Mariah Carey Takes ‘Jazz Standards’ To Cafe Carlyle

Nothing, absolutely nothing can take away from Mariah Carey‘s impact on Pop culture, standing as one of the greatest vocalists of all time.

However, much like Britney‘s will to dance and Lil Kim‘s chances of landing #1 single in this reality, Ol Mimi’s voice as we once knew is no more… for one reason or the other.

So, after proving that fact with a so so performance last week’s NFL kick off in NYC, the diva took to Cafe Carlyle  to redeem herself by way of classic Jazz standards.

Standards, which saw Mariah deliver a tolerable performance for the first time in a long time.

Enjoy below…


Perhaps performances like these will encourage Team Mariah to write and record songs she can actually perform live, without the aid of overworked backing vocalists and Rappers who take up more of the song than she does.

Like, if this is the voice we’ll be hearing on her forthcoming LP, consider us fans. However, if she intends to use studio wizardry to mask her inevitable shortcomings only to have them exposed once she performs live, the only diva we’ll be supporting in the coming year will be Ms. Christina Aguilera.

Who, if we’re keeping it 100, gives just as good live as she does in the studio.

Your thoughts?

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  1. truth(THEREALISTUBITCH) September 10, 2012

    hey Sam u b****…why you didn’t put these pics up of lil kim ! she killing Nicki but you just wanna blast Kim. oh and FIRST HOEZ!! love you Mariah!! Sam you a mutha fuckn shady b****!! Kim is still performing and beautiful, u b****

    • truth(THEREALISTUBITCH) September 10, 2012


  2. JJFan1814 September 10, 2012

    And IF Ms. Aguilera flop, you still gonna be riding that train??? MOST LIKELY!

    Why do I say this?? You still up on Rita FLOPa’s d***.


    • GenieInAThrottle September 10, 2012

      please baby, you just worry about Slutanet Crackson and that album shes too scared to put out after the sham that was discipline.

      Bionic may not have met expectations but at least the general public are still speaking about it. How many people even know the words to Disciplines lead single Splashback?

  3. THE GAME September 10, 2012

    an album of jazz standards in the future would be wonderful

    • lordmir September 10, 2012


      • i’m not throwing shade, but… September 10, 2012

        co, co sign. I think she sounds good here and i love some jazz. Mariah at this point has nothing to prove vocally but is at risk of being remembered as less of a vocalist. i think this would be a good new challenge that could see her gain positive success again. Mariah needs to realise that its the Mariah tone that people love and not necessarily the high notes, if shes avoiding any vocal surgery to keep the high notes she should just get it done

  4. WTF September 10, 2012

    Sam you know you wanna be that queen b but you can’t be that’s why yall mad at KIM you dumb ugly q**** b**** boy HAHAHA

  5. Nichole September 10, 2012

    Uhm….no. Christina’s live performances are not always up to par, either.

    If I recall, you guys were dogging her out for the not so hot vocal performances she’s done in the past.

    Real slick in starting a stan war.

  6. Frachella September 10, 2012

    “However, if she intends to use studio wizardry to mask her inevitable shortcomings only to have them exposed once she performs live, the only diva we’ll be supporting in the coming year will be Ms. Christina Aguilera.”

    Are you a tabloid, and does anyone who writes for this site have a degree in Journalism or English? Honestly, if it weren’t for some of the exclusive videos, I wouldn’t even come here..

    Why don’t you start doing exclusive celebrity interviews, reviews and things of that nature. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between this site and the plethora of other blogs out there.

    P.S. thanks for the mimi video..

    • BionicBitches September 10, 2012

      oh booo you can stay pressed.
      Mariah sounded like s*** at the nfl kick off and you know it. she cant release a song without producers tweaking her voice and we all know that whistle note she hits is CANNED. If she cant even sing simple lines without sounding out of breath why does she think we’d believe she can hit notes as high as that.

