Must Hear : Drake – ‘Enough Said (Ft Aaliyah)’

Despite coming under fire for his alleged obsession with the late star, Drake has unveiled a brand new cut named ‘Enough Said‘ featuring vocals from ‘More Than A Woman’ darling Aaliyah.

Without further delay, listen to the opinion starter below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. El Santo August 5, 2012

    He CANT touch Aaliyah tracks. The only one that can do that is TIMBALAND, his brother, not this b****.
    He is so fake. He is doing everything for money.
    TIMBALAND SAID: ” The record should go to charity, like Aaliyah would like, and I with Missy should be part of the project”.

    • BLAH August 5, 2012


      • WELL DAMN! August 5, 2012

        Why did Timbo wait until Drake decided to do sumn with Aaliyah? he had years to do what Drake did so what was he waiting for? Why all these old schools think the new school can’t do s*** without them? Drake don’t have to include Timbo in s*** if he don’t want to. GOOD BYE!

      • JER August 5, 2012

        T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this jam but Drake needs to remove herself yesterday!!!!!

      • El Santo August 5, 2012

        WHAT THE F***?!
        Timbaland wants to leave her in peace.
        He was not waiting for nothing, he didnt want to do that.
        But now that a crazy b**** like Drake is doing this s*** someone must stop him.
        Do you hear this song? THIS IS NOT AALIYAH!

      • sharon September 23, 2012

        @ WELL DAMN

        timbaland didnt want to produce an aaliyah project and he had no idea drake was doing one. aaliyah’s family didnt approve of an aaliyah project so timbaland and missy never obligated to do it. its all about respect!

    • KayeV August 6, 2012

      a Drake free version would be highly appreciated by all of us real fans . i cant imagine a whole album produced by Drake alone , thats gonna be horrid . the real camp should be behind this ; those that where with her from the beginning . Drake busy dissing chris brown , talking bout selling millions , totally killed the vibe of the song

    • Blue August 6, 2012

      Drake loves money ain’t buying that s*** no coz I’m disrespecting Aaliyah but coz I hate drake and he ain’t getting my money guna listen to the album on youtubes if I have it guna leak it f*** drake p**** ass n****

    • Demetrius Blacc August 6, 2012

      AGREE WITH YOU SO MUCH! Timbaland, Missy, Ginuwine, Magoo, and hell even Jay-Z, but Drake out of all people!! Don’t get me wrong i love the track but I just wish, I wished, he would not have cussed in this song!! To me it’s disrespecting Aaliyah with all that cussing. He needs to stop..

  2. toohotfortv August 5, 2012

    well, i will say that i’m glad to here this vocal from aaliyah but i hate the production and i think his verse is good but not for this track (and is it me or do these vocals completely sound like old Brandy stuff).

    • Marcos O’liva August 6, 2012

      dam i feel tears coming to my eyes. this is to real. dam i miss her.

    • credits August 6, 2012

      Yea, i thought of brandy too, because she is definitely touching brandy with those low notes.

    • Blue August 6, 2012

      That’s not Aaliyah they lying to yall

  3. MC August 5, 2012

    Drake, girl, you need to seriously stop! She did not have you in mind when she sung this song so how dare you put your non-talented ass on her track. Put your obsessed ass somewhere, girl. _/

    • BLAH August 5, 2012


      • MC August 5, 2012

        I agree! I know he is obsessed, but this is just above and beyond. It is very unhealthy….

    • J August 5, 2012

      I am disgusted that he would ever touch her pre-recorded beautiful voice and layer it with that terrible ass rap. She made this song. It was so overwhelming and emotional to hear her singing again after so long. It deserved to be done TASTEFULLY, JUSTIFIABLY, and by NONE OTHER than Timbaland and Missy. It doesn’t matter who waited or who took the opportunity—its all about respect essentially and this was a huge slap in the face to her music team.

      • MC August 5, 2012

        I know

      • Eric August 5, 2012

        Well said @J !!

    • Blue August 6, 2012

      Drake should f*** off this sound s*** it doesnt spun like Aaliyah and I don’t believe this s***

      • J August 6, 2012

        The beat sounds like something you can make with a MAC application. The production is lazy at best. Her voice is amazing, always it had been. The parts repeating “yeah” is hauntingly beautiful but is suffered by the poor and ambitious production of Drake.

  4. Bey Fan August 5, 2012

    I love it…. miss baby girl.

    • Blue August 6, 2012

      U mean u love Aaliyah s bets not f****** drake

  5. iamAMF August 5, 2012

    Timbaland & Missy would have done a much better job with this. Drake really needs to get them involved if he’s gonna produce Aaliyah’s album.

    • toohotfortv August 5, 2012

      i don’t think it would work bc drake has this idea of what aaliyah is, but timbo and missy know for a fact. those two things would probably clash and it would probably be bc of drakes ego… i mean, it takes quite the ego to think you could pull this off anyway, right?

      • mobwife August 5, 2012

        ALL OF THIS!!

