Hot Shots: Rihanna Continues Work On Seventh Studio Album

Published: Saturday 1st Sep 2012 by David

With cuts written by Elijah Blake, Claude Kelly, Eric Bellinger and the Swedish House Mafia,  Rihanna’s seventh studio album is shaping up to be quite the Pop event.

So much so, the singer has taken time out of her recent trip to London to continue work on the project which is set to coincide with the launch of her 2013 World Tour.

Snapped leaving her hotel yesterday afternoon, the ‘Styled To Rock’ producer is reported to have hit a recording studio South of the city, two nights after hitting the Rose Club with members of her team.

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  1. aishaaguilerakeys September 1, 2012

    I’m interested to hear what she’s been cooking up.

    • Rihanna Navy September 1, 2012


  2. whyohwhy September 1, 2012

    It will be a bunch of stuff the audeince with sing for her like the rest of them. Loud beats with nice words for a chick with no vocals and why is she looking like Rita Ora”s step sister? Rihanna’s show is in trouble already with very low ratings. I was wondering how that was going to work knowing she became a so called style Icon (so funny) by someone else telling you what to wear her style was created by someone else so how was she going to tell someone about it when she dont know nothing. Rihanna looks nice in that clothes that was picked out for her. Lately she has been wearing stuff she picked out and it’s questionable.

    • Lax September 1, 2012

      Beyonce “4”
      Released: June 24, 2011
      Label: Parkwood, Columbia

      US: Platinum
      AUS: Platinum
      CAN: Gold
      IRE: Platinum
      World: 2,100,000
      US: 1,169,492
      UK: 471,421

    • Lax September 1, 2012

      According to this Beyonce’s SOLO Career started in 2003
      Her discography as a solo artist began in 2003 and consists of four studio albums, two extended plays, five live albums, one remix album and thirty-six singles—including ten as a featured artist and twelve soundtrack and promotional singles. Her first three studio albums won the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B Album,[2] whilst all four debuted at the number one spot on the United States Billboard 200 chart.[3] Knowles has attained five US Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles. She has sold 75 million records worldwide as a solo artist, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

      • Lax September 1, 2012

        Rihanna started in 2005…
        In 2005 Rihanna signed a record deal with Def Jam Recordings to launch her career. Rihanna has sold more than 25 million albums and 60 million singles worldwide since the beginning of her career, which makes her one of the best selling artists of all time.[1] She has released four Recording Industry Association of America certified platinum and multi-platinum albums in the United States. Rihanna has attained eleven number-one songs on the Billboard Hot 100, making her just the seventh artist to earn this plateau in the 53-year history of the chart.[2] Billboard named Rihanna the Digital Songs Artist of the 2000s decade, and ranked her as the seventeenth artist of the same decade

  3. Lax September 1, 2012

    Hey Rihanna after the way you was raked over the Coals over your album
    “Loud” here’s hoping that you manges to bring it this time and do exceedingly
    just as good as you did with “Loud”.
    Perhaps you can get that first week sales like you did with “Talk That Talk”
    and since so many want you to always do as well if not better then Beyonce i know you will give it yo best shot! Good Luck Mamma!

    • ely September 1, 2012

      F*** that s*** posting 2011’s crap

  4. Beyaki September 1, 2012

    Love her or hate her, she always brings the hits, just not the number one albums.

    • Rihanna Navy September 1, 2012

      yet we still sell more than your fave worldwide 😉

      • Dee September 1, 2012

        For me its quality not quantity, longevity not just music of the moment, you wanna go down in history as one of the greatest performers, you need more than just statistics. You need that raw talent, that people will remember you for, like what *Cough* has and *Cough* hasnt. You get my drift 😉


    I’m definitely looking forward to the new album. Can’t help but wonder what its going to sound like and who might feature on it. I guess I’ll just have to wait till it comes out.

  6. Slayimg Yo Favs Effortless September 1, 2012

    Can’t wait!!!!!!

