‘Your Body’: Christina Aguilera Sports New Look On Video Shoot

Published: Friday 24th Aug 2012 by David

“That b*tch is so f*ckin’ pretty

Get into this snap of Christina Aguilera, showcasing a hot new look on the set of her brand new video ‘Your Body‘ recently.

Ditching her oft angelic looks for a sexier alternative, the Grammy winning star’s sighting comes hours after the song itself made its way online, and was received by stellar reviews.


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  1. Suicide Blonde August 24, 2012

    She looks amazing, the hair color is perfect, her body is in shape, just flawless.

    • the realest August 24, 2012

      1) looks exactly like Lindsay Lohan.

      2) Ciara wore this dress first.

      3) & she wore it a long ass time ago

      4) & she wore it better

      • mr . m August 24, 2012

        you mad?
        Ci who? Ci-error is a ‘HAS-BEEN’
        So .. no one cares who she is babe LOL!
        Xtina is a QUEEN and she’s coming HARD 🙂

      • blzbuay August 24, 2012

        I love Christina but yeah sorry, first thing I thought was “I seen this dress before, and it was born better then” :/ still I’m sure it will great on the music video and I can’t wait!

        @ Mr. M – Ciara might have a weaker voice but due to lack of proper PR, she has lost some appeal but make no mistake, she’s a great entertainer and this new era for her should (hopefully) be successful.

      • FAF August 24, 2012

        @Mr. F*** clearly PIGGtina FAGGulera cares, ugly FLOP she wearing the QUEENS dress. Stay mad. Ciara >> This Gimmick-y mess.. DEAL!

      • Xtina, legend since 1993 August 24, 2012

        Lindsay, Lady Caca, Ciara, Rihanna, Katy Perry, etc

        ALL copied Christina Aguilera by joining the entertainment industry.

        How about that, you foking idiot.

        The Xtina haters are the biggest foktarded lunatics on the planet.

      • ciara’s fan August 25, 2012

        lol totally agree with you when i see this picture all i think about is ciara!!!!

      • JENNY JONES!!! August 25, 2012


      • XTINA > Ci-error ugly she-male September 1, 2012

        @the realest – YEW MAD Xtinas got HOT curves and CiWHOREa has an ugly man’s body? Face it F*** Xtina out-wore that flopped t*****, looks way more natural and sexier than UGLiara. Stay jealous HOara F****!!

      • XTINA > Ci-error ugly she-male September 1, 2012

        @FAF – T******** stans calling other ppl ”ugly” and ”gimmick”…. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Xtina is a natural beauty and don’t fckin need gimmicks to get hits! She got both LOOKS and a VOICE. Ugly t***** Ci-error doesn’t have either! YEW MAD F***?

        ps. UGLiara looked ugly in that dress with HIS man body. That man is no queen, HIS career is dead, everyone hates that ugly monkey middle-aged man Ci-error!

  2. XC August 24, 2012

    Christina Aguilera is coming back to take over your radios and mindframe! Get that #1, Xtina and show why you are the most talented girl in the game! You can look but please don’t touch. #YourBody

    • Öz Firdevs August 24, 2012

      Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh 🙂 Exactly

  3. HoneyB August 24, 2012

    OMG!!! She looks flawless <3

  4. tae August 24, 2012

    cute…death that dress looks familiar i think i have seen ciara in it adaffggab

    • ciara’s fan August 25, 2012

      &Cici looks better in that dress!!!!!

      • ciara’s fan August 25, 2012

        but christina looks good too.

  5. XC August 24, 2012

    Looking BEAUTIFUL!

  6. ENOUGH ONIKA August 24, 2012

    Beautiful!! But the hair though….

  7. Truth August 24, 2012

    She looks like a fat orange cow.

    • Öz Firdevs August 24, 2012

      Dont tell us about your mirror picture honey 🙂

      • mr . m August 24, 2012

        you mother is a cow 🙂

  8. BeyonceSupremacy August 24, 2012

    Oompa Loompa b**** she is.

    • Öz Firdevs August 24, 2012

      What ???

      • mr . m August 24, 2012

        your mom 🙂

  9. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 24, 2012

    One thing is for sure : the girl is NOT playing this time around!

    She looks HOOOOTTTT! She’s back in her old shape and frame and she’s ready for a major comeback. I have faith in her, I think this is going to be one of the best videos of her career. 😀 Bring it on!

