Hot Shots: Rita Ora Sizzles For ‘Shine Ya Light’

Published: Tuesday 11th Sep 2012 by David

Seriously though, could Roc Nation‘s Rita Ora get any hotter?

Snapped on the set of her new video ‘Shine Ya Light’, the Calvin Klein model turned up the heat in a number of scorching scenes- one of which sees her perform stunts at a skateboarding park.

More from the chart topping vocalist below…

With this being the single her label hope to catapult her cause into the US, it’s clear that no expense is being spared on this shoot.

All too refreshing in a world where money is spent on acts who fail to live up to these budgets on stage and in the studio.

Fortunately for ROC,  the finances being pumped into Ora will inevitably pay off once her global campaign kicks off and looks more than likely to mirror the success she has enjoyed in the UK.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Luis September 11, 2012



    • ENOUGH ONIKA September 11, 2012

      Too late, that’s Blu’s biological mother…

  2. RitasLipstick September 11, 2012

    In this second picture Rita is about to jump on Rihanna’s forehead.
    Safe landing Rita!!!!!

  3. QueenOfTheNavy September 11, 2012

    If Rita ever gets bigger than Rihanna she’d be automatically a bigger star than Beyonce. How does that make you feel knowing your fave hasnt had a number one single since 2008.

    Oh and I hope that stupid b**** Kelly doesnt come here today, she thinks the Navy likes her but we’re really laughing at how desperate she is.

    • kim September 11, 2012

      ZHow does it feel that rihanna is 6 albums deep but has 0 #1 albums and how many awards ttalk that flop gave her? 0. How does it feel to represent a talentless crack head whose career is based on controversy and has no career highlights? How does it feel to know that all her money goes to producers and directors? Oh and how does it feel to keep up with all of rihanna flops? It must hard


        It feel real good cus she is big around the globe!!! Beyfake isnt a seller around in germany france spain greece like rihanna is!! Beyflop is only big here and lukewarm in the uk!!! Rihanna is a global domination!!! So with 11 number 1 singles!! She is bigger and younger and better than t***** granny bey!!! So!! Imm need the homeless f** hive to sto downplaying Rihannas success Rihanna broke her own records with Wfl 11 weeks at number 1 irreplaceable was number 1 for 9 weeks!! Bottom line is RIHANNA IS STILL OUTSELLING BEYFLOP ACROSS THE GLOBE!!

    • WJ September 11, 2012

      So Beyoncé is worse than Rihanna because her last #1 was four years ago? So you might think Cher is a terrible artist since she took 25 years between two #1s.

      I don’t understand why Rihanna fans only talk about her 11 #1s and never about the depth in her interpration of the songs, or about her songwriting skills and “great” vocals.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 11, 2012

      Thats rude, and Kelly is cool.

      • MC September 11, 2012

        Sybil is wacky, call it like it is….

  4. MadameDeuxVisage September 11, 2012

    Caption of the first picture:
    “Oh s***, I forgot to make Blue’s bottle.”

  5. Just google kelsnetwork and see what happens- September 11, 2012

    damn…. rita channeling rihanna… i mean just google kelsnetwork

  6. Triumphant September 11, 2012

    Rita finna slay


      Yeah right!! She finna slay what? Her wack album her non factor career in the usa and around the globe!!

  7. BeyUnique September 11, 2012

    lets all caption the first picture.

    “Oh no, Rihanna’s gonna beat me up if I get a number one album before she does, flop ho”.


      30 million albums sold and 60 million singles sold!! So Rihanna dont need anumber 1 album!! Bish boom!!

  8. BEYONCE’S WEAVE (& HER “HIVE” OF HEADLICE) September 11, 2012

    Goodluck Rita and hope the new song lives up to its hype. Just don’t let BeyFlop to continue using you.

  9. RulerOfZamundaa September 11, 2012

    Really THIS is what you call HOT? Rita Ora hasn’t even dominated the USA yet. I can’t help but to see Rihanna in EVERYTHING she does especially her image. I doubt she would last much longer *shrugs shoulders*

    • kim September 11, 2012

      After how Many flop albums did rihanna get it? 4 flop albums and tours. Need help go check her career stats


        Rihanna only had 1 flop album!! Without the millions from jayz like rita has and rita still is a flop!! Dream wrote a song for rita but she still flopped harder than 4!!

      • kelly September 11, 2012

        Music of the sun was not a flop. She was only 16 when they made that, and it was recorded in 6 months. It went gold in america in four months and gold in the uk in four months.

        it spawned two platinum global hits. It debuted in America with 69k and spent 35 weeks on billboard. That is better than what Frank ocean is doing now.