  7. Paula September 1, 2012

    Look at the state of her..
    How can you fans say beyonces career is ending and shes irrelevant when both there last albums sold roughly the same amount ww, beyonces was rnb ballads and leaked 3 weeks before and shes been out for 16 years now.. If any ones career is ending its rihtards with her songs that all sound the same and they just scream IM DESPERATE FOR A HIT… She even tweets links to her music SMH beyonce would never!!! #alwaysclassynevercheapandnasty!

  8. Lax September 1, 2012

    Rihanna you, your team, your Navy knows that “The Truth” will
    see you and yo Efforts through!
    Loud & Talk…
    Obtained 10th Hot 100 #1 in “S&M”
    Obtained 11th Hot 100 #1 in “We Found Love”
    Obtained 21st Hot 100 Top 10 in “Take Care”
    Obtained 4th Trans-Atlantic #1 in “What’s My Name”
    Obtained 5th Trans-Atlantic #1 in “We Found Love” tieing Madonna for most.
    Obtained 9th Pop Songs Chart #1, Extending Lead In Chart’s History
    Obtained 19th Pop Songs Chart Top 10, Extending Lead In Chart’s History
    Sold approximately 6 Million Copies of “Loud” Worldwide
    “Talk That Talk” Opens To A Personal Best Of Over 500k #1 Worldwide
    Keep making His-To-Rih Rihanna!!!!!!

  9. DareToDeal September 1, 2012

    Poor thing, has to work like a dog, to pay up those album advances from the label, writers,producers & studio time . With her cut only being 6%, it’s gonna take a LONG time. With a flop movie, flop tv show and a shaky music career, she can’t afford to go a long extended break like some of her established peers with more saying to their careers. R****** is def jam puppet/cash cow for life!

    • Lax September 1, 2012

      @DARETODEAL,,,What ever and while you are at it know that work has never KILLED anybody as long as they are doing something they love doing and keeping their bills paid and she’s doing a Hell of a job keeping jay’s mangement fess and her other Bills and team paid up and on time.
      In 2010, the U.K.’s bestselling single was “Love The Way You Lie” (Interscope/Universal) by Eminem featuring Rihanna, with 854,000 sales. Next came “X Factor” winner Matt Cardle’s “When We Collide” (Syco Music/Sony Music Entertainment) with 814,000 sales in 20 days, then Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are (Amazing),” which sold 765,000.

    • Lax September 1, 2012

      IF RIHAAAAAAANA is working like a Dog then what is, kelly,
      mischelle, beyonce, cassie, rita, celine, mariah, patti, monica, azelia, jill, maryj, chris, lil wayne and even JAYZ and Beyonce DOING SINCE THEY HAVE GOT ALL OT THE $$$$$ But yet they are putting on a Huge ATTRACTION this week end, you BIAS ass hole.
      Britney, monica, keshia cole, jennifer lopea, jennifer hudson,
      jojo, taylor, gaga, pink, trez, chris, wayne, dre, eminem, snoop, tank, geunine, tyrese In other Words Just KISS Rih, Rih’s tight s*** Ass!

    • Stelphen September 1, 2012


      This is why Jay,Bey & the record lable is pushing Rita.

  10. BitchEbanks September 1, 2012

    lol yall some die hard Rihanna fans…
    LAX you sure you’re not on the NAVY payroll?! lol
    your idol is falling off…
    no worries though in two weeks they’ll have someone else for you to LOVE

    • Lax September 1, 2012

      @BITCHBANKS Call her all the names yo wood heads can spell, slander her call her Ugly, big headed and talentless, just know that it Matters a Dam in the “Final Analysis” because her bills are still getting paid, and on time and since she is SUPPPPPPPPPPOSED to be such a Waist Of Time #1 Why Is That Grape Posting on her and the second Question is why do you Care?
      And if she’s so Terrible as a artist then explain how did her name make it to the same list that we all can see Beyonce’s name on. If all yo Bull shyt is SUPPOSED TO be Facts and truth, then there is a DEAD RAT on the line someplace.