      • MC September 10, 2012

        Lets not start a stan war, cuz hun. I could really go there boo.

    • GenieInAThrottle September 10, 2012

      But why are you so mad. It’s not like ThatGrapeJuice lied. Mooriahs voice is flatter than her expression when she found out how much Glitter made at the Box Office.

      • MC September 10, 2012

        Xtina can’t sing either, she has to scream, yell, growl, strain, and do unnecessary runs. Here expression is not as painful as the Bionic (flop) sales. How much has that sold again? Oh that’s right not even Gold in the U.S. yet. Lol! Pressed 🙂

  7. Auntie_Jackie September 10, 2012

    If Mariah grew up and stopped trying to do Hip-Hop, Pop whisper crap, she would SLAY a jazz album. Get Mark Ronson or Salam Remi (from the goddess Amy Winehouse’s albums) and go in that direction. I love Mariah, but she isn’t changing it up, so she’s running around looking tired, uninspired and old.


    mariah sounds so good live unlike a certain short haired singer….. i mean just google kelsnetwork

  9. MC the place to be!! September 10, 2012

    sam do us all a favor and shut up we know you dont like mariah damn!!

  10. Queen Lamb September 10, 2012

    Your brain is no more! Stop talking s*** about Mariah. B******.

  11. S****** Blonde September 10, 2012

    Mmm….No…i just don’t…..this performance…no jazz..Mariah please!, she just needs to focus in what she does BEST and Sam why bring Christina, you know Mariah fans can’t stand her, don’t know why since they’re both very similar, great voice and very bitchy. Mariah was born to be a vocalist but not every vocalist can sing jazz., i mean, Amy was jazz and even Gaga can sing jazz but not Mariah, like a i always say when people ask me, who’s better Whitney or Mariah?.
    i say:

    Mariah has delicacy in her voice while Whitney had power.

    • MC September 10, 2012

      @S****** you don’t know what you are talking about. Just stop getting involved in things you know nothing about. If you knew what you were talking about you would recognize that Mariah did a wonderful job, secondly you wouldn’t have compared Mariah to Whitney. They are two very different artists in terms of style, influences, etc…..

  12. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 10, 2012

    Amazing voice, top diva!
    lol at Sam being so pressed. he is so pressed at Mariah Carey and Madonna for unknown reasons that his posts are starting to not even make sense. So this casual performance she did at this cafe after performing Triumphant that same night is just “tolerable” or “stunning”??? What a pressed b**** you continue to contradict yourself on the same post
    The Chirstina Aguilera mention was absolutely unnecesary and doesn´t make sense. Specially cos… well we all know who is Xtina compared to Mariah Carey and we all know how very often Xtina´s live performances sound like (or even some studio showings). Just stop it and let your admiration for Mariah feel free. We know you adore her talent since you satated Mariah´s Xmas duet with her mother is one of your top 5 songs of 2010. lol That´s being a pressed fan, a Xmas song above most “normal” songs of an entire year is a huge deal. You love her Sam. Just let her be

  13. HBF82 September 10, 2012

    Arguably the best vocalist in recent human history.

    • S****** Blonde September 10, 2012

      Celine Dion.

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 10, 2012

        You know I stan for the vocal triniy, but I´m almost convinced by now that both Mariah and Whitney are 10 times superior as vocalists. Celine works more with the belting, that´s why people have this idea Celine is the one who maintained her voice for longer but being honest Celine´s voice is a far cry from what it was in 1995-2000, such a timeless sound she had but from 2000 and on started to be so nasal and weaker.
        Much love to all of them but Celine is not the best in recent history without a doubt or something like that
        I´m waiting for Celine´s new English album later this 2012. i´ve heard she has recorded the classic French song “Ne me quitte pas” for the English album. I can´t wait to hear it cos the live version she does in Vegas is incredible

      • MC September 10, 2012

        Is not.

      • Common Sense September 10, 2012

        CD Dion is so nasal sometimes I think I’m watching a giant nose with hands and legs sing.