    • Blue August 6, 2012

      That’s truth and fact Drake wtf who the f*** give him that power he sucks

  6. Malibu Barbie August 5, 2012

    Nobody was here for Drake’s verse ! it did NOTHING for the song, it should have been just Aaliyah ! the song is good tho. but dang it makes u miss her even more

    • Blue August 6, 2012

      So fact especially me PHUCK drake

  7. Ernest August 5, 2012

    Boring song and Drake is very obsessed

    • Lax August 5, 2012

      Drake isn’r no more obssessed then Jayz and Kanye was for doing “Otis” Otis Redding song, are Keshia cole doing Tupac to me.

      • mobwife August 5, 2012

        Joe Camel & Kanye are constntly talking about Otis Redding or tattooing his image and birth date on their bodies……well on Camel’s HUMP! 🙂

      • Nigelahmad August 5, 2012

        I believe Keyshia Cole did actually know Pac tho.

      • mobwife August 5, 2012

        **are not constantly…

      • James227 August 6, 2012

        I would never buy this. Drake is loosing his damn mind. First he tattoo and image of her, then her bithdate now this!! Something not right with this dude.

      • Blue August 6, 2012

        Don’t f****** compare this to Otis

    • Blue August 6, 2012

      Drake sucks

  8. RG2 August 5, 2012

    The song is beautiful, but I cant help not feeling sad when i listen to it. R.I.P Aaliyah Dana Haughton 01/16/01-08/25/01 GOD TRULLY CALLED AN ANGEL HOME :(. WE MISS YOU BABY GIRL.

    • RG2 August 5, 2012

      *01/16/79-08/25/01* My mistake I should pay attention, sorry everyone 🙁

    • RG2 August 5, 2012

      i accidently messed up her date of birth please excuse my error i meant 1979. I had no intent of being disrespectful.

  9. Malibu Barbie August 5, 2012

    He better not f*** with any more of her unreleased material… this needs to be the LAST ONE.
    i miss that girl so much ! she would be SNATCHING plenty wigs today..

    • MC August 5, 2012

      isn’t he planning releasing an album from her?!?

      • RG2 August 5, 2012

        @MC He sure is, that news shocked the hell outta me this morning.





    • mobwife August 5, 2012

      I think she would too. She always played her lane and I liked that about her. She had a nice range, she stayed with in it, and could dance her tail off!

    • Demetrius Blacc August 6, 2012

      and him saying the word “B****” I am pretty sure Aaliyah wouldn’t want that on her album!

  10. EdwardPonton August 5, 2012

    Great cut! Yall kill all this Timbaland and Missy s***. I’m sure if they really wanted to be apart of the project they couldv’e worked something out.

    • iamAMF August 5, 2012

      That’s not true Timbaland released a statement saying:

      “I know they trying to drop some Aaliyah records, but if [Drake] do it, it should be with me and him, and Missy. I don’t know what’s going on. For it to be on his record, that would not be right.“

      Please believe they want to be and should be involved.

      • EdwardPonton August 5, 2012

        Thanks for informing me. But dang, yeah it’s pretty crazy. Either way it’s a nice track though

  11. FRANKI August 5, 2012



    • Lax August 5, 2012

      @FRANKI I Agree with you!

  12. RG2 August 5, 2012

    One question, did Aaliyah’s family give him consent, because last I heard her brother said another album was not in the works, or did they change their minds? Someone please inform me.

    • George Aaliyan Ramos August 5, 2012

      NOPE aaliyahs fam has nothing to do nore gave DRake permission to do this

      • mobwife August 5, 2012

        He must be in contact with an outside producer she worked with who had some left over material. Other than that i don’t know how he could avoid her estate?

  13. FRANKI August 5, 2012


    • Nik August 7, 2012

      Exactly!!! I think in his mind they’re dating.

  14. Roc August 5, 2012

    Chris felt the same way bout MJ! But drake obsessed I can’t stand Chris stans they fine if its HIM doing it but when its against him they wanna go mad

    • MC August 5, 2012

      No boo, Chris Brown isn’t getting tattoos (yes, plural) of MJ and he isn’t releasing tracks where he sings/raps on it too. Ms. Drake is very obsessed and it is disturbing…I don’t like CB or Drake, but this is just plane creepy…

    • Back2Business August 5, 2012

      Only thing Chris has done involving MJ is the Billie Jean thing at the VMA’s and BET Awards and he sampled human nature, and plenty of artist do that it’s called tribute and Chris knew MJ… Drake probably has never seen Aaliyah in person!

      • Demetrius Blacc August 6, 2012

        and putting his two cents in the JAckson Business! Not a good look>>

    • mobwife August 5, 2012

      YAWN, fool you sound crazy as ever!

      Chris Brown does not have a MJ tatt! His love and respect for MJ is much deeper than Drakes midnight right-hand obsession with RIHANNA….oops I mean Aaliyah! 🙂

      CB said long ago MJs music helped him stay centered and his dancing gave him something to focus on when he and his mom were being abused by his step-father. Drake is just trying to “find” another unavailable woman to obsess over!