    • Lax September 1, 2012

      @BITCHBANK IF we would listen to the likes of you RIHANNA would be Barefoot and rag on her head crooked and flip flops living in some getto/hood some place still Dreaming, Deery.

      • Lax September 1, 2012

        Released: November 12, 2010
        Label: Def Jam

        AUS: 2× Platinum
        CAN: 3× Platinum
        GER: 3× Gold
        IRE: 5× Platinum
        NZ: Platinum
        SWI: 2× Platinum
        UK: 6× Platinum
        US: Platinum
        UK: 1,800,000
        US: 1,638,385
        World: 8,000,000

  11. DareToDeal September 1, 2012


    • Lax September 1, 2012

      @DARETODEAL,,,You can visit RIAA the fact are in the mix.
      and again why do yo ass care? just know that Rihanna “Loud” was #7 of best Tours making 90 million and if i inflate are blow up with air yo ass can’t rease that FACT can you but when that settles in on yo “Air Heads” you then come up with how RIHANNA is paying all of her money out to Jayz ,,,i will tell you this IN MY life i have seen some Turkey’s in my life time But,,,, you “BUZZZZZZZARDS BEATS ALL”!!!!

      • Wendy September 1, 2012

        Daretodel you are something else LMAO

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 1, 2012

      It has sold 6 million worldwide, #TTT just crossed 3 million.

  12. Blue September 1, 2012

    If the hits were that forgetable then even 5 mil is amazing

  13. Blue September 1, 2012

    6mil baby now live with it

  14. kelly September 1, 2012

    I cannot wait! Even with this tomboy style, she looks glowing and beautiful. I hate this tomboy aahliyah look. I miss the Rated R style. Rih, please cut your hair and go back to wearing Alexander Wang, Balmain, Gucci, Rick Owens, Givenchy etc.

    I cannot wait to hear this LP, sound like it is crazy dope; my credit card is ready to make a purchase of all singles and LP. I want her to exploit her Bajan roots -that will make the copycats mad, as she is the only singer who CAN DO REAGGAE.

    I want her so sing more in her accent; sing a song like Dawn Penn, ‘ no no no ‘; work with Shabba Ranks and sizla etc. These talents she HAS OVER RIVALS.

  15. kelly September 1, 2012

    we FOUND LOVE HAS 200 MILLION VIEWS ON YOUTUBE. How many views does beyonce last video have?

    • Wendy September 1, 2012

      So and what does that mean. There are other artists who passed that mark.

  16. HOWYOULIKEIT September 1, 2012

    Hope the album is released this year

    • Wendy September 1, 2012

      The album probably will be released this year just in time for Christmas. If the album is not for this year it’s ok because the public don’t want a rush album.

  17. Sumaia September 1, 2012

    Why do u peope keep posting that loud sold 6 mil.. So what ALL of beyonces albums have sold over 7 million.. Apart from 4 which is at 3 mil. Ps is TTT PLATINUM in US yet? Lol

    • commanderofthedancefloor September 1, 2012

      wrong 4 is at a litle over 2 million, she had 2 million at the end of last year she didnt sell an extra million with less than 20k sales per week. no shade but shade

      • Gilberto September 1, 2012

        4 sold at least 2.5kk. Most succesful R&B album since its release.

  18. kelly September 1, 2012

    2012 Rih year:
    New Number global smash LP

    New fashion image

    New Hiarstyle

    2 new movies ( there is a rumor than she is wnated to play the lead female role in the remake of Scarface ) That Rihanna hollywood reign just wont let up. PS: Leonardo Dicaprio, Bradley cooper has all opted not to work with beyonce for star is born LOL LOL )

    New world tour

    New hot s*** videos

    New fashion line

    New Armani and fragrance

    New magazine covers

    New hot famous lover all over US weekely and TMZ ( she is got it like that! )

    New millions )

    Becoming 25 – A WOMAN; A GODDESS! finally she can dump roc nation as her manager and hire Benny Medina, who took JLO no talents and turn them into the blueprint that so called talented Beyonce copied.