  10. JJFan1814 September 11, 2012

    Beyonce’s H**’s finds comfort in using Rita to bash RIhanna. I mean is there really a threat??? Didn’t Rih’s Talk That Talk sell over 300k in the U.K. during it’s 5th week of release???? “ORA” debuted at #1 with what, 41k?…WOW!!! That says a lot, right? HAHAH.

    Rihanna isn’t threatened by this girl…And Shine Ya Light isn’t U.S. single worthy….

    THAT S*** WILL NOT FIND SUCCESS OVER HERE IN THE STATES. I, myself, thought How We Do would at least be a top 20 hit….Hellen Keller would have a better chance at finding a needle in a haystack before anything off of “Ora” make this girl a superstar.


    • RulerOfZamundaa September 11, 2012

      My sentiments exactly!

    • kelly September 11, 2012

      RIP is a good song, drake has talent. That song would of gone top 10 if Ciara and drake sung – I hope they re record it, cos it is such a good song to go to waste.

      If Rih accepted RIP and done it with drake, would of been an american / worldwide smash.

      How we do sounds like something katy perry, Karmin or Kesha could of sung, and they would of made it top top.

      • Lax September 11, 2012

        @JJFAN & KELLY yes, yes and yea!!!!!!

    • kelly September 11, 2012

      And according to, both Rita’s how we do and LP are no longer in the UK top ten. Just 2 short weeks later. So, she is not dominating the UK in any way shape of form. She is the most promoted. hyped act in the UK, but she is not the biggest seller in albums or singles.

      She has not had a single top 10 hit in any country.

  11. Roman September 11, 2012

    Am I the only one that noticed how disinterested the crowd was at Made In America?

    Gworrrrl, the 5 little fans u have in Kosovo might be buying ur s***, with 3 #1s and only 45k sold, when u come to the States, u finna sell half of that. ROC are pumping money into this b****, but she’ll never be Rihanna, the videos, the wardrobe, Rihanna already been did that Rita ….

    Problem with Rita is she claims to be a leader but all the music she’s released so far has been sniffed from Rihanna, Katy and Beyonce’s butts. So despite Rihanna having to #1 album in the states, all 4 of her previous albums have gone platinum, she sells well on a global scale. RIP has been scrapped, Party flopped, if Radioactive flops then there is NO HOPE for her.

    • kim September 11, 2012

      Was it the same way when rihanna was performing for 20 dollars and people were walking out on her untill she decided to strip?

      • kelly September 11, 2012

        The crowd are always hyped when she performs. ON MIA, they stood in still in anger/ boredom. Why do u think Sam will not post it?

    • kelly September 11, 2012

      No, you are not the only to notice her made in america concert. I did too, so did Sam – HENCE, why it chose not to put it up. Sam reports on all things Rita Ora, why did he 9 and her ritabots ) choose to ignore MIA, her first week sales and second week sales?

      MIA left the crowed annoyed at an no name, non american, fat, old, acne having gwen stefani lookalike rolling around on stage, dressed at Krusty the clown.

      Her LP sales 41 – WEEK 1
      Even less Week 2
      Crashing out of the top 10 – week 3

      Still being slayed by Emeil Sande who’s LP came out in feb and has already sold over 600k

    • kelly September 11, 2012

      Ain’t it ironic , she came in the came singing RIP to the girl u to see, her days are over. Looks like she is talking about her self. Art imitates life….or is it the other way around?

  12. Marcus September 11, 2012

    Style fail: Why does she look like she just hopped out of bed?

  13. Char September 11, 2012

    I think she looks pretty hot here, but ‘Shine Ya Light’ is SO WACK- literally one of the worst songs on the album. I don’t even expect the UK to let that trash get to number one, let alone the US. I thought she was releasing ‘Radioactive’. Hopefully this song will flop, she’ll learn her lesson and actually release something decent. Her voice is better than that mess.

    • JJFan1814 September 11, 2012



  14. kelly September 11, 2012

    You are right. She is not a superstar. It is like the fashion industry. There are many tall, thin beautiful women – but they are not models, let alone supermodels. What makes naomi campbell a supermodel? She is not the prettiest girl; she is not teh only one who can strut down the runway – in fact, Veronica webb was always a more beautiful model, why did Naomi become a supermodel? It is cos she had the special something. Rihanna has it, rita does not. She is a beyonce backup singer in designer fashion at best. And if she was not linked to Rihanna we would not be talking about her.

  15. WJ September 11, 2012

    Who’s the director? I don’t care if the song will be a hit, I just hope she gives us a great music video.