      • Lax August 6, 2012

        Many are just pissy because drake took action
        and did something about it. Timbo and missy can still
        do something whats holding them back?

      • Truth August 6, 2012

        @ lax-its OBVIIUS that ur lookin for attention, carful u just may get it in the form of an epic READ!

      • Demetrius Blacc August 6, 2012


      • Nik August 7, 2012

        I think I read something that said Tim and Missy didn’t want to do an album because they didn’t want to disturb the dead or in other words, mess with her music. I’m pretty sure if they wanted to do something, they would of after all this time, but after hearing someone might be involved with releasing her music , they should be a part of it.

  15. what August 5, 2012

    he is so out of order

    • Lax August 6, 2012

      No he isn’t! he though about it asked her family about it
      they no doubt said it was okay and the rest is in the song.

      • what August 6, 2012

        I don’t care about him asking permission, its about him deciding “i’m such a huge fan, i’m going to put her on one of my s*** beats, f*** her legacy” let him support and love her from afar there is nothing respectful. Who even flipping KNOWS if Aaliyah would have performed with him if she was alive?! Just putting his p**** lips into everything, he can eff off.

      • what August 6, 2012

        *nothing respectful about this song.

        I’m listening to it now, it so f****** horrendous. I need to cleanse my ears with ‘are you that somebody’

      • Demetrius Blacc August 6, 2012


  16. Matthew Charlery-Smith August 5, 2012

    I don’t really get it. This song doesn’t really work with those two on it as it seems they are talking about two different things. Aaliyah’s voice as usual is something special. I think the production is a bit of a let down. Aaliyah’s voice is light and breezy and would have benefited from less heavy sounding percussion. A few sharper percussive instruments such as cabassa, high hat and a sharper snare would have gone down so well, making it sound more akin to her last video “Rock the Boat”.

    Oh well, can’t condemn Drake for honouring her memory.

    • Lax August 6, 2012


  17. imusicjunkie August 5, 2012

    I’m not going to lie. I like the song but drake still needs to see a doctor. When Aaliyah recorded this song I bet she wouldn’t want someone she doesn’t even know releasing it/adding a verse.

    • Demetrius Blacc August 6, 2012


  18. Aaliyah Is Queen B**** August 5, 2012

    Aaliyah’s vocals are flawless as usual. This song actually would have been ENOUGH without Drake, but good job Drake a.k.a you fruitcake

    • Lax August 6, 2012

      Hearin her voice is simply “Mind Blowing”.

  19. ok August 5, 2012

    he shaded Fortune he said selling under 150 you n**** gotta be kidding me though

    • FAF August 5, 2012

      right. I heard that part … But i don’t like the song it’s not Aaliyah-esque.

    • mobwife August 5, 2012

      Or USHER, FRANK OCEAN, NEYO, JILL SCOTT, LEDISI, MAXWELL, MONICA or any other R&B artists in today’s music industry. Chris, Usher, Frank etc don’t have the benefit of a CEO like BIRDMAN/BABY who is willing to pull out that VISA to PURCHASE MULTIPLE copies of their CDs as YMCMB does for their artists! No real artists especially in R&B have to go through the normal channels to sell products.

  20. RG2 August 5, 2012

    Aaliyah could’ve carried this song without Drake, she was the type of artist who didn’t need alot of features, but the song is beautiful just like Aaliyah was.

    • FAF August 5, 2012

      It doesn’t sound like an aaliyah track, the beat doesnt fit, IMO.

  21. S****** Blonde August 5, 2012

    I love Aaliyah’s part, hate Drake’s part.

    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 5, 2012

      and i agree. Keeping it real !

      • Kingphoenix August 5, 2012

        You too need to get a room.

    • Kingphoenix August 5, 2012

      Flawfree whitewoman in your gravatar.

      • S****** Blonde August 5, 2012

        Marilyn Monroe.

  22. mkigz August 5, 2012

    I honestly like the song – The beat is CRAZY and it blends with her vocals – It’s a different kind of sound from her other songs -Drake’s rap was not necessary on the track though. Did anyone else notice that he threw some shade at chris; “selling under 150 you n***** gotta be kidding!”
    Now whether he was the right person to be behind the project Im not 100% happy about – I think Timbo/Missy and defo Ginuwine should have been apart of it.

  23. JER August 5, 2012


    • J August 5, 2012

      Don’t you mean… how to get that spirit?

      • Lax August 6, 2012

        The beat is off the hook, love it. and the though
        is a great though. I mean so many others coulda, shoulda but have done nothing and drake nailks it and he’s getting beat down for it. I wonder how will it sail on the charts.

      • Truth August 6, 2012

        U askn fpr it aint cha?! @ lax

      • evert August 6, 2012

        Nailed what? F*** that p**** ass n**** Drake. The only thing that will be nailed is him in a coffin. B**** ass n**** how dare this dude. And all you no account people that are saying Drake did a great job.

