Hot Topic: Would You Welcome A Beyonce ‘OWN’ Interview?

Published: Wednesday 22nd Aug 2012 by David

Following interviews with Lady GaGa, 50 cent and The Kardashian clan, Oprah‘s ‘Next Chapter has enjoyed quite the popularity boost in recent weeks- heralded for its surprisingly open conversations as showcased with Rihanna‘s stint on Sunday night.

Now, perhaps with news of a fifth album and a brand new movie generating steam, talk of a potential Beyonce appearance on the show has heated up in the last few days.

So, taking the success of Rihanna‘s outing into consideration….

Would you welcome a Beyonce appearance on the ‘Next Chapter’?

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  1. BABYGIRL August 22, 2012

    No, i’m sorry. Love her as a performer and an entertainer but as a person she’s completely cut off herself and is not relate able too, same predictable answers in every single interview….Beyonce don’t know what keeping it real is…pass

  2. MACKTACK August 22, 2012

    So i can fall asleep? Oprah: so how has your journey been Beyonce: its been moving so fast i didnt have time to sit down and realize i have everything and why did god give it to me

  3. Owen August 22, 2012

    I love beyonce, but what the f*** is she possibly gonna talk about? There is nothing to talk abut, there’s nothing juicy or interested in her life right now that will get people interested.

    • RIH&BEY August 22, 2012


      • Lax August 22, 2012

        We have heard it all before, and besides that
        she’s Ms want to be perfect, and everyone with
        a working brain know that there was but one
        somebody who’s perfect in every way and that
        is the “Almighty” HOWEVER i would welcome
        her she’s one of the biggest artist on the planet
        so why not let her get it on.

      • James227 August 22, 2012

        All Beyonce have to do is tell the truth about things before someone else will. These artists gives interviews but most of it be lies. Tell the truth why wait until someone else tells it.

      • Blue August 22, 2012

        Oprah loves Bey more than that plastic face copy cat R****

    • What’s The T August 22, 2012


      • Blue August 22, 2012

        Who’s Dead rihanna!!! Oh SORRY RIP R****

    • VMA SOON HERE LOOK HOW BEY SLAY R**** August 22, 2012

      Beyonce reject Oprah s interview she ain’t that cheap to appear on Own Tv f*** rihanna interview that shows how fake and s*** she is

      • IF I WAS GOOD I WILL KILL R**** AND ALL RIHTARDS August 22, 2012

        rihanna sucks b**** couldnt even enter forbes powerful list coz she nothing but a s***

  4. Speechless August 22, 2012

    Why must you bring her up into EVERYTHING???? What is she going to talk about? Being a mother and that’s it. Sam, your obsession with Beyonce is much like Drake’s obsession with Aaliyah, you probably have her face tatted on yourself don’t you? Give. It. A. Rest. DAMN!!!!

    • GURL August 22, 2012

      SAMANTHA is a mess.

    • Blue August 22, 2012

      Beyonce doesn’t need o be on Oprah she already a legend legend don’t talk to much

      • Theman August 22, 2012

        Really? She sure is up her behind whenever she has something to promote…

  5. Kat August 22, 2012

    I would love to hear her talk to the Queen of Talk, two Queens together, somehow Oprah always knew how to get the best of an interview with Beyonce, no
    matter how closed Beyonce wants to be, with Oprah she finds it difficult! And I LOVE that!

    • Blue August 22, 2012

      The queen doesn’t have time for Oprah

    • LEP August 23, 2012

      I would like to see an interview. I want to know about her upcoming projects and how it feels to be a mother along with her thoughs on the fact that her mother says she’s spoiling Blue. I would like to see Beyonce on Oprah or Ellen. She actually seems more at ease with Ellen.

  6. S****** Blonde August 22, 2012

    Of course! but only if she’ll be honest, you know, give people credit for stealing their songs, be honest with her fans and tell them that she was never pregnant, be honest about her skin bleached, that sort of thing, she probably shall make mourn like crazy to make people feel sorry for her. if she does that, will have all my respect.