    • Virtuoso Intellect August 25, 2012

      Lol that is NOT her old FRAME

  10. diob August 24, 2012

    She betta do it!!!!!! That’s why I love her she is always changing it up.

  11. Monstarebel August 24, 2012



    • Öz Firdevs August 24, 2012

      Yeah, Katy wasent the first and is not the last one who is coloring hair. The colour of Xtinas hair looks not like the colour of Katys hair though

      • mr . m August 24, 2012

        Xtina’s wig >>>>>> Katy’s career

      • all4u1 August 24, 2012


      • Nathan August 24, 2012

        Christina has always done the coloured hair thing, look at Keeps Gettin Better she wore a blue wig!! Back in 2000 she had red, purple through her hair. Stripped 2003 tour down under in Australia her hair was black with red through it honestly how pathetic can people be.

    • Xtina, legend since 1993 August 24, 2012

      You foking ignorant retaard.

      The truth and fact :

      Katy Perry and Lady Caca both foking copied Christina Maria Aguilera by joining the music industry.

      Christina’s been famous since 1993’s MMC.

      Christina’s had every wig color in the world before Katy S***** or Lady Caca were even born in diapers.

      The haters are so foking stupid.

      Xtina takes a foking sh*t on you, imbeciles.

    • luckystar August 25, 2012

      Lol, the BEST thing about your comment is that Katy’s ‘iconic’ blue wig was JACKED from Christina’s ‘Keeps Gettin’ Better’ video. Google is your friend. Learn it. Use it. Oh, and while we’re at it. Not Myself Tonight was an homage to MADONNA, so it makes sense why you think she jacked Gaga, since Gaga has built an entire career around COPYING AND PASTING MADONNA.

    • XTINA > Ci-error ugly she-male September 1, 2012

      Xtina wore Pink/colored hair since THIRTEEN YEARS AGO! Katy Floperry ugly ass copied! BTW S****** Spears jacked from countless artists throughout her 20 year career – Debbie Gibson, Pamela Andeson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brandy, Janet, Madonna, J-Lo, Xtina, etc!

  12. BionicBitchBornThisWayMakesMeItch August 24, 2012


    No pregnant impostors allowed here! Christina actually carried HER baby, so jokes about her weight can stop now.

    Your fav didn’t have to lose any baby weight because there was none to lose, not unless you count those pillows she was wearing for nine months.

    • ComingForTheQueen? August 24, 2012

      You got jokes.
      Isnt Obesetina the one who cheated on her husband? Or am I mistaken?

      By the way those pork rolls she calls her stomach are becoming as unsightly as Floponic’s sales. Have it even sold 500k anywhere in the world yet?

      • christinastherealtalent August 24, 2012

        Are u f****** kidding me? Christina openly admitted that they both weren’t angels but that doesn’t mean they cheated on one another. They most likely had an open marriage and engaged in threesomes or whatever but then it got out of hand. As for Bionic, seriously you tired b**** just move on from that. Bionic may have flopped but it still sold almost 1 million worldwide and that’s dank good for a flop album. You sound like a broken record player just stfu already douchebag.

    • aynon August 24, 2012

      didnt xtina loose all her baby weight then gain it again when bionic flopped…making your comment completely irrelevant

      • irene46 August 25, 2012

        @ christinastherealtalent…

        for as much hate and shade thrown at her during the bionic era, you’re right selling almost a million copies is damn good.

  13. Nana Applehead LovesSwift August 24, 2012

    FLAWLESS! ! !

  14. letruth August 24, 2012

    You guys are all full of it. She needs to rehire his stylist from her Back to Basics era. That was the best shes ever looked.

    • boogie August 25, 2012

      She has that exact stylist. She’s just not doing the pin-up thing anymore. She’s back in her classic, tacky mode and I love it.

  15. Miguel August 24, 2012

    What I don’t get is – why wear all these dresses that give an illusion of a thiner frame, instead of doing some cardio and dropping those pounds and GETTING that thiner frame, that has always flattered her?

    She looks great by the way.

  16. Monstarebel August 24, 2012

    Shes fat in the face!!!!! NOT HOT!!! Only Adele can get away with being fat in the face okaaaay!!!

    • Öz Firdevs August 24, 2012

      She is not fat in her face, this is because the pose is a lil strange

    • boogie August 25, 2012

      Absolute f****** IDIOT.