        R.I.P Aaliyah may God rest your soul.

  24. Magic Mike August 5, 2012

    Im glad Drake Got Involoved In This Track I was too young the time Aaliyah died so i wasnt really a major fan after hearing this i have to say i understand wy people loved her as an artist and her voice shes too good RIP such a great vocalist Thanks Drake For Makeing Me aware of her Jheezzee Her Voice is Somethign Esle Wow =]

    • evert August 6, 2012

      Well if you did your homework about Aaliyah you would be here saying great job Drake now would you? You say you were to damn young but there’s plenty of videos songs of Aaliyah. Why should this b**** as n**** play any part in what she did. Wonder did this fake ass m*********** even known her as well.

      • Demetrius Blacc August 6, 2012

        AGREE!! The song is hot, be better without Drake, I would have seen Missy Elliott or Jay-Z maybe even Timbaland. They wouldn’t have cussed on the track because Aaliyah didn’t have any cussing on any of her songs.

  25. fan4mc August 5, 2012

    i prefer what J cole did with aaliyah’s vocals on his song

  26. RoyalKev August 5, 2012

    I think Drake did a job well done! I don’t see why it’s required for Timbaland/Missy to be called in for the creative process. Drake knows Aaliyah’s sound because he’s a superfan, apparently. It would be different if he wanted to Remix “One In A Million” , then I could see needing Tims input. Like someone said, Timbaland had ample time to introduce this concept. Don’t complain about not being able to jump on board when someone (who loved Aaliyah enough to keep her memory alive) beat you to the punch. Tims getting a little to possessive.

    • Truth August 6, 2012

      B**** stfu! H**

      • Demetrius Blacc August 6, 2012


  27. That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? August 5, 2012

    Drake take Aaliyah’s angel voice off this wack ass track. The beat sucks and Aaliyah’s part and Drake’s verse makes no sense together in this song. Aaliyah is probably rolling in her grave right now.

  28. Ashton August 5, 2012

    i LOVE it! so great to hear aaliyah’s voice on a new track after 11 years! what i dont understand is that artists make music so people can hear it and relate to it. So why wouldn’t the record label or family want aaliyah’s fans to hear the music she left behind. Imo i think she would want us to hear it!

    • Nik August 7, 2012

      I think her family is protective of her, after all she was their baby. She has left behind plenty for us: pictures, performances, interviews, and albums. I think releasing unfinished music that she cannot have creative input on or release herself would not be what they want. Us fans can be kind of selfish and it’s nice to hear her voice on something we hadn’t heard before, but I would rather keep the music she already made then to have something created that could potentially be a disaster and she’s not here to redeem herself from a terrible album.

  29. mimi August 5, 2012

    Aaliyah is saying “who the f*** is this guy ‘?!!

  30. Back2Business August 5, 2012

    This would have sounded better with Aaliyah by herself or with Missy or J.Cole!!!! Like if you Agree

  31. DavidZ August 5, 2012

    I dont think Drake’s intention is to make money off of this. He loves Aaliyah and wants her memory to keep living and become more relevant. You know you would do a collab with one of ur favorite artists if they werent around.

    • truth tea August 5, 2012

      you are so naive.

      • MC August 5, 2012

        lol yeah….

      • Truth August 6, 2012

        Really clueless

  32. DavidZ August 5, 2012

    thiis track isnt on itunes so idk why you guys are saying its for money.

    • MC August 5, 2012

      Drake is preparing to make an album with Aaliyah

    • evert August 6, 2012

      WHAT itunes? You a dumb ass. This dude planning on making a CD using Aaliyah’s voclas you idiot.

  33. Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 5, 2012

    see Justin Bieber make a whole album featuring MJ vocals …………….

    But aaliyah’s Vocals still Slays me tho. i like it cuz A is in it !! hate drake’s presence in it ! and i don’t see what he added to he actual song or how good he benefited from A’s vocals !!!

    • S****** Blonde August 5, 2012

      see Justin Bieber make a whole album featuring MJ vocals.

      I can see this coming, if not Bieber, then Chris Brown, poor Mike.

      • MC August 5, 2012

        I don’t think Joe Jackson would allow that, if you know what I mean lol

      • mobwife August 5, 2012

        @S****** Blonde

        STFU! Chris Brown would have no interest in using MJ’s vocals for an entire CD. He sampled MJs voice for Rihanna’s “PDSTM”. That was enough!

  34. Teflon Boy August 5, 2012

    Beautiful vocals from BabyGirl but honestly I expected nothing less.., Aaliyah for me will always be proof that a singer does not need to shout in order to be felt on a deep level. That insane combination of light-as-a-feather tone but with the depth of soul of a singer twice her age and with twice as much technical ability. I agree that perhaps Drake should not be the one to mess with Aaliyah’s unreleased back catalogue but truth be told, right now he is the celebrity best placed to keep her legacy alive amongst the new generation. This is how Aaliyah will be relevant in 30 years time i.e. young cats who although could be hopping on any current successful act’s bandwagon choosing to keep HER memory and artistic potency alive.., not to mention more than 10 years have passed since her death and STILL no-one has come close to filling the void she left in Urban music. Point blank she was special and I for one won’t hate on Drake for making sure his audience know that.