    • ely September 1, 2012

      Bet Rihanna don’t get the roll in Scarface. They need someone that can act the part. Just because she using drugs don’t make her good enough to get the roll

  19. kelly September 1, 2012

    Look at her glowing skin. Not a single pore, line or wrinkle – and she is SHE 25! She looks the same as as in 2005. Praise the lord! Black don’t crack! Rihanna is the Halle Berry of the music industry; she has the same glowing smooth skintone and that banging body.

    LOL 21? Rita ORA is has lines and wrinkles; looks 33 and looks like a crack head covered in makeup. You can tell Rita Ora does them white people hardcore drugs

    • ely September 1, 2012

      Makeup does wonders. But have you seen her without makeup like the other female artists?

  20. kelly September 1, 2012

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    YOU DISS RIH AND TTT BEING WACK, BUT IT SELLS! Rihanna is overy itunes chart in every country. Rita ora is just on one ! awww. In America – WHYB IS IN THE TOP 20 ;THE SONG HAS BEEN OUT FOR 19 WEEKS AND IS STILL IN THE AMERICA TOP 20.




  21. kelly September 1, 2012

    They released RIP AND HOW WE DO in Europe LOL LOL IT TANKED.

  22. Roman September 1, 2012

    Rihanna is also recording new material for HIS new album 18 Months. So not every time she goes into a studio does that imply she’s working on her 7th…

    I really can’t wait to hear new music from her …

    TTT is almost platinum in the States. Despite having no #1 she’s outsold several of ur faves on a WORLDWIDE basis. Meaning more money for her. Even if she churns out an album ever 12-18 months, she’s doing it to stay relevant. Other than certain fanbase’s faves that try make a comeback and fail …

  23. Lax September 1, 2012

    Hey haters who are always trying their hands at hanging Rih on \their crosses,,,I Came accross this and it was a eye openor that i knew but had not thought about .

    Read This by some one who says they are not,,,NAVY

    If #1 albums are really important and if that is how musicians are judged, I urge you to tell me why Tony Bennett is considered a legend by all means and measures, and yet only scored his first #1 album THIS year after forty years in the biz.

    By your logic, if #1s are really that important, there are a series of deserving artists, like Bennett, who should not be considered ‘legends.’ Note that I’m not labeling Rihanna as a legend, but simply pointing out the idiocy and importance of scoring a #1 album.

    As for Rihanna’s 11 #1 singles, I never pointed these out. In my opinion, pointing out the notoriety of such a feat as much as they are pointing out the fact that she was able to do it in so short a time. Scoring 11 #1 singles is a feat, but nowhere near as big as the timespan in which she did it. It reflects a new standing tradition of our generation. I am not a member of the “Navy,” and therefore I only speak for myself, here
    This make a lot of sense.

    • kelly September 1, 2012

      I never knew Tony never had a number 1 until now. You are smart, Lax…… Jagged Edge had a number 1 LP, where are they now?

      Having a number LP is only good for two things: If you can maintain for at least a month, and you debut at number with at least 500k sold first week. If not, number don’t me jack.

      Rih LP are steady – they keep selling, but oneday, she will debut at Number 1 with big numbers and hold for months.

      Jcole ( ugly ass loser who cannot rap and will get dropped ) had a number 1 LP and he has still not gone platinum. Looks like hanging with Rita Ora, all her bad luck has rubbed off on him, had he stayed close to Rih – he would have a career by now! You hang with losers – you will become a loser.

      • Lax September 1, 2012

        @KELLY,,,Thanks, and you do know that Rih has sold as much with her last album as jayz and west album.