  17. Twitter.com/CiaraMedlies August 24, 2012



    • ComingForTheQueen? August 24, 2012


      I pray God forgives you for such blasphemy. The only Ciara slays is her keyboard when she is trying to illegally download the only copy of Mama I’m Trying To Sing: The Negro Spiritual Edition.



      • FAF August 24, 2012

        Queen who, f**? Ciara runs the pop industry no one matches her performances.. Damn sure not Rihoena ugly ass… a p*** poor gimmick from Barbados…

    • XTINA > Ci-error ugly she-male September 1, 2012

      @Twitter.com/CiaraMedlies – FLOPiara never pulled off that dress with his UGLY man’s body, Xtina out-wore it with her s*** curves! Xtina wore LACY costumes FIRST since 2001. YEW MAD?

      btw SLAYara? Sweat barely charted any where LOL. DOWNe!

  18. Öz Firdevs August 24, 2012

    Queen !

  19. YO MAMA August 24, 2012


    • FAF August 24, 2012


  20. FanOfMusic August 24, 2012

    She looks a orange frizzy hair mess.

    And Ciara already wore this dress a while ago *BOOP*

    • HONEYB August 24, 2012

      Who is ciara?????

      • mr . m August 24, 2012

        AKA Ci-error

      • FAF August 24, 2012


      • irene46 August 25, 2012

        her last hit was her feature on maroon 5’s ‘mlj’ which is one of the biggest selling singles in history and was nominated for a grammy.

      • XTINA > Ci-error ugly she-male September 1, 2012

        @FAF – Xtina’s last unreleased soundtrack single ‘Express’ OUT-CHARTED MANiara’s last ”hit” gimme dat. MAD?

  21. HereForBey/DragForMariah August 24, 2012

    I was wondering why Christina came out of the store empty handed but then I remembered that she probably ate all her groceries before paying for them at the counter.

  22. Honestly Speaking August 24, 2012

    That hair combined with that horribly over-the-top tan that has her looking like a science project gone wrong is not a good look. I love the song but chick needs help when it comes to her make-up and styling.

  23. christinastherealtalent August 24, 2012

    The reason I love Christina isn’t because of her music.

    I love her because she doesnt give a f*** what anybody has to say or think about her. She will shut you down quickly.

    Christina wears whatever she wants, does whatever she wants, says whatever she wants and doesn’t give a flying f*** that she’s being judged in the process.

    Christina is a grown ass woman and been in this business for 13 years now and knows what she’s doing with people still talking about her good or bad. Will your faces be on her level by the time they hit their 13th year?

    “If you don’t like it f*** you!”

    • Xtina Amazinglera August 24, 2012

      Christina indeed doesn’t give a sh*t.

      She knows she’s smarter and more sane than all the idiotic haters of the world.

      Christina ignores everyone’s nonsense. Like she says herself, it’s all just “noise”.

      Christina is the best and the haters are having nervous breakdowns over it. They are jealous. Their favs are so wack in comparison.



  25. crazy August 24, 2012

    Get it Xtinaa! Rooting for my gurl




  27. facekick August 24, 2012

    Jumpin on the color hair bandwagon. This girl can’t be original if her life depended on it

    • Nathan August 24, 2012

      She has always had the coloured hair thing, back in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2008 which she wore a blue wig in Keeps Gettin Better.

    • Xtina Amazinglera August 24, 2012

      Christina’s had colored hair in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 etc up until 2008.

      Where the fok was your favorite artist at that moment??? What were they doing with their hair???


      Have a seat, you ignorant retardd. Xtina sh*ts on you.

      • JER August 24, 2012

        oh please. Xtincta has had a few looks where her hair was SLIGHTLY coloured for MINUTES so don’t act like she is known for having multi-coloured or some trademark eras with fierce hair sit your lying fake ass down.

      • Wigtina August 25, 2012

        STFU Jer.

        You are an ignorant retarded baby who was just born yesterday and don’t know anything.

        GTFO you stupid wack-@ss monstrosity.

        Xtina was the most colorful pop star and will remain the most colorful pop star.

        1999 until infinity.

        The only problem is that newbies like Katy Perry and Rihanna and Lady Caca will NEVER give Christina Aguilera the proper credit. Why? Because they all secretly envy her.

        They will never acknowledge Christina’s huge influence because of this. Christina is STILL a threat to them. Not some old retired legend.