  14. NG September 10, 2012

    I agree with most of what you say Sam but Mariah’s voice is not gone, it’s just not the same voice from the 90’s. Her problem is she doesn’t sing material that translates well live and doesn’t work for her voice live. She lacks the confidence to really tackle big notes she can hit and for some reason doesn’t change up arrangements or keys live so it can better suit her voice. That being said, she killed it in her NYC performance in March and her Morocco performance in June (which you raved about so I don’t know why you said her voice is gone).
    She needs to get out of the hip hop/trying to be current mentality and just create timeless music, jazz, great soul, gospel, etc. She’s been at the top for 20 years, its going to be harder and embarrassing to try and keep up with the Rihanna’s and such of the day and dumb herself down like that.

  15. theman September 10, 2012

    Mariah maes her sons extreely difficult to sang, because of the way that they are structured . This performance was amazing. What are u talking about tolerable?? She must’ve turned your hating a** dwn or an interview, you write a review up for everything she does. If you’re gonna claim that your copy/pasted site is unbiased then make sure that it is. You fail to talk about all of the artists that are real flops who struggle to go gold. This performance was brlliant, she is the best. Keep stealing your posts fro oher sites. Hater !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. theman September 10, 2012

    Excuse the errors. I mean’t make* songs* from*

  17. theman September 10, 2012

    Clearly Sam ha had it out for Mimi for some reason or another.

  18. hahaha September 10, 2012

    The longer you live in the past,the longer you’ll think Mariah can still sing.
    Her voice is shot beyond repair.
    I mean Aretha,Barbra,Patti,Whitney….
    All would sing Mariah under the table in their prime. Patti is the only one with some voice left. The point is these were probably the greatest voices to walk the earth and if they and they’re fans can acknowledge vocal decline why can’t the lambs?
    Sam,Christina isn’t fit to hold Mc’s tampons let alone be mentioned in the same sentence.
    In not here for the made up voice of the generation title.
    Anyway the performance was okay but Mariah doesn’t have a voice for jazz period.
    Pop ballads,maybe even Traditional Pop Covers but not jazz. Voice doesn’t have enough ginger to it to do jazz

    • theman September 10, 2012

      Clearly she has a voice for jazz, which she just displayed. Perhaps u just can’t hear too well. Her was great hear. None of those ladies would sang Mariah anywhere. They all have their own thing. Also, that was great vocals. So those saying that it was great are absolutely correcct. You’re just angry because your favorite artists can’t do it. If you don’t have a voice, you wouldn’t be able to do what she just did.

  19. Tyler September 10, 2012

    Yes because her recent concerts in Manaco and Morroco which had some fantastic live vocals don’t mean anything. ????? Yes her vocals were bad. But doesn’t mean her next performance won’t be good. Yes Mariah has a problem with consistency. BUT if she had to sing for her life with a fully rested voice… she’d DESTROY.

    • theman September 10, 2012

      Yep her voice is still very much intact. You can”t praise her then say something totally stupid which is what Sam does. Sam wants Mariah’s attention. He wants her to acknowledge this flop a** blog but she won’t. He was the same one sitting at her concert, bitter a**. Her vocals were actually great on her other performances. “Triumphant” just had alot of production going on. She should have rearranged and simplified the song for a live setting. Sam’s rants are retarded, and juvenile. Then you are corny for trying to throw Xtina in it. Lollllllllllllll…………….

  20. soulmusiclover September 11, 2012

    so TGJ, you love you some rita ora, who clearly makes s***** music, but hate on one of the greatest singers of all time!!

  21. B Lamont September 11, 2012

    Now that was good…good to know she still has a voice cuz you can’t tell on her latest work.

  22. jhon September 13, 2012

    eres impactante y la mas linda de muchas

  23. MRDIVABITCH September 13, 2012

    Now THAT is musicianship. Basic b****** better take notes.

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