    • RIH&BEY August 22, 2012

      OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEATH HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Diamond Princess August 22, 2012

        LMAO!!!!!! I wonder if this was taken out of context?PSYCHE!! SHE’S BUSTED

    • Blue August 22, 2012

      She stole from your motha c****!!!! Rihanna wouldn’t even b there of it wasn’t for me she is Bey s copycat

    • Njabs August 23, 2012

      You are just pressed< so please go choke on your lies!!

  7. ENOUGH ONIKA August 22, 2012

    Not interested.

  8. Siberian Prince August 22, 2012

    Atleast Beyonce would be talking about her TALENT and not about her terrible s**/personal life like Rihanna….

    • Luis August 22, 2012

      Ah… The jealousy! Smell it in the air!!! LMAO!

      • Siberian Prince August 22, 2012

        Jealous of what? A crackhead h** who can’t sing, can’t write her own music, cant dance?

      • Luis August 22, 2012

        And that’s why it must hurt you so much! Ahah! That even a “crackhead h** who can’t sing, can’t write her own music AND cant dance” is more relevant and awsome than your cheeseball of a fave. 😀 *KISS

      • Blue August 22, 2012

        F*** Bey never had a miserable life like rihanna has and she will be talking about something more revelant than R**** s interview

      • Luis August 22, 2012

        Yeah…. and yet you can’t even name what’s that so relevant subject she was going to talk about. And don’t even bring the child she had flown over from Barbados up!

        This stupid beyonce stans bore the life off me. Just like their fave. Go back to changing diapers!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA August 22, 2012

      Who wants to hear someone brag about how they perceive themselves? She has nothing to talk about. #SorryButTrue

      • Siberian Prince August 22, 2012

        She has plenty to talk about…. she is known for her accomplishments. Your fave is known for her addictions, slangin p****, not to mention how she is still in love with the man who beat her ass…… oh yeah, then music.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA August 22, 2012

        Hahaha! That’s really funny! I don’t stand for Rihanna but other than that, hilarious. The thing is we KNOW her accomplishments and what’s she’s done. What she’s doing now isn’t “interview for an hour” worthy, no one would watch. If she were to reveal the true shadiness her and Kelly laid on the original DC girls or her providing evidence of her pregnancy, that’s juicy and watchable. Other than that, she’s like Mariah, you wanna hear her sing, not talk.

      • Blue August 22, 2012

        Jay z create a rumour just to make rihanna revelant ahahahah

  9. THE GAME August 22, 2012

    This site is really annoying with Thiefyoncé

  10. SMOKE August 22, 2012

    I dont think Beyonce should do it .. We dont have to know every aspect of these Artist life ! For what ? Only for people to judge her on every thing she says and does ? Beyonce dont have time for that .. Rihanna has a lot going on so of course she will have no problem talking about her personal business which is why she continue to get backlash and negative feedback ! Beyonce has lived a very private life and I dont blame her at all .. Besides she’s been on Oprah so many times and even performed on her final show ! Chai ..

  11. THE GAME August 22, 2012

    Sam, go study other artists! Some real artists, do you know that?

    • Njabs August 23, 2012

      Hunny you don’t get any better than B

  12. KING-BREEZYONCÉ August 22, 2012


    • SMOKE August 22, 2012

      Right !!! People fail to realize its about the MUSIC who cares about her personal life .. Its hers !

  13. Christian August 22, 2012

    IMO Britney would be a great choice. Nothing scripted, pre-planned, etc Oprah wouldnt approve that sh*t. Just HER AND BRITNEY!!!!!!!

  14. Black Pantha August 22, 2012

    If so, I wanna hear EVERYTHING.

    – her miscarriage
    – her father
    – how she feels about accusations she’s turning her back on the black community
    – whether she’s still a devout Christian


    • Peter Griffin August 22, 2012

      – Where does she buy her bleach, how much does it cost & does it work wonders on her toilet?

      – Who fathered her Mexican baby & how good is he at mowing lawns?

      – Has she confronted Jay on the real reason why he signed Rihoena & Rita Hora?

      – When she kisses Jay does she get drenched in saliva, & does his lips feel like a pumice?

      – How nappy is that head under that wig?

      • Black Pantha August 22, 2012

        lol I CAN’T.