    • keybeats August 5, 2012


  35. MACHIAVEL August 5, 2012

    Aaaaaw! DrakeQueen B**** “Degrassi” Still Waiting For Your Ass Girl!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Army Of Queen Slayliyah August 5, 2012

    The Queen SLAYED ! Yassss ! Drakes Part Was…..CUTE

    • Lax August 5, 2012

      Timb and Missy have had all this time to have come with
      something, why knoick Drakes hustle we all know he had to get her family’s approval and once they approved then Drake don’t need timbo or Missy approval they can drop something too if the like.

      • Lax August 5, 2012

        Fiyah oh my goodness Aalyiah sound so good, and Drake
        is spitting good on this Joint.

      • Truth August 6, 2012

        B**** u stoooopid yeti lookn b****! I ss crau as this b****. Its about RESPECT which is somethin u and yo momma b**** ass.know NOTHING about! W****

      • evert August 6, 2012

        Missy & Timb did not come up it because of resepct. Drake on the other hand have other intentions. That @Lax person love Drake because he did songs with Rihanna and he f*** her every chance he got. This is why that Lax person is going in so damn hard for Drake

  37. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare August 5, 2012

    I was ALL smiles….until Aubrey opened his damn mouth!

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Drake but NOT on this track.

    Love & miss Aaliyah so much.

    • tits mcgee August 5, 2012

      I agree. And your avi is iconic. Work b****!

  38. Majeeda August 5, 2012

    yooo, the only people who should make songs with her voice on the song is timbaland and missy!!!!!what does the haughton family think of this?or her estate?

  39. Kingphoenix August 5, 2012

    Ew he basically made the song with his sound in mind not hers, that s*** sounds like a rehashed version of Marvin, when that depressing as emo E popping production. Her vocals don’t even seem to match the kinda sound he was going for…He did this because of his obsession and what he wanted, instead of making it about continuing her legacy and her wishes. But it wouldn’t be the first time that a man took jurisdiction over a women’s body, or body of work in this case, and made it in his perception.

    I love how you guys dragged this sappy ass unthinking b****. Keep up the good work.

    • George Aaliyan Ramos August 5, 2012

      thats what im saying this is drake music not aaliyah and if he was a big fan of hers he would know aaliyah likes her music to be different and sound different nothing like what other singers are doing and clearly drake took her and put her with her sound i mean i love that im hearing new vocals from baby girl but i dont if it has drakes same ol beats on it like he could of done different sound for her

  40. My hip, my back August 5, 2012

    drake’s obsession with aaliyah aside and granted i’ve never heard the song thats being sampled, it sounds really good and the beat really complements Aaliyah’s vocal. I like it. Aaliyahs vocal alone could have carried the song but I still think drake’s verse was a nice add on.

  41. Girrrl August 5, 2012

    Yeah not here for it.

  42. keybeats August 5, 2012

    FIRST OFF, It’s Aaliyah ft. Drake. Let’s not get it twisted.

    And this song is the s***! I always wondered how Aaliyah’s vocals would sound over one of 40s beats because they’re so atmospheric and lush, just like Aaliyah’s voice, and I got my wish. Say what you will about Drake but he did her right with this song. He’s a fan just like the rest of us that had the opportunity to “work” with her and he took it. I’m sure Tim and Missy will have some involvement with the album (I hope), but in the mean time, it’s a new f***** Aaliyah song, sit back, appreciate it, smoke a blunt, whatever. Let’s not lose focus on this amazing song. RIP BABY GIRL!

    • evert August 6, 2012

      Aaliyah ft Drake!! B**** what does it matter. That b**** ass n**** still on the track.

      • DenimJunkieKidd August 6, 2012

        so is it the song you don’t like or him…keep it one hundred because the song is good, his verse goes along with the song…..I just think you are having a hard time looking past your obvious dislike for him to enjoy the music


    i like the song no shade its hot, But drake girl stop being messy

    • Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012

      I just noticed your avi!

      • Kingphoenix August 5, 2012

        Noticing is just another thing you been late for.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 5, 2012

        @KingPhenoix What?

  44. arie August 5, 2012

    i was trying to listen with an open mind, Drake gets an opportunity of a lifetime what does he do? Brings Chris Brown into the equation. Stupid,stupid stupid. Now I am convinced that he has no idea what Aaliyah wa§ about.

  45. arie August 5, 2012

    i was trying to keep an open mind, Drake gets an opportunity of a lifetime what does he do? Takes a cheap shot at Chris Brown Stupid,stupid stupid. Now I am convinced that he has no idea what Aaliyah was about. So I will not entertain any of his nonsence I will stick to listening to Aaliyah old music.

