Tulisa Defends Chart Flop

Published: Wednesday 19th Sep 2012 by Sam

Tesco Value Tulisa may sit judging the talent of others on The X Factor, yet it seems record-buying public aren’t too convinced by hers. For, despite topping the charts with ‘Young’ earlier this year, the singer’s second solo single ‘Live It Up’ has tanked.  

Not one to hold her tongue (…), the NDubz star has spoken out in defence of the song’s #11 charting on last week’s Official UK  Top 40 Singles tally.

See what she had to say after the jump…

Speaking with BBC Newsbeat this week, the 24 year old said of the song’s performance:

“I said I don’t know if it will even get in to the top ten. With that single it was strategic to sell the album. I’m not trying to get a number one with this one.

I know it’s urban. I know that it’s probably not going to chart high. I want to show a different side to the album. For me it’s a bigger picture.”



Surely we’re not alone is feeling utterly jarred by artists who claim they don’t care about chart positions? Because if they don’t, their labels sure do. Worse still, Tulisa panders to an audience primarily consisting of teens and the casual listener – hence strong album sales were unlikely to begin with.

Being the fair and unbias site we are, it’s important to stress that #11 isn’t terrible. However, success is relative. Hence, if an artist who wasn’t promoted to the nines or touted the nation’s darling reached such a figure, it’d likely and rightly be a hailed a “good” thing. Yet, when TV ads, billboards, and a weekly spot on UK’s biggest primetime show are in your corner – as they were for Tulisa – the song’s performance is an unavoidable flop.

Better luck next time?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tulishaaaa sucks!!! September 19, 2012

    Awww, tulishaaaaaa, spare us your b*******. You’re a non-singing flop and you will deal with it.

  2. JJFan1814 September 19, 2012

    Sam, does your statement apply to Rita’s album “ORA” ???

    • KingBey & QueenAdele September 19, 2012


      Get Lethal On His Ass? lol

    • KELLY September 19, 2012

      Rita ora Album did good for a rookie Did you forget rihanna Music of the Sun charted at 34 on the uk charts? Oh?

      • kelly September 19, 2012

        No, Rita Ora did very bad. MOTS was not an expensive over promoted debut and you f****** know it. She was only 16 when they made that, and most of the songs were her demo – including PON DE REAPLY.

        Also, stop using Rihanna as a scapegoat for Rita Ora’s expensive failure. This has nothing to do with what Rihanna done when she was an teenager. This is Rita Ora’s . Always using the ” MOTS card ” We are not talking about MOTS, we are talking about ORA. And ORA is being outsold by jayz / kanye WTT. SO, SHE IS FLOP

        If you want to compare debut albums, comPARE Rita Ora’s debut to Lana Del Ray’s LP which has sold 2 million ww

        PS: MOTS sun went gold in the UK / USA in four months and 1.5 WW. It spawned 2 Monster hits, WW and went in/

        ORA sold 40k
        17, 460
        at 50 on itunes beaten by Jay Z LP from last year. FYI

    • Peter Griffin September 19, 2012

      You read my motherf*cking mind! I’m have to scroll right down the page to see her position on itunes. Sometimes I fall asleep before I find it.

      • kelly September 19, 2012

        She is being outsold by Jay and Kanye west WTT; she sits , currently, outside the top 50 on UK itunes. I expect her to drop of Itunes 100 chart next week.

        Their is still no release date for Ora in America. It was meant to be on 25th of september, but they have scrapped that date, and no one ( rita too ) knows when. They were unconfirmed talks that she will release on Christmas, but she is still in America, going on a America radio tour around America .

  3. KELLY September 19, 2012

    I love kelly rowland But TGJ you being unfair she had all that Yet still flopped? I agree with tulisa its urban nobody expected it to chart if you did then you mad

  4. Roman September 19, 2012

    Lol. She shouldve just let it be, #11 is a relatively good place to be. Tulisa can sing, she just makes hot autotuned messes.

  5. jay September 19, 2012

    Kelly, you forget that Kelly rowland was not liked by the public after that misha b incident.She was accused of favoring misha and misha is the most disliked x factor contestant.

  6. Love on top September 19, 2012

    You would swear the way Rihanna fans go on Rita ora is an established artist Cheryl cole even justin bieber Debut with similiar numbers? If you compare rihanna debut to rita debut then I’ll understand Cus MOFS was a Flop

    • JJFan1814 September 19, 2012

      MOFS was a flop? It sold 1.2 million WW though. #oop

    • kelly September 19, 2012

      What about Lana Del Ray’s debut selling 50K in one day?

