyone and wants to get away with it!!! She plays the victim when Madonna calls her out on her sh*t! What a foking joke!!

        Lady Caca is absolutely overrated. She is a basic, generic average singer and piano player.

        Lady Caca is nothing but a useless and reductive drug user!!

        Why do you think she drinks and does drugs while writing her stupid lyrics? Because she knows she is a lame clown, nothing original!!


  3. Truth August 11, 2012

    ^^^ Everything you named can be said about Beyonce, Rihanna, and Katy Perry. They all copy and they all have mass markets and they all sell out stadiums. Take a seat , u pressed queen.

    • Lady Germ August 11, 2012

      STFU you stupid ugly ignorant monstrosity.

      Lady Caca is foking newbie and a wannabe. And very mentally deranged. More wack and psycho and obsessed than any other piece of sh*t artist you can think of.

      Who’s actually pressed? Lady Caca herself and her millions of foktarded baby monsters.

      GTFO you messy idiots. You are all extremely embarrassing.

      Lady Caca is secretly drinking some Whiskey and sniffing powder somewhere, trying to control her stress and pressed-ness.

      She knows her stupid job of being the biggest troll and clown on Earth is a mess.

    • Benron (Frank SideHoeShit is whack) August 11, 2012

      Who Is Rihanna’s whole career based off of? Who is Katies? We all know Beyonce is a Tina Turner/ Jennifer lopez wannabe but the others DONT COMPLETELY COPY ONE INDIVIIDUAL!

  4. Mr Bradshaw August 11, 2012

    I like lady gaga. I didnt like born this way and didn’t buy it.

    Fame and fame monster still get played. So here’s hoping.

    The truth is gaga fans will buy whatever she puts out so even if this album really sucks too she won’t be missing my $9.99 anyway.

  5. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) August 11, 2012

    What the hell does this Guetta guy have to say about any other artist work when he produces the same generic s*** again and again… and again??? When love takes over was a cute worldwide hit but that´s about it, he makes the same thing all the time. Does he mean that Born This Way is a dissapointment cos it wasn´t generic and danceable enough? Is that the reason why he praises The Fame? Boy you need to sit down

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare August 11, 2012


      Guetta’s music is GAR.BAGE!

  6. monstarebel August 11, 2012

    Born This way really sucked tho the album and song!!!!! I hope she can comeback with some good decent s*** but people are kinda over her so idk how she’ll do

  7. monstarebel August 11, 2012

    Its funny how 2011 was supposed to be GaGas year but that same year she got her wig SNATCHED by KATY PERRY & ADELE!!!!!!! LMAO!!! KIIIIIIIII!

  8. Tbozfan10 August 11, 2012

    This guy makes every artist sound the same. So idk why we care about his opinion.

  9. Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 11, 2012

    LOL , no one is here for BTW but the monsters i guess.

  10. aishaaguilerakeys August 11, 2012

    But Ithought White Shadow was also the man behind BTW. I still like that album.

    • DJ Taj August 11, 2012

      He is. Get your facts straight GJ!

  11. JER August 11, 2012

    Are people still trying to downplay Born To Slay? PULEAZE.

    • XoMoDe August 11, 2012

      Yep, we’re still downplaying Stillborn To Flop.

      • DJ Taj August 11, 2012

        Actually I think people tried to overplay it but since it’s full of flops, it downplayed itself! BAM!!!!

  12. Benron (Frank SideHoeShit is whack) August 11, 2012

    I think the message of Born this Way was clear. Lady Gaga will continue to make mediocre to struggling-to-be-at-par dance music with over dramatic elongated videos that make 0 sense. Then she will call it art to mask the mediocrity and continue to feed into the “gays” who continue to buy her s*** just because she has a couple drag queens in every other video. BRAVO GAGA!

    Because, with this much hype “Loud”, “Rated R” “4” “Sasha fierce” “Teenage dream” or any other pop b**** (include Ke$ha) wpuld be known to be as “great” as she is.

    Notice what the white folks are doing with Adele’s vague, uninspired, rough sounding watered down sole music. THATS what they do with Gaga, THATS what they do will TAYLOR SWIFT, Thats what they do with ELVIS, TAYLOR SWIFT, AND SOON LANA DEL NASAL

  13. MRDIVABITCH August 11, 2012



    And that fat b**** Adele can suck my c***

  14. Viciousss August 11, 2012

    Born this Way was a huge step down musically. She had such amazing growth from The Fame to The Fame Monster and I really thought her next album was going to be ‘it’.

    I mean Bad Romance and Alejandro were stunning lyrically and in terms or composition, but then Born This Way appeared and it was followed by a long list of s*** songs. Each one worse than it’s predecessor, you knew it was bad when she announced no more work would be done from that album.

    I hope she hasn’t forgotten where she was headed and will produce something that’s HER’S and that people will love. Or else the decline will continue.

  15. Whistle August 11, 2012

    No not another Gay album please

    • DJ Taj August 11, 2012

      She’s “bi-sexual” so deal! Unless your Barbara Walters asking her about her sexuality… Then she’s too shy to answer the question. Poser ass b****!

  16. GagaFraud August 11, 2012

    LOL@ Little Shits saying he produces generic s***, and Gaga doesn’t? Al she pretty much writes about is s**. Lady IT and David are both generic. But he isn’t lying her album f****** sucked actually all of them sucked especially songwriting wise.

  17. GagaFraud August 11, 2012

    @Truth Rihanna, Beyonce may copy BUT THEY NEVER act/claim they are original unlike Gaga. Gaga always says I have a message with my clothes, it ALWAYS makes me laugh because it’s like how can you have a message when what you’re wearing isn’t even your own idea.

  18. Belladonna August 11, 2012

    People have a right to fell what they fell and as long as there not taking anyone’s rights away or hurting anyway I’m good. Some people, like her Little Monsters love Gaga for her message of Love and being Brave to be who you are! But alot of non Gaga fans don’t know what’s is like not to have rights and be looked down on for being different so they didn’t really get it. But it is the way of the world I guess. But I’m sure she new making an album like BornThisWay wouldn’t happen with out a fight so that fact that it was the second biggest selling album was a blessing! Hope For Change!

    • XoMoDe August 11, 2012

      Shut up, you dork.

    • UhOh12 August 11, 2012

      You’re a bottom aren’t you BELLADONNA? I swear you’re the biggest GIRL on here.

  19. S****** Blonde August 11, 2012

    I never like his songs, Guetta’s Music is garbage, i really think Born This Way would have been very disappointing to me if Guetta was involved on the album, You all know i’m very honest when it come to artists and Gaga makes no wrong with Born This Way and since ArtPop is more like The Fame i don’t think is gonna be better.

  20. Ej August 11, 2012

    – F*** Gaga.
    – F*** Guetta.
    – F*** Born This Way.
    – F*** Art Pop.
    – F*** Little Monsters.

    ..and anybody who has a problem with this, f*** you too.

  21. TRUTH TELLER August 11, 2012

    Oh please, as if Gaga would EVER, EVER work with Guetta, who is probably the biggest hack in the business.

  22. MACHIAVEL August 11, 2012

    Seriously Guetta?! Oooookay Since You Produce The Biggest Shits Ever!!!!!!!!

  23. Crazy Candice August 12, 2012

    Am i the one only who loved the “Born This Way” Album?

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