    • mobwife August 5, 2012

      Yes, to everything you just said! Aaliyah ii clearly asking for the man she adores to speak to her and say what’s on his heart. Suck a$$ Drake was on a completely different agenda that did not benefit this song, or Aalyiah’s vocals or message!

  46. Kes August 5, 2012

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Drake is a massive Aaliyah fan and has delivered something amazing for us fans. its a pity missy and timbo didnt do anything earlier but maybe it was becasue it was so hard to create something so perfect but i see this as a very good effort by drake.

    i guess what makes me love this most is that its a song by Aaliyah and ive wanted to hear something new for ages just like many of her millions of fans. i just remember that Aaliyah was a incredibly sweet person who would most likely have appreciated the time and effort drake has combined to produce something for her fans. i would hope that if this song is released on itunes that the money is given to her family and the charity that was set up in her name.

    drake has his fair share of haters but i really think he is definitely one of the people to be onboard should we ever hear a new aaliyah album.

    • DIOB August 5, 2012

      I agree I love the track people are upset about nothing. She sounds fine and this is the type of track that he raps to. Missy and timbaland are not the sole owners of everything that is aaliyah.

      • Truth August 6, 2012

        Both of yall stooid hoez

      • evert August 6, 2012

        You two are complete idiots.

  47. CBE August 5, 2012


    talk about being disrespectful! I dont much care about him dissing chris brown but did it have to be a track featuring this icon.

    • mobwife August 5, 2012

      I’m sure you don’t 0_O? Although his comment speaks to anyome in R&B and even many in Rap from Soulja boy to Llyod Banks to Tyga.

  48. ChittyChitty August 5, 2012

    So amazing to hear Aaliyah’s voice on some new music. Loved it!

  49. George August 5, 2012

    We need the version without Drake Please!!!

  50. christinastherealtalent August 5, 2012

    Nobody should even be allowed to touch Aaliyahs legacy unless her family approves it first and we all know they don’t because Aaliyahs brother has already indirectly said they don’t. Like I said before Drake is so narcissistic and that’s an ugly trait. This is such an insult to aaliyah. We all know he’s doing this for publicity. None of his songs are currently blowing up charts right now and he does this just to have some kind of relevancy right now.

  51. ENOUGH ONIKA August 5, 2012

    Why the f*ck is DRAKE of all people doing anything with Aaliyah’s music! WTF is this sh*t?! Nobody but Timbaland and Missy have any right to do anything or SAY anything about how Aaliyah music should sound. I hate YMCM, all of em…

  52. shawn August 5, 2012

    I Honestly Like It .. Well LOVE It . Just Because He Is In The SONG YALL DONT LIKE IT ? Like Cmon.. QUIT HATIN & GET A LIFE this song is BEAUTIFUL to be honest dont even front . DRAKE loves AALIYAH and is just showin love & RESPECT . AALIYAH & WHITNEY are the BEST female voices we’ve ever had so just enjoy the last and maybe only material for the lost souls .

  53. Cory August 5, 2012

    Let me start by saying Blackground has total control over her music. Its up to them to release music and whose going to be on what. Who knows there may be a collab of feature or production by Timb and Missy. Ya’ll jumping too fast and so is Tim. I cried listening to this because its sounds so current like she never left. I heard a rummor that there’s also a Jojo duet and Tweet so stay posted.

  54. Cam August 5, 2012

    Yall are always so negative on here.. If you were a real fan of Aaliyah you would just appreciate hearing the sound of her voice again.. On a new track. What Drake did was all out of positivity, why would you knock that? Way too much hate going around, its music.. Just enjoy the fact that she still lives on.

    • Lax August 6, 2012

      @CAM Because they are mad that drake did it, if it had been any one else there would be no problems but since it’s drake they will forever be mad. Drake though about it and acted on it and this is/was a great thing to do, since no one else have did jack shyt.

      • MC August 6, 2012

        @LAX you are really dumb. Drake did NOT know Aaliyah personally or what direction she would’ve liked to take her career. She was a talented individual who had a unique sound and innovative nature. IF new music was to be released, it should have been from people who KNEW her and what she envisioned for her sound and music. Do you really think Aaliyah would’ve wanted him on her track dissing people and whatnot on her song? Drake did not know Aaliyah he is just an obsessed stan who wanted to live out his fantasies. DO NOT FOR A SECOND THINK HE WANTED TO DO THIS TO HONOR HER, BECAUSE IF HE DID HE WOULD HAVE WORKED WITH TIMBERLAND AND/OR MISSY. If he really cared and loved Aaliyah as he says then he would have the decency to just let her sing and remove himself from the track.

      • evert August 6, 2012


        Please shut the F*** up. You are just saying this s*** because like I said before Drake & Rihanna did songs together and he was f****** her every time she got drunk

  55. OpD2 August 5, 2012

    i like.

  56. C-Squad *ONE WOMAN ARMY* August 5, 2012

    Drake boo boo, you are not needed on this track

    • Kingphoenix August 5, 2012

      Ew, what is that thing in your gravitar?