      • Dread August 22, 2012


    • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 22, 2012

      Her father is creepy, she has turned her back on the balck community and only wants us again for sales, hence the nasty braids and she is not a christian. We dont prance around in booty pads calling ourselves “bootylicous”

  15. @dirtypeaches August 22, 2012

    Absolutely not.
    When she’s not being filmed on stage, she has the personality of a dial-tone.
    Plus, we all know her story so what else is there to know?
    Unless Oprah were to ask her about the songs she DOESN’T write, I wouldn’t bother.

  16. B_STANNING August 22, 2012

    I love the Queen and I would love a Beyonce interview. Please get her Sam

  17. HauteHottie August 22, 2012

    I’m sorry but she’s too fake for an interesting interview. . . she doesn’t really ever connect with her audience in any real way. . . . people want to see her be human for once in her life, make a genuine connection. . . . only people who really down with Beyonce is other black women who want to be Caucasian, and the gays.

  18. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 22, 2012

    I would welcome a Beyonce VMA’s performance
    I would welcome a Beyonce comeback single (as long as it’s not ‘RTW’ 2.0)
    I would welcome a Beyonce video clip

    But there’s no chance in hell I would welcome a Beyonce interview or anything that includes her talking and attepting to answer questions in general for that matter. I would welcome a Beyonce “stick to your strengths” strategy. Toss the wig, do some runs and stay away from interviews.

  19. DOSSOME August 22, 2012


  20. MsThing485 August 22, 2012

    Every now and then it slaps me in the face just how much of an instigator Sam is. This question has “stan bait” written all over it in hot pink lettering. But I’ll play along and say no. I’d rather see Beyonce sit down with Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer for an interview aired during prime time on broadcast television. Rihanna can have a struggling network on basic cable. Beyonce is worthy of one of the big 3 (and I bet her interview would garner more than a piddly 2.5 million viewers.)

    There. Played along.

  21. Honestly Speaking August 22, 2012

    No, because she apparently doesn’t possess an honest or literate bone in her surgically enhanced body. No one wants to see an interview with Thiefonce anyway. She basically just gets up there and repeats the same answers over and over again such as: “Ah waz inspiud to make thiz recad becuz it motivated me and Jay likez it when I booty pops to it while fixing mah lacefront.” The b**** is illiterate and irrelevant.


    • Luis August 22, 2012

      LMAO! So true…

    • whocares August 22, 2012


    • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 22, 2012

      “Ah waz inspiud to make thiz recad becuz it motivated me and Jay likez it when I booty pops to it while fixing mah lacefront”


    • Njabs August 23, 2012

      You just don’t get that she wants to keep her life PRIVATE unlike other flop artists who would do anything to boost sales

  22. pat August 22, 2012

    if she’s gonna talk about her “fake pregnancy”, secret disdain for rihanna for f***** jay, and her pappy’s outside baby then yea, but i highly doubt that which means it’ll just be about how much she loves jay and everything is so AMAYYYZING….so NO. I’ll pass

    • Aaliyah is Queen B**** August 22, 2012

      LMAO!!! Soooo true

    • Aaliyah is Queen B**** August 22, 2012

      Her deranged fans will storm this post and annihilate you in .5 seconds

    • Rihanna Navy August 22, 2012

      oh s*** what it air.

      • Rihanna Navy August 22, 2012


  23. Biting Truth August 22, 2012

    Since Beyonce was never beat by one of her lovers like a Pinata, they might have some difficulty exploiting her as a tired tragic figure in the promos — like the other one.

    • Luis August 22, 2012

      YES YES YES. So let’s just wait and pray she stays in her coffin and never decides to comeback. 😉

  24. MC August 22, 2012


  25. MELODY2012 August 22, 2012


  26. Aaliyah is Queen B**** August 22, 2012

    I really don’t understand the point of this post? How is it that you find some way to bring her up or compare her to some other artist? Someone is CLEARLY obsessed with a celebrity. Oh and are the ‘Who Is She’ posts about your transgender surgery? Not being funny I’m really serious, are they?

    • Rihanna Navy August 22, 2012

      DEATH,@ the transgender surgery. SAMANTHA is so annoying.