    • kelly September 1, 2012


      Rih is in an era where Music does not sell like back in the day. If Rih came out in 1999 and 2000 ala Brit, she would have had tones of number 1 LP’S. Now, you can go on itunes and pick and chose the songs u want, back in da day, YOU HAD TO BUY THE LP TO GET THE SONGS. NOT ANYMORE.

    • kelly September 1, 2012


      Don’t you think it i weird that Rita Ora LP has not been number 1 on itunes ONCE! EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS HAD HARDCORE PROMO – EVEN ON ITUNES?

      She has not gone number 1 on amazon either. The funny thing she is getting her whupped by no name bands who are releasing B sides and one of the bands has been out since April.

      This proves that she is not really selling – ROC NATION has just bought up the LP. Every on this site, brags about itunes, the moment Rita Hoera cannot top the UK itunes chart, now itunes dont matter? F*** outta here!

      Now she is coming back( again) to the USA DC, PHILLY ETC for more promo of the same songs which cannot top our charts.

      Why do u think jay z is riding hard for this flop? When in reality, she would of been dropped by any other label !

      • kelly September 1, 2012

        Tierra Marie did lot better than Rita, with less fund or Beyonce’s help. But they dropped her. So why is Rita given a pass?

      • Lax September 1, 2012

        @KELLY you are enlighting me and we already know
        that RIHANNA is a Keeper and each and everything
        she do is under the light.
        Jayz is riding Rita because Beyonce hates RIHANNA
        clear and simple. It pisses BEYONCE off that RIHANNA out lasted her 15 minutes, and now it’s clear that jay was always
        working hard trying to make RIHANNA a Hit Maker, well we can say he did good. Beyonce wants all of the shine, Beyonce and Jay is doing a show this week end in Philly, and some SIMPLE MINDED IDIOT is on this board talking about RIHANNA working and dah, dah, dah
        It’s always some to shyt…RIHANNA got it going on and
        ther’s nothing the haters can do now , and beyoce can move up Rit’s ass for the winter it Matter A Dam!

  24. kelly September 1, 2012

    I can wait for what she serves up! So juicy!

    What will the new hair look be? I hope she does a short like Halle Berry and Nia Long back in da day!

    Fashion look – Ditch the tomboy! I hope she wears Tom Ford ( her body was made for that ) Alexander wang, Chanel, Altuzurra, Haakaan ( she would kill it, her body was made for that and hardly any celeb has the guts to rock them names ) Peter Pllotto, Alexande Mcqueen, Lous Vuitton, Elie Saab, Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, Dolce and Gabanna, Alaia, Isabel marant, Nina Ricci, Balmain she would f****** kill it. She is slim, curved, toned and 5f11 in heels. That is the body for fashion. She use to wear all these names back in the day!

    Videos? What is the concept? what guy will be in the video? I know Anthony and melina will hook her up!

    Promo – I want hr to work with Camilla Akrans again or mert and marcus – lord! they would kill it!

    Who is she gonna be linked to? What A lister? What is the juicy gossip

    What collbao’s?


    she has so much to offer compared to Rita Ora and that old woman with a baby!

  25. Roman September 1, 2012

    ^^^Mean she’s recording new material with Calvin Harris’ new album 18 Months^^^

  26. Lax September 1, 2012

    Old News But Serious News,,,,That Reallllllllllly make Sense..

    Why Joan Rivers Should Apologize to Rihanna for Calling Her an Idiot?