  57. lyric commander lee August 5, 2012

    its sooo spooky to hear new music 11 yrs after hear death – shes slayign that lower register and i love it – the beat couldve been better and its somethign about drake on this song that just doest cut it for me but overall im repipimg regardless! rip baby girl!

  58. john August 5, 2012

    hes a creep. Forbidden Fruits by Isiah Hurts available on

  59. Dollar$ign$kills August 5, 2012

    I like it however Drake’s part is not wanted nor needed

  60. RIPAaliyah August 5, 2012

    – Aaliyah’s Family Have To Had Gav Permisson For Drake To Do This Song, Or He Wouldnt Have Even Heard Her Vocals.. I Love It && She Made Music Without Missy && Tim So Its Fine They Not Involved.. She Wouldnt Have Wanted To Be Hooked To They Same Style Of Their Music Twelve Years Later ! The End..

  61. mobwife August 5, 2012

    As a long time Aaliyah fan from the “back, back days” , I must say I am deeply offended by this half-a$$ effort of an Aaliyah song. TIMBERLAND & MISSY ELLIOT worked very hard to CULTIVATE a sound suited for Aaliyah’s voice. This sounds like anything……HELL, Blue Ivy coud have produced this HOT A$$ MESS!

    ***paging Timbo & Missy! Come save your girls legacy from this obsessed bottle throwing, maiming and injuring innocent folks in a NYC Nightclub SOCIOPATH. Thank you…..

    • Virtuoso Intellect August 6, 2012

      U pounce on anyone that as much as mentions Chris in a realistic light but u have guts to use a baby to emphasize your flimsy point. Just goes to show u have no moral conduct. All u care about is that temperamental brat. God forbid your own family say anything practical about him. I wouldnt put it past u to cut them off.

      • mobwife August 6, 2012

        >WTF are you blathering on about?

        >I said nothing disparaging about Blue Ivy! I think she is an ADORABLE BABY and I woud never denigrate a child. You might want to read my comment in the context in which it was meant before you attempt to scold me! LOL 🙂 Don’t exaggerate my comment. If you want to ask me something feel free to do so. I don’t require a cluster of others to have AN OPINION of my own!

        >” Chris in a realistic light” according to…….You? LMAO, “delusions of grandeur” is a serious mental disorder (see the DSM-IV-TR). Oh yeah and CB had nothing to do with my comment. I like Aayiah and this song does not serve he legacy well IMO, that’s all boo boo!

      • evert August 6, 2012

        You know who is the brat? That b**** ass n**** Drake

    • Debbie August 6, 2012

      LOL about Drake. I also want to see Ginuwine incluuded in the production of a postmordum Aalyiah CD. I use to love the four of them working together.

  62. Greg F August 5, 2012

    Drake needs to drop dead for this musical abomination

    • evert August 6, 2012

      Dude career should end for disrespecting Aalyiah.

  63. Sheesh August 5, 2012

    I like the song, but if he didnt speak to Timbo or Missy first, then he’s crossed the line.. Its a respect thing.

  64. Eric August 5, 2012

    Waiting on Tim and Missy to come out publicly and put Drake in his place!!

    • Lax August 6, 2012

      Yeah i want to see how that turns out, since timbo and missy have had more then enough time to come up with something and did not!

      • what August 6, 2012

        This is not a competition! If drake wanted to make a song with Aaliyah anyone with a BRAIN would have SLIGHTLY atleast involved Missy and Timberland. I dunno, were you around during her hey day? I feel like you don’t understand the team that missy liyah and timbo were.

  65. facekick August 5, 2012

    I was listening to this beautiful voice of Aaliyah and then I hear this dumb ass drake vocals and was like imma go dislike this fukker from facebook. I’m so done with this n****.

  66. groovy August 5, 2012

    drake calling women b****** and all that on an aaliyah song, bragging as always about his achievements, dissing artists 9no Im not a fan of chris brown) but still. Yall approve of this?

    Im a fan of aaliyah and I dont approve of this. But hey who cares about my opinion I guess it is what it is.

    • KayeV August 6, 2012

      exactly what i thought .. Drake ruined the song for me

  67. Shaquannamenesha August 5, 2012

    Oooooo, she gon’ haunt him!

  68. RG2 August 5, 2012

    No shade, but if this song was not approved by the head of her estate, this could cause a major lawsuit. 🙁

    • DenimJunkieKidd August 6, 2012

      It clearly was, hints the blackground logo in the corner

  69. Realest August 5, 2012

    It’s not a bad track BUT.. It sounds like every other sing Drake has put out.. Aaliyah was a trendsetter, not a cookie cutter artist, please don’t put her on anymore tracks that sound exactly like HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLA of your previously released songs!