    • Njabs August 23, 2012

      You stan for Aaliyah; you got no right to b here

      • Diamond Princess August 23, 2012

        @Njabs Lol and you have no right to be anywhere on EARTH!! Please exit stage left LMAO!!!!

  27. NaQu August 22, 2012

    Unlike Rihanna, Beyonce is better than basic cable. 😉 Beyonce’s interview on 20/20 with Cynthia McFadden got more ratings than Rihanna’s wack ass sit down on OWN that nobody watched. When Beyonce is ready to give another televised interview, you can believe it’ll be airing on one of the major networks…and that she won’t be relegated to talking for the hundredth time about getting her ass kicked by Chris Brown.

  28. whocares August 22, 2012

    sure but we all know beyonce’s not the most articulate. She can sing her ass off but speaking has never been her strong suit. so unless she was reading grammar books and dictionaries, i don’t think anyone could stomach an hour of “um’s, I’m so very blessed’s, or beautiful’s” lol. the b**** is basic!

    • MC the place to be!! August 22, 2012

      omg i just cant and she loves the word humble too

  29. Diamond Princess August 22, 2012

    “Hi I’m Beyonce,”

    “My weave is perfect, my looks are perfect, my career is perfect, my marriage is perfect (even though Jay cheats on me), my ugly baby is perfect, my fans are stupid but since they support me they’re perfect too.” “I mean everything about me is just perfect!” “Aren’t you jealous of me, because if I were you I’d be jealous of me?”

    • YESIDIDBITCH….THE KING IS DEAD,AND BITCHYONCE IS Alive and a flop!! August 22, 2012

      lol hahaha

    • Shanell August 22, 2012

      I think calling a innocent baby ugly isnt funny. You can talk s*** about her but her baby’s looks should really be off limits.

      • Diamond Princess August 22, 2012

        B**** find the nearest exit!!! Why do people get so sensitive when it’s about a baby? If I think the baby is ugly it’s MY OPINION! I will say what the F**K I want to say when I want to say it! Like your leader says, “TO THE LEFT TO THE LEFT” GIRL BYE!!

    • MC the place to be!! August 22, 2012


  30. THE REAL TYLER* August 22, 2012


    • YESIDIDBITCH….THE KING IS DEAD,AND BITCHYONCE IS Alive and a flop!! August 22, 2012

      DON’t hold your breath. That b**** is fake…

    • MC August 22, 2012

      She’ll be caught dead before doing that….js

    • Diamond Princess August 22, 2012

      Now that would be nice, too bad hell would have to freeze over for her to do it! B**** IS FAKE!!!!

  31. YESIDIDBITCH….THE KING IS DEAD,AND BITCHYONCE IS Alive and a flop!! August 22, 2012

    This boring ass b****!!! What the f*** she going to talk about?? her she imported her Mexican baby??

  32. EnRanc August 22, 2012

    The difference between Beyonce and Rihanna (aside from the fact that Beyonce actually has talent) is that Beyonce was never beat up like a common prostitute and doesn’t rely on retelling that same tragic episode to promote herself because it’s the only thing interesting about her. Beyonce would be able to attract real commercial sponsorship for her interview, and talk about high profile upcoming projects, so I don’t know if OWN is the right place for her.

    • Luis August 22, 2012

      Of course not! An illiterate artist talking to the most influential woman in the world?! Are you crazy?

      Oprah ain’t got time for that.

    • YESIDIDBITCH….THE KING IS DEAD,AND BITCHYONCE IS Alive and a flop!! August 22, 2012

      THis b**** has been cheated on repeatedly by that atrocious thing she calls a husband. how the f*** you know his ass aint slap that b**** around a few times??? The way he talk about slapping a b**** in his songs like b**** please!!! THIS H** DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO TALK ABOUT, WITH HER ILLITERATE BASIC ASS.

    • Diamond Princess August 22, 2012

      She should have said I wish I could be a better actress or better yet a better person, she acts like a robot.