  16. Monstarebel September 11, 2012

    Damn b**** get your own swaggg! *Turns On Cockiness*>>

  17. LaLaLoo September 11, 2012

    I really love this site but because TGJ is kissing Rita’s ass so much and talking trash about other artists while doing so made me really dislike Rita. And I did download her album, gave it a try but I have to say… it is really bad!

    I am not a big Rihanna fan either, to be honest I kinda dislike her also but she has the music and star presence to back it up. Rita misses both, the star quality and the good songs.

    Not hating here… just spilling my two cents.

  18. Monstarebel September 11, 2012

    To me this b**** would only be appealing to children you know like the kids who like Justin beiber and Taylor swift … I honestly CANT picture no grown person listening to this generic copycatter ass h*** music like really!

    • kelly September 11, 2012

      I don’t think she appeals to that t*** white middle american crowd – if she did – she would be like britney in 2000 by now.

  19. kelly September 11, 2012

    Shina ya light is a ‘ reagge song ‘ sung in exactly the style Rihanna sings ( think cheers to that )

    Plus, the video is looking similar to Shut up and drive – which was also filmed in eastern europe.

    Can some one tell us, why Rita Ora is singing in a west indian accent? Is she from Barbados? And they claim she is not trying to be Rihanna’s stunt double.

    • MELODY2012 September 12, 2012

      Gurl please you had me rolling at “Stunt double”

  20. Nirvana September 11, 2012

    Wait I listened to shine ya light and it has reggae influences*eyerolls beyhive and ritabots*who copied who now?like rihanna is know for infusing raggae influences with urban and pop now rita wants to copy that too..b**** please

  21. ENOUGH ONIKA September 11, 2012

    FIRST PIC CAPTION: “Oh sh*t! Did Jay wear a condom last night?! Jay’s gonna kill me if I’m pregnant again…”

    • Luis September 11, 2012


  22. kelly September 11, 2012

    Here is Rita Ora’s promotion – which is the largest, most expensive of any ACT IN HISTORY – EVEN BRITNEY.

    Skull candy commercial
    Calvin kelin commercial
    Jay Z video with mr hudson
    Drake’s video for over
    Louis vuitton paris fashion week in 2010
    Japanese Vogue
    The independent fashion magazine – a cover
    Signing with a model agency
    ID magazine
    Vibe magazine
    Glamour magazine shot patrick dermachlier
    Rob Kardashian dating / fight
    Hanging with Kim kardashian
    Dating bruno mars
    Linked to drake
    Linked to One direction guy – all copying the rih formula .
    MIA festival
    MTV VMA commercial
    Presenting CB best male
    performing at 4 MTV after parties
    Perez hilton to blog about her
    Using Rihanna is both ‘ good ‘ and shady
    Vogue UK fashion
    Extensive haute couture fashion and Cartier / Rolex
    Performing for cartier
    NYC showcases
    Youtube singing WFL, Hey ya, Goyte
    American radion tour
    Vegas clubs twice
    Supporting coldplay on euro tour
    Attending cannes films festival – something Rihanna has not done
    Performing on Jimmy kimmel
    Going up for rolling stone cover
    Billboard industry showcase
    Name dropping beyonce, jay z, blue ivy, kanye


    • Lax September 11, 2012

      @Kelly dammmmmm she should have sold a Million
      her first week.

    • kelly September 11, 2012

      I forgot to add that she was in the new York post magazine, on the front cover, posing, in her swimwear etc.

      Comments left, included……….” men dressed as woman are back in style ”

      ” she makes lady gaga look like marilyn monroe ”

  23. kelly September 11, 2012

    Case in point about Rita Ora’s in Europe:

    She supported coldplay on their european tour – not a single hit in Europe

    She attended the canned film festival – Not a single hit in france

    She performed 2 songs on France’s most important music show, NRG – not a single hit in france

    She went to Germany – twice – as well as Switzerland to do her showcases – she performed at least 5 / 6 songs and done a meet and great with ‘ fans ‘ – Not a single hit in Germany and Switzerland.

    She is not a superstar.

  24. kelly September 11, 2012

    She is going up against Karmin for the Rolling stone flop cover. I Karmin have two songs on the chart; brokenheart sold 1 million copies and was top 10 in the UK

    Karmin can sing rap and her style is fresh; she is not trying to be like anyone in the game.

    Karmin shits all over Rita rao. If karmin lose……it is because Beyonce paid for her to get the cover, cos when it comes to talent, star power and RECORD SALES KARMIN WIN, AND RITA ORA LOSES.

  25. Miguel September 11, 2012

    Nice pajammas!

  26. kelly September 11, 2012

    Well well well Sam… kept this quite.