      • XTINA > Ci-error ugly she-male September 1, 2012

        @JER – ugly jealous musty f*****, LEGENDtina dramatically reinvented her look, music, style, everything throughout her 15 yr career and you know it. Your repetitive fav cud NEVVA! yew MAD baby?


    why the kidz coming for xtina?

    The girl blows and has talent so whats the TEE

    • Xtina Amazinglera August 24, 2012

      These stupid idiotic babies under the age of 12 really are so damnn annoying. Like stupid-@ss little b****-@ss sh*ts.

      Xtina takes a big sh*t all over them. She remains epic.

    • Suicide Blonde August 24, 2012

      That one is everything.

  29. aishaaguilerakeys August 24, 2012

    She’s beaming with joy ! Welcome back, Chrissy!

  30. all4u1 August 24, 2012

    Christina will always be talked about whether it’s good or bad. I think people are threatened by her talent, beauty and bold personality. KEEP HATING B*****

    • Xtina Amazinglera August 24, 2012


      I guess only smart, sane, talented and pretty people can relate to Christina Aguilera.

      The Xtina haters are all ugly and stupid. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  31. Peter Griffin August 24, 2012

    But the final edit will be camera tricked and photosho to the max. No one thinks an overweight popstar is hot, even if they won’t admit it!

    • Peter Griffin August 24, 2012

      photosho=photoshopped. Auto correct is a boob.

  32. HoneyB August 24, 2012

    Stay mad b*tches!!! Xtina gonna win BIG!!!!

  33. blzbuay August 24, 2012

    funny how we judge an “offset pic” along with the demo of a song, I mean it’s great that she is getting peoples attention this time around but dang lots of haters… lets wait till the mastered version of the song comes out BEFORE we judge the song and can’t we do the same with the music video? wait to see the final product, She’s usually always provided pretty awesome videos no?

  34. MRDIVABITCH August 24, 2012

    The make up : Drag queenish, too much
    But the hair: 2 thumps up, she looks GREAT with darker blonde hair

    • Xtina Amazinglera August 24, 2012

      Look at this hater trying to conceal his gigantic huuuuuge jealousy. LOL You are laughable.

      Xtina stays epic, 24/7, 365 days a year. Get used to it.

      • all4u1 August 24, 2012


        I notice how you always comment on Christina. I’m beginning to wonder if you’re obsessed with her…lol

  35. Char August 24, 2012

    That tan is sumink serious.

  36. MRDIVABITCH August 24, 2012

    @ LALA

    I hope you get this, as I didn’t get to respond to you in the other older thread:

    The fact you judge singing based entirely on if you like someone’s tone or not, shows you don’t know much about music, plain and simple. Someone who knows music, or even someone who can appreciate music objectively – should be able to objectively judge if something is well sung (from a technical point) or not, even if they dislike 1) the tone of the singer, 2) the singer him/herself, 3) the song, etc.

    • all4u1 August 24, 2012

      Judging by the video you posted of you singing, I can’t tell that you’re any good as a singer…More like a wannabe.

      I don’t think you will make it far singing like that MRDIVABITCH!

      • MRDIVABITCH August 24, 2012

        If I – being able to sing consistantly in tune, even the most difficult intervals, without any strain and across 5+ octaves – am a “wannabe”…than what does that make your fave you can’t sing in tune to save her live and strains like hell? Think about it 🙂

      • all4u1 August 24, 2012


        Yeah, but from what I heard, you sing way out of tune. Again, you’re not gonna make it far with those struggling vocals.

        You need some serious vocal training, my dear. Try not to judge a well known singer, until you get your vocals straight.

        Sounding a hot mess!!

    • Xtina Amazinglera August 24, 2012

      You are nuts.

      Nobody gives a sh*t about your octaves or anyone else’s.

      There is only one unique Christina Aguilera : a prodigy with a natural, raw, bad@**, unique singing style and talent.

      Poor trained wannabe singers stay very envious and vocally useless. You stay mad 24/7.

      ROTFLMAO. What a foking joke!!

      • all4u1 August 25, 2012


    • LaLa August 25, 2012

      ??? Why you need to reply in this post. & ignore the original post?!?! you didn’t try to ‘runaway’ from the whole comment aren’t you???

      here what i have to say! the way you describe a SOUL singing : “Soul singing does not mean “feeling it”, it means singing with the musical language of the gospel/blues scale”

      as the one who ‘excellent’ at music (& majoring in it), is the proof that you are…a joke!