      • Blue August 22, 2012

        All beyonce movies debut on #1 and done well on the box office f*** rihanna with battleshit

      • Diamond Princess August 22, 2012

        Umm yeah because she had REAL ACTORS to carry her ASS, for example: Mike Meyers (Austin Powers), Idris Elba (Obsessed), Jamie Fox, Eddie Murphy and J hud (Dream girls), Cuba Gooding jr (fighting temptations), etc. DUH!!!

  33. DIGGER BEY August 22, 2012

    LMFAO THE QUEEN STAY WINNINNNMMING! It doesnt matter what u pressed f****** and delusional h*** say, The Mighty Oprah is the one who wants this interview bad! THE QUEEN already turned her down & The Mighty Oprah still wont give up! Rihanna basically jumped thru the phone, thats how fast she yeah to Oprah. And to tell the truth, yeah Rihanna got more juicier stories. Lets see: The never ending Chris beat my ass but i love him. The late nite clubbing, that involves drinking heavly, smoking crack, sniffing coke and who knows what else. Getting her back blown out by 80% of the guys n entertainment. Also how n the hell shes so successful with no real talent and always pulling gimmicks. #Yeah KING B cant hang

    • Luis August 22, 2012

      Still, a far more interesting story than Thiefyoncé. 🙂 R.I.P.

      • Blue August 22, 2012

        She stole from ur p**** brokeass

      • Luis August 22, 2012

        Well i didn’t notice that!… but we all know how much of a b**** BeYAWNcé can be right?

        I LOVE having these brainless Beyhive zombies for breakfast! Keep them coming! 😀

      • quetta August 22, 2012

        Thiefyonce? Try Again. The name is lame as s***.

      • Luis August 22, 2012

        Just like her. I like to keep things organized. 😀

    • Luis August 22, 2012

      Well i didn’t notice that!… but we all know how much of a b**** BeYAWNcé can be right?

  34. Crow LeNz August 22, 2012

    She is such and air head she’s really not interesting other than her stealing music and acting all fake in front of the cameras pretending everything is all fine and dandy

  35. Nika August 22, 2012

    Hell Nah, what for? The evasive lies.

  36. Gees August 22, 2012

    Yes!!!!!! I know Oprah will present the right questions.

  37. chris August 22, 2012

    YEEEESSS Id love a Beyonce’s interview. I think mostly what i want to know is about the miscarriages Jay talks about in that song to Baby Blue. I know Oprah would came up with a lot of interesting questions! IM REALLY HOPING SHE’LL BE ON THAT SHOW.

  38. JER August 22, 2012

    I am not here for another fake ass overly scripted BeYAWNce interview. Afterall, BeYAWNce writes the interview questions, right? And directs the interview? And works the lights and the soundboard? And produces the segment?

    • Honestly Speaking August 22, 2012

      LOL #DEAD

    • Blue August 22, 2012

      Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have been named among the Most Powerful Women in the World by Forbes magazine.
      Publication editors have compiled a list of the 100 most significant females in the world, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel topping the list for a second year in a row.
      U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton takes second place, while First Lady Michelle Obama places seventh.
      But the showbiz stars aren’t far behind – Tv mogul Oprah Winfrey is at number 11 and Bad Romance hitmaker Gaga at number 14.
      Beyonce lands at 32, while Lopez and the Hips Don’t Lie singer are ranked at 38 and 40, respectively.
      Also making their mark on the Forbes survey: actress Angelina Jolie, Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, comedienne Ellen DeGeneres and supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

  39. MonstaRebel August 22, 2012

    Only if she talks about how she faked that pregnancy..

    • MC August 22, 2012

      It is never going to happen lol

    • Blue August 22, 2012

      And how your mother regret having u c***

      • Nika August 23, 2012

        …i see u p****-riding for a b**** that wouldn’t give u the time of day, LOL. GAFL.