    August 26, 2012

    Joan Rivers worked her way to the top with hard work and dedication to her craft of telling jokes. We hear she has a room full of books documenting all of the jokes she’s ever written. We are well aware that she was booted by the industry on many occasions, but fought her way back to remain an iconic symbol and fixture of old school comedy. Her name is universal and well known as well as her extensive surgery which gives the 70 something comedian a youthful appearance while touching the borderline of a little extreme.
    No one’s face is this tight and stiff at her age, but very few jokes are made about her appearance and life goes on for the comedian. On the other hand, Rihanna and Chris Brown’s incident is so past tense that to mock Rihanna as a victim of an unfortunate incident in route to an award show is asinine and incentive not only toward Rihanna, but domestic violence victims all over the world whom many are learning to forgive significant others, be strong and move on with their lives. It doesn’t help when a world renown comedian says something as tactless as Rihanna should be slapped twice.
    It wasn’t a funny joke, it was low class and puts Joan Rivers at an all time low in her career beyond repair to possibly millions of new young fans who internalize her comments as more abusive than what Rihanna endured. It’s like reliving all of her pain and suffering all over again after she made an attempt to forgive and move on. There just in’t any good luck for comedian who sacrifices another to rise to the top. Upon realizing that Joan Rivers has a new book out, I recalled when one author made a statement that was below the belt to gay people.
    Upon visiting a bookstore I noticed a table full of the authors book by the cafe section and coffee stains on each cover. Of course, these books would not be able to sell and would be salvaged costing the store, distributor or publishers money in their pocket if the retaliation took to light nationwide. I wondered if the reaction to the author’s books was a result over what the author said about gay people and it became clear that fans have the upper hand when deciding the success of any artist or author. It’s why We believe Joan Rivers should apologize for her haphazard comment toward Rihanna.
    We smell trouble up ahead for her book sales and know she is desperate to sell more copies, but insulting domestic abuse victims could come back and bite you in the rear end. Joan Rivers may be able to afford plastic surgery, but at this rate she’ll have to buy up her own books in the masses to make the New York Times Bestseller list. Low class jokes equals no sales. We were going to pick up a copy of her book but when the Rihanna joke got to all of us we said, PASS! We hear Rihanna wasn’t too happy with Joan Collins words either,b ut is too busy focusing on her upcoming fashion tv show and we can’t wait. Joan is still a great comedian, but just went over a bit this time.

  27. Lax September 1, 2012

    Seem to me that all RIHANNA had to do was mention how many times
    JOAN has had her Face Done under the Knige,,,but being the great person
    Rih is inside and out Rih SKIPPPPPED right over it and said just a little and let it go.

    • kelly September 1, 2012


      I just read your comment that TTT outsold Jay Z and Kanye’s LP. LOL LOL LOL Love it! No wonder rubber lip jay z is jealous. Not only is Rih outselling his fat wif, Rita Ora that wrinkled hag, she is out selling Him and he has been in the game since 96. He only got known – europe when he rose the coattails on Umbrella. I was so glad to be living in Sweden when that came out – in Sweden, they only played the umbrella version WITHOUT JAY Z useless verse. He was not even needed on that song.

  28. kelly September 1, 2012

    From 16 to 26 beyonce has give us her best. Now, at the age of 30 something! No one wants to see a once pretty girl, old, fat and with baby cooing of former laurels.

    She canot shift the baby weight from her already large body, do we really want to laugh at her huge body prancing around in a mini dress. That is not fair! Beyonce has the same body as Michelle Obama! She should gracefully now conduct herself like Michelle O . In her new video, I was here, she looks plus sized, sorry but the music industry does not like fat women. If she does want to keep doing music, she should do ladlylike ballads and try to even compete with Rihanna and young women with the Zoe Sladana skinny bod.

    Maybe Beyonce go start a with Rita Ora, they cold target the overweight and old crowd.

    Beyonce will never get Vogue , Anna Wintour hates fat women; she barley likes black women and she hates women with no style. That Beyonce. She will never get a men’s magazine – she is too fat and old and that is not s***.

    Gabrielle Union said Beyonce was born in 1974, which makes her nearly 40. Beyonce, you have done it al, now just be a good wife and mom! No is interested in you anymore.

    • Lax September 1, 2012

      @KELLY,,,i would love for Beyonce to drop her album at the same time to see what they could do. Kelly no matter what there’s no way that these clowns can Erase anybody and since we all know that RIHANNA has come this far by Faith
      and what GOD has for RIHANNA is for her and there’s nothing the Haters can do.