      If you appreciate music objectively.
      I DON’T GET you bring Xtina attitude & say she’s bitchy + bring her past into your comment. & Why don’t you comment on other artists who has less voice like Katy, Rihanna, etc. or even more flawless singers like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Leona Lewis, etc… (who ain’t that strained while singing????)


  37. skintightjeans August 24, 2012

    I bet the Spanx she’s wearing is screaming out for help with all those fat rolls she sports.

    • all4u1 August 24, 2012


      Are you blind? Her outfit clearly shows that the dress has holes on the sides, which reveals her skin.

      People need to think before they speak!

  38. JER August 24, 2012

    I love that look! Christina always serves female impersonator realness!!!


    Christina, honey, put the bottle and the fork down you look a chubby mess. And I’m sure they’ll shed 30 pounds off her in post with that new program MCarey Suite CS 5000+

    • all4u1 August 24, 2012

      @ Jer

      I bet you are a anorexic mess…lol

      To think that Christina is fat, get a life

      • JER August 24, 2012

        B**** I am sickening, not a disgusting oompa loompa fake hair, fake tits, fake skin colour fake b**** like Xtincta b**** get your life

      • all4u1 August 24, 2012

        Jer, it’s so funny how you come back and forth, in this thread, when it’s all about Christina.

        Stay pressed!

  39. Black Madonna August 24, 2012


  40. mob: operation kill the b!+@# August 25, 2012

    Ewww, I hate the hair. I hope it’s a wig. The dress is cute though.

  41. DareToDeal August 25, 2012

    An Oompa Loompa looking mess!

  42. christinastherealtalent August 25, 2012

    You haters are indeed worried and mad that Christina going to knock your untalented faves off the chart and who the real queen is.

    Christina has experimented with many looks and styles throughout her 13 year career and for you haters to say on the contrary proves how ridiculously delusional you are. You are all obviously teenagers.

    If it wasn’t for Christinas many looks and styles through the 2000’s decade, your faves wouldn’t know what to wear or how to dress.

  43. La Aguilera August 25, 2012

    One thing is for damn sure, X-tina ALWAYS keeps people talking. It’s such a shame that people are so threatened by a strong woman with pure talent…UNMATCHED talent that is. Personally, if I don’t care for a particular music artist, I just don’t pay them any mind…X-tina’s haters on the other hand, stay on the blogs, youtube, etc & keep commenting & trying to sabatoge LOL that’s what you call having no life & being obsessed! Just face it, in a world & music industry of mediocrity, X-Tina slays & shines above the rest. Deep down you haters know it & it kills you. Hating on her doesn’t make any other female artist out right now sing any better, sorry! The comments on her looks really get me too… All this negative noise is really a bunch of irrelevant people trying to be bullies, but behind a computer screen LOL…real cute, not! Grow up, stop being pathetic & just accept that X-tina is here to stay whether you like it or not. She has nothing left to prove as far as her talent & artistry go in this industry, her career & repertoire speak volumes for themselves!

  44. A August 25, 2012

    I loved the demo version of the song

    but this look…..

    dont like how certain artists go the Nicki/Gaga route with all those weird colours and wigs

    • L August 25, 2012

      The problem with this comment is your last comment. If you properly did your research, you’d know that Gaga, Katy and Nicki are all heavily influenced by Christina and her ever-changing hair and style. Katy took the blue wig from Christina’s Keeps Gettin’ Better video and made it her ‘signature’ in California girls. Gaga took Xtina’s blond and black hair and Nicki has taken many looks from the Christina book. I’m tired of these young kids who forget who did it FIRST. I beg you to go on google, type in Christina aguilera colored hair and see what comes up. Her 2003 photoshoot ALONE has been a major influence on current pop stars today. Look that s*** up and see.

      • L August 25, 2012

        *2003 Ellen Von Unwerth shoot* Look that up and see how many looks GAGA alone has copied and pasted. You’ll be SHOCKED.

  45. PrettigurlrockD August 25, 2012

    Cant hate. She looks cute. But yeah that chubby needs to go. It’s hard to look at someone as a s** icon who is overweight. I’m not saying that she Adele type of fat but 20 pounds more to lose she’ll be HOT!

    • L August 25, 2012

      I fear for you if you think that is overweight. She is no bigger than JLo or Kim Kardashian. She is curvy and in shape now. I can’t at people thinking she looks fat here. B**** is 5 feet tall.