  40. virtuoso intellect August 22, 2012

    If having a drama-free life and the decency to maintain a certain amount of privacy means boring then so be it. I respect Beyonce for not sensationalising her personal life so that some losers can have an entertaining hour of good television. She does her job to a T. if Oprah wants to discuss her music, im here for it.if not she can move on to the net damaged soul. smh at people expecting Bey to discuss the dissolution of her professional relationship with her dad on tv. is that the way yal talk about your family at work too. Bey is a lady to the core. if your lives are that boring, there’s always Love & hip hop or RHOA to fill the void

    • Blue August 22, 2012

      Rihanna live sucks weed sucker s** s**** eeerrrrk rihanna H** positive that’s why Oprah wanted to speak to her

      • Luis August 22, 2012

        Yep…. still more interesting than BeYAWNcé!

  41. Fleur August 22, 2012

    If the interview is about BGK showcasing very high degrees of her personal life for the public’s entertainment, no Sam/TGJ Staff/media. I’m not here for B giving Nixon’s mother, baby bump conspiracy theorists, and so on the shine that they seek. It’s evident that King B is a very fascinating person to the public. Our HoneyBey always has buzz the public & media wants a piece of. Nevertheless, I’m more appreciative of the way B currently runs her life and her businesses in the public space. I like how she finds ways to give her mother, father, sisters, husband, daughter, mentors, peers and so on the shine they deserve and appreciate. I also admire the way she cherishes and respect privacy. If B doesn’t feel like sharing her wedding video, the consummation video of her marriage, video of Blue’s birth, I respect that. I’m here for King B entertaining me with her music/art, and the live performances of her music/artistry.

    • Blue August 22, 2012

      Just f*** off

  42. fatu sankoh August 22, 2012

    yes that will make my day their is no one like our bey she is talente not gemick i cant wait for her movie album lonk live queen thx sam for posting you are doinga good job sam keep it up

    • Blue August 22, 2012

      True beyonce is a legend f*** the rest

  43. josh August 22, 2012

    F*** Yes!

  44. Benron (King Of The Navy) August 22, 2012

    Watching A Rihanna interview is intresting because she is relevant in the media, has a very explosive life right now and is… um… LITTERATE.

    What would Beyonce talk about “MAH DRESS FOULDEAD I SWEYAH! FABRIK DOENTA FOLDA?” No Beyonce, fabric doesen’t fold, compress and destroy solid objects. “MAH BABY EYS SO HELLTHY” No Beyonce blue Ivy is a reborn doll. “I WROTE ANOTHA LETTA” B**** BYE!

    • Blue August 22, 2012

      Rihanna dead ass number h** in the world and that was only in America UK wouldn’t bother to watch that s*** waste of time

      • Luis August 22, 2012

        Just like your fave. Nobody alive on this whole planet could make sense out of that word vomit you just typed into the comment form.

        You didn’t have to make it so easy for me boo!

  45. Bubbles August 22, 2012

    She always talks about the same ol’ crap. I’ll pass.

    • Blue August 22, 2012

      And R**** always talk about being in love with the man who doesn’t are about her

  46. virtuoso intellect August 22, 2012

    dead at the thumbs down. lol more haters than fans clicking on a Bey post then ? HAHA…. sh*t is hilarious. Arent we on the same side here though? Yall think Bey is too boring for the interview and im agreeing, i’ll keep my boring Bey as she is….. Bey stays ruling your minds

  47. Cory August 22, 2012

    She’s been on Oprah 5x once for every album and once for dreamgirls. What is there left to talk about

    • Blue August 22, 2012

      Oprah loves beyonce and f*** the haters

      • Luis August 22, 2012

        A minute ago it was Thiefyoncé who didn’t have time for Oprah. These stupid beyhive generals. LMAO

  48. mista August 22, 2012

    why not?!

  49. Blue August 22, 2012

    Prah respect Bey more than rihanna

  50. B_STANNING August 22, 2012

    Correction: I thought it will be Sam not Oprah but this will be great to have Oprah interview Bey

  51. xedos August 22, 2012

    beyonce interview would be too scripted and fake. too much handlers would be around setting boundary . it would be just a boring interview. Beyonce try too hard to protect her endorsement.. so you will never get a real interview from beyonce. right now i just skip over any beyonce article/ interview she gives because it s the same old s***.

    • Blue August 22, 2012

      Just like your FAV interview sooooo fake smile fake cried fake present everything there was super fake including her plastic surgery face

  52. sheesh August 22, 2012

    Even thought im a stan….no, it would just be too plain and boring. We already know everything. But I would love to see all of the destiny’s child members sit down with Oprah.