      Emeli Sande’s Debut selling over 100k in a week

      Jessie J debut selling over 100k in pre orders to debut at number ?

      Susan Boyles debut selleing over 400k

      Now what?

      Rihanna at 17 MOTS shits all over Rita ora. Rita Ora has OFFICIALLY been in the fame for 7 months – that was when her first singe came out. 7 months later, where is she? THe first 7 months into Rih’s career she has 2 global smashes, and and album on its way to gold in usa / usa – TOTALING platinum before her next Bday. She has already sold over a million singles her 7 months.

      You need to compare Lana del ray’s debut to Rita Ora. They are same race. Rih is a black girl from the islands. Compare the Blonde rita Ora to another white singer.

  7. MELODY2012 September 19, 2012

    “Being the fair and unbias site we are, it’s important to stress that #11 isn’t terrible. However, success is relative. Hence, if an artist who wasn’t promoted to the nines or touted the nation’s darling reached such a figure, it’d likely and rightly be a hailed a “good” thing. Yet, when TV ads, billboards, and a weekly spot on UK’s biggest primetime show are in your corner – as they were for Tulisa – the song’s performance is an unavoidable flop.”

    Sam can you say the same about Rita Ora position 62 in the US.

  8. Beyonce’s Weave (I COPY real hair) September 19, 2012

    Well she didn’t really promote the song so #11 is good with the lack of promo it had. Kelly Rowland and Nicole Scherzinger would kill for such numbers in the UK so let’s not knock the girl down. Even Beyonce wishes she had such numbers in the UK because heaven knows all the singles from 4closure charted way worst than the #11 you’re making a big deal of.

    • kelly September 19, 2012

      Tulisa did not do bad. She has not even promoted this sing and it juts missed out on the top 10. Tulisa has been making music, since 2007. Rita Ora will even last a year.

    • kelly September 19, 2012

      Well, Beyonce is 31 ( industry age ) 36 ( genetic age ) The time is nearly upon to see what she can do / sell at 30 plus. Now we all see.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 19, 2012

        Beyonce is actually said to be 38.

    • kelly September 19, 2012

      Are you telling me, Beyonce did not garner a single top 10 in the UK from 4? What ‘ who run the world girls ‘? I thought that would go number 1. It was a big budget beyonce song, with all the trimmings and pudding too. I mean, the african dancing; the video; the several haute couture; the major lazer dance beat; she performed on TV/ awards; that was the BIG lead of single – it was even about, her signature Girl anthem.

      Surely that when number 1? Right………..?

    • O_O September 19, 2012

      Kelly charted #6 in the midst of all the hatred and after only performing on TV twice on and whilst the darling of the UK Olly Murrs put out a single and was everywhere. Tulisa appeared and performed on daytime TV and popular TV special and was only against an X contestant and Will.i.am (who is yet to perform in the UK since the jubilee). She has dominated in every magazine, radio station and tv ads galore, more than any of the artists placed above and as the hot thing.

      She expected her Dublets to be like Ri navy and take her to #1. Why else would she tweet she’d follow anyone posting about buying the single. This is “it failed” speak. She is still recording her album and the style has and still is changing because she’s seen peoples views on her current work. I wish she’d be as “real” as she keeps saying she is and just say “oops, it didn’t do as well as I hoped but I’m experimenting with my sound to see what works for me.”

  9. Sarah Says September 19, 2012

    So is she saying that the urban market doesn’t buy or download music? If this is the case she should’ve given it away for free. Also, of the bigger picture is the album and people are not buying the “urban” singles, what makes you think the album will sell?
    This is why she’s talking tripe. Se was a hot mess in the making, and now made, steaming and stinking no-one is interested. Not even the “urban” wannabies. This gurl thinks that hanging with black folks gives her a pass. Pass declined and deported.

    • O_O September 19, 2012

      Funny because ndubz was supposed to be underground, all the artists she hangs with (Chip/Tinie/Stryder all had #1s) are underground and she has “Underground” artists such as Wiley (who date a #1 single 3 weeks ago) writing/producing songs on this album. This girl man…

  10. the real xoxo September 19, 2012

    LOL shes talking as if its some sort of experimental, meaningful song that we have never heard anything like it before, when its generic as hell!
    i liked tulisa in N-Dubz but she hasnt won me over at all as a solo artist, just put me off even more.