  46. LegendTina The Goddess Of Music August 25, 2012

    Christina Aguilera started coloring her hair since her debut in her #1 single ‘Come On Over’ she has red & blue with blond hair, cornrose with green ontop of her hair too. She always haird color and look at her TRL hair with blonde and black zebra patched streaks kinda perfoming her other #1 single ‘Genie In A Bottle. Stripped era she had black and blond dreads kinda color then did her hair full black, ‘Back to basics’ era she kep it cute and simple but in shoots she wore purple wigs and there is receipts for all this! With her ‘keeps getting better’ music video she wore a blue wig from her ‘Decade Of Hits Album’. Christina Aguilera was doing her hair before your faves even had a hit! So don’t ever come with that bull she is following trends and stop making an ass out of yourselves really! The Xtina copy claims is getting bored and tired esp since it’s not true. I love Your Body! Here to another hit for you in this decade LegendTina!


    • LegendTina The Goddess Of Music August 25, 2012

      Come on over music video the colors with the #Blonde, Genie in a bottle performance on TRL


      • all4u1 August 26, 2012

        Also, she did the pepsi commercial with the pink hair. Haters just try to find reasons to rip her apart, making up NONSENSE!

  47. Wigtina August 25, 2012

    Xtina was the most colorful pop star and will remain the most colorful pop star.

    1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 until infinity.

    The only problem is that newbies like Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Caca will NEVER give Christina Aguilera the proper credit. Why? Because they all secretly envy her.

    They will never acknowledge Christina’s huge influence because of this. Christina is STILL a threat to them. Not some old retired legend.

    Poor newbies, they wish they could steal Xtina’s vocal talent too.
    But they never will, that is genetic, cannot be duplicated.


  48. do not get it twisted August 25, 2012

    Lady Caca, Nicky, Ciara, Rihanna, Katy Perry, ETC, ALL copied Christina Aguilera by joining the entertainment industry.

    Christina’s had colored hair in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 etc up until 2008.

    Where the fok was your favorite artist at that moment??? What were they doing with their hair???


    Where the fok were any of the newbies back in 1993, when Christina was singing and doing sketches on the MMC show????

    Lady Caca, Katy perry and the rest of those wack-@ss idiots weren’t even in diapers yet!!!!!!!!

    Xtina Maria Aguilera takes a sh*t on all you nonsense fools!!

  49. Lauryn August 25, 2012

    I LOVE that she’s going back to her roots and going super colorful and crazy again. She was the first pop star of the 2000’s to be edgy, unpredictable and colorful and now all these new pop girls are doing it! These young kids to need research and recognize that Christina did all this mess first. She’s the one that started it all! All it takes is a little google search, ya’ll. Katy, Gaga, Nicki and Rihanna have taken multiple notes from Aguilera all the way from her ‘idongiveafuck’ persona to her ever-changing style and music. They can jack her swag, but they will NEVER have her talent and they are all aware of that. Say what you want about her, but she’s more talented vocally, musically and creatively than ANY of these other female pop star posers, and it’s sad that none of them really give credit where it’s due, because they see her as a threat still. It’s not surprising she was sabotaged when Bionic came out and Interscope tried to make her see like a copycat and feed that to this new generation of kids that are unaware of her past work. That ain’t happening this time around. You gonna be fed the truth this time around and recognize that this b**** is a legend and is NEVER going anywhere.

  50. Dyllypickles August 25, 2012

    Ugh the song is hot but I really think she is a disgusting human being. Her attitude and the way she acts and treats people is not okay. Many people have been around her (including my friends and self) and know how nasty she actually is. I will always support good music but I really could care less if she disappeared tomorrow.

    “She looks cute, in a miss piggy way” quoted by a friend not me.

    Again the song is hot hot hot, I’ve been non stop listening to it.

    • luckystar August 25, 2012

      Haaaaaaaaaa. So you’ve witnessed her being nasty, huh? Funny, because I’ve been to the Voice taping and she was the ONLY one that actually acknowledge and was NICE to her fans (even getting up and walking around barefoot giving some of them hugs and kisses). Oh, and also funny because most people that work with her all say the same thing (including those on her team on the Voice) that she’s very ‘genuine, nurturing and witty.’ People always buy into this ‘b****’ persona that she has, but it ain’t true. Maybe she’s had bad days like normal humans, but I’ve never seen it and it couldn’t be worse than Rihanna, Nicki, Madonna or Mariah, who are all seemingly huge b******. I don’t have experience with them, so I can’t judge, but I do know that Christina is not a c*** like people say.