  53. MelyB August 22, 2012

    I wouldn’t watch it unless she was talking about a new project or had a new album out. She rarely discusses her personal life which is fine with me so what would be the point? I really can’t see her pimping her child out just to be on Oprah & Oprah probably wouldn’t want to interview her unless she gets “the get” which would be Blue’s introduction to the world.

  54. IF I WAS GOOD I WILL KILL R**** AND ALL RIHTARDS August 22, 2012

    F*** OFF with your f****** Rihanna, this is Beyoncé, not a s***, not a hooker, not a w****, not a b****. A diva.



  55. quetta August 22, 2012

    Oprah’s really trying to get a interview with beyonce. A girl asked the same day as rihanna’s interview aired and oprah replied, “I’m TRYYYYYING” I would watch it but just like @MELYB said, she rarely discusses her private life.

    • BLUE August 22, 2012


      • MC August 22, 2012

        Not even by a stretch lol. Nice try boo boo

      • quetta August 22, 2012

        @Blue Agreed

        @MC Tell mariah to try again on the BET awards where she sounded a hot mess.



  57. MC the place to be!! August 22, 2012

    if she does she better talk about a time in her life when she was really suffering or have a deep dark secret but i clearly doubt it beyonce seemed like she had a nice life even b4 she became so “big” so no i wouldnt be interested i like ppl who actually been through s*** and overcame that im a big sucker for those stories but beyonce come on now what is there to talk about other than her career we already know that and her baby unless she bring blue ivy on the show but thats just wistful thinking shes just too idk private very private to the point where i dont think her jay are even together i mean she has tumblr but theres not one picture of them being intimate s*** they barely hold hands!

  58. Anne August 22, 2012

    Yes. I think Oprah could get her to open up about such topics as the breakup of the original DC lineup, her rumored miscarriage and strained relationship with her dad and it would be nice if Blue made an appearance.

  59. 77 August 23, 2012

    my fave will never….. she is too SUPERSTAR , to have same interwieu that RIHOENA & JENNIFER something…

    BEY dont do that!!!!!

    LEGEND dont talk too much!!

  60. Ziggy Stardust August 23, 2012

    Nope. Not interested. All she’s going to do is repeat the same things that we’ve all heard many times before in other interviews. I was never all that crazy about her interviews, because I always felt like the interviewer was afraid to, “GO THERE” with Beyonce in terms of the questions being asked. They never got “DEEP” with her. The questons were always the same (even if they were from different interviewers), and they always remained at a “SURFACE” level. Sometimes, I knew what her answers were going to be before she even said them herself! That’s how you know she repeats the same s*** over and over. When she’s ready to do “REAL TALK” about her dad, the baby rumors, the Destiny’s Child split, etc., then I will listen. Until then then, I’ll keep it moving.

  61. Troybenz August 23, 2012

    No i would welcome a interview with beyonce on oprahs next chapter because its not gonna be interesting there is not 1 thing that we dont know about beyonce i mean she was on anderson cooper and she is coming with a new movie and album she also has a child so leave her and let aubrey o day come instead i would also love to see jennifer hudson though that would be great 🙂

  62. SayWhaaatt!!!!! August 23, 2012

    Yes, but a family interview with her Jayz, Blue, Jay’s mom and Bee’s mom. Make it a two part episode in NY and Texas.

  63. Black kupid August 23, 2012

    A big fat No ! Unless she is going to address her abortion rumors when she was younger, her screwed up kelly & other DC girls. Why she never had anyfriends other than kelly & michelle & gweneth palthro ( thanks to jay-z) which shesecretly hates anybody that shines as much as she does (rihanna) why does she has kim K, does belive the rumors that jay cheats on her, illuminati rumor and proof that gave birth to her kid, her father screwing around town behind tina with money, did she really f**k eminem and marcus huston before jay-z, then it will be juicy … And oh is it true that she is secretly an alcoholic

  64. ParkNom August 23, 2012

    I would watch if her publicist don’t put restrictions on the interview (probably aint going to happen).

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