  11. kelly September 19, 2012

    Stop comparing Rita Ora to Rihanna at 17. Rihanna was black teen from a the west indies. and Rita Ora has blonde hair and white skin………

    Compare Rita Ora to the white girls like Carly Rae Jespen. Cher lloyd, Lana Del RAY, Lady gaga debut; katy perry debut.

    They always Rihanna’s debut to Rita Ora. But they are even the same race. Compare Rita Ora’s debut t Lady gaga’s debut.

    • kelly September 19, 2012

      Rita Ora is white and European and grew up in a rich country like England, She lived in London and went to the same performing arts school as Amy winehouse. She had worked with Craig david and had the chance to enter the eurovision.

      She had opportunities that Rih did not have. Rih is black girl, living in ” third world ” west indian island. She had ONLY ONE chance, when the 2 guys found her, and even they her mom had to beg them. STOP Comparing the poor black teen from a poor island, with an middle class white blonde living in LONDON, attending the best performing arts schools and working with big names in the UK.

      Rita Ora failure has nothing to do with MOTS – it is her own wackness!

      • kelly September 19, 2012

        Lady gaga also went to a top school in NYC, plus she is white and european. Compare Rita Ora’s debut to Laday gaga’s debut.

  12. Beyonces_wig_glue September 19, 2012

    I’m not a Rita ORA fan, in fact I hate the album and think its am overhyped mess


    Why everyone calling her white? Her ethnicity is Yugoslavian, in the UK she wouldn’t be viewed as white, just another ethnic minority.
    Also people saying she grew up in a ‘rich’ country. She grew up on a council estate (uk equivalent of projects) so……

    • Tee September 19, 2012

      Yugoslavian is her country of birth not ethnicity, nationality! She is a white European / caucasian.

  13. truth tea (take a sip) September 19, 2012

    The song never flopped because it was urban, it flopped because it was shite.

  14. kelly September 19, 2012

    Rita Ora is white. Yugoslavian is NOT A RACE, it is an nationality. Just like France is a nationality. For all those dumb hood rats who do not understand the difference between race and nationality.

    Rita Ora is not from the hood. She is middle class. Her mom was a doctor back in Kosovo,, and was works as a shrink and her dad owns a chain of pubs. She grew in in ladbroke grove. There are some middle class / lower middle class home and they are some home in ladboke grove that cost over a million.

    Hood in the London would be the broadwater farm estates which is infamous for murders and riots. Peckham is hood; Totettenham is hood; Stonebridge park estate is a hot bed or murders and violence. Hackney is hood. Where rita livies posh: Ladroke grove, Portobello, notting hill – these areas are where Elle Mcpeaerson live and classy vintage shops.

    Compare Ladbroke grove to peckham, if u dare.

    She is 100% white. As are both her parents. In fact, Drita from Mob wives is Albania too – Is there any black woman on mob wives? Last time I checked they were all white.

    Yes, England ( compared barbados, which is still owned by the English ) is / has / will always be RICH!

    • Tee September 19, 2012

      well said Kelly

  15. kelly September 19, 2012

    And Rita still went to the glamorous slyvia Young performing arts school Rih never had such chances in life.

  16. BLUE THE REAL HIVE September 19, 2012


    • truth tea (take a sip) September 19, 2012

      i dont like tulisa,
      but she was famous before her s** tape. she UK success with N-Dubz and X factor, but the s** tape was a publicity stunt because her solo single came out right after it

      • I’m not throwing shade, but… September 19, 2012

        Well case and point, Tulisa was clearly not the driving force behind ndubz, otherwise hers success would’ve continued following their break up.
        I will never get over the BGT preformance

  17. cde September 19, 2012

    on initial glance, I thought this fairskinned blonde was Rita Ora, and I had to scroll back up to look at the photo… LMAO\

    Now on to my comment:
    TGJ and SAM you must be making a poorly executed joke with “being the fair and unbiased that we are” comment, if not, maybe you wrote that post high of “cannabis” or maybe bath salts… because you are by far one of the most biased and unfair blog sites around… so I am gonna hope you are joking 🙂

    The way you hock Rita Ora as the second coming of GOD and Alexandra Burke are neither fair or unbiased. You clearly abhor RIHANNA and your biased comments and posts clearly reflect that…

    Of course, this is your blog and you are certainly entitled to your opinions and thoughts as you wish on Tulisa, Rih,, Rita or whomever

    But to comment on one post that you are FAIR and UNBIASED makes you delusional or more a liar at best…Please keep it 100% you can’t be fair and unbiased in one post and turn around and be unfair and biased in the next.