  70. ILOVEKELLY August 5, 2012

    i love that i can hear Aaliyah voice again..thanks drake..he just a fan with power to make something happen i aint mad at that at all

  71. Yep August 5, 2012

    drake needs to sit…so does the rest of ymcmb…they are killin real music…aaliyah is turning in her grave right now

  72. Gees August 5, 2012

    Ummmm meh. I am not going to pump this girl voice yup because of her untimely tragic death. This was a mess. And her voice still is nothing to OMGGGG about. Don’t get me wrong she had some cuts but voice wise …no … Style …yes

  73. commanderofthedancefloor August 6, 2012

    i like the song, definetly could have done without drakes verse though, i was jamming to the whole first part then drake just threw it off. i do think he is a little too obssesed with her, especially since her never even met her before.

  74. stay mad August 6, 2012

    y’all are saying “oh aaliyah wouldnt want this”, aaliyah never even wrote her own songs! whenever an artist dies in our society they are treated like a god. i like aaliyah but dont act as if she was a global phenomenon when she wasnt.

  75. HitsMan August 6, 2012

    Love it!!


    Good on ya Drake!! Get the great Aaliyahs legacy live on!!

  76. chanel August 6, 2012

    I love Drake, but i agree this should have been done with Missy and Timbaland just for the fact that they knew aaliyah better than anyone else and they were so close to her but on the other hand its a nice song

  77. Lax August 6, 2012

    Timbo and Missy will no doubt drop something, soon!

    • evert August 6, 2012

      With this feed back from the Aaliyah fans and the respect for Aaliyah don’t think they would

  78. yourname August 6, 2012

    why can’t you just enjoy hearing aaliyah’s voice again??? can’t you just shut the f*** up and enjoy?!

  79. hunni2nice August 6, 2012

    Well people there is a SOLO version of just Aaliyah YAY!

  80. Julian August 6, 2012

    just a poignant reminder of the talent and promise we were denied. a true angel, even after death commands our undivided attention.

    R.I.P Baby Girl

    We miss you Aaliyah

  81. TALES FROM THE KRIMBERLY August 6, 2012

    Nice song

  82. Chester Allen August 6, 2012

    She Is So Missed <3
    Rest In Peace Aaliyah <3

  83. Stop making money of the dead! August 6, 2012

    If drake executive producing the upcoming album then it would be full of guest collaborations from him Nicki & Lil’ Wayne unstead of future industry friends such as: Timbaland, Missy, Ginuwine, Dmx, Toni Braxton, Lil’ Kim, Dallas Austin, Free, Jahiam, Jamie fox, Tank, Jay Z, Tweet, Kiley Dean & Queen Latifah so everybody who was in her I Miss You where here TRUE frinds not them cash money fool who didnt know it it pisses me right off when people like Dake & cash money try to make money of the dead let them R.I.P. you gready mother fuckers you will f*** up her legacy you didnt even know her to know what kind of music she wanted to make.

    • Debbie August 6, 2012

      I wonder who approved Drake using Aaliyah’s vocals? Is it definite that he is going to produce a new Aaliyah CD? I’m a bit disturbed at that idea. What’s equally disturbing is the thought of Lil Wayne on an Aaliyah song!

  84. Stop making money of the dead! August 6, 2012

    Another thing thats f**** m off is the b**** boy Drake is using Aaliyahs ong to diss Chris Brown what a f****** C***!

  85. James227 August 6, 2012

    going on twitter and ask Missy why did they let Drake do an Aaliyah track with him rapping. So it you don’t like this go to Missy’s twitter and tell her how you feel about it.

  86. Corey August 6, 2012

    i love the song. i don’t see what the problem is.

  87. TheTruth August 6, 2012

    Dam people get over yourselves! Artists sample deceased musicians every single day what is the big deal!? Look at J dilla.. how many rappers be sampling his music on a regular basis but no one says sh*t? I’m sure Drakes had full consent from her associates and loved ones so shut the hell up, its your negative BS that’s killing artists and music altogether! I am tired of people claiming they know what the F they’re talking about when I bet not one of these people even know how to write a song or further more make music..

    This joint is hot, yeh there’s room for improvement but that’s my opinion.. I’m not personally attacking the guy, give him a break and just enjoy the music for a change, you negative souls need God or something.. go cop a bible! #imdone

    • evert August 6, 2012

      Using an icon’s song to diss another artists and bragging about your money & what you have is not cool. No matter how you look at it . Drake is full of s*** and his fans are starting to realize it. Using the dead for your own agenda is a no no

  88. Debbie August 6, 2012

    Missy, Ginuwine, Timbo?

  89. Credits August 6, 2012

    Forget about the controversy for now….Her vocals are giving me life!



  91. musik_lover August 7, 2012

    I love me some aaliyah and drake you need not ruin my memory of her great ground breaking music and angelic vocals with some watered down left over beat from one of your albums.

    I believe Tim & Missy are respecting Aaliyah’s memory by letting her soul rest and allowing people to remember her legacy how she left us. I appreciated Yeezy’s track with the aaliyah sample more than this. Drake you are not doing her any justice. Thanks for trying though now go have a seat.

    • musik_lover August 7, 2012

      **correction** excuse me typing too fast. I meant Jeezy’s single off of TM103

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