    I have found Rita Ora’s second week sales. On week one she sold 41k; week two she sold…………..17,460. That is about 58 K in two weeks, and her LP is currently is at 29 on itunes. What makes it so tragic, is the number 1, the vaccines – who are an underground indie band sold 44k to debut at number 1.

    LOL, poor beyonce, Your plan to get Rita to dethron Rih has failed.

    • kelly September 11, 2012

      Music of the sun went gold in the UK in four months.

  27. kelly September 11, 2012

    Rita Ora ‘ Ora ‘ album sales in the UK

    Week 1 – 41k

    Week 2 – 17, 460 more than 50% drop in sales.

    Week 3 – currently at 29 on itunes.

    • kelly September 11, 2012

      Rita Ora’s intense UK promotion

      DJ fresh number 1
      Attended the brits
      Lodnon fashion week
      Radio 1 – for every single she has released
      Front cover on the independent magazine
      the front cover of sunday times fashion magazine
      ID magazine
      Jools holland TV show
      T in the park
      V festival
      Hackney weekender
      Barclays wireless festival
      Jonathan ross Tv show
      Being seen with harry from one direction
      Vogue UK daily fashion
      Front cover of look magazine
      Her stylist , Kyle being interviewed by Grazia
      Front cover of more magazine
      GQ magazine UK
      B** breakfast morning
      Accoustic singin one directin, frank ocean
      Show in top london venue
      Concert in London
      Supported drake on UK tour
      Supported Coldplay in London
      Colpdplay said to buy LP on twitter
      Beyonce endorsed LP on blog
      Said Coldplay picked LP tracks
      Rob Kardashian flying to london
      Lovebox festival
      Carnival afterparty
      Soho house olympic party
      UK TV afternoon show
      Pop crush
      MTV live
      Flava TV interview and video takeover
      personal signing in London and Manchester
      Album listening party
      Kiss FM
      Cable music shows
      Capital FM hosting morning show
      Performing at GAY twice
      TV commercial airing on UK TV, regularly, even during week 2
      The grape juice interview lol lol lol
      Billboards at every london subway / train / tube station
      walking around in Birkin bags, loubotins, chanel, etc

      All that and look at the numbers in the UK?

      • kelly September 11, 2012

        And she has over a million followers on twitter.

      • kelly September 11, 2012

        They have done everything for this flop. Everything, She will get dropped and have no one to blame, but herself.

      • kelly September 11, 2012

        30 on uk itnes for week 3

        3 years to make an LP

        A list names like will i am, drake, the dream $ 250k per track ) ester dean, makeba riddick, the runners, stargate, chase and status, tinie tempah, jcole ( did music of the sun have any collabo’s? ) madame buttons wrote hwd, fraser T ( adele’s producer )

        Why is beyonce holding on with bloody fingernails? I say beyonce, cos I am convinced that Sony have pulled the funding on the global flop , so Beyonce is using her own money.

        No record company would spend millions ever month on a flop with not talent.

  28. kelly September 11, 2012

    Stop comparing her to what Rihanna did when she 1st came out.

    She is not 16

    We are not in 2005

    She is Rita Ora, not Robyn Rihanna Fenty

    And Rihanna has already proven herself, and she has not.

  29. KEKE WYATT IS CRAZY AND UNSTABLE September 11, 2012

    Bey and Jay are trying SO HARD to dethrone Rihanna with this lackluster clone. I hope they’re prepared to go broke buying up her albums and singles, ’cause that’s the only way she’ll get any type of sales in the US. Around this time next year we’ll be asking “Rita who?” As soon as the paid hype dies down, she’ll fade away.

  30. SHADE=DENIAL September 11, 2012

    Isn’t it funny, she has all the ‘glitz and glamour’ that defines a ‘star’ but not the FAME!!!!

  31. MELODY2012 September 12, 2012

    How is Roc Nation going to recoup their money? I hope Rihanna refuses to go on tour with her. I think Jay Z will force Rihanna to go on tour with her so that they can take money from Ri to Rita, Bey and Jay Z. Where would they get the funds to promote her second LP? Are they going to spend as much as they do now on her 2nd round? Why is Roc Nation so convinced that she is going to eventually pop off and be big.

    Katy Perry was never propmoted like this, Kesha was never promoted like this, Justin Bieber was never promoted like this. What is the logic behind this big campaign that makes it seem like we have no choice but to accept her generic music. Why can’t Roc Nation realise that Rita needs a new single for the US (Ballad) not any of the songs on the album.

    They can save all this promo for when she has the rite material to promote.

  32. 33333 September 12, 2012


  33. jay September 14, 2012

    she flopped on eurovision rita ora has NOT got the IT factor. roc nation is wasting millions on this chick.

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