      • kelly September 1, 2012

        I am glad you evoked god. God has chosen to bless Rih ( YOU DO not need to make it, you need favor from God. God holds the key to life and death. Who god’s bless no man curse. If Rita, Jay and beyonce think they can destroy Rih, they have to take on the kingdom of heaven, and trust Beyonce cannot take god on – one move from God and he can take everything away from Beyonce; he can even send her to hell to burn with another fallen musical angel, Lucifer.

        Try him if you want to Beyonce.

        Also have you seen the Youtube video of Rita Ora;s black bakc up dancer trying to lead them in prayer before a show, and Rita starts laughing and making fun of prayer.

        LOL those who mock the lord……don’t last long in life!

      • kelly September 1, 2012

        you do not need talent to make it. You need god. You can all the talent in the world, if God does not bless u, u will forever wait tables, as many talented people do.

      • Lax September 1, 2012

        Rihanna Talk That Talk…
        Released: November 18, 2011
        Label: Def Jam

        AUS: Platinum
        GER: Gold
        IRE: 3× Platinum
        NZ: Platinum
        SWI: Platinum
        UK: 2× Platinum
        US: Gold
        UK: 850,000
        US: 981,600
        World: 3,000,000

  29. kelly September 1, 2012

    Have y’all seen the latest Chris Brown?

    Now that he is not with the best thing to ever happen to him ( rihanna ) he is stuck with a gold digger who has got him on drugs and poisoned hi with her rampant orgies, threesomes and sexcapades.

    Pray – Repent – Go back home!

    • Lax September 1, 2012

      Hey Kelly watch that WORTHLESS piece of doo, doo named
      MOB come up in the house with some Crap about how RIHANNA getting beat by chris is the reason she’s so RICH and her career is on Point.

  30. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 1, 2012


    BUT TILL she release it , i will play her UK VERSION/clone’s latest album ” ORA ?” !

  31. zoeydalfino September 1, 2012

    Wait a minute….another album?
    Take a break rihannna,please!!
    I’m not trying to be mean but the only people checking for Rihanna is the navy…noone else!
    She already has her fanbase….F*** these delusions of ganders by the navy. Lets be real for a minute. What more can she say? what more can she do? Lets see how loyal the navy really is. Take a 2 year break. Then come back. Say what you want about her she has a hit every album. But fanbases need to know that everyone needs rest at one time or another. No I’m not a Rihanna hater..before lax and the others try to go a** s***. its just it seems like she is over worked and she deserves a break.

    • PHUCK YO FAV September 1, 2012

      the girl is from the caribbean, rihanna is the last thing from being tired. their work ethic is what you find in only chinese sweat shops.

  32. That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? September 1, 2012

    Rihanna can’t and won’t go on a break because her big head will be replaced by someone else.
    Looks like her producers and writers are busy again while she does nothing but party…ooops but then again theyre the ones taking most of the money out her paychecks. Please dont release any more LP’s until your c** dumpster behind learns how to dance and gets some vocal lessons.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 1, 2012

      Exective Producer? Artwork Director? And Frequent Co-writer but she does nothing #POORDAT you cant get the facts

  33. scorpio September 1, 2012

    Lol, at the same two people talking to each other.

    • crazy retards talking to themselves September 1, 2012

      Okay I’m glad someone else pointed that out.
      There are about 5 r***** stans that are commenting up here that are the same person smh…Lax,Kelly,bengay,and the others.. Its not that deep but I’m sure someone’s. Ip’s are the same

  34. scorpio September 1, 2012

    Chick be looking like somebody I know (AGAIN).

  35. JER September 1, 2012

    You BeYAWNce harpies can all go back to Revel and have all the seats. They were purchased well in advanced weren’t they? Enjoy.

  36. the real xoxo September 1, 2012

    shes definitely been inspired by Teyana Taylor style-wise…

  37. jay September 3, 2012

    Rihanna music career is over. she been the it girl for 7/8 years rita ora is the new b****

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