  51. La Aguilera August 25, 2012

    When it comes to X-tina people suddenly become style & vocal experts LOL…She definitely doesn’t need any of your help. The difference between her & other artists that have bold style, is that hers NEVER outshines her talent! Other artists NEED the extra edge! X-Tina can do whatever the hell she wants look wise & at the end of the day she has a God given gift that was meant to be heard! People can’t hate one that & if they do, they’ve got serious issues…So they resort to trying to break her down by bashing her looks. Obviously, it has no affect on her at all because she keeps doing her thing. That’s what I love about her!! She is fierce & fearless! As far as all the weight comments, there seems to be no way she can win. She used to be considered “too thin & anorexic looking” and now that she’s got some curves, she’s “fat & gross” I don’t get it! She doesn’t have to lose weight for you haters…Who the hell are you? LMAO!!!!! Oh yeah, you’ll be the first one in line for one of her concerts knowing you just witnessed one of the BEST shows you’ve ever seen & out of your frustration with that, you’ll come back on here & spread your hating words trying to keep others from experiencing her greatness! Those are what I call “Closet Stans” haha

  52. antertain August 25, 2012

    Looks really good but very orange.
    Jus a lil less tan lotion and she woulda fully executed.

    Looks like she ready this time around

  53. irene46 August 25, 2012

    i’m not able to find a link to hear christina’s new song anywhere. wth?

  54. MRDIVABITCH August 26, 2012

    @ LALA

    I only bring up her character as her delusional stans, such as yourself, hold her up to be pretty much some kind of god. Also, I criticize her harshly because (unlike Kelly, Carrie, Leona, etc) her team always hyped her to be some kind of amalgamation of Whitney/Mariah/Etta/Aretha and yet never lived up to be any of that…in fact, she never even reached a vocal prime when her voice was already in decline.

    And yes, “soul singing” does not mean “singing with feeling”, otherwise soul singing or soul music would be indistinguishable from any other singing that is very emotional such as oper or flamenco or mariachi, etc. Soul singing refers to the phrasing done using the gospel/blues scale. That’s what music is, it’s like math, it is an exact science.

    • LaLa August 26, 2012


      excuse me? what kind of delusional you talking about??! What have I said about her that you think delusional? *ELABORATE PLS*

      Anyway IS THIS WHAT YOU MEANT by commenting/judge OBJECTIVELY???? = “I criticize her harshly because her team always hyped her” lmao b**** please!

      please go back to your comment above, about “someone who can appreciate music objectively”.

      • LaLa August 28, 2012

        lol!!! Now y’all see!

        MrDivaBitch is MrDelusionalLiar who CAN’T PROOF his own comment! again… you lose bb!

        poor dahhhlinggg.

    • Mr.Ewww August 26, 2012

      “I criticize Christina Aguilera harshly because I am very jealous of her. I am just a bitter wannabe.”

      • all4u1 August 26, 2012


        The only thing that’s delusional is you thinking you’re a great singer…lol

        I dare you post a video on youtube and I bet you will get mostly negative comments. I heard you sing, you sound a complete utter mess!!!

        I see why you’re such a bitter queen.

    • La Aguilera August 28, 2012

      Um X-Tina has definitely lived up to all her hype! She had hype because she is freakin talented & vocally gifted! She has been chosen to tribute many of the greats, has collaborated with many of the greats, and she kills it every time she opens that mouth to sing! As far as a “vocal decline” you are out of your damn mind! That voice is versatile & strong! And your definition of “soul singing” is weak. There is no single definition or particular style of soul, it’s just something you feel & how it comes out. You know, like her iconic performance of It’s a Man’s World @ the Grammys…Yeah that’s soul!

  55. LaLa August 26, 2012

    here what i have to say:
    Different Strokes for Different Peoples.

    Note/Technique it is like math coz it is precise. but OVERALL it’s not a SCIENCE.. how the artist evoke the emotion, the tone of the voice, singing flawlessly or even pitchy sometimes, the stage performance, the greatness or the flaws… for me it’s like a PIECE of an ARTWORK.

    like you see abstract painting, it might not appeal to ordinary people, but others might love it. & vice versa.