    FAIL… please try again

    • kelly September 19, 2012

      You are so right.

      • Sarah Says September 19, 2012

        I agree and disagree. No matter how much you feel that Rihanna is mistreated on this blog she gets the most posts and free advertising regardless if you think it’s positive or not, so things are not always as negative as it seems

  18. KELLY September 19, 2012

    Stop using rihanna when You the Rihanna stans are attacking the girl? Rita album Can go gold Are we still ignoring the fact that MOFS flopped horribly peak at 34? Sold 1.3 mil ww Rita over promoted Rita did ONE major TV performance and the xfactor (and if you talking bout the Concerts gigs your ass needs a seat) what does her age got to do ? Brandy Christina britney etc were all young but slayed!!!!!!!!!!!! You just sad kelly you sad ugly motherfuckin dad f****** c***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rihanna has No talent lol besides f****** Jay z for a deal (Like why would a guy sign a girl from a lil island with no talent she butchered Mariah Hero) rihanna stay f****** for things that’s why she lays under every rapper 2day still Why you bragging bout ri sales tho Rihanna Has 6 albums 30 mil albums sold Britney has 7 over 100 mil you see the diff

    • kelly September 19, 2012

      You can sit on the blog and use Rihanna, and all the excuses you like. The bottom line, business is business and It is Rita Ora who has to recoup Sony. If they are not satisfied……THEY WILL DROP HER. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kelly September 19, 2012

      Britney, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Adele…..they are all platinum hits.

      RITA ORA IS NOT! *smiles*

  19. Lashan September 19, 2012

    i love this track!!!! 11 is a whack position tho…eek

  20. KELLY September 19, 2012

    Honey brandy Ciara and monica were black teens and slayed with their debut albums? Stop tryna find excuses for that goat!!!!!! You a rihanna stan that talks bout rita more Plus We compare their debuts cus You the only stan base coming at her BUT yet rihanna debut flopped horribly Why should we compare hers to katy perry? We can compare Rihannas to Katy one as well and rihanna will still end up a flop ? Besides katy album went plat and peaked at 11 Rita album hasn’t even been out a month and you judging it already Rita comes in the time albums aren’t selling Like get a damn life if you wanna compare sales let’s compare The fact that adele has 2 albums out yet still slays all Rihanna 6?

    • kelly September 19, 2012

      I would say Rihanna’s MOTS / pon de replay / If its loving u want made a bigger impact around the globe than anything Monica and brandy have done.

      Monica and brandy only global smash, was the song they done together. Rita comes at a time, when LP are not selling? Adele? Lana Del Ray, Emelie Sande? HELLO?????????!!!!!!!!!!

      TBH MOTS did not flop horribly. That is why she still had a deal, and was not dropped like Tiaraa Marie and Soon to be Rita Ora.

  21. kelly September 19, 2012

    How comed Rita Ora fans always use the Rihanna card but ignore / get scared of Emelie Sande and Lana Del ray?

  22. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! September 19, 2012

    Hahaha. Taylor swift is at number 7, spending its 4th week in the top 10.. and Tulisa couldnt even get into the top 10.



  23. mr.m September 19, 2012

    She’s the uk version of Ci-error

  24. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 19, 2012

    “Surely we’re not alone is feeling utterly jarred by artists who claim they don’t care about chart positions?”

    But didn’t you and all your beyhive croonies claim for over a year that Beyonce release 4closure PURPOSELY KNOWING IT WOULD FLOP and DIDNT CARE. So much hypocrisy, so little time.

    “Because if they don’t, their labels sure do. Worse still, Tulisa panders to an audience primarily consisting of teens and the casual listener – hence strong album sales were unlikely to begin with.”

    Tell me which person above 18 will even give “ORA” a listen. She is doing the same as “Tulisa” but that girl actually got a hit (I think) Ritas danc beats are mediocre and her ballads are soulless. Also Of course she markets to the average listener, that will have the biggest outcome if done correctly.

    “Being the fair and unbias site we are,”

    Did you really try to lie about yourself like that. You’re uneducated, hypocritical, petty, bitter and a low-quality joke. And let me just truthen up the last part for you.

    “Yet, when TV ads, billboards, and a weekly spot on UK’s biggest primetime show are in your corner – as they were for Rita Ora – the albums performance is an unavoidable flop.”

    AGREED! Just like in the U.s with all that promo and no results.

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