    If that other peoples who love that Artwork… Why you have to ruined their joy?! see…

    Different Strokes for Different Peoples.
    Appreciate, Tolerate, & Respect others point of view.

    • irene46 August 27, 2012

      @ lala aug 26 1003pm…

      well said!!!

      @ mrdiva…

      different genres of music are sang with inflections and emphasis on notes that give the music “feeling”.

      all music, including soul music, must be sang with feeling or it would come across a flat and lifeless.

      • MRDIVABITCH August 27, 2012

        You are 100% right
        But also, how the public perceives the emotion, if they feel emotion at all from the singer, is entirely a matter of personal opinion and taste, there are people who are moved to tears by the singing of Katy Perry or Rihanna and are untouched by the singing of Aretha Franklin, so you see what I mean?
        That’s why vocal talent cannot depend on matters of opinion, but only on quantifiable facts.

      • LaLa August 27, 2012

        ^ Why you haven’t reply my above comment?! which comment you think I’m delusional?

        Please provide with quote of my comment(s). *I’m so serious about this* If you can’t bring the proof, I need you to apologize to me. (which you never did if you’re proofed so damn wrong)

  56. MRDIVABITCH August 27, 2012

    @ all4u1

    LOL, I’ve posted plenty videos on youtube, and 90% are all positive comments, the rest 10% of negative comments always coming from deluded Xtina stans who can’t stand the fact I’ve read her to filfth too many times.

    But since you actually haven’t heard me, here’s a little live acapella showing my 5 octaves:


    Let me know when your fave can match the range, agility and resonance I showed in that short little clip. Can she belt out C6, project E2, sing coloratura staccati in the whistle register up to E7? No? so exactly what can she do? *files nails*.

    • LaLa August 27, 2012

      Video = Audio + Visual

      MOST of your videos on youtube is just an Audio without any real Visual you sing it live. Do you dare (I challenge you again) to sing a cover of Christina’s “Bound To You” or “Walk Away” LIVE???

      Full song with minus one.
      Are you DARE or SCARE? *smirk*

    • all4u1 August 27, 2012

      I took the time out to listen to you sing. However, I didn’t here anything that great. All I heard was a bunch of pitchy notes here and there, broken up.

      You FAILED!!!! NEXT!!!!!!

      • MRDIVABITCH August 28, 2012

        I was not pitchy AT ALL, I always sing in tune. Your fave, on the other hand…now THAT is singing off key, LMAO.

    • La Aguilera August 28, 2012

      & this is why you haven’t made it! LOL Instead of hating, you should be taking notes from X-Tina

  57. irene46 August 27, 2012

    @ mrdiva aug 27 631am…

    some that have an appreciation for real singers (i put christina in that category) may think i’ve got to be kidding but even if rihanna and katy don’t have range and versatility, their voice inflection and presentation comes across as believable. for this reason i have to concede they sing with “feeling” (ouch, that hurt).

    i gotta suggest a lot of that some of the emotion felt by rihanna and katy fans is enhanced by gimmicks such as half of their ass on display and c****** flashing etc.

  58. small_angel August 28, 2012

    MRDIVABITCH is Like an EMPTY CAN.. Very Noisy yet nothing inside it…

    • LaLa August 28, 2012

      Agreed, & He always mumbling about the same thing over & over & over. but I hope He can be mature with all that ‘jazz’. Let’s fill his ’empty can’ comments with our Mature Brain. 😉

      • MRDIVABITCH August 28, 2012

        LALA, I’ve explained to you time and time again why I don’t singing on webcam; the sound quality is S***.

        But here’s a video of me singing in the whistle register 🙂 let me know when your fave can show such control and precision in the extreme upper register 🙂


      • LaLa August 29, 2012

        It doesn’t matter if your webcam sound quality sucks! You still can project your vocal (like in the video above). this is not an excuse to not posting!

        & there’s many other option.. you can use digital camera, handycam, your phone & why don’t just buy a good quality webcam? you got money from your vocal talent right?

        & Oh! I’m still waiting your explanation about you calling me delusional. give me a facts!

  59. Brenda September 13, 2012

    It’s about time she released some new material, still have not heard the official but i did hear a lot of covers for the song, i like this one, hot s*** voices!

  60. Personna G September 23, 2012

    Do anyone know the name of that dress she has on? Ciara also had the same dress on in her gimmi dat video, i want to buy